While Lochte showed no signals of deception in Billy Bush interview, he is inconsistent in Matt Lauer interview indicating deception

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.24.56 AM.pngWhen Ryan Lochte told Billy Bush that he was robbed in an interview in Brazil, he did not exhibit any signals of deception. There was no stuttering or hemming and hawing. There were no body language signals to indicate that he was being anything other than truthful. The story also sounded plausible but there was one part when Ryan said that the robber told him to give him his money and he said no, that seemed odd to me. I didn’t take issue with it because after winning a gold medal and feeling on top of the word and invincible, it would seem plausible that an Olympian might say something like that an even defy a robber.

But when she spoke to Matt Lauer over the phone in an off the record conversation, there was cause for concern. Unlike his interview with Billy Bush whether he said that the gun was pointed at his head, he told Matt that the fun was pointed in his direction. This makes me question whether Ryanis telling the truth.

In analysing deception, the more information you have, the more certain you can be as to whether someone is telling the truth or not . In Ryan’s mind perhaps he  come to believe that this is the truth – that he was robbed based on the fact that he was allegedly drunk. Perhaps that was his reality as there was a  guard armed with a pistol. In his mind he may have come to believe that the gun was aimed at him, which accounts for his lack of deceptive signals to Billy Bush.

Apparently there was an altercation at a gas station n Rio as Lochte, along with fellow swimmers Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen, stopped at a gas station in  a suburb of Rio where many Olympic venues are located. One of the swimmers tried but failed to open the door of an outside bathroom.

Apparently several  swimmers  pushed on the door and broke it. A security guard appeared who was armed with a pistol, never took it out or pointed it at the swimmers. The swimmers were then asked to pay for the broken door and left.

Perhaps in Lochte’s mind, the fact that he was out some money for the payment of the door, translated into his inebriated mind as being robbed.

His seeing the gun and then feeling as though he was robbed by having to pay for the door) may have angered him and created an exaggerated  scenario in his mind that the gun was pointed at him and that he was robbed and out money.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.46.55 AM.png

When swimmers Conger and Bentz  were pulled off a plane going back to the United States they admitted that the robbery story had been fabricated.

The fact that Lochet is sticking to his guns and now has an attorney spokesman speaks volumes. It says that he may indeed believe the story in his own mind that a gun was pointed at him by a police officer who in reality was a security guard, he may also be sticking to his guns in order to save face and not lose endorsement as no one likes a liar to represent their product. We are talking about millions of dollars here. So if Ryan comes clean and brands himself a liar it is a no win situation. The final scenario is that he is a sociopath who is so cool, calm, and collected in his lies that he sounds believable.

In any event, this is a very embarrassing situation for Lochte and is something that will follow him forever. Even if he is telling the truth which based on this additional information I no longer believe based on the Matt Lauer interview as well as new information which has surfaced, he will be branded as a liar.




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