RIP Caleb Logan Bratayley. Here are some screen captures of Caleb’s body language taken in his last video.



Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.28.13 AM

Caleb looking  into the distance when asked a question by his mother.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.28.21 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.33.02 AM

Caleb’s eyes  at half mast as he slowly chews his muffin and then suddenly closes his eyes barely keeping them open, as the muffin he was holding  suddenly drops out of his hand.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.35.28 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.36.46 AM

Caleb’s head and body collapses on to the counter. After a few seconds he lifts his head up and holds up his head with his hand as you hear his mother saying  that he’s not a morning person.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.39.41 AM

Caleb rocking back and forth in his seat, barely keep his eyes open.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.41.41 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.43.04 AM

Caleb saunters over to the sink where he looks off to the side and leans over the counter   remaining in that position for a few seconds as  his mother  says “Isn’t he cute?’

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.45.32 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.49.28 AM

Caleb  then turns around and stumbles twice  as he walks and eventually ends up lying down on the couch.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.52.51 AM

Caleb buries his head in his arms as he continues to lie on the couch. He then moves his head around to get into a more comfortable position.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.55.48 AM

Caleb mumbling. Then he mumbles that he caught the camera he almost dropped.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.57.57 AMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 11.58.04 AM

He looks surprised  as he opens his eyes widely and does a second take of surprise.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.07.17 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.08.38 PM

Caleb attempts to answer a question and  continues to mumble. He stammers and stumbles over his words as he reads the question-” What he would ask his future self.” He then mumbles  and slurs his words “Is Taco Bell still around?”

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.12.21 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.15.30 PM

Then he looks away from the camera as he mumbles what he would really ask is if there are any new sports. He then licks his lips.

He then says he would ask if there are any new sports as he scrunches up his face.  Then he sticks out his tongue and makes a motor boat type of noise.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.17.19 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.20.02 PM

He pulled his cheeks and asked if his cheeks look fat.  Then he scrunches up his face and begins to make noises.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.21.51 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.25.46 PM

Then he goes through an array of facial expressions as he appears to be to be mugging into the camera.

Then he goes back to the question he was asked and mumbles something about his 5 second earlier self talking to his other self.

He continues to make exaggerated  facial expressions  as you see above.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.27.44 PM

He continues to mumble and make noises.

Sadly, Caleb passed away shortly after this video was made . Apparently,  he died of an undetected heart condition. It has been very sad for all that knew him, his family  and for his many fans that this beautiful and vibrant young man who had  all the hopes of a full life ahead of him is gone.  Even though his life was short, he did touch many people. May he Rest In Peace.

I want to urge those  grieving Caleb’s death to speak to your family members about it as perhaps they can help provide you with a source of comfort.In addition, you may want to seek the assistance of a grief counselor who can further assist you.











  1. Very interesting article. Thank you, Dr. Glass for sharing your thoughts. I know sad stories happen every day, but this one has really bothered me. I had to say this, but when I first read about Caleb’s death, something just struck a wrong chord.

    I didn’t know this youtuber, nor had I ever watched any of their previous videos. Watching Caleb’s final video, I was immediately struck by 2 things: the mother did not engage the son, and the son seemed disassociated from the family (mother and sisters). While the mother droned on and on, her main focus was on her older daughter. She maintained visual contact with the daughters, while totally, and *purposefully* ignoring her son. If you notice, there were a few times where the camera would veer in Caleb’s direction, but the mother was quick to jerk it away. To me, that’s very odd. Why wasn’t she attempting to draw her son into the And when she finally did address him, it was only to marginalize him . I’m left wondering if Caleb was somehow made to feel unimportant and invisible…

    Dr. Glass, I know you feel as though medication or drugs could have been involved, which might explain Caleb’s odd behavior at the table, and at the sink, but do you think there’s a possibility that he was playing for the camera; acting out; using it as an attention-seeking method? I could be wrong, but I don’t sense drug use.

