Trump Clinton Debate Body Language -Nervousness and Nastiness

While Hillary and Trump both made good points and presented themselves  well in many instances, there were some some not so good points as you will see in this blog.


The worst thing about the debates was the personal attacks made, which Hillary started. Trump did not start out the debate with being nasty. In fact he was gentlemanly in his tone and demeanor.  However , when Hillary started with him, he gave as good as he got.

But this is not what voters wanted to see. They wanted to hear from each candidates mouth what they would do and what the issues were. The worst thing that Hillary did was say what Donald said. He immediately interrupted her to let voters know that what she was saying was  not true. All candidates needed to speak for themselves and not have the other put words in their mouths.


When they both arrived on stage, Trump placed his arm around Hillary’s back in a gentlemanly fashion. He was also much softer as he began  the debates until Hillary started  the attack about his father, which changed the entire tone of the debate.  Trump was having none of that and solidly defended his father as he said while he got a sizable loan when he started his business,  he grew it into a billion dollar business and that is what he would do to the country.


When Donald spoke Hillary often looked down as he spoke.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-14-13-pmShe also often glared at him as you see here.


She also gave him a smug look as he spoke as she pursed her lips.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-7-21-14-pmBut when he called her on something or defended himself ,she would exhibit an inappropriate  mask-like phony smile.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-35-01-pmTrump was more real in his facial language towards Hillary as he showed genuine upset as he furrowed his brow and pursed his lips when she said something that upset him.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.54.45 PM.pngscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-8-53-50-pm

They were both guilty of making that phony politician non- gesture to express their points as they pinched their thumb with their index finger.However Trump did it less often than Hillary.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.59.16 PM.png

In fact, he pointed more which was a genuine gesture to reflect his true emotion of anger, based on what he was speaking about.

Now I will analyze each of the candidates separately and  in more detail.


To start, Hillary never looked better.  Her hair  was well coiffed  and the blond highlights looked great on camera, Her makeup was impeccable. Unlike many of her pant suits in the past, this  pant suit was very well tailored and fit well as it was  a great orange- red color  for television. Her posture was excellent and she spoke well as her voice was  formidable and strong. She was more animated and less monotone and mechanical than she had been in the past. She was articulate and flowing in her tones. She never hesitated vocally or speaking wise. Anyone  who ever had any doubts about her health could see that she didn’t show any symptoms on stage which may have indicated  that she maybe in poor health.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.12.18 PM.png


But there were some not so great points with Hillary . Whenever she was “busted” by Trump or called out for something she did, she had an annoying  smug grin to mask her upset. In essence, she was covering up her true angry or embarrassed feelings with a smile.  You could tell it was a phony smile becuase her eyes didn’t crinkle.  It was not genuine. If she was irritated, she needed to show that on her face and not hide it.

She was nervous initially  and swallowed a lot as Donald spoke.  Initially, her blinks were slow but as the debate progressed she didn’t  have this slow blinking, which  I believe was due to fake eyelash discomfort. I recognize that blink because I have done it as well when my  fake lashes needed some getting used to and there were  camera lights shining in my face.

But most of all, we saw a really nasty side to Hillary. Trump started out gentlemanly and soft in his tone, but Hillary started the personal attacks. This nastiness is not what the public wanted to hear.These were personal attacks that were uncalled for like talking about Trump’s father and his wealth. Trump was upset by this and retorted that even though he got a loan from his family, he grew that loan into a billion of dollar business.

Then Hillary pulled out the Bill card which lead Trump to call NAFTA the worst decision made. Then Hillary continued being nasty by telling Trump he “lived in his own reality.” That was uncalled for. He did not attack her “reality”.

Then she did the unconscionable and promoted  her book out in front of millions of people saying “it is coming out tomorrow”. That looked cheap and unPresidential in my view. Also whenever Trump spoke here were moments that she showed that she agreed with him via her body language as she nodded her head. Butfor the most part, she had a smug look on her face. Then she advertised her website, which was also not a very Presidential thing to do  during this debate.

Then she got super nasty and in essence called Trump “crazy” and made up the names  like “Trump Loophole” and “Trump Plan”  as she increased  her attack on him. Again these attacks did not make her look good. Then she accused him of “Bait and Switch.” She in essence called Trump a “Racist” and brought up an old court case where he was in a class action suit, which  he explained as occurring when he was young. He then went on to say what a great relationship he had with the Black community and how he did not allow racism in Palm Beach at his property. But in my view  he should have turned to Hillary and and said enough of this nastiness from you. He should have said loudly, I AM NOT A RACIST. SO DON’T DARE PAINT ME AS ONE. He needed to be much stronger with that.

