Pence Body Language Calm Controlled Kaine Hostile Nervous and Moderator Weak




Before I begin discussing the VP  candidates in the debates, it is essential that I speak about the moderator Elaine Quijano, of CBSN. While her makeup was done well and she had shiny hair and nice long fake lashes that accented her appearance, in my view, she  was clearly not ready for prime time in moderating these debates. She was weak and let the candidates completely overpower her. She had no gravitas and her voice lacked inflection. She didn’t focus on her questions and firmly insist that they answer. instead, she  let them run roughshod over her. She had no control  whatsoever over the candidates and is a large part of why this debate took a negative turn in many instances. She needed to stop the interrupting immediately. Instead she did nothing.


My observations strictly involve both candidate’s body language and communication, not their political beliefs as this is a non-partisan blog.

From this standpoint, Pence came out the winner. He was cool, calm and collected and level-headed. His posture was excellent and his facial expressions and body language matched what he said. His voice was powerful and inflected and his body language and voice showed confidence.


Pence used  the words “ridiculous” and “false”  and  made facial expressions to indicate that he thought Kaine’s accusations were  ridiculous as he  shook his head when Kaine said something he deemed false or over the top. He even said  to Kaine “come on.”

He was not going to allow Kaine to put words into his mouth and called him on it.


On the other hand, Kaine came out of the box with hostility and with a low blow comment about about being scared of the Trump Presidency. It was uncalled for and made Kaine look bad. Pence didn’t go there until later on in the debate when he spoke of Hillary’s emails and server and confidential emails.

Kaine also had a phony grin. When he was uncomfortable, he smiled a phony smile. He seemed to be programmed with rehearsed rhetoric. When he said  the slogan, “Hillary hires and Trump fires,” Pence called him on it and asked if he himself work on it.

He also came out of the box mentioning his wife. It was odd because his wife had nothing to do what he was discussing.

He continued making the same  attacks we have all heard about Trump instead of speaking about what he and Hillary would do as President and Vice President. These hostile rehearsed low blows didn’t elevate him in the public’s eyes in my view.

His interrupting was done so often that it became obnoxious. It made him look very bad. It showed that he was impulsive, immature, and lacked control. As he constantly interrupted, he continued talking over Pence and tried to run roughshod over him. But it didn’t work. It was disturbing to the listener, who couldn’t hear either candidate because Kaine was speaking over Pence. What is interesting is that whenever Pence said something that hit a nerve with Kaine, Kaine interrupted, instead of waiting his turn and dealing with the issue at hand.

And what made him look even worse was that whenever any question was asked, he brought up Trump’s taxes. It was as though he had nothing else to say. He also did not answer many questions and went around in circles which made him seem like he really didn’t know the topics well. He recited rhetoric we have all heard before like a “loyal soldier,” as Pence called him. But to me, it sounded more like a “loyal parrot” who just said what he memorized. There was no genuine emotion or inflection behind what he said, only anger and hostility.


Kaine was phony in his gestures as they were not sincere. He tried to make the phony gesture we see so many politicians making, with the index and pointer finger both pinched against the thumb. Only Kaine just pinched his two fingers together while her balled the together three fingers into a fist. This indicated a lack of confidence in what he was saying.


While steepling can make you appear confident, doing it at the wrong time, like during a debate can make you appear smug and arrogant which was the case with Kaine.


In a televised shot showing the candidates from the back of the table, Kaine was seen moving and kicking his legs, indicating that he was nervous.

He also showed nervousness by sipping water four times during the debate. He was cotton or dry mouthed and he was seen swallowing  hard when Pence responded to his accusations. He often licked his lips as well, which further indicated nervousness.

The pitch of his voice also reflected his nervousness as it was a little high indicating tenseness of the muscles when he spoke. It was not a commanding voice and did not reflect gravitas. He also seemed to go around in circles in discussing topics which he didn’t have a strong handle on.


While the finger point towards another person means anger, a finger pointing upwards in Western culture shows arrogance. There was a smug,  tight, insincere smile and an arrogance when he spoke.


When Pence called him out on not putting words into his mouth Kaine was shaken up. He was literally taken aback as she pulled back body language wise, tightened his lips and physically retreated  as you can see in the  photo above.


When Pence spoke, Kaine often looked down.He did not look connected in many instances. This may have also indicated his nervousness.


What was very interesting was when Pence spoke on certain issues, Kaine shook his head “yes” as though he agreed with Pence on a subliminal level on many of these issues.


The only time Kaine showed sincerity and a lack of rote rhetoric was when he spoke of his faith.He said he was against the death penalty. But then he was confronted by Pence who profoundly wondered how someone could not be for the death penalty and not be pro life. Kaine seemed to be taken aback by this. Deep down he, no doubt, realized the hypocrisy of favoring life for a criminal and not favoring  life for an unborn who was in the later stages of being formed.

If you think I am being hard on Kaine and not on Pence you are right. It has nothing to do with  politics. It has to do with how he presented himself and he presented himself poorly.  He did not come across well with his interrupting,  low blows, smugness, and rote rhetoric. He did not come across well bringing up the same topic (Trumps taxes) for every question he was asked. It would be like Pence bringing up Hillary’s  having a private email server in her home and mentioning the erased emails at every question.  If Pence behaved as Kaine did I would have said the same thing about him. But that is not the case. Instead, Pence came across more mature, in control and more Vice Presidential or even Presidential in my view.

We must never forget that  a A Vice President is only  a heartbeat away from becoming a President at any time.


