San Bernadino Terrorist Sayed Farouk’s ‘Nervous’ Body Language Foretold His Actions

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With regard to the recent terrorist Sayed Farouk who along with a woman terrorist and another male terrorist, killed and wounded close to 30 people at a holiday party in Bakersfield, a  man who had been working in the Redlands  area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks  around the area.  There was something about these men that bothered him. Later he told reporters that he felt suspicious about these men and their behavior. But he decided to mind his own business. At first he wanted to report them to law enforcement, but later he decided not to report anything. The reason he decided to keep his mouth shut  was  that he did not want to be accused of being a “racist “or be accused of  racially profiling those people.

Had he trusted his instincts, not worried about being politically correct or being called a “racist” and said something to authorities perhaps Sayed Farouk, who along with a woman terrorist and another male terrorist, would not have killed and wounded close to 30 people at a holiday party in Bakersfield.

The lesson here is that if you see something that doesn’t sit well with you, say something. That is the message that Homeland Security has pounded away at in their advertising . Actor James Woods said something to the pilots and stewardesses when he unknowingly sat near the 911 terrorists who were doing a test run. Sometimes, saying something is not enough. You have to do something like the brave people did who subdued the shoe bomber and  the underwear bomber and most recently the would be train bomber in Paris

Terrorism  is real! It is here to stay around the world!   It can happen anywhere, just like it happened in  Bakersfied, California. This incident  has closed the minds of previously open- minded people  in welcoming people crossing our  boarders.

But it is not just immigrants crossing  the  boarders. It is citizens living among us doing things like you and me. They are  living in our neighborhoods and going to the same schools, going to the same shopping centers and  attending the same schools as our children. They may even sit near us, just as Mr. Farouk sat near many of his innocent colleagues  at the Health Department where he worked for several years.

The one thing that stood out with Sayed Farouk before he left the holiday party and secured his two colleagues dressed in black battle gear to shoot up a room of  innocent people, was that he was  reported to look very “nervous”.  Without any ammunition  in his hands he appered fidgety and nervous for no reason.  He appeared  sweaty in an air conditioned room. Many survivors reported that he  also looked very nervous andagitated.This is typical of  those who are ready to commit acts of terror. What has happened is that their autonomic nervous system is kicking in before they do something egregious.

This is one of the key body language signals of a terrorist – being  in an anxiety ridden or nervous  state. I along with  my co- author D. Vincent Sullivan, former FBI Special Agent  discuss this in our book “A Guide to Identifying Terrorists Thru Body Language”

Apparently Sayed left the party  in this nervous and agitated state. It was so jarring that many of the survivors reported it. Had many of the partygoers known that this was an extreme danger sign, many would have left the premises immediately for fear Sayed would return and do something drastic, which he did.

There are body language signs which may give away important clues as to whether or not someone is going to do harm to you. My co-author who was a member of the FBI Joint Terrorist Force and Head of the Behavioral Analysis Program at the FBI can vouch for this.

That is why you MUST read out book. There is no question in our minds and in the minds of those who have read our book that  can help save your life! No one is safe any longer! You MUST know how to recognize the body language signals of any potential terrorist threat.



8 thoughts on “San Bernadino Terrorist Sayed Farouk’s ‘Nervous’ Body Language Foretold His Actions

      1. I understand that. LOL. I mean the Kindle Version, or get a company to sponsor it. I agree– it would save lives.
        Interestingly- the neighbors did suspect tbey were up to something, but feared being labeled as a racial profiler. If Obama would stay out of scandals such as Clockboy and allow the facts to emerge before commenting, peopl wouldn’t be so scared.


  1. Thank you for another thoughtful blog Lillian. I sit an wonder at times and I thought of something. When I see Muslim men they usually always appear very angry and mean. I think the US needs to set up another department that focuses solely on terrorism and they need to be in every metropolitan area . People flying to and from the middle East also need to be closely monitored.


  2. Dr. Glass, I’ve been telling my relatives in large cities that they must get your book.
    So, if I notice someone with jarring my anxious behavior should I just alert authorities ? Would you also let folks around you know too or would that just create panic. T doesn’t seem right to just leave the premises and let others suffer, but pandemonium wouldn’t help either.
    Any ideas on what to do in this situation?
    Thank you.


    1. Here is where you have to trust your instincts as everything is in context. But if you see something that is suspicious to you or makes your hair on the back of your neck stand up and you notice suspicious behavior it may be in your best interest to report it.


  3. How many attacks before people can speak of fear of terrorists without being labeled a racist?Seems like many more can speak of the attack in France and closing of Mosques. Speak that in the US, and you are the one attacked.


  4. How many attacks will have to occur before people can speak out of fear? Seems like many people speak of the attacks in Paris and agree with the closing of Mosques there. Speak that here and you are labeled a racist.


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