Former Miss Universe Shows Signals of Deception regarding “Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping” Trump Accusation

Putting politics aside or how you may feel about Donald Trump, the specific accusation that the former Miss Universe  Alicia Machado, who gained 60 pounds, made about Donald Trump calling her “Miss Piggy and “Miss  Housekeeping” shows multiple signs of deception from looking away, to incongruous head movement in relation to speech, to duping delight, to specific speech tells indicative of deception.

In analyzing the Inside Edition video, where she speaks to my dear friend Jim Moret, whom I have known ever since we began our careers as reporters at the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles-KABC TV, I have seen many signs of deception as she reports that Trump called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”.

When Jim asks Alicia Machado if she thought Donald Trump was a bully,

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-9-54-48-amShe squinches her face as you can see and then leaks out an interesting body language tell where she  verbally says yes but then shakes her head no. This incongruous verbal and body language behavior is indicative of deception. It shows that deep down she knew that gaining 60 pounds durnig her reign as Miss Universe was unacceptable and hurting the brand.


Being the astute  and savvy businessman that he was, he knew that her appearance was getting a lot of criticism and that it was affecting the MIss Universe brand that he had just purchased. So he addressed the criticism of the representative of his brand, Machado,  by showing how she was doing something about her weight gain by working out at the gym. He invited the press to show that she was getting in shape and to back off in their criticism of her.

Machado’s body language in the photo showed that she seemed to appreciate what was being done on her behalf as she leans her body into TRump as he shakes her hand. Perhaps she was pleased that Trump didn’t fire her as was rumored at the time,  but was instead working with her and her weight problem.


And yes it was a problem. If she entered the pageant  with the 60 pounds and won and he was upset about having a heavier representative of his brand,  that is a different story.  But that is not the story. She won the pageant at one weight  indicating she was a proportional beauty with a svelte as a representative of the most beautiful girl in the world. Then when she gained the weight, which  also affected her facial  features, she was no longer the beauty of perfection which was what the contest was all about.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.07.06 AM.png

For those of you who want to be politically correct here, there is no political correctness when it comes to acting, modeling, and beauty pageants where it is all about a woman’s looks. And it is all about a man’s looks as well.

Countless actresses throughout the years have been fired on the spot for gaining weight during filming. Others have been put on extreme exercise and food regimens during the filming so that camera shots match and there is a consistency of their look throughout the film. If a fashion model gains 60 pounds she can no longer fit into the sample or couture sizes which distorts the designer’s sense of fashion and aesthetic for a particular outfit.

So what Trump did in helping Machado to get in shape is what any director or producer would do to get their “product” to properly  represent their brand. In Donald’s case and the Miss Universe Organization it was the brand of body and facial beauty and perfection.

While we have seen Trump calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig in response to her making fun of his hair on the view and make other disparaging remarks this particular incident with Miss Universe may not be one of those instances.And for the record this was uncalled for as was his comment during the debate about the 400 pound person sitting on his bed as a possible computer hacker. But back to the issue at hand which is Machado and whether or not he said what she has accused him of saying to her.

Then Jim Moret asks Machado if Trump bullied her.


She say Yes, but then you see a signal of deception as she looks away and adds the statement “all the time. ” She clearly knows that the term “all the time”is inaccurate as it means that whenever Trump was in her presence he bullied her., which was not the case at the gym photo op. Here he says that she likes to eat. He doesn’t call her a pig or abuse her.He states why she has gained the weight.

Now here is the tell that leads me to believe she is lying about her calling her “Miss Piggy”. She  specifically says “he called me UH like Miss Piggy”. When someone puts like and “uh” and “like ” next to one another that is usually a signal of deception, especially  in the context in which she is speaking. If it was true she would have emphatically said “He called me Miss Piggy.”. Her inflection would have dropped at the end of the sentence and would not have gone up as if asking a question , which she demonstrated during her Inside Edition interview.

In her next statement she is definitely lying in my estimation. She uses the tentative sing song tone indicative of deception as she says “Miss Housekeeping” and goes up at the end of the statement. No doubt to me  this was an afterthought designed to further put fuel on the fire on Trump’s controversial stance concerning Mexican immigrants.

Also,no one uses the term “Miss Housekeeper” as a pejorative term. Trump with all of his thousands of resorts and buildings employs housekeepers of all shapes and sizes. Being fat is not synonymous with being a housekeeper by any means. In fact on the popular  show Devious Maids, all of the housekeepers depicted are gorgeous and svelt. While it is fiction, no one would ever call someone a “housekeeper” as a put down. Machado clearly did this for affect and fueling the fire in my view.

Even Jim had some doubts. So, as any good reporter,  he wanted  to make sure he heard exactly what she said. He then states” So he called you Miss Piggy.” Now she is feeling more confident to embellish her most probably deceptive statement in my view, as she repeats it louder.


But her body language gives it all away as there is a huge signal of deception in my view as she looks away as she says this. She also leaks out a “duping delight” smile. When people are telling you the truth, they look right at you and there is no smiling and no looking away.


Look at Jim’s facial expression, it shows doubt as he he isn’t all that sure that what she has previously said is the ruth. So he pursues it by delving deeper and asking her how she felt.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.17.20 AM.png

Then she reveals a lot in terms of whether what she is saying may most likely not be true in my view as she immediately looks away. When someone asks you point blank how something makes you feel, you don’t look away to manufacture an answer. Instead, you immediately  and directly look at the person who asked you the question and respond with the appropriate facial emotion, whether it is  happy, sad, angry, etc.


