Shame on Toxic Hypocritical Church and Rev.Tim Mattox for Kicking Out 103 Year Old Woman

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When someone reaches the glorious  age of 103, they need to be revered not punished and put through emotional hardship. No matter what happened with 103 year old congregant and former teacher Genora Hamm Biggs  and her minister,Tim Mattox ( a former student of hers), he should never have had her banned  from the church she and her family founded, just because she spoke out and told him about things she didn’t like that he was doing and what was happening to the church.

Apparently Genora who attended the church for 93 years was dissatisfied with how the church evolved – from Baptist to another form of Christianity. She openly spoke her mind to her minister and criticized him. Perhaps she still saw him as a student whom she could criticize. Perhaps Mattox  never liked Ms. Hamm Biggs and now that he was in a position of authority, took his revenge.

I believe that this is scenario is highly possible because it seems like such an extreme reaction to an elderly woman speaking her mind. In essence it is a Toxic Power trip whereby Mattox wanted to let her know that he is the boss now and in charge.

But what he has done is committed the biggest sin in my view. This is not how loving Christians act.   Instead it is an act of hate and  act of hypocrisy. It has emotionally  destroyed Ms. Hamm Biggs,

Mattox  had many other choices besides banning her from the church- which is God’s home, not  Reverend Mattox’s home. Any true loving religious figure (Minister, priest or Rabbi)  would have  expressed his feeling about being criticized in a private conversation to Ms. Hamm Biggs. They  may have even  ignore and chalked her up to being a  feisty or even cranky old woman.  Others may have even been more sensitive and considered that maybe she had some medical or psychological issues that needed compassion, not punishment. Still others may have showered her with even more  love and kindness and turned the other cheek to her criticisms.  A true  man of the cloth would NEVER have kicked out and elderly congregant.

It was a too extreme reaction for someone just expressing themselves and offering criticism. That is why I believe there was a personal grudge Mattox had against his former childhood teacher. In a more cowardly act, he even hid behind  a band of 7 of his kiss -up  followers  who put their signatures on a letter to inform her  not never come back to the church

No matter what his personal feelings were towards her, he What he did was unacceptable as he brought this woman pain and anguish. For anyone who has ever been fired from their job, or let go due to downsizing, or let go due to unfair and unjust actions, you know  what Ms. Hamm Biggs must be going through.

At first she was shocked and then she was angry. She even ignored everything and went back to the church.  Petty and Toxic Mattox even called the police on her. The police in turn saw how ugly Mattox was being and told him that he would not do that.

This could not have been more humiliating to this woman who spent her live in this church since she was a young girl. What has upset this woman is that Mattox is a minister who is not following the tenants of the Baptist Church. The church, Union Grove Baptist Church has a minister who is not following the Baptist teachings and this is upsetting Ms. Hamm Biggs.

So one can understand why she openly  criticized what was going on in her church which she prayed in the baptist way for 93 years. It would be like a reform Rabbi preaching to a group of highly religious Orthodox congregants and they not liking what the new Rabbi was doing.

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A solution to this problem would be that this church gets another minister who is Baptist and who can follow the faith and have Mr. Mattox begin his own non-Baptist church. That would be a win- win situation.

The fact that this man unjustly threw this elderly woman out of a church due to her religious beliefs may have some possible legal implications. Perhaps she can sue the minister and the church for discrimination of some sort or for violating her First Amendment  Rights. With the money she would receive from hopefully winning the  legal case, perhaps  she could put it towards building a new Baptist Church and hire a new Baptist  minister.

When people like Mr. Mattox put religion ahead of humanity, they are missing the whole point of what it is to be religious and have faith in a higher power. Ministers are supposed to offer peace and love and they are to be a source of comfort, not pain.  Mr. Mattox cased  Ms. Hamm Biggs a huge amount of emotional pain and owes her a big apology. Hopefully this matter will be solved soon so that Ms. Mattox can live out the rest of her life without this unnecessary emotional distress caused by Tim Mattox.


7 thoughts on “Shame on Toxic Hypocritical Church and Rev.Tim Mattox for Kicking Out 103 Year Old Woman

  1. Hey lillian, I wanted to let you know I used to really enjoy your posts and I have been a member of your blog and receive an email everytime you post something new. Body language reading is very interesting to me, but this article and the previous articles have really made me not want to rea anymore. If you are christian, and I dont know if you are, you cann


  2. (Sorry it cut me off) cannot be judging other people. The full story isnt known and yet in a body language blog, you barely mentioned body language at all. In the josh duggar one, I agree he was totally wrong and his wife probably blames herself, doesnt every man’s wife after finding out cheating? Not that its right by no means but where is the unjudging atmosphere here. Her family has been put through hell by her husband, everyone knows it, but you know nothing about everything else. Therefore its not right to judge. After reading all the jodi arias and other highly publicized blog posts you posted, why this one?

    Lastly, you do have a political edge to your writing. After all this hell has gone down about clintons emails and obama letting 10,000 more refugees into the U.S. Where is the body language of that? Im pretty sure I saw contempt but no one has chosen to report this. What about the planned parenthood videos and the women in those talking about dismembering babies? No reporting there. Where is the body language posts that will make america think differently? Instead of going with mainstream public opinion where no one will go against you, where do you actually stand? I would be impressed if you posted on something important in america. This country is slowly going downhill, republicans and democrats alike, tons of body language to report but yet you stay silent and talk about a woman being kicked out of a church and it was all your personal opinion.

    You have the ability to reach thousands of people but your lack of wanting to blog about anything newsworthy like you used to, is beyond me.

    I realize this is your blog and you have the freedom to write whatever you may like, but also trying to defend what little freedoms I still have protected by the supreme court, I may also exercise my freedom of speech as well.


    1. Erin
      I analyze people’e behavior as a Behavioral Expert. In this case I am analyzing TOXIC PEOPLE.I do not have a political edge in my writings and if you see it you are grossly mistaken and I don’t get involved in Hillary’s emails or Obama’s refugees or dismembering babies as you say. I chose to discuss a 103 year old woman being disrespected by a minister of her church. I detect a very hostile tone in your comment towards me Erin and that is not welcome. So please take your animosity elsewhere. If you aren’t happy with my blogs, there are plenty of other’s out there to read.


  3. Erin she is spot on in her assessment of this man. You may get high and mighty but it does not make you correct either. They kicked a total of twenty members out. Many long tern members. One was a member for 56 years. Every time this long standing member would get up to speak or sing the “good” pastor would mock him. Does that sound like a man of God to you Erin? And BTW Erin he was kicked out as well.


  4. The only thing I disagree with is I suspect she has no legal basis for a lawsuit. I believe churches actually may discriminate based on religion. They can make religion a requirement for the secretary if they want. These people are jerks but jerks gain power in churches all the time. I had to leave a church because of that after 44 years there.


  5. I was chased out of a church once. I can tell you quite frankly. The house of God is not made of brick and mortar. Both parties need to examine their faith and seek the Lord. Not fight over their religious club.


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