Kim Davis Shows Hypocrisy, Deception, and A Love for Attention In GMA Interview

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When confronted with the fact that she was married four times and had children in her adulterous relationships and whether or not she was a hypocrite, Kim Davis  realizes she has been busted by the reporter.   She  cocks her head to the side and  her eyes search to the right as she tries to come up with a response. Her response is that she is forgiven and “washed clean.”

In essence she is saying that those whom she refuses to give a marriage license to because they are gay are not clean and are in essence dirty.

She said that when she  found God four years ago she couldn’t separate church from state. Well in my view, that is the time she needed to step down from her position as she was not effectively doing her job because one in any government position must be able to separate church from state. When the Supreme Court ruling came down, she needed to step away from her position since she could not  separate church from state.

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While she says that Godly authority trumps all other authority, she does realize that her constituents are the ones who elected her. As she answers these questions you see her eyebrows raise and her eyes widen, which is a signal of submission in that she knows full well that her constituents elected her, not God.

This body language tell demonstrated that she knows exactly what she is doing and in my view is doing this for attention and to get her 15 minutes of fame and attention.

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She also showed a signal of deception when she said she had friends who were gay and lesbian  but they don’t agree on this issue and they were OK with that. I SERIOUSLY doubt that ANY gay person would be OK with her defying the Supreme Court and not issuing them a marriage license and preventing them from a marriage simply because they were gay.

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She knows full well that what she said was not true because she immediately looks away as she says this.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.24.32 AMShe then fake cries with no tears when she says that she did deny gay friends a marriage license. Then you immediately  see her leak out a smile as you can see above . This is called “duping delight.”  It means she is happy she denied her gay friends a license because of her so called religious beliefs.

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She does manage to cry  genuine tears when she says that what concerns her is that what concerns her the most is that her God doesn’t love her and  God is not happy with her that she is a hypocrite.

If that is such a concern to her then she needs to step  down from her position immediately.  Her tears and concern for her God’s love of her illustrates that she knows what she has done is wrong in the eyes of  her God by her  being hypocritical by not being tolerant of others and in not obeying the law. Here she is questioning what her God thinks of her and her tears reflect that she doesn’t believe God is thinking well of her.

No matter what, she needs to step down.  This hypocritical and obviously disturbed woman refuses to sign the licenses and in essence is not doing her job, But she will not step down because she  appears to LOVES the attention. By stating she is willing to go to jail again, it shows that she loves attention perhaps even more than she  loves her God.


3 thoughts on “Kim Davis Shows Hypocrisy, Deception, and A Love for Attention In GMA Interview

  1. All I can think of when this woman is on television, or being revered by the Mike Huckabee, is that she is a walking, talking clinical example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Her delusion of grandeur is that she is being persecuted because of her beliefs, and that she is going to magically change SCOTUS with her ridiculous behavior.

    If she really believed what she says, she would resign (as a few others have) or step aside (as conscientious objectors do from serving as combat soldiers during wartime). She loves this circus. In the “God’s Authority” clip, she can barely contain her glee at being able to humiliate the gay couple (who did not want her to be jailed) by denying them a license.


    1. I do not think she shows enough stmptoms to be classified as having narcissitic disorder at all. She does seem to have self esteem issues and I would like to know her full history with sex and men as I think it is directly related to her current problem.

      I also think she is being purposefully threatened by her new religious order. I think the leaders targeted her because of her position and gulibility to tell her she will fry in hell if she does not do thia grand act of sanctifying marriage because of her past sins. While I have no proof of this, I have good reason to believe it. Her late mother in law was involved with a sect which is very controlling. Through this clerk, they found a way for their cult to take power over the whole vicinity and gain some notariety.

      I would love to know who feeds her lies that God will send her to hell for signing papers. I would like to investigate their motives.


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