Her eyes quickly shift as though she is searching for something to say as opposed to having a spontaneous reaction and then she looks down and closes her eyes. This is a very common signal of deception.


Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.25.51 AM.png

Then you see the duping delight once again as she thinks of what to say instead of being spontaneous in her answer. She looks down again.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.28.37 AM.png

And slower than she had spoken previously, she said I was very ( closes her lips in silence as to think of what to say) and then produces the word depressed.

She may have been depressed well before Trump had anything to do with her or the pageant as she says that after Trump, she developed years of eating disorders and had to see a psychiatrist. I can assure you that this is not true because an eating disorder doesn’t occur over one single incident. It happens over years.  Apparently, it was reported she had weight issues well before she was Miss Universe.

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-11-35-37-am Then Jim shares that she has just become an American citizen, just in time to vote in this election. He asks her if she was going to vote for Donald Trump. She laughs continuous  laugh for several seconds. To me this indicates that she is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. A person who was asked this question about someone who allegedly abused them and called them names would not laugh. Instead, they would have a serious facial expression and say something like “No way”, or “Never.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.42.56 AM.png

When Trump was asked about Machado and her comments, he said that she was “trouble” and had a lot of problems with people in the organization. And what he said was right. As it turns out this Toxic woman was accused of threatening to kill a judge and being an accomplice to a murder bid in her native Venezuela.The above photo is of Machado during her troubles with the law.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.45.23 AM.png

The fact that she could even be giving a US passport after this incident is disturbing since people with lesser problems have been denied entry into the US , much less a passport.

I know a thing or do about beauty pageants having participated  in them when I was younger and having been a Judge in the Miss USA Pageant for Miss Universe before Trump took over. There are women in the pageant who have indeed been trouble makers or not up to par.



In the year I judged  the Miss USA Pageant, in 1989 there was a contestant, a Miss Texas, Gretchen Polhemus, I interviewed whom I found inauthentic, disconnected, and not very intelligent. While she was attractive and had good posture and wore a pretty well fitted strapless bejeweled green gown,  her body language, facial language, voice, and speech disturbed me at the time. I thought her personality was limited and didn’t have that special”it” factor and was not that bright to represent the USA. I also thought at the time that there was something off about her and that she would be trouble if chosen. Boy were my instincts on target. Two years later, she  filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit in US District Court in Detroit against the  Miss Universe pageant for fraud and unfair labor practices,6836463&hl=en

I believe the suit was settled but she knew that there would be long hours and little money in exchange for the notoriety , meeting powerful  people who could enhance her career and and opening up contacts and new horizons and opportunities. She was an employee of the Miss Universe Organization and they only her a salary  which she received for the year. But in my view she perhaps  got greedy and sued . The case was settled not because  the organization necessarily did anything wrong, but rather to avoid any  more adverse publicity.

Besides her lawsuit, Gretchen Polhemus was also  an embarrassment  to the Miss Universe Organization because of her not appearing that knowledegeable or bright, something I personally noticed when I interviewed her as a  judge. Apparently others who met her when she represented Miss USA, apprently noticed the same thing I did.  Here is the link to the article describing how Polhemus  needed a geography lesson  and how it was reported that  Polhemus “should never speak in public without a teleprompter as it was “too hazardous to her credibility.”    say

So when Trump said Machado was “trouble” I tend believe him on that matter.


Also I am not here to defend Trump or to be political. I just report the truth as I see it from a body language standpoint. While we all know Trump had words with Rosie O’Donnell and called her a “fat pig”, that doesn’t mean he did the same to Machado. He called Rosie names in retaliation for her disparaging his hair and his looks on the View when she was the host. Looking at Trump’s modus operandi, he seems to  attack below the belt  when attacked. So since Machado didn’t attack him  early on in his career in the beauty business when he just took over , He may not have said these specific things to her at the time.

While he told press she was “an eating machine” and “loves to eat”, she was telling the truth. It was reported that she was eating all the time. As well,  she would not have gained 60 pounds and created a problem representing his  Miss Universe brand which is all about beauty, perfection, and sveltness.

So yes, Trump has definitely name called   others in relation to their weight but there is no indication that he did it to Machado  based on my body language analysis.






3 thoughts on “Former Miss Universe Shows Signals of Deception regarding “Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping” Trump Accusation

  1. An older interview, prior to the pageant, she stated she had a history of eating disorders. To blame Trump , or the organization, is not the cause. It probably goes way back in her childhood or teen years. Also the term, “Miss housekeeper” was a reference to her being Latino, not due to her appearance. I don’t really believe either comment. Either she contacted Hillary’s team, or they found her blogging. Either way, it’s a fail, in my opinion. Good insight in your article!


  2. So glad this information about her is coming out. I felt there was something “off” with her. Now it is the Clinton administrations mess to clean up since they chose to have her represent Hillarys campaign.


  3. I believe Alicia Machado is the worse kind of opportunist. She lied about Trump calling her Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeper. On the contrary he did everything possible to help her. She had her own personal dietician, received a membership to a well known gym, and fought like hell for Machado to keep her title of Miss Universe, when the other organization heads wanted to fire her. That’s the truth. Anyone can look it up.


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