    I agree with you, what 13 year old dies of “natural causes”?? The term ‘died of natural causes’, has been mainly reserved for the elderly. It’s really none of our business why died, but if you live your life in front of the camera, your audience is going to expect specifics, not vagueness. I hate to say this but, IMHO the choice of words used of announce his death seem forced and

    RIP Poor Caleb


  2. Dr. Glass, thank you for this column. I hadn’t seen any of the videos either, but the facial expressions you post definitely seem to show something wrong with the young man, and his mother doesn’t seem to notice. It’s very sad. I hope that there will be an autopsy to rule out drugs, suicide and/or foul play.


  3. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I have been reading your blog and I think it is great. I am not sure if you ever take requests from the comments but I would love to get your take on something… I have been seeing pictures of Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris lately as she is coming back into the spotlight after her suicide attempt and I cannot for he life of me tell whether she is really “happy and healthy” as described. I am clearly not a professional so I can’t tell for sure, but some of her movements in videos I have seen on the news seem a little jerky or erratic or “off” but I can’t place it. Maybe some sort of effect of medication? If love to hear your analysis of pictures (she has been spotted a LOT with her boyfriend, usually covering her face – even when it is a “selfie” – and at several family events) just because I cannot pinpoint what strikes me as “off” about her, if there is anything at all. I could certainly just be imagining things!

    Thanks, love this blog!


    1. Thank you so much Kat.
      Good observations on your part. If your instincts tell you something is off trust them as most likely you may be correct. I haven’t really been looking at Paris Jackson since she left the scene which probably saved her life. I have no doubt she misses her dad terribly and it had a terrible effect on her especially since she as at such a tender age. Perhaps she is on antidepressants which would be understandable. Also if she is on them it may cause the body language you describe. I am happy she found someone to love and that she is getting the help she needed so that she no longer feels compelled to commit suicide.


  4. I totally agree with you. I had watched a few Bratayley episodes over the past years, and thought this mom was a little off. The last video of Caleb shows him in what appears to be a drugged state. Why was he not at the hospital? For someone who shares every minute detail of life with ‘fans’ on a vlog, you’d think the mom would have tried to bring attention to any heart condition that he may have had. The boy obviously was not in a healthy state on that last day, and the mom remained cavalier and totally ignored her actual son in an effort to have his ‘online personality’ play to the camera. I think this lady is a sicko.


  5. Whatever was wrong with this young kid I think his death could have been possibly prevented if the mother actually paid attention to her own son. Regardless of online fame or not a normally a mother will pay attention to their kids odd actions in behaviour. This to me shows pure negligence as a parent on this young mans mum part. No Online vlog recording should come first before a child which seems to state that the mother in the video could possibly be suffering from a personality disorder such as narcissism, which would most likely cause the mother to ignore or neglect her sons needs. I think the sad thing about this situation is that one day when the parents view the last video their son was in and closely see that something was not right about their oldest kid they are not only going to kick themselves hard but they will be wracked with extreme guilt to the point of asking why didn’t theyI pay attention to their child? And if they took their son to the nearest medical clinic on that particular day when the above video was shot Caleb would still be alive today. The surprising thing is that on the 2nd week since this young man had died they the Bratayley family decided to continue to do vlogs using the excuse that their now late son would have wanted it that way and to continue celebrating life. However as I watched today’s video of this late young mans family had posted I can not only see the family grieving but the father was actually crying to the point I can see that they not only loved their now deceased son but that the family is obviously distraught especially the father. I as an adult fan who have watched this family for 3 years Calebs death had shocked me and hit me hard due to the fact that I have a 13 yr old nephew who just had his 13th birthday just one week before Calebs death. I grew to really like this family but at the same time I do agree with your observations in terms of the last video Caleb was in. It will be interesting what the autopsy reports are going to indicate in the coming weeks. On the other hand I do not feel or believe that this young boys death was a result of drugs suicide or foul play especially due to the fact that the police and fire department in Maryland had noted and was able to confirm it. However it would be interesting if you were able to view the recently updated Bratayley video titled, “A Celebration of Life”. week 249. And it would be also interesting to read your input about it on here.


