Dr.Lillian Glass Called It Early On With Kate Gosslin’s Children Needing Help

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Years ago, through my many blogs about the Toxic behavior I and everyone else in the world, who saw the show Kate Plus 8, witnessed on television, I predicted that Kate  Gosselin’s  children would be needing therapy and some would even need special treatment. Now it has come to pass.  //drlillianglassbodylanguageblog.wordpress.com/tag/colin-gosselin/

Apparently, one of Kate’s sextuplets, Colin Gosselin has been sent away from the family to a boarding facility for treatment of his “special needs.”.While this is a good thing in that the boy is finally getting treatment for what ails him, it is a bad thing in that Kate didn’t take care of this boy’s obvious needs sooner. He is now 12 years old and many believe that the help she finally allowed him to have was “too little too late.”

Perhaps mother Kate was in denial or perhaps she was too busy abusing the child verbally and physically as was not only  reported in a book documenting her abuse towards the children, but was seen by all in photos and videos of the show.

Colin was an unusual child and we could see it from the beginning. In fact here is a quote on one of my observations of Colin’s from one of my earlier blogs about his disturbing behavior.

“In particular, I found the behavior of little Colin Gosselin disturbing as he appeared to be the one who consistently bullied the other children. He  was often involved in some type of interaction which resulted one of the other children ending up in tears.  He often seemed to be 0ff of his own and appeared to be  disconnected from the others, in my view. Also, he rarely smiled. He  also seemed to be rewarded for his bad behavior by Kate .”

I also blogged about Kate’s children  Colin and Alexis being thrown out of school for bad behavior and being homeschooled. Here is what I said.

There is no doubt that they emulated Kate’s ugly behavior to Jon. They grew up learning disrespect from their mother and they in turn followed suit and disrespected others. They constantly saw their father being abused and belittled by their mother, that  they now allegedly  abused  and belittled others.Instead of getting these children psychological help they apparently need, Kate decided to home school them.

Apparently things got so out of hand regarding Colin Gosselin, that the boy had to be sent away to a facility to help children with special needs and has been in a “pre-adolescent unit” for over a month now.  The fact that Kate didn’t get him the help he needed until now is disturbing. Kate told People Magazine  that Colin had been struggling for a long time and  that it is it’s one she’s  dealt with on her own. She said she felt very alone in this. She also said,  it’s not something that has only impacted me or him – our entire family has been impacted.” 

Had Kate listened to some of her critics instead of  being defensive and hostile towards them when they were trying to point out some red flags to her, perhaps neither she nor Colin would be in the situation she is in now.

What Kate needed to know then and needs to know now,  it is her abusive behavior and rigid  behavior towards this family that has impacted them greatly. Her parental alienation towards John has even leaked on to another one of her angry and hostile children, Mady Gosselin.

Mady was the one who was always  seen being angry, crying, and saying and doing mean things on the show. This girl needed immediate help as well. In fact I wrote a blog about this as well. Mady was the one who always seemed to be acting out and pushing Kate’s buttons..https://drlillianglassbodylanguageblog.wordpress.com/tag/mady-gosselin/

When Kate brought Mady on the Today show a few years back with her much quieter sister Cara, Mady  was  asked if she thought of her younger siblings look up to her at all. Mady replied “No. They better not. I mean, I’m an awful role model ugh.” The fact that she openly admitted she was mean to the younger children is cause for concern.

But then again, Kate has been mean to the children since the beginning. We all saw  this  for years on her show. So Mady is simply following Kate’s lead in the mean department. Kate was  also so mean to the children’s father,  Jon Gosselin and has badmouthed him every which way. She took verbal  shots and legal shots at him every chance she could  and shared this on every talk show she appeared. No doubt, she trashed Jon at home as well.

Now “mean girl” (  “mean” by her own words) Mady is 16 and is picking up where Kate left off when it comes to bashing Jon. Jon obviously loved his kids and showed  them a lot of love and affection on the show while they were growing up. So it is understandable why he now feels frustrated that he doesn’t get to see all of his kids regularly. In fact, Jon told ET  at the beginning of August that sadly he isn’t on speaking terms with Cara and Mady – and doesn’t see either of the girls often. Mady sets the record straight in a People Magazine interview. She said the following:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.19.00 AM.png
“He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane. “He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen. He doesn’t even know us,” Mady adds. “How can he dare to talk about us?”