17 thoughts on “Pence Body Language Calm Controlled Kaine Hostile Nervous and Moderator Weak

  1. While I respect your analysis, I disagree with most. It was Oense who although seemingly more polished… also appeared smug. His arrogance and aloof answers were very evident. His refusal or should I say avoidance to stand by his man but rather to side step questions if accountability for his running mates prior statements was palpable.


    1. I stand by my observations in terms of my 30 years of experience as a body language expert. Pense didn’t want to get in to a tit for tat match and let Kaine know he was being ridiculous. There was no avoidance on his part as he stuck to the issues not to the old and tired accusations that we have all heard before, He only brought up Clinton’s lying and missing emails and having a server in her own home and breaching national security after he kept on and on about the taxes. This was about issues and about how a VP would see things as they are only a heart beat away from the Presidency. So you are in essence looking at a possible Presidential candidate. Kaine was out of control and not sharp on the issues. There was no aloofness with pense. He was in control and well spokena nd well modulated and didnt want to get into the circus fray. He is very very different from Trump-and that is why Trump selected him.


      1. Pence is distancing himself from Trump, saying stuff like “I don’t really know the guy” and he is continuing to avoid supporting what Trump says. This is after the debate.


    2. Tyler, Obviously you were not paying attention to the debate as most of the viewers were! Kaine was arrogant , rude and needed to answer his questions when ur was his turn instead of interrupting Governor Pence, who in all rights will be the Vice President of the United States and then in The next election he will be President Pence!! Has a nice ring to it don’t you agree??


      1. Damn Ann…
        I thought this was an open forum for discussion. You certainly have taken a very hateful tone in your response. Go troll someone else. You obviously don’t understand the basic guidelines of civility. Oh, that’s right… you’re a Trump supporter. I forgot!


  2. Dr. Glass… I just can’t believe we are observing the same individuals. Have you seen the rebuttals today for every denial on Mr. Pense’s part, an excerpt showing the statement he denied was said? I’m not a body language expert but your descriptions don’t even seem to match the body positioning I’m seeing in the tape… Now I’m not saying Kaine responded to the issues… I think he did exactly what he set out to do and did so quite effectively… and I think his body language shows he was confident and in control… this debate went entirely the way they (Clinton camp) wanted it to… it may not have been what YOU wanted it to be or what I wanted it to be but it was exactly what THEY wanted it to be… foxes…. sly foxes.


    1. Gary I watched the debate real time and did not look at any post game commentary. I also do not address anything political or issues. This is only about how he came across in terms of body language and communication skills. That is it. I stand by my blog that he was well spoken, used a better vocabulary than Kaine. Did not interrupt as much. As far as confidence goes Kaine was extremely nervous based on so many tells like his lip licking,hard swallows, watcher drinking due to cotton mouth, spittle, head being pulled back, lip pursing,leg shaking and taking in circles and avoiding the direct response. Why you may think his body language was confident and in control I can assure you based on my 30 years of experience that is was not . And no I see what IS not what I WANT. I don’t WANT anything in this debate as I am completely objective in my views . I am not supportive of one candidate over another. Perhaps it is your projection of what YOU wanted to see that was not there. If you have read my blogs you will see that I give equal criticism to BOTH candidates and equal praise as well when merited. While they may be sly foxes the body cannot be outfoxed as tells eventually leak out as they did in the debates.


    1. You clearly haven’t read any of my blogs because if you did you would not have made such an ignorant statement. I have written positive and non positive things about BOTH candidates. I am non partisan and if I were partisan I would openly say soas I openly say everything in my blog. There is nothing to hide with me.So don’t project your own bias on to me and don;t accuse me of lying when you have no idea what you are talking about Kari.


  3. Your observation that Pence was chosen because he offers a sharp contrast to Trumps lack of style. You also mention this because “he is a heartbeat away from the Presidency”. What you’re failing to state is hat although Pence may be polished enough for your observation, he is NOT the Presidential nominee and I must remind you, Trumps heart is actually still beating. The fact that he may appear smooth, fatherly or however you interpret it with your expertise as a body language professional, the rebuttals shown today prove without any hesitation the man lies when confronte.


  4. If body language and experience in public speaking were the most important things for the vice presidency, this post would be more meaningful. You’ve forgotten the most obvious matter of substance: one candidate was a little nervous, the other candidate calmly and coolly lied through his teeth, denying repeatedly that his running mate had said things that are irrefutable, they were recorded and witnessed by many. He also denied at least one thing he himself had said on camera. So shuffling of feet or nervousness or even interrupting too much just really don’t bother me in comparison to the lying. The former are issues of practice and polish; the lying tells you everything you need to know about that person’s character.


      1. I respect your statement, however…. a “frozen” face or a snarky unsubstantiated comment or overly groomed image tell me equally as much about the person I only mention that last “image” statement since you seemed to focus initially on the moderator, not the debate candidates. That started your blog off on a wrong note with me. It seemed you were zeroing in on the females “pretty” appearance. This alone discredited your subsequent statements. Keep in mind, this is my opinion… I respect yours… please do the same


      2. Actually if it was a man I would have also mentioned his appearance. This woman was very pretty and well put together with shiney hair and nice lashes and I just reported what I saw on a positive note.Then I pointed out the negatives which was that she was weak and ineffective.If the moderator was a man with shiny hair and some other redeeming characteristic I would have said that as well.


      3. The reason you have to keep on saying this is despite as hard as you try, your posts always lean to support someone over another regardless if they are political or not.


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