    1. It is probably a more lucrative proposition for them to continue their vlog despite their son’s death since they have so many viewers.They may also be under contract where they are obliged to continue.I did see the tape and the father does seem broken up about it.The boy was so charismatic and vibrant and really made the show. It is such a terrible tragedy.


  6. When Caleb was holding the camera about to answer the question of the day. Before he said “Is taco bell still around?” He seems to stumble like he could have collapsed at that moment.


  7. We have been watching the Caleb for 5 year. Now I look back at the last several months of videos, he looks off in many of them. A great change from the Caleb our family has known and loved for years. Have you looked back at the more recent ones? He was so off focused in one of the Hollywood ones, that Annie had to verbally prompt him. Another one his father had to hold him up because he could barely hod himself up. I know Caleb was cute and quirky but he could not focus and would often be lost in his own thoughts. My heart goes out to the family and viewers for this tragic loss.


    1. Good observations. I have not seen the latest ones but if what you are saying is so in terms of the father having to hold him up then they needed to tae him to a doctor. Perhaps that would have saved his life.


  8. From what I’ve noticed about this family is that the mom is a narcissist. They probably enjoyed the massive amount of new subscribers…maybe they’ll off one of their other kids when the numbers start dropping.


  9. Hi Dr Glass, I agree with your analysis. I watched the last video and couldn’t believe the behaviour of the mother.

    I felt she was patronising and disrespectful of Caleb. She made fun of him when he took his plate to the sink just before he laid his head down on his arms. My thought was that here was a boy reaching an age where the fun of being on show might be waning. Imagine going to mum and saying, “I don’t want to be part of this anymore.” Inconceivable. He was trapped imo.
    Later he talks to himself trying to find an acceptable question. When he breaks off to say his cheeks were too fat I thought it might be a sign of self consciousness, another pressure on him, rather than of narcissism.

    When the “Unfortunately” came up I was shocked. Unfortunately? Unfortunately my son died? Who says that?

    As I understand it, not suspicious doesn’t rule out suicide. I wonder if they will ever come clean with the autopsy results.


  10. I wanted to share my thought and observations about the Bratayley/Leblanc family since Calebs death as follows below:

    I don’t mean to sound horrible for saying this but I think that Calebs death could have possibly been prevented and here’s why. For starters about a few days after Caleb died the parents appear on Good Morning America stating there’s a family history of hypotrophic cardiomyopathy now my question is if that’s the possible result and the parents knew about such a family history BEFORHAND then WHY did the parents did not take all the kids for yearly physicals before Calebs death? I know the above heart condition can go undetected by doctors due to most people who have it have no symptoms. However ones that do have symptoms it can be treated. And not only that but if the parents mentioned to the doctor that they want their kids checked for hypotrophic cardiomyopathy in the past then the doctor will perform tests and eventually see that Caleb may have had it never mind treat it so as to prevent death. I feel that the constant filming of videos and travelling to places like jet setters had caused their parents to overlook their children’s health. To me no filming and money should completely take over to the point where you do not take your children for yearly check ups.

    Now I think the mother of Caleb may have some residual guilt about her sons death because in one recent video she wouldn’t or could not mention why the kids were recently in the hospital as to how they acquired their so called identical teddy bears. So in turn the mum in the video says instead” the kids were in the hospital and you know….” Without actually going into detail WHY? I gather the experience for the family at the hospital on the night of Calebs death was rather traumatizing no doubt especially for the younger siblings along with a child friend all got teddy bears from medical personnel. It is common for medical personnel to provide teddy bears for young traumatized patients

    Second of all about two weeks ago the mum takes the girls to get their hearts checked and while she was talking to the girls while filming she explains why the girls were having their hearts checked never mind mentioning their late brother and son where you can also see the fright and such in the older daughters eyes to the point where it looks like the older daughter Annie is about to burst into tears and the same goes for the younger sibling Hayley. Not only that but the mum even ignores the sad scared expressions on the girls faces on film. You would think that the mum would stop the car the family was all in shut off the camera to then comfort and talk to the girls.