Jon obviously doesn’t know them because he doesn’t see them  often. But it is not his will. He doesn’t have the funds to go to court and wage a legal fight to see them so he has to accept this. Kate certainly is not encouraging the children to see their father as she continue to publicly bash him.

Then Mady  rudely and selfishly states that this is going to be a busy year for her at 16 as she is getting her license and studying for the PSAT tests and doesn’t need to be around a “Toxic” person.

This statement by Mady clearly shows how Kate has no doubt poisoned the well with Mady, when it comes to Jon. It is sad. It appears to me that Mady and the rest of her children will be needing a lifetime of therapy based on how abusively Kate treated them and Jon.

A child only learns what they have been taught and in Mady’s case we have seen that she has been taught anger and disrespect and that unfortunately  this will be the legacy Kate Gosselin left for her. There is no doubt that the other kids may be equally as damaged by Kate’s anger.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 10.39.17 AM

Perhaps Colin had a  biochemical problem, that was out of Kate’s control. But she didn’t help matters  by not getting him the help he needed sooner In fact, she  may have caused Colin  even more damage by constantly showing him hostility as we see in the photo above where she shoves her hand over his mouth and scowls and yells at him for not behaving.










46 thoughts on “Dr.Lillian Glass Called It Early On With Kate Gosslin’s Children Needing Help

  1. I Hoped you would say something about this sad, sad situation with Collin. You are right on the money with that horrible woman Kate Gosselin. She has and continues to be very abusive with the children and Mady appears to have the same traits as her mother and abuses the younger one’s too. Can you believe Kate has added two more puppy dogs to that house of horrors after sending the others back to breeder when they became resistant to her abuse of them! One dog was allowed back (Shoka) but not the other (Nala)

    Will she ever be stopped. Katy Coyne, from People Magazine just loves the heck out of Kate Gosselin and that’s why she gets to be on so many covers.


  2. Kate Gosselin is abusive, narcisstic , sadistic and incredibly vain woman. Her pursuit of a celebrity status is pathetic and disgusting. Her children have been stuck with this virulent abusive woman and now it is too late. She will use this “special needs” issue with Colin to get herself on talk shows and pretend she is a concerned mother. She never cared about anyone other than herself. Her ex husband stood no chance against her vindictive behaviors and subsequent brain washing of his children. I wonder though, if these children are demonstrating a genetic predisposition toward mental illness ? Because it seems something is very, very wrong with Kate Gosselin. Like there is a soul missing. Could this have been passed down to her children?
    I think we will hear and see tales of these kids being in trouble with the law and other issues in the future.


  3. I work with special needs children and sometimes parents have a hard time admitting a child has a problem, they can feel like it would label the child and make his or her life harder and they do not want to do that to their child. Also, when a parent has a special needs child, they don’t just send them off to get help. There are years of in home and at school therapy provided before any parent decides that sending their child to a facility may be the better choice. It is an unbelievably difficult decision for a parent to admit their child may make more progress away from home. And for Kate to admit that and try to help her child, even if it is hard for her, shows she has his best interest at heart. If you have children, try imagining that yourself. Stop judging someone else for a situation you are not in and just what you see on TV. Have some decency.