Then Hillary said that  the reason why she wasn’t out campaigning was because she was preparing for the debate and preparing to be President which was also a hit below the belt. Then she started to put words in Trump’s mouth that Trump said he didn’t say. He called her on the fact that he didn’t say them  and she put those words into his mouth. She hit him hard and below the belt  with saying that he stiffed someone who worked for him out of money. Trump responded that the person didn’t do a good job.  All of this back and forth initiated by Hillary was uncomfortable for many to watch. It seemed very “Housewives of Whatever Reunion Show” instead of a Presidential Debate.



Trump’s hair and make- up were not done well so he did not look his best for this debate. His hair looked washed out and the style looked strange. For the next debate, he needs to follow Hillary’s lead and get a darker base color and some blond highlights put in which shows better on camera. That  would make him look  much better. He also needs to lose the grey on the sides. His makeup also didn’t look great.  He needs to use MAC NW 25 as that would be a perfect shade for him. Also he needed some mascara , and the lids covered with makeup as well as his eyes looked too beady. The blue tie didn’t work. He needed to stick to red as it would make him look more formidable than he did with the blue tie.


 Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.26.31 PM.png

When they spoke about Bait and Switch his  upper lip was perspiring, indicting that he was upset by what was said. His  autonomic nervous system was working overtime showing that he was nervous and a little off of his game initially. But then he recovered mid- debate and was back to his old confident self.  During the time he showed a bit of nervousness, his breathing was audible and shallow at times i There was nose scratching 9 whch was seen with Hillary as well) and a lot of water drinking for his “cotton mouth” or dry mouth.You could tell her was nervous in the beginning as his lips and mouth seemed dry as she spoke.

The absolute worst thing Trump could have said when Hillary called him on not paying taxes was that he “was smart.” That did not go over will with either party and was a terrible comment that I am sure he regrets saying. It made him look bad as though we, the non-billionaire people have to pay taxes and he can skirt the tax issues because he is smart. People go to jail for not paying taxes so this was the wrong message to give. Whether he meant it differently in terms of taking advantage of the tax system in regards to his business , it came off very poorly.

When Hillary called him a racist should have turned to Hillary  loudly proclaimed I AM NOT A RACIST so DONT DARE PAINT ME AS ONE. He needed to be much stronger in pointing that out. Those who know Trump well know that he is not a racist and he needed to let everyone know that in no uncertain terms.  He needed to say that he was sick of these false attributions to him. However, he did give it back to Hillary when he said that she called Black people “Super Predators.” He also gave it back to her when he said that it was her people in her campaign that put out the photo of Obama in Kenyan attire and that Sidney Blumenthal who worked directly under her was the one who started the birther issue with Obama.

He also called her on ISIS and asked what many were thinking -why she didn’t do something about it before. He also made some good points about who hacked the system and said he didn’t know. But he lost points when he called someone out for being 400 pounds as he said “who knows it could be Russia or China or a 400 pound person in their bedroom.” He could have eliminated the 400 pound person example.

While Trump got it from Hillary  several times, he  gave it back as he said he  would release his Tax returns when Hillary releases the 33 emails she erased and called her on it by saying it was horrible what she did. She simply replied in a cold rehearsed tone as she said that it was a mistake .But she still didn’t address  what happened to those emails.


I really like Lester Holt a lot as a host and as an interviewer. I have even had the good fortune of having him interview me on the Today show.  But as a moderator he left a lot to be desired in this debate. He allowed the personal attacks which he should have cut off in my view.  He let both candidates walk over him and didn’t keep the time limits  fairly.


I have some advice for both candidates for the the next debates.

  1. Stop putting words in one another’s mouth and telling what the other person said. Let them say it for themselves.
  2. Next, stop the nastiness. Only speak about what YOU would do and leave it at that. Leave it to the voters to figure out.
  3. Speak emotionally and passionately and be real in every way as you share your thoughts and views with the public in a non- rehearsed phony manner.
  4. Be respectful to one another and stop bringing up their issues or things about their family or what they did. Let them discuss defend their issues with the moderator, not with you.
  5. Stop the nastiness in ads and on the campaign trail. Don’t even mention your opponent. Just mention YOU and what YOU plan to do.


