Dr. Robert Huizenga of “Biggest Loser” Is the Most Ethical  Physician Who Would Never Fuel Contestants With Drugs to Lose Weight for a TV Show

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When I heard that a contestant  Joelle Gwynn on the reality show The Biggest Loser claimed that Dr. Robert  Huizenga pumped her and other contestants with drugs I thought it was ridiculous. What  Gwynn has accused Dr. Huizenga of  doing is simply not true. In my view it is a bold faced lie.  Ever since the beginning of his practice,  Dr. Huizenga has been a huge proponent of exercise to lose weight and has shunned any form of weight loss gimmicks or pills of any kind.

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He strongly believes in losing weight the natural way and even talks about it in his  book  Where Did All the Fat Go? The Wow! Prescription to Reach Your Ideal Weight and Stay There,  which is about his straightforward obesity treatment based on  his research gained while working with professional athletes and on  years research on over 300 overweight applicants to NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

I am so certain about Dr. Huizinga and his ethics and integrity because I have known him for over 30 years. He is my physician and like a brother to me.

Son of Nobel Prize winner  John Huizenga, Robert Huizinga  is also a genius in his own right.  There is no one more brilliant than him in his field of internal medicine and sports medicine  as he is one of the most outstanding diagnosticians in the world. All of his professional colleagues in our community and around the country  know this and have the utmost respect for him. He is also a  scientist and a researcher. He is the real deal.

There is a reason he has treated the  rich and famous ( practically every A list actor and actress, singer and athlete,  etc) for over 30 years. It is because  they trust him and respect him. He  is the top of the line as far as physicians are concerned- caring,  loyal. supportive, competent and highly ethical. He goes that extra mile for his patients and they all love him.

He has dedicated his life to making others healthy and would never irresponsibly pump anyone with drugs, especially those on a television show just to lose weight. In fact I can assure you that if anyone tried to do this, he would be the first one to speak up and try to stop it immediately. He is not shy about speaking up and letting people know when things are not right as has done it before with the NFL.

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In fact, if you  look at what he did when he was the team doctor for the LA Raiders and president of the NFL’s Physicians Society you will realize who this great man is.  He wrote a book  called You’re OK, It’s Just a Bruise—A Doctor’s Sideline Secrets about Pro-Football’s Most Outrageous Team   which was later turned into a movie by  Oliver Stone called Any Given Sunday. His book spilled the beans about what really goes on with football players  and how their lives are often put in danger. It was through Robert Huizenga’s efforts  alone that  the public became aware of the  dangers of anabolic steroids and other sport enhancing drugs which he deplored. He was also one of the first to expose the hazards of catastrophic brain injuries in football players and was an expert witness of the  House Judiciary Committee .

Personally, I know firsthand how much integrity Robert Huizenga has. Throughout the years, he has been offered millions of dollars to endorse weight loss products, which he has refused because he did not fully believe in the product or the research behind it or felt it wasn’t safe for the consumer.

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Based on his  integrity and  his high level of character,  which he has consistently shown in the past, there is absolutely no way that he would ever have subjected himself to encouraging a game show or reality show contestant  to use weight loss enhancing drugs just  to win a prize for a television show. That is not what Dr. Huizenga is all about. In fact he took the job on the show so that the show would have a legitimate honest, straight shooting professional who would make sure things were done right and on the up and up. His job was to assure that patients remained healthy during the show and if they were in trouble he would attend to them.He was the one who gave the show legitimacy.

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If he was giving out weight loss enhancing drugs, he would have done so  with his own patients and in his own Dr H Clinic  in Malibu, which was not the case. Instead, his philosophy of weight loss is 90 minutes of exercise per day and pure healthy food- period!  If anyone was giving the contestants weight loss drugs on the show it definitely was NOT Dr. Robert Huizenga. He would never tolerate it.

I am thrilled to hear that Dr. Huizenga is fighting back and not standing still against Joelle Gwynn and other contestant’s false accusations about him that he allegedly put contestants in danger. He will not allow her or anyone else, including the media such as the NY Post  to destroy his excellent reputation that he has worked a lifetime to build, and rightfully so. Huizenga is represented by Charles Harder,  the attorney who recently won a $140 million verdict for Hulk Hogan in his privacy lawsuit against Gawker, so he is in good legal hands.

I stand 100% behind Dr. Huizenga, his decency ,and integrity and know that truth about this wonderful man  and  justice will prevail.












One thought on “Dr. Robert Huizenga of “Biggest Loser” Is the Most Ethical  Physician Who Would Never Fuel Contestants With Drugs to Lose Weight for a TV Show

  1. Excellent post, as usual. I appreciate not only your personal experience but well researched information substantiating Dr. Huizenga’s principles for decades.


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