    1. Kate has abused this boy since he was a toddler and you can see that abuse on the episodes of the show. He was independent and mirrored her behavior of hitting the other kids. He rarely smiled and seemed like avery unhppy child as he would diengage from the other children. As far as denial is concerned I can appreciate that.As far as labeling her children and making their life harder is concerned if kate had concerns about that, she would not have paraded her kids around on TV for 12 yers if she was so worried about their being lableled.And as far as home schooling went, the boy was taken out of school ( expelled) for violent behavior and home schooled for awhile. His being sent away may have had a lot to do with kate’s lack of control over him which she admitted recently in a public statement about him. As far as Kate having the child;s best interest at heart,you clearly. have not watched the show or know little about kate as she has her best interests at heart first.Anyone who has their child’s best interest at heart does not trash their father as she did publicly for years.And having a child;s interest at heart is not pulling up by his heart and hitting him and yelling at him constantly and putting his hand over his mouth in public. If I had a child like Colin, I can assure you I would NEVER have abused him and if I saw a problem I would have sought help immediately. I would have used professionals to help him. If I was concerned about his “label” as you say, I would have given hm enough self esteem where any labeling didn’t matter. And for your information, that is what I do – I judge people based on their body language and their communication and behavior. That is what a body language expert does. And Ms. Dauenhauer, if you find that too offensive for your liking, feel free not to read my blogs as their are millions of others ones out there. And as far as decency goes, Courtney, I believe I am very decent. What I have witnessed from Kate Gosselin for the past 12 years in terms of how she has treated the children she displayed on TV for all to see including myself is what is not decent. And if you cannot see what she did with those children and how Toxic she treated them then you need to look at your own decency.And if you worked with special needs children then you would have the decency to see that you don;t abuse special needs children and pull them up by their hair or hit him so hard as Kate has reported in her own words. So please talk to someone else about decency, not me.


      1. She is a control freak and he is one of those kids that balks at that. Should he really have been sent away? How much damage was done to him and his sibling to be separated? He needs to be home I think and she needs to have the help. I notice she can only handle her kids and even the dogs if they are behaving. She needs some parenting skills. She is also the absolute most boring human on the planet. Her eye shifting and goofy looks make me cringe and she actually thinks she is being cute or something doing that at 40. I feel bad for the little kids the other two are just like her, so sad.


      2. A person with a PH wrote this? My 12 year old can spell better.
        Publishing blogs make you the attention seeker Doctor


      3. It’s PhD not PH and be part of the solution not the problem and let us know exactly what errors you found so we can fix it ! And you TOXIC WOMAN Jenn Debow attention take your TOXIC HATE elsewhere as you are NOT welcome here. I feel sorry for your 12 year old who has the misfortune of being raised by YOU- a TOXIC HATER-


      4. There’s no doubt that parenting causes levels of stress and frustration many can relate to – having multiples, a child with special needs etc can, of course, make it even worse. It also reveals the worst in people – in Kate’s case, she couldn’t help revealing that she is mean to the core even under conditions where it is assumed she was exercising self control! Its safe to say that, in private (no cameras), these kids have and still witness and endure psychological, verbal and physical abuse. Dr. Glass – what do you think about the possibility of RAD (reactive attachment disorder)? My understanding is that it is a newer label for ODD and Conduct Disorder and better explains the issue. Is it possible that different temperaments predisposed some of the children more than the rest?


      5. He seems to have been abused the mosta nd the most severe so I thinShe abused that child so much and didnt address his individual needs which in my view made him worse. Had it not been for her physical abuse which she admitted psychological abuse he may have been able to overcome his challenges without being institutionalized. Becuase of the abuse he may have split like so many RAD children do after they are abused.


    2. Sending Collin away was the EASIEST CHOICE for Kate. He was impeding her time that she wanted to spend becoming a STAR! The good thing about Collin being away is that he will no longer be the butt of her anger. Hopefully, in treatment, the counselors will take his conversations to heart and to verify whether she is truly an abusive mother. How can she spend so much time away filming with her seven other CASH MACHINES while one of her sons is locked away? Does she ever go to visit him or take the other children to see their brother? What happened at Thanksgiving? Was he forgotten and alone? And what about Christmas, will he be in an institution and forgotten because it is too much trouble for Kate? I believe that she uses Collin’s disappearance as a tool to keep the other children in line. They are all old enough to know that wherever he is is not an enjoyable experience and that if they step out of line, refuse to obey any of Kate’s demands, that they will be the next to go.


  4. Obviously she’s not famous for being an abusive mother so your assessment is wrong. I’ve always thought of her to be warm, kind, nurturing welcoming smart and organised. Why isn’t Hanna or Cara misbehaving they see the same things the naughty kids do!


    1. If you think this woman is warm and kind and nurturing I have to question your perceptions. But she she was indeed organized, that I will agree with but perhaps too organized as she now admits. She is very famous for abusing these children as you could see it since they were toddlers. Cara’s survival mechanism is to retreat to the point she has he twin Mady speak on her behalf while Hanna’s mo ( as we saw on camera was to be mothers little helper. All children have coped in their own way.


