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Burke Ramsey Initial Interview Contradicts Dr Phil’s But Smiles In Both When Discussing Mother’s Anguish


Burke Ramsey seems to have given Dr. Phil a different  account about what he remembered about the night JonBenet was murdered. What he told Dr. Phil is completely different than what he told the psychologist when he was 9 years old in the tape seen on Dateline.  Burke,  smilingly told Dr. Phil that his mother came into his room frantically looking for JonBenet and saying “where’s my baby.” But when he was 9, he told the interviewing psychologist that his dad, not his mom, was the one who came into his room to tell him what happened and “told him what to do”. Burke said he only heard his mother getting emotional while she was downstairs and he was alone in his bedroom.

The most disturbing part of watching Burke at 9 and Burke at 29 was how elated he was at how upset his mother was in regard to JonBenet. His “duping delight” smiles in both interviews speak volumes to me. 

Let’s take a look at Burke Ramsey’s body language, facial language, and communication when he was  first interviewed by a child psychologist, shortly after his sister was murdered.

In the Dateline story about JonBenet Ramsey’s death, we see video of a 9 year old Burke Ramsey. He has a huge smile on his face when the psychologist asks him about his mom’s reaction to JonBenet. To me this is very telling. It seems as though there was a sadistic delight in seeing his mother in pain.

Burke lies down on the chair and gives a huge smile as he says “She was like ( pause)  over reacting.”  He continues, “I heard downstairs.” He then imitates Patsys breathy, frantic repetitive response concerning JonBenet. He then said “My dad said OK calm down.”

Burke then stops speaking and  in an eerie manner, shows a HUGE smile and repeats “She was over reacting.” To me, this seems extremely telling , especially since  Burke was not smiling before he made that statement. But when discussing how his mother was “over reacting” about what happened to JonBenet, he seemed delighted.

On another day  when Burke was being interviewed by the psychologist, where he is wearing a different outfit  ( white tee shirt) he said that his mother “was really nervous” and his dad “was trying to calm her down” and (mumbled)  call the police. He said he didn’t see this interaction but  that he heard it  ( from his room). The therapist asked Burke if he ever peeked downstairs to see what was going on and Burke said “no.”

I found that odd, as most children, when hearing a commotion would peek to find out what it was all about. As Burke shared this story with the therapist, he was so calm and matter of fact.  The therapist most likely found it strange  that Burke never left his room, especially after  Burke said he heard  all the commotion going on downstairs. So the therapist prompted Burke, by asking him once again if he ever “left his room for a little bit to see what was happening.” Once again Burke said “no.”

Then the psychologist asked him why he  didn’t leave his room.  Burke’s body language was telling. As you can see in the screenshot below, Burke  puts his hand over his face and says “because I was so scared.” He actually has a scared facial expression on his face as he says this.

This is odd and very telling. Although he says he was scared, what was he scared  about?  Is he scared because he knows something? Is he scared because of what he may have done?  Is he scared of his mother? Is he scared because his mother may have done something?” Is he scared about his mothers’ wrath for what he may have done? Is he scared because he may have heard JonBenet screaming  and crying as a result of whatever was done to her?

Then he mumbles …”until my dad”  ( came to me?) “told me what to do” and ( mumbles)  What did his dad tell him to do? Did his dad tell him to not say anything to anyone about what happened?

The psychologist then asks him what he was worried about.  Burke says he worried how JonBenet was. That is hugely telling in my view. If he was upstairs in his room and didn’t know  exactly what had happened until his dad came up to his room to tell him,  why was he worried?  If he was worrying about “how JonBEnet was”, that must have meant that he knew that something happened to JonBenet or he wouldn’t have been worried about “how she was.”

Did he wonder “how she was” because he did something to her ?  Did he worry how she was because he may have heard  someone else doing something to her?

Then he says “I worried if they would find her.” ” That’s all I was worried about.” Was he worried if they would find JonBenet because of where he may have put her?  Was he worried if they would find JonBenet because of where someone else may have put her?

He was then asked when was the first time he found out what the problem was. Burke said It was “probably” when his dad came into his room. The word “probably” concerns me. It means that he is not sure when he knew what the problem was. Was he part of the problem? Did he know who was part of the problem?

That is  also telling because he said he didn’t come out of his room to see what was going on because he was scared. Then he said he was worried. But now, he says that he  “probably”found out what was wrong when his father came into the room and “told him what to do.”

The therapist  then asked him what he thought prior to finding out what the problem was. Burke said he thought someone stole things or that “JonBenet was kidnapped.”

The therapist finds this hard to believe and asks”Really? What did you think that?”  Burke responds ” because I heard mom say where’s my baby?” As he says this, there is a HUGE smile that emerges from his previously serious facial expression, which you can see in the above photo. It is as though there is duping delight. It is as though he may be  pleased that his mom was looking for “her baby.”To me this appears to be very telling. Did he do something to JonBenet? Did he hide her in the basement? Was he the one who knew where JonBenet was? Was that why he didn’t want to come downstairs to see what all the commotion was all about?   Did he hear what was done to JonBenet? Did he know that Pasty may have possibly done something to JonBenet? Was his duping delight because he may have really known what happened to JonBenet?

Now it is 20 years later and  Burke  Ramey is interviewed  by Dr. Phil. He tells  Dr. Phil a  completely different story than he told the psychologist when he was 9.

When Dr. Phil asked Burke Ramsey about what he remembered about the evening JonBenet was found dead, he told  Dr. Phil,  ‘The first thing I remember is my mom bursting in my room, really frantic, saying, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” running around my room – now I know looking for JonBenét,”The next thing I remember is a police officer coming into my room and shining a flashlight.’  

But that is not the case at all. He told the psychologist at age 9 that it was his father who came into his room to tell him what happened. He did not mention his mother coming into his room.

Just as he did when he was 9, at age 29, Burke  also smiles as he speaks of his mother’s despair in relation to JonBenet. This is is very telling in my view.

It shows that he may have enjoyed seeing his mother suffer emotionally. Was this payback for all of times he may have been suffering and not getting enough attention because his mother was giving all of her attention to JonBenet? Was he getting emotionally or perhaps physically abused by his mother. Was he her annoyance? Was he  perhaps pleased that the tables were  now turned and that it was his mother who was in tears and not him?

The bottom line is that there is a discrepancy in that what he said at 9 and what he recounted 20 years later. The only thing that is the same is that he smiled in both interviews when he spoke of how upset his mother about in regard to JonBenet.