    Then afterwards on Instagram the mum posts that the kids hearts are fine which isn’t completely true I feel because on video the kids mums says that the doctor found some thickened heart tissue (5%)on the older daughters heart acting and stating the doctor wasn’t worried. I find that hard to believe from a doctors standpoint after him or her know the family’s history with heart disease. And for the doctor to not prove de any further treatment for the so called medical discovery in the Bratayleys eldest daughter.

    I do feel bad for the family that they lost Caleb and no one deserves for it to happen to anyone family but I do feel bad for the girls where it’s evident they are still grieving due to the eldest daughter keeps a special written note that she wrote for her brother tucked inside her pocket or her stating and showing on video she will be carrying a framed photo of her late brother everywhere they go. Also I had noticed that as the possible traumatic death of Caleb I noted on a recent Halloween video that the almost 11 yr old Annie becomes infantile in terms of her fears which warrants a visit to a therapist. Why do I say this? Because during the Halloween video Annie gets scared of going to a house that’s filled with Halloween decor and music despite most can see the Halloween decor and such was all fake. I mean even Annies 7 yr old sister wasn’t freaked out about the above. So anyways in the the scene you can hear Annie babyishly whine to her mum how she doesn’t want to go to that one particular house with the Halloween decor due to being freaked out. The mum in the video doesn’t even assure her daughter not to be scared etc. Finally another bizzare thing later on the same Halloween video the same eldest about to be 11 yr old daughter seems afraid to go outside to join her friends in thei back yard around the fire pit which was never an issue in the past until now. This to me seem to state that the trauma of Calebs death seems to bring on irrational fears in the eldest child Annie which if not treated can lead to potential anxiety disorders later on. On the other hand the eldest daughter Annie may already have had some emotional issues prior to Calebs death due to the fact that it was also noted how she always carries a small blankie with her to public places Ok tha behaviour is normal for a 3 to 5 yr old child but to a about to be 11 yr old? That’s not normal.

    As for the commenter above me who stated that the family may not come completely clean about the autopsy results I feel that it’s highly possible. or that the Bratayley family may not even be mentioning it at all on video or Instagram. Also when I look at Bratayleys mums face on film I see a woman who is not only is a narcaccist but someone who is very secretive not only that but I also forgot to mention that when Caleb was alive he too at times were ignored on film by his mum since most of the attention went to the girls. I can see that Caleb was a very awesome kid who didn’t deserve to die at such an early age.

    Seriously this whole family needs to go see a therapist as to see why they feel the need to be filming every thing about their lives among other things as mentioned above Oh I do agree with the above commenter who said that Caleb was at the age where he may not wanted to be filmed anymore God forbid if the mum allowed that since then she and the family would have to move out of that mansion they live in and instead live in a regular sized house like they used to, never mind the mum getting an actual 9 to 5 job. I also don’t like the fact that the family decided to continue blogging too soon after Calebs death. I think regardless of financial lucratives that the family should have waited for at least 6 months and then let their viewers know ho they were doing and to explain wha really happened to their son. But as Dr Glass had stated in a reply on a previous post of mine on here, that the reasons for vlogging so soon after a child’s death was due to monetary lucrative reasons. Which to me is sick having one vlog ones own personal life for the world to see online for the sake of $$$$$$$$.