      1. You don’t speak English very well. *Warm, kind, and nurturing* ? Maybe?. I’m definitely going to look up your credentials because there is no way you have a degree in anything.


    1. Get off your self righteous high horse. I know many people I am close to that have raised 10 and 12 kids on their own and have not abused them physically or emotionally and treated them with respect UNLIKE Kate Gosselin! So I will JUDGE ANYONE who abuses children as she has demonstrated on television.


      1. Instead of beating each other up over our parenting styles, we need to seek to strengthen and support each other. We’re all doing a great job and the best we can and we all want the same thing, to raise happy healty children. We don’t need to “one-up” (or one-down) another mom to show how our life is so much better or worse than theirs. Compliments can go a lot further than a put-down.



      2. No dear it is you Elizabeth M who is mentally ill that you have to comment on such an old blog. It shows YOU my dear one has no life as this is what I do – I comment on newsmakers. You don’t like it- go elsewhere and don’t stresss yourself out.


  5. I really liked both Kate and Jon early on….things seems balanced for the kids and everything the parents were handling. At some point things changed and it was obvious the kids didn’t seem to be thriving. I think the mistake was the media attention and tv shows once the kids reached 4/5 years old…the focus shifted from them and the family unit to things Kate wanted (like freedom from kids all the time
    and money).


  6. You just sound like a bitter, mysonginistic individual who finds joy in judging, bashing, and belittling others. From this blog, it appears that you are no better of a person than Kate, who you claim to be such a terrible mother. I lived with an abusive mother for 18 years, I would have gladly traded places with one of Kate’s 8 “abused” children. She has 8 kids for Christ sakes, you have to be rigid and maintain boundaries to maintain some sanity and order. She is exhausted, who doesn’t occasionally snap when they are tired and at their wits end?! It is also apparent that you are one of the many irrational snowflakes that now plague our nation. One who thinks that spanking your children when they have done wrong is abuse that warrants getting CPS involved and that children should never be told no or corrected. People, mothers, like you are what is wrong with this world and why children have no respect and are so ridiculously out of touch with reality. They’re the same kids who need “safe spaces” and cry and riot when an election doesn’t go their way. They throw tantrums because they’ve NEVER been told “no”. Kate is doing a service to the world by not letting her children run all over her. You need to get over yourself. Also, you speak of Jon as the victim here… HA. He is the scum of the earth and his children made their own decision not to see him. He abandoned them, after all. He doesn’t deserve a relationship with those kids.
    And you, you don’t deserve access to a computer that you use to attack and slander other people. You are not God and it is not your place to comment or judge. You should sit back and evaluate why YOU are such a bitter, hateful person.


      1. Kate L. you are nothing more than a nasty TOXIC HATER who should be banned from using the computer.First of all Kate L. that is what I do- I JUDGE PEOPLE and have been doing it for 30 years. if you don’t like it, don’t visit my blog. I am neither bitter, mysonginistic individual who finds joy in judging, bashing, and belittling others.I just report what I see and hear and Kate Gosslin has repeatedly abused her children physically as she even admitted and psychologically and emotionally as we all saw. Glad she is earning a lot of money as most of those kids will need therapy for the rest of their lives from what she has done to them in my personal view. While she provide for the kids, she is lacking in so many other areas, And since you don;t know if I am a mother or not Kate L you and seem to be lashing out like an immature juvenile by stating that I am no better of a person than Kate. If you have lived with an abusive mother for 18 years, I would suggest you get yourself into some major therapy to rectify the damage your mother did to you, especially when you say “I would have gladly traded places with one of Kate’s 8 “abused” children.” That is sad that you would trade YOUR ABUSE for ANOTHER ABUSER!

        Many people have 8 kids and rigid and maintain boundaries to maintain some sanity and order but they are loving and not sarcastic and abusive. hitting children and making horrible comments to them is UNACCEPTABLE!!! .

        And many mothers are is exhausted and don’t snap on a continuous basis. This was NTY an occasional snap when they are tired and at their wits end? Almost ALL of her shows have indicated her being upset, pissed, angry and abusive in one form or another.

