In this global  AGE OF TERRORISM this book The Body Language of Terrorists can literally  CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!
World renowned and well-respected Body Language Expert Dr. Lillian Glass and author of the best seller Toxic People®,  teams up with  D. Vincent Sullivan, former FBI Special Agent and head the of Behavioral Analysis Program and  FBI-Joint Terrorist Task Force, drawing upon decades of experience. They have finally unmasked the terrorist after analyzing countless hours of videotaped footage of the most notorious terrorists and those living in our neighborhoods, attending our schools, and even working at our jobs.
Complete with real-life scenarios, case studies, new innovative research, this groundbreaking book is the protection we need to keep ourselves, our families, and our society free from harm.
In this  book you will discover:
– Never before presented research analysis revealing  the visual and auditory cues as well as behaviors which are  essential  to quickly identifying the most dangerous people in our midst
– ‘Red Flag” alerts of body language, facial language, voice, and speech patterns of terrorists
– 4 Emotional states of terrorists
-Original research concerning profiling including the  pros and cons of profiling
 -Analysis of breathing patterns, dress, walk, hand gestures, facial, speech, voice and  MANY other significant ‘tells’
-How to make quick decisions after observing “red flag” body language and communication ‘tells”
-What to do if you are in a terrorist attack to maximize your chances of survival
Dr. Glass’ expertise in body language, vocal forensics, and behavioral analysis, and former FBI Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan’s experience as a former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force provide you with the  same instruction, information, and insight they have provided to law enforcement, the justice system, and Homeland Security, among others.
Recognizing “red alert” body language signals of terrorists can make a difference as to whether or not you live or die.
This life saving book is a must read  for everyone concerned about their safety and  the safety of your loved ones loved ones.


One thought on “BODY LANGUAGE OF TERRORISTS Now Available

  1. Dr. Glass,
    Will you please analyze Pres. Obama’s speech on gun control January 5th? I saw some interesting expressions of the people standing with him when he cried. I’d love to hear your analysis.


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