Body Language Better Predictor than Algorithms to Determine Breakups

Apparently there is a mathematical formula which will tell you the likelihood of whether couples will stay together or  breakup. The reality is that you don’t need an app, online  site or mathematical formula to tell  the future of your relationship.

Instead, you can tell what will happen  in your future just by paying close attention to the way you and your partner communicate and the status of your body language when you are together.

Your relationship is doomed if  someone:

  1. doesn’ t speak to you with respect or politeness
  2.  constantly puts you down
  3. is contentious and contradicts what you say
  4. says mean things followed by I was only kidding
  5.  doesn’t support you in your goals
  6. belittles your opinions and belief system
  7. doesn’t engage in a mutual back and forth conversation
  8. self absorbed communication focusing on themselves and not you
  9. leans away from you
  10. doesn’t give you physical contact
  11. shys away from physical and verbal affection
  12. doesn’t use terms of endearment when they speak to you
  13. toes  do not point in your direction when they speak to you
  14. not looking at you when they speak to you
  15. there is a lot of physical space between you
  16. one walks in back of the other
  17. raises their voice to you
  18. speaks in a monotone
  19. uses vulgarities towards you
  20. doesn’t provide physical comfort when you need it

So if you keep your eyes and ears open and trust your instincts,  you will always know the status of your relationship at any given time.





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