Chris Brown Accuser Shows Questionable Body Language Duping Delight and Inconsistent Account

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.39.13 AM.pngAfter singer Chris Brown pummeled singer Rhianna’s face, knocked out a window at ABC and did a number of other Toxic behaviors, I am certainly no fan of Chris Brown. But no matter how much I am repulsed by his behaviors , I question the accuracy and veracity  of what his accuser,  Baylee Curran, said , especialy since her account has changed in several interviews.

When she did her first interview and spoke to Harvey Levin at TMZ, she said that Chris pointed a gun right at her head. Then she changed her account in another interview and said he pointed the gun “at her” and in her interview with ET she said he pointed he had the gun “in her face”. Below are her exact words to ET.

“Chris did not see me admiring the jewelry,” continues Curran, who maintains that she was “simply looking” at the diamonds. “It was his friends who originally said ‘Get away’… But then, Chris pulled out his gun and said ‘Get the f**k out’… like, pointing that way and pointing it in my face and saying, ‘So sick of all you people, I am going to blow your head off.’ I don’t really remember, but he was threatening me with the gun in my face.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.22.51 AM

Now she says in her own message  that a gun was put to her head.

So was the gun pointed  at  her head, at her, or in her face, or was there a gun even pointed at all? Just those inconsistencies may lead one to question whether she is telling the truth about what happened.

But she leaks out that the jeweler was wary of her as she says in an interview as she says  he ”  saw me looking at them and got a little wary, I guess? Sort of cursing and screaming at me and calling me names saying ‘Get the f**k away from the diamonds. Get the f**k back outside.’” 

Then she allegedly texts a friend named Safari that she plans to set up Chris Brown  as she texts  “Hey safari don’t you know this freak Chris brown is kicking me out of his house because I called his friend jewelry fake can you come get me my Uber is messing up if not I’m going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson I’m going to set his ass up. Lol come get me.”

As she tells TMZ  her account of her looking at the jewelry, she says that she saw a diamond cross “and of course”  she is going to admire it as she leaks out a smile of duping delight.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.55.23 AM

She also raises up her hand as her body language says she was indeed acting out as though he was  touching the necklace. But her  words belie her body language as she volunteers  “ I did not try to pick it up. I did not try to take it.” Those words alone, where she unnecessarily volunteers that she did not try to take the necklace ,speaks volumes in my view. People who are telling the truth don’t suddenly not use contraction ( didn’t ) and instead use “do not”as Baylee did. Also in her statement by even mentioning that she did not try to take the necklace, she is essentially admitting that she may have most probably tried to take it .

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.53.02 AM

Then she shakes her head no and makes  absolutely  no sense  as she says that she “didn’t do “anything to that sorts,” which also makes one question her credibility. It is as though she is protesting too much but her words got the best of her. By  making no sense it shows that she is tripping up,  thereby, making one question her credibility.

If she did indeed call the jewelry fake  as she allegedly admitted to a friend in a text and try to stir up trouble, the jeweler had a right to be upset and tell her to leave.  Chris also had a right to tell her to leave, since it was his house.

Always remember that action always creates a reaction.

So why would Chris allegedly pull a gun?                                                                                                a. Did he feel that the girl  had indeed  taken some jewelry and  he was merely protecting his property  by pulling out his gun or  using the gun to make her give the jewelry back ?     b. Did he tell her to leave and she refused, so he tried to intimidate her into leaving by pulling out a gun?                                                                                                                                             c. Did this even happen? Did he ever pull out a gun?

After all her own former roommate has accused Baylee of having a history of making up stories about people threatening to kill her .

In my view, if the  jeweler friend of Chris was leary of her when she was  around the jewelry,  he may have had a good reason as Baylee Curran is no stranger to theft. In fact in NYC, according to reports, she  allegedly is wanted for grand larceny for stealing someone’s $1000 Louis Vuitton purse  and it’s contents and fleeing.

This isn’t Curran’s only issue as she was chosen to be Miss  Regional California but stripped of her title when she violated a morals clause and now pageant officials are having trouble getting the crown and sash back from her.

When someone doesn’t use contractions like “don’t” and “didn’t” and issted as “I did not” as  Baylee said, which us is often cause for suspicion.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.39.30 AM

She also looks down and to the side  when asked poignant questions which is not a good sign in the truth telling department.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.45.19 AM

She cocks her said and says “I honestly did not ask for this”. When someone uses the word “honestly” in a sentence, often they are not being very honest.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.45.03 AM

She continues to look down and says “um”  which are also signals which don’t appear to add to her credibility.

And finally, she makes the same  defensive  statement to TMZ, ET and in her own video as she asks’ What would you do if someone put a gun in your face?” That seems to say it all as she is trying to justify what she did by enrolling people to act similarly if the same thing had happened to them. People who have truly been victimized by a crime to not usually speak this way. They also seem a lot more distraught and they don’t leak out that they love the attention. Therefore, there is cause for suspicion in my view.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.39.13 AM

And finally Curran seems to be enjoying the attention as she leaks out smiles throughout her interviews. She even dressed for the occasion with full on shaded makeup  to showcase her cheekbones, fake eyelashes , and  plenty of cleavage, which  she showed in a zipped down flesh tone jacket.  She also protests many times that she did not want this attention on her. Right!

If she did make this up, she needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And as far as Chris Brown  is concerned, he needs to more carefully  vet the people who come  into his home and into his space as he may be a target for these types of accusations considering his past with women.


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