After the debates they both walked out on stage and appeared cordial but Trump was not his usual peppy, electric, charismatic  self. He was more subdued.


He wasn’t smiling as much as he usually does when he is around his family. He looked as though this debate took a toll on him. He seemed reflective and didn’t go down into the audience to mingle like Hillary did. Perhaps he didn’t expect it to be that nasty.

And as a reminder to any haters. This is not political as I am not political. This is an analysis of what each of the the candidates said and how they said it and the impact of their body language and communication on the public.  I addressed BOTH candidates fairly and honestly and did not give any preferential treatment to one over the tother.



4 thoughts on “Trump Clinton Debate Body Language -Nervousness and Nastiness

  1. WOW what a show! I do not think Trump is raciest but I do feel Obama is. Obama went to a VERY raciest church for years in Chicago. I feel like this country is becoming 3rd world just like Trump said about airports, it is like our airports are 3rd world quality as well as our infrastructure. Trump appears to truly care about this nation. Hilary, it looks like a game and power play. Trump hits on the money every time. Hilary looks like the liar and manipulator that she is. The “I made a mistake” comment was a definite nail in her coffin. With all her smug looks and fake smiles I truly disliked her this debate. YES she appeared well as far as her health but I feel like there is still something going on with her. Trump looks old too. They are both OLD in my opinion and that makes me uncomfortable. I do not personally like Trump’s kids. Ivanka is way too power hungry and she tries to upstage Melania every chance she gets. She wants more government spending in terms of women and is trying to influence her dad which I do NOT like. Trump is not warm enough towards Melania which makes me nervous. WHY because God blesses (favor) the right man right woman relationship…they are NOT right man right woman. Abraham and Sarah were right man right woman and thru them a great nation was brought about. Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan were right man right woman and truth be told Hilary and Bill are right man right woman AS WELL as Obama and Michelle…..AND the Bush family EXCECT for Jeb…..Jeb is with the WRONG woman. Look at the above pattern. This tells me without a shadow of a doubt who will be the next president. Good or BAD….God is sovereign and it thru spiritual laws that the will of God will be executed. GOOD or bad. Because I can say this….this country is in big trouble….because this is the cosmic system. What I am saying is very deep and biblical. Not heard in most circles. This is why gay marriage AND children from wrong man wrong woman bring about a nations downfall….fornication and sexual sins bring a nations downfall faster than anything else and cursing follows after that. We are governed by spiritual laws…..these laws are not changed by man and they will stay in effect until our savior comes again riding on a white horse and the GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDERS….what I am saying is that as long as we have a right man-right woman in the white house we will have favor from God. Take that away and we will have trouble. Trump may be a wonderful president in theory but the Lord Himself will still be charge and as long as Trump is with the WRONG woman….he has already lost favor. Just look at how he is being portrayed. This isnt just politics…this is a spiritual battle and has to be spiritually discerned…This is why Obama was loved so much….He has favor and blessing just because he is in right man right woman marriage. NOW This does not secure his salvation….no …..that is another matter…but it DOES give him favor regardless. Remember, “a man who finds a wife finds blessing and favor with the Lord….”It must be the RIGHT wife though. The marriage of right man right woman is a SACRED union and ALL nations are blessed by this relationship. YES this is a spiritual truth.


  2. I think if we want safety and prosperity for our children and grandchildren, we will vote for Trump. If you want to be mired down in debt and disparity then you will be voting for Hillary. She has had thirty years to help the American citizens and hasn’t done it yet so why think she will if she becomes president. I want a president who won’t lie about her crimes and bad decisions, who will put the American citizens first instead of the people who help her cause and cover her lies. There is no good reason for her to send our money to places like Iran. It’s our money and should be used her to help pay for healthcare, a better living for our military and to keep Medicare going. Maybe finally Medicare could be paid back for the money they’ve already taken from us. It’s not funded by the government. It’s the citizens money who’s paid it in all these years. As for giving it to illegals is just insane and that’s exactly what will happen if Hillary is voted into office. She will follow Obamas footprint and it will be more of his laws and program’s destroying America today.


  3. Dr. Glass there are videos on YouTube that show Hillary was giving secret hand signals to Lester Holt during the debate. I was wondering what your professional
    opinion on that was.


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