  11. I the mother of a 8 year old daughter, who was very sad about this child death took it upon myself to research for answers for her. Too my surprise when I came across the last video he took, totally agree. This child was very very much out of it as if he were on something so strong!!! I also found it hard that mum was making a video and focusing on the Brattaleys not just being of 1 person. Even more strange the complete persona of Caleb. He stated he dropped a narcotic. When I found this posting and the pictures , it totally agreed with my spiritual feelings and thoughts. It confirms this is a very suspicious death. One the makes me question the innocent of the mum/parents. I think she knew her son had a problem and this video proofs, that he will not be apart of the future Brattaleys!!!


  12. Most of us have since learned that this family was being paid very big bucks to film their so-called, idyllic life.

    Dr. Glass I know you are very busy, but have you looked at the video that the comment above referred to? If so, I’d love to know your thoughts on the father’s body language?

    I found a short, online interview with the CEO of Maker Studios (a division of Disney), the production company that sponsors Bratayley. I’m certainly not an expert on body language, but I do see some hand gestures, and hear a few verbal clues that are curious. Just in case you’d like to take a quick look at the interview on YouTube: Maker CEO Addresses 13-Year Old YouTube Death —

    At the risk of sounding insensitive, this family was groomed; works for, and gets paid by Maker Studios. Marker Studios produces videos for YouTube, and the Bratayley’s channel has been signed with the network for four years. Studio companies reserve the right to make changes to the cast, and even edit someone out. How easy would it be for a studio to orchestrate a scenario as a prelude to announcing something major? IMO this may be the reason why the death announcement, and a lot of the things in that video seemed so off; and could explain Caleb’s suspicious body language.

    The person known as Caleb Bratayley may have died, but I’m just not convinced that there was an actual, physical death of the boy in front of the camera, whose real name is Caleb Logan Leblanc.


  13. Dr glass you are right something was up with caleb he was clearly exaughsted from doing simple things he looked dizzy as he walked and couldn’t do even the simplest things which might suggest a lack of blood to the brain which is a symptom of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is the disease he died from and if mom payed attention to him being strange she would have see-ken medical attention because cardio myopathy can strike any time at random and if she knew to look out for the symptoms he could still be here but I have to say dr glass you did bully the mom a bit about the messages after his death the poor woman would have been in shock and if didn’t tell anyone as soon as possible it would have been harder to say


  14. Hi Lillian. Sorry you have to put up with so many ignorant comments from people on the net. It’s amazing how people will attack someone for merely theorizing. They take everything so personally. I know how that feels as someone who puts themselves “out” there as well. Take care.


  15. Here’s my opinion on this…I don’t think the parents sensed that anything was wrong if they did then I’m sure they would have got him help. But I have to agree that in the video the day before his death that I too thought he was acting off. I understand in the mornings most teens act like that, but Caleb was still acting weird that night when he did the question of the day compared to the other videos I’ve seen him in. I noticed shortness of breath in other vlogs too, but I’m still not sure because I’m not a doctor. I’m not saying I’m right but I’m just going by what I’ve noticed as well. It’s very unfortunate that he had to lose his life so young, but he seemed to have had a good life and was a happy child. He got to do a lot of fun things and travel to a lot of neat places in his short life, so he was blessed and I pray he is even more happy now :).


  16. sorry but this seems to be a written by someone who has never watched a bratayley video besides the future self video – that in itself was probably just linked from news websites who themselves are only now learning of Caleb because of his death not his life

    If time had been taken to watch a variety of videos from the family you would soon realise that the actions, expressions and mannerisms of Caleb during this video were perfectly normal for him. He very often acts a bit overzealous in given situations and has done pretty much since their vlogs started. A regular viewer (and most importantly his mother and siblings) would have no cause to be concerned at his behaviour

    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is known to have no outward symptoms. Unless you’re lucky to have it randomly caught in screening the main way it is discovered is after it has caused death. Even if we didn’t know that Caleb was just being Caleb in that video, tiredness, dry mouth, slurred speech, facial expressions, pain etc are not symptoms of HC and so are all irrelevant


    1. The video was posted by his family, not the media. Tiredness, lethargic behavior, are a sign of lack no oxygenated blood reaching the brain, so yes his behavior very well could be explained by this heart condition.


