Orlando Terrorist’s  Father ‘s Body Language Shows Duping Delight, Detached Monotone, and Defensiveness When Discussing Son

After listening to several interviews given by Siddique Mateen the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen it is my personal opinion that he may possibly know much more than he is expressing about his son in interviews. I make this observation for many reasons which I will share in this blog. The one thing that bothered me is his intial cool calm and collected demeanor. He also looks way too polished with a well fitted most likely designer suit complete with scarf and matching tie and a crisp shirt. He seems too well dressed for the occasion.But that all changed towards the end of the interview when he was directly confronted with what his son did. Throughout the interview  in my view, he appeared to know a lot more about his son than he was revealing to the press.

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On msnbc he was asked “Was your son radicalized” The elder Mateen, shakes his head no and then breaks eye contact and immediately  looks down which seems to me to be a signal of deception and may indicate that  he may have know  that his son was indeed radicalized.

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Then Siddique  leans in really really close to the interviewer as though he is desperately wanting the reporter to believe he is telling the truth when that may not be the case

Then he immediately pulls away as he says how his son came to his house and was relaxed , He kept looking down and pulling away when the reporter pressed him to say more. The father kept saying his son was relaxed. He says he didn’t see something different and then he gets physically close to the reporter once again stating that he wished he would see something different or he would have stopped it and taken action. He went on to say how his son  was a polite boy.  The fact that he refers to his son as a “boy”  when in actuality his son is an almost 30-year-old man  . His statement somehow did not ring true to me in my opinion.

Then the reporter lets  him know that his son did a horrific act and that this was a side of his son and he was no polite by when he did this.

Surprised by this, the father replies” I know: I wish he was alive so I could ask him a question But he says it in an unemotional monotone that just doesn’t seem to be genuine to me. something happens which I find quite revealing and upsetting at the same time.

Then something happens with the father’s facial expression  which I find quite revealing and upsetting at the same time. It is called “duping delight.”. It is what happens when someone leaks out a smile or a pleased look when asked a significant question. Here the father  says he would ask his son “why did he do that”. All of a sudden as you can see there is a flash of  a smile on his face which seems very out of place. It is often an indication that someone may be deceptive or that they secretly may be pleased at what had taken place.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.27.59 AM

Here you can see that ‘duping delight” smile.He goes on to say how  his son was born and educated int he United States and how he was living in his own home and when he came to visit his  father his father didn’t notice any emotional behavior  from his son.

He then said that one time when he was in Miami he noticed the behavior of on couple in Miami and  a little  got ticked off  and said look at this. He said that the two guys were kissing each other in front of his family and kids. As Siddeque says this his jaw juts forward, indicating that this thought seemed to make him  made him angry as well. There is also a look of disgust on his face as he says it.  When asked what he said in response to his son

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.34.05 AM

When asked what he said he looks down and breaks eye contact which may mean that he is trying to manufacture something that he said to his son.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.39.49 AM

And then he comes up with Yes showed it;s just a normal, But as he says this we see a side glance which means he most likely didn’t make  this tolerant statement  to this son.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.41.57 AM Then the reporter helps him out and

Then Siddeque, on the next breath, said that his son had a “normal reaction” and that;s it. If he considered his son getting ticked ofd as being a “normal reaction” than he must have felt the same so we see that he may not have been truthful in what he was saying.

When asked how he felt that his son targeted the gay and lesbian community on a club and killed 50 people and is asked what triggered his son. His father looks away and  says that I don;t approve of this and that everyone in the Unites States has the freedom to run his life as he likes his life and no one has the right to impose anything, As he says this he fidgeted in his seat which may mean that he is uncomfortable saying what he said and may not really believe what he is saying. He then says he doesn;t approve of what his son did,

Then he says for the second time, regarding his son : I wish he was alive, I want to know.: This indicates that he was upset that his son has been killed , He then defends his son by saying “He was the type of person that he got enough attention from the family good education and  had a good job so I am as shocked as you are. But he says this isn a calm unemotional monotone whuch makes one wonder if he was that shocked about his son or if he knew a lot more than he is saying.

Then all of a sudden the reporter sais Did you know he had these weapons? And for the first time you hear a change in his monotone voice and his pitch goes up and he  becomes more animated in his voice and body language and says No I wish I did know. His voice gets louder.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.58.58 AM

He then points to his  own chest and defensively says “If I did know that he purchased that weapon this would not have happened . I would have had him arrested.”

Then the reporter says this is hard to understand that he just say his son hours before he went on this rampage, And the father defensively answered”Exactly” as he pulls his body back and claims that his son who went on this rampage was a different person.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.05.27 AM.png

As soon as the reporter says that his son pledged his allegiance to ISIS, the father stammered and pulls his head and body back and says “I don:t believe that: but then immediately contradicts himself and says : Why did he do that? If he did do that he was wrong.” I di not know what he called  ( Allah Akbar) If he did do that he was wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.08.20 AM

AS his father says that he looks away which may indicate that he may not actually believe what he was saying.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.11.44 AM

His father then contorts his face as  he says ” based on what I know of him I didn’t see any indication , I hate terrorism and I hate those people ISIS and they should be destroyed.” When asked if he taught these things to his son his  reaction was \as he raised his eye and shrugged that “Terrorism was the enemy of the holy man.”

In my view something is amiss with regard to the father’s  words and his body language, If he told his son that :terrorism was the enemy of the holy man, it means they obviously had a talk about terrorism” so Siddique may very well  have known his son’s thoughts on the subject.

  • Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.32.42 AM

In doing research for my book my book The Body Language of Terrorists which I wrote with former FBI Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan,  I find it hard to believe that the son didn’t exhibit some type of emotional reaction before he was going to commit his act of terror. Usually, there would be evidence of being in an altered state or some type of emotional reaction. Yet the father insists that his son was “normal.”  To me,  this may indicate that his father may have observed and perhaps knows a lot more about his son than he was telling the press.



3 thoughts on “Orlando Terrorist’s  Father ‘s Body Language Shows Duping Delight, Detached Monotone, and Defensiveness When Discussing Son

  1. His body language is forced yes becuase of what he knows… Which includes the way our government sets up these mass shootings to move along their agenda of fear and control. Now that we are onto looking at body language it is our duty to look at other inconsistencies in these stories.


    1. Janice you are so ignorant in your comment. My blog article is not designed to feed a climate of fear. Don’t be ridiculous! It was meant to point out what he was really saying between the lines during his interview that many of his BODY LANGUAGE signals appeared to me to be deceptive. So take your issues elsewhere, not on this blog.I have no agenda whatsoever and I represent no one other than my own ideas based on my knowledge, education, and experience when it comes to body language.


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