        And don’t tell me that I am I one of the many irrational snowflakes that now plague our nation. There is nothing Snowflakey about me. I have spent 30 years as a professional and have seen the after affects that abusive behavior like Kate’s abusive behavior has on people long after they have grown up. And that is why I am encouraging YOU to get treatment as you are no doubt suffering from inner anger from you mothers abuse towards you and the Stockholm Syndrome of identifying with the abuser. Hence you are so enamored with abusive Kate Gosselin becuase you wer so viciously abused.
        I have never said as you state ” that spanking your children when they have done wrong is abuse that warrants getting CPS involved and that children should never be told no or corrected.” THOSE ARE YOUR WORDS!!!! And they make sense that you would be a proponent of corporal punishment since you have no dount been hit and spaned in your life by your own TOXIC abusive mother

        You state “People, mothers, like you are what is wrong with this world and why children have no respect and are so ridiculously out of touch with reality. They’re the same kids who need “safe spaces” and cry and riot when an election doesn’t go their way. They throw tantrums because they’ve NEVER been told “no”. ” This statement shows that you are not very bright as you assume that I am a person or mother who believes kids need safe spaces . I do not believe that at all as no place is safe in life.

        Kate is NOT doing a service to the world by not letting her children run all over her. She is doing a HUGE DISSERVICE by abusing these children like she did with Colin and ignoring his special needs for so long.

        And who the heck are YOU to tell me I need to ” get over myself: There is NOTHING to get over, I just report what I see and I see a TOXIC WOMN who is an abuser who’s children will suffer greatly as reach puberty, teenhood and adulthood based on what I saw her doing to them in fron t of the cameras.

        Jon is a victim as we saw. And why would you call him ” scum of the earth:. he was the oen who was affectionate to them early on in thei formative years, He my have his issues but Kte severely abused him repeatedly and created an atmosphere of disrespect as she constantly belittled and bad mouthed him.. TLC and Kate would not let him have independence so his hands were ties from making big televison money like Kate did.

        His children may have made their own decision not to see him because of all the poison Kate put into their little developing minds about him.. He did NOT abandon them. He wanted to see them. And what kind of himan being are YOU to say that at parent doesn’t deserve a relationship with those kids. How dare YOU!! HE DESERVES A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AS IT WAS 1/2 HIS GENES THAT HELPED BRING THESE CHILDREN TO LIFE!

        And I am convinced that you areeither one of kate’s disturbed children or Kate herself ot some very mentally sick person by telling me that I, you don’t deserve access to a computer that you use to attack and slander other people. I am neither attacking not slandering Kate, KAte has attacked and slandered herself by her TOXIC behavior. Yes you are right I am not God and neither are YOU, It is definately my place to comment on a public figure who has paraded her kids out for the world to see and opened up her life for all to criticize. So YES missy, it is clearly my place place to comment or judge. And I say to YOU, practice what you preach you TOXIC Hypocrite!!!! IF YOU ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT JUDGEMENT then why the HELL are you writing me. Ity is YOU who should sit back and evaluate why YOU are such a bitter, hateful person as your comment showed that you are very TOXIC. Maybe if you get psychological help from all the damage your own abusive mother did to you, then you wouldn’t be so hateful and abusive to others and identify with another TOXIC abuser- Kate Gosselin. They have very good therapist in Brandon, Mississippi where you are, so I am sure you can find one there to help you.


    1. I completely agree Kate L. It’s also odd how many grammatical errors this Dr. has throughout her entire post. I doubt she’s certified in anything. Kate Gosselin’s “mommy” blog has better sentence structure than a Dr.’s professional analysis ? Seems a bit suspicious to me.


      1. Kate is famous for abusing IVF and usung Medicaid to pay for her narcissism. There’s this need for a multiple birth to feel emotionally superior to other women because of a severe validation deficit and inferiority complex.


  7. There are more negative comments here regarding the article than positive.

    Kate can be annoying for sure but I too have seen and know abusive parents and Kate doesn’t even come close to being “abusive”.

    Sad that parents are always to blame for everything nowadays. Just leave her be. I had friends like Mady growing up and they’re all great women and are great mothers. Kids nowadays gets evaluated for everything. For being sassy to being too quiet. That’s what’s wrong with the world. Too many “doctors” evaluating people even if they don’t need evaluating. If Kate comes to you for advice or evaluation, then go at it. But this article is just as bad as TMZ.