  17. I know the Bratayley channel since many years but I was never a Fan of them, really never! I think the kids are cute and somehow it is interesting for me as a German to see how Americans live their everyday-life. But the parents are just terrible I think. Sure they love their kids, no doubt, but there is no question that they want to be famous. I mean they are just an average family and to sell articles with their names and pics on it, to organize meet-and-greets and all such things, that are absolutly disgusting I think. That makes their kids think that they are something very special and little celebrities and that makes other kids think that they want to be like them, and that´s just not good. What should that 3 kids think, if their parents are filming them in every situation, like at the doctor?! Sorry, but that is just ill. They have have a healthy and realistic image of the life when they grow up like that.

    And to Caleb´s death, I am for sure sorry for that, but how the parents handled that is just absolutly disgusting. First of all, I have to agree to the author of that article that Caleb behaves really strange in that last video. It also doesn´t matter why, but why do parents publish that? He acts really like he is under drugs and even it is only silly behavior, it´s not normal and I would not tolerate that as a parent and absolutely never publish that. And the fact that they post videos within a few hours after their own son died, that is so unbelivable and shows clearly that they are addicted to that and probably also depend financially on that silly channel! And that live-stream from the funeral…I have no words for that, that leaves me speechless until today!

    They use their kids, even when they say they like it, but in the end they are kids and have no choice. In their age you say always what your parents like, you are too young to see all consequences and you have to trust on your parents that they will choose well for you! I am really sorry for that kids, their whole childhood is available for every single person on the planet and that forever, if they later like it or not.


  18. Is there any chance this case will ever be reopened and an investigation take place? In one video the family mentions all the kids were previously tested for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and tested negative. This is not a disease which is overgrowth of the heart muscle that just occurs suddenly. When a 13 year old dies, shouldn’t an investigation have taken place while the autopsy was pending? Too many things do not make since. Since there was no investigation, the family can basically say anything they want and we will never find out the truth due to HIPPA laws.


    1. I reckon, and this is just a personal conspiracy theory that might be very offensive to real Bratayley fans so please stop reading NOW. Looks right. Looks left. Are they gone? I reckon that its *possible* that he is still alive but just dead to the show. I got the feeling he was kicking up about being on show all the time. A young man growing up and starting to resent his role as performing seal. It would help to explain their bizarre “Unfortunately” statement, their lack of reaction and their almost indecently hasty return to broadcasting the show. I have no proof to back this up and it’s very hard to keep a secret these days. Surely one of his school friends would get on FB with the scoop for example. So I’m probably quite wrong. But I like to think it’s true 🙂


      1. I really think there is no way Caleb´s death is a fake. Like said, it´s impossible to fake that. This boy has friends and relatives and it´s impossible that all of them shut their mouth. But I was thinking at first, when I read the title “The day before Caleb´s death” that is it again a PR-Headline done on purpose. I watched the video read the end and didn´t believe it. Just the next days I learnt that it is true. So in my opinion all people who say it´s so unfair to the family that people come with theories and critism should open their eyes and look at that family in a more mature way. It´s 100% only the parents fault that there are such theories. With that behaviour after their son´s death it´s only normal people think there can´t be anything right! But in this case it´s the parents that are not right). Like you can clearly see one of their first thoughts after Caleb´s death was the youtube-channel. That´s really concerning and for me that was the turning point from thinking: That parents are a bit crazy how they act in the videos to these parents completly lost their mind and are just ill and addicted to their fame and response they get from foreign people.

