Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Body Language Revealed Problems Since the Beginning

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It should come as no surprise that the  year long marriage of actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has finally ended. Their body language showed tension and a lack of happiness and affection  from Amber since the beginning when  they first announced their engagement.Throughout their time together Amber was rarely seen smiling. She seemed to be  miserable and repulsed by Depp in almost every photo opportunity where they were seen  together. 

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During their engagement, she appeared to be stiff and cold around Johnny as their kiss seems tense and is not on the lips but rather on the cheek.

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During their wedding photo, she seemed to pull away from him in almost every photo and a smile was absent from her face.

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She constantly looked sad around him and seemed to pull away from him, even though they held hands.

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When she did smile, she certainly was not smiling at Johnny, but rather she was smiling at someone off camera, You can see how she pulls her body away from Johnny which from a body language standpoint indicates she doesn’t want to be next to him.

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She would turn her body and her head away from him when they were seen together on at red carpet events as you can see here. Eventually,  Johnny began to look at her with disdain.

So when their split was announced it was no shock.She  revealed that she was absolutely miserable with him as she said in her statement to the press, “during the entirety of our relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically abusive to me. I endured excessive emotional, verbal and physical abuse from Johnny, which has included angry, hostile, humiliating and threatening assaults to me whenever I questioned his authority or disagreed with him.”

So now we know why she never smiled  at Johnny, pulled away from him and always seemed miserable.It goes to show that the body doesn;t lie as her body language gave us this message early on in their relationship
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Right after she announced their split, she apparently showed up in court with a red mark on her cheek and eye. She was seeking a restraining order against Johnny and it was granted.

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As soon as she left the courtroom and entered her car to leave the paparazzi caught a photo of her sobbing which reflected her severe emotional pain.

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Johnny left town and went overseas to play with his band  while his lawyers did some damage control by saying that Amber is lying about domestic abuse and that she just wants half of his fortune.

Amber countered  what Depp’s lawyers tried to spin by stating that Johnny  was “barely ever sober” during the 15 months they were married. She said that  he was perpetually high, except when he was shooting a movie, when he hired a chef and a trainer and got sober. Once the movie wrapped, it was back to drugs and alcohol. 

Amber claimed in her legal documents that  Johnny is “often paranoid and his temper is exceptionally scary for me”  and that  “Johnny’s paranoia, delusions, and aggression increased throughout our relationship. So has my awareness of his continued substance abuse.She  also claimed that on both occasions where she has accused him of domestic violence, he was inebriated and high.” 

If what Amber says is true it is a shame that Johnny didn’t retain his hired chef, and trainer  and other support systems after he shot his films in order to help keep him  sober.

The bottom line is that the body doesn’t lie. We could see Amber was in trouble since the beginning of her year and three-month marriage to Johnny.











10 thoughts on “Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s Body Language Revealed Problems Since the Beginning

    1. The only thing I can say is that he was smitten with her to the point that he married her unlike what he didn’t do with his long term baby manna His and Amber’s feelings were not mutual since day one as you can see by her body language. I think we need more details as reports are conflicting some say he was out of town so he couldn’t have harmed her while other reports say he was in town and left abruptly .Also if what is said is true and there was alcohol and drugs involved as she reported, it makes people do things they wouldn’t normally do so I am not certain.


      1. I really agree with you that if they were taking drugs it certainly changes a lot in the marriage depending on how much was taken and what kind! I really don’t think this was suppose to be a marriage as they didn’t look at the actual reality of the marriage!


      2. Agreed. Her feelings were NOT mutual since day one! That is strange to me. She was a chase for him….in more ways than one. He truly never “had her” I think she used him. I think he was driven insane by her.


      3. I think there is some drugs involved with him. He seems to slur his words. Also I see that Kardashians and West have the same body language. West never smiles.


  1. I have watched Amber and Johnny and how they interact….Amber is a macho kind of female….not very feminine and kind of like a guy’s girl….also we know she is bi. Well, she comes across as someone who is strangely confident. I do not say this often. She comes across as a narcissist. A very intelligent, calculated and cunning woman. She likes and in very much into “women’s rights” and “violence against women” I think at the very least she has overblown this big time in her favor….She has a horrible nasty temper and even was quoting saying “my friends say I get trailer park real fast” I think she NEVER loved Johnny and isn’t capable of love. This is why she gave him the chase he so desperately needed from a woman and this is what lead him to go cooo-coo crazy in love with her. Couple this with her beauty brains and eccentric style and I can see why 50 year old Johnny would fall for her….she is everything he never found at that age. I do think he can get violent and I think she probably purposely pushed his buttons. She is calculating. She has a secret hatred of men. That has been my vibe since the beginning.


  2. Johnny is benefting from being a big hollywood star so he’s enabled by all the fans who are living vicariously through him want to be him and would die to take Amber’s place. Yes he chose this young woman for her beauty, period. Its obvious they had nothing in common except, perhaps, in the bedroom and partying. I think he’s been a toxic man for 4 decades from Wynnoa Ryder, Kate Moss and now this.

    Also judge a man on his friends birds of a feather flock together his best friend is the notorious dope addict Marliyn Manson!

    No fool like a much older fool. Most 20 something girls really don’t want an aging party boy unless he’s rich and connected.


  3. Oh my goodness you are SO crazy. You base your interpretations on paparazzi photographs? And your writing….frankly…sucks.


    1. No F Levin of Canton Ohio. I am not crazy. If you were more knowledgeable in the area of body language you would not have made such an ignorant statement. And as far as my writing goes- it is casual. I write as I speak. And should you be using a government computer at the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs in Ohio to email me?


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