Melania’s Mellifluous Voice and Elegant Composed Body Language During RNC Speech

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.23.44 PM

The stunning beauty, Melania Trump, wearing a gorgeous form fitting white dress, made her debut at the Republican Convention’s stage. As far as delivery and body language is concerned, Melania did extremely well, especially since she is not a public speaker, does not often speak in public, and the fact that English is not her native tongue. The tone of her voice was appealing and soothing. She was poised and composed vocally. Her accent in my view, was charming and her cadence, rhythm, and timing when she spoke  were excellent. She spoke with passion and inflection, especially when she spoke of husband Donald and what she believed he could do for the country.

Body language wise, her movements were fluid and elegant. She had a regal appearance with impeccable posture.

There is a  lot of talk about whether or not Melania’s speech was  original or whether it was the same as the speech given by Michelle Obama. It seems that they both spoke about education and their children, which seemed to be a mission on both of their parts. So it may be understandable that both messages may have been similar.

The bottom line is that she did an excellent job.  Should Donald Trump be the next President of the United States, it certainly appears that Melania,  as the First Lady, would handle herself with the same elegance and decorum  as she showed during her  RNC speech .

Once again, this is not a political stance as this is not a political blog. As an objective professional,  I  report what I see as it pertains to body language and what I hear as it pertains to communication patterns.






5 thoughts on “Melania’s Mellifluous Voice and Elegant Composed Body Language During RNC Speech

  1. How would you interpret her reaction when Donald put his hands on her waist for an embrace and she grabbed both of his hands?


  2. I’m a student of the great Dr.Glass for decades now imho they have no passion for each other, that’s gone, they are each other’s helpmate.


  3. The body language between them is strained. I predict a divorce if he doesn’t win the presidency. She doesn’t want any part of it. Just going along to get along.


  4. Dr Glass please respond to the above comments. Please tell us your thoughts on Melania’s and Trump’s personal body langauge…


  5. There’s absolutely no chance she didn’t plagiarize. It was calculated at something like an 87 billion to one chance that she didn’t plagiarize, and besides, they admitted her ghostwriter did.


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