        I bet 100%, if they acted different, in a more normal way after your son died, there wouldn´t be such theories and critism. If they just would have stopped with that videos and instagram for a few weeks or maybe days and then tell what has happend, there would be no problem now. But posting a video of your dead son just within such a short time after his death and introduce it with “the day before Caleb died”, that´s so disgusting. I feel so sorry for Annie and Hayley, that poor kids. Like I said, they are way to young to decide if they like that kind of revealing their whole childhood for everyone on this earth or not. In my opinion it´s the duty of the parents to choose for him in a way that every option is open for the kids until they are able to decide by themselves. And that is clearly not the case here. If Annie decides not to continue with all this and maybe wants to have a proper occupation it can be a nightmare for her since everyone, her boss, friends, mates, later boyfriends can see what she did in her childhood. That´s a huge parenting fail in my opinion and it should be forbitten!


      2. One problem, sadly he is homeschooled and I don’t think any of his friends could reach out. You know?


  19. I have to agree with the doctor. Yes, I know Caleb was silly and exaggerated for the camera often, but I have also notice he didn’t seem okay lately. On a vlog where they were recording “Bratayley Makes History”, there were several times when I noticed Caleb looked pale, his lips a little blue tinged, he seemed exhausted and had no energy. All these should have been signs to parents that something was wrong with their son. But not only were they too busy making videos to notice, the biggest portion of their videos revolve around Annie, and the other two children are an after thought. In old videos Annie is younger than Hayley is right now, and the focus is on Annie and the multitude of friends she must always have around her. The parents allowed Annie to be bratty to both her siblings on camera, and both of them give in to her all the time, which is a sure sign that they are both used to things working out for Annie, so why even bother? Hayley is so bored, and without friends of her own, she begged to be enrolled in school again. Before Caleb died Hayley had him to hang out with while the mom followed Annie’s every move with a camera. Caleb and Hayley were very close, you could see he genuinely cared about her in the videos. I believe his death has probably been hardest on her. While every aspect of Annie’s life and all her friends are displayed and have been for years, we have yet to see Hayley be followed as extensively and she has never had a friend sleep over and put in the vlog. The fact that the parents could profit at all from their sons death does seem tacky. Livestreaming something so personal and sad isn’t something I would choose to do, I hope the intention was truly to offer closure to their viewers, while reading the comment section of their vlogs it is easy to see that most are pre-teen girls.

    The family has become incredibly wealthy by selling their kids privacy. I hope it has been worth the true cost. I know many of their fans will not like this comment either, but they need to understand their opinions are childish, based purely on emotional outbursts and do not take the full picture into consideration. So I hope any kids reading this will think before they react and understand that your parents are supposed to protect you, not exploit you.

    Vlogging needs to be regulated as children are being put on display 24/7. This new epidemic is breeding narcissism at the most basic level. These kids live their entire lives with the assumption that it will be aired for all to see. Where is the comfortable , soft landing that family is supposed to be in that. Everyone of these famous YouTube vloggers needs to really consider the long term impact this is going to make in their kid’s lives.


    1. Sabrina let Caleb rest in peace. Take your anger out elsewhere like in a therapists office. Thisb log was written as soon as he died when we did not know exactly what happened. Reasonable questions were asked. There is nothing said hindsight. I stand behind what I said that the child was flushed, slurred words and could barely hold his head up or walk without stumbling and the mother kept filming. Please get some grief counseling to help you deal with Caleb’s death.


  20. Not hating or anything, but they took Hayley and Annie too get their hearts check and the doctors told them it was noting they could have done differently. And a friend of Annie’s who was at the funeral said that the parents blame theirselves for what happened to him, Annie and her friend were crying in full tears as they walked up to Caleb’s body… But yeah they try not focus on the sad memories they had with Caleb they try to focus on the happy ones. That’s why they always say celebrate life or Calebrate life. And in the video they posted that was the day before he passed away, Caleb isn’t a morning person and he was just tired, it was super early and he was ready to go back to sleep.


  21. Keep in mind that no one knows what actually went on OFF camera. They may have addressed his behavior when they were not filming. A lot of the comments made here are based purely on speculation. No one, except the family can truly know the events of that night.


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