    Well written but I don’t agree on the content. Don’t bother replying to my comment, it will not be read.


    1. Ther eare more negative comments because people are responding to Kate’s Toxic behavior. Asn YES she IS AN ABUSIVE parent as we have sen her belittle, yell and react with verbal violence. She not only comes close, she IS. N one is blaming her for being a parent. thay re blaming her for her abuse which he admitted as well. And people will leave her be when she leaves the public airwaves airing her wares for all to see and comment on.You may have had friends like Mady growing up but you are not friends with mady and do not know how she will grow up. As we have seen since early on she has always been in conflict with Kate as she is to this day. When children have poor mother- child relationships they often have issues. That is why therapists offices are full of clients who try to get help for the damage their abusive parent caused them psychologically and otherwise. In my view, Mady is a prime candidate for such help as she gets older as are the other kids. Don’t blame the world- blame TOXIC PEOPLE like Kate who are in the world. Of course people who are disturbed need evaluating in terms of what ails them. Kate in my view with her smugness feels she knows it all and I am sure she would never come to me for advice let alone listen to anyone’s advice.
      This articel i not bad at all. It is truthfula nd from my perspective.


  8. On a reality TV show we only see a small portion of the life of the subject(s). We also need to take into consideration the editing that has been done. Also, once one has formed an opinion, they will then be looking for evidence to support said opinion.


    1. No my friend ir is NOT a small portion. It is years and years we have seen this TOXIC woman abuse her ex husband and her children so open your eyes and see what IS not what YOU WANT IT TO BE! You can ONLY EDIT what exists and what exists is awful! And that is exactly what YOU are doing – looking for evidence to support your blinded opinion. She has been called on by social services many times. Ther eis a reason for this as many parents have children and multiple children and they are not repeatedly looked at b social services. I am not here to defend myself against Kate Gosselin. If you don’t like what I write which is my truth as I see it then go somewhere else that suits you.


  9. I loved this article and thought it was right on the money! I will never understand how this woman was allowed to be on tv for so long. A lot of people see right through her and can see what she REALLY is. She is a narcissistic beast who mentally and physically abused her children for years! Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to read Robert Hoffman’s book Kate Gosselin and how she fooled the world. Since anyone reading this is on the internet, go check out Gosselins without pity. They will set anyone straight who foolishly thinks KG is a kind , loving anything! There,’s only one person in the world she cares about-herself.


  10. Look how many grammatical errors and how immature “Dr” Lilian Glass’s sentence structure is. You all got fooled by teenager with a keyboard. This is hilarious.

    Meanwhile….. Kate is just off in Pennsylvania preparing breakfast for her kids and sending them off to school.

    You guys need to get a life. Kate has one already so you guys should just find something else to do with your time.


    1. Your post is FULL of errors like the spelling of my name for one. It is Lillian not Lilian. and this is not a scientific paper, it is a blog that is written the way I speak Miss Grammar Police. And if you are a teeenager you have no business on this blog as it is for 18 year olds and above! And perhaps you are one of the 2 teenagers she has- Mady or Cara as otherwise how would you know Kate was making breakfast and sending her kids off to school.I do hope that your mother is getting you the psychological help you need and will no doubt be needing for years to come based on your behavior on the show if it is you.


    2. Kate Gosselin’s so called “life” is entirely field by mindless mommy morons who have time to sit on their asses and watch tlc reruns all day while the kids are in school.


    3. Are you Kate Gosselin’s keeper, stalker, or paparazzi? You sound like the type that would single white female her life in a heartbeat. That’s not a compliment.


  11. In some of the early shows I recall John saying something to his brother in law Kevin. He was glad that Kevin was around because that meant Kate would be nice to him (John). And at the time it was also about Kate having surgery for free to fix her stomach.

    I was put off by Kate when she threatened to throw out one or two of the kids “toys they slep with” because they got gum on them. Here was a grown woman playing head games with babies.

    I never watched the show after that incident. And never will. I ran across this site as I was looking up some information on child abuse.


  12. Dr. Glass- you’re writing a blog to express your opinion on something. So, stop bashing other people for not agreeing with it in their comments. It goes with a, job you know. Others are entitled to think with their heads, just like you are, and you have no right to verbally abuse them for doing so.


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