Princess Diana’s Legacy Lives on in William’s Public Kiss to Baby George

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Prince William’s public kiss to his son, future King George, in front of the hospital where George’s sister was born was touching. The little king in training was beyond adorable as he waved to his future subjects in the UK. Proud pappa William rewarded his precious son with a loving kiss.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.02.10 PMLittle George will be full of love when he grows up as he has been kissed and treated with open affection since his birth. Prince William is a loving father who can freely display his affection to all of his children including his animal children.

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This is because as a baby he was given the same affection by his mother, the late Princess Diana.

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Her physical affection towards  both of her sons was reciprocated  as they feel so physically comfortable around her  with William’s arms around her neck and Harry nuzzling into her in the photo on the right. In the next photo we see as we see with Prince Harry kissing his mom. Until Diana entered the Royal family, one never saw public displays of kissing. However one did see affection displayed towards past royals in a more formal way.

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  • Prince Charles also showed love towards WIlliam as he seemed to be in awe of his son.  You can see his genuine smile as the baby sits comfortably in Charle’s lap.

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As the William and Harry grew older you could really see Charles’ genuine affection for the boys and vice versa as depicted in this photo below.

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Charles’  parents did not show him physical affection via kisses (at least publicly) as it wasn’t done then. It was not considered proper royal behavior to do so. The only thing Queen Elizabeth did get away with at least publicly was allowing  baby Charles to grab on to her finger.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 12.59.48 PM Among the Royals, things were more formal and one didn’t kiss in pubic. The  Queen, however  did show her affection by placing her hand on the  back of Baby Charles  and her cheek on his little head, but it was a posed shot as she looks away from the baby and not towards the baby.

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While the Queen was in a formal pose  and not physically affectionate with Baby Charles, her genuine smile says it all that she adores him as her body gravitates and leans in towards him. It seems she is doing all she can to contain herself for the public photo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.30.46 PM.

But she can’t resist and takes the baby closer to her as she smiles adoringly at Charles.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.30.29 PM

As a baby Queen Elizabeth was  also given a tremendous amount of love and affection by her own parents as you can see in the photos below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.31.17 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-03 at 1.31.38 PM

The Queen’s mother adored her as she leans into the little future Queen and  delicately touches her little arm. Elizabeth’s body sinks into her mother as she looks like one very happy smiling baby. Queen Elizabeth’s father King George adored his daughter as she sits on his lap and he holds her lovingly. The expression on his face is priceless as it reflects a proud father who would be comfortable holding her all day.

This generational photo analysis indicates that the future King George and his little  newborn Princess not only have  legacy of coming from royal blood, but they share the legacy of  coming from parents, grandparent’s, great-grandparents, and great great parents where there was considerable love being passed down from generation to generation.


12 thoughts on “Princess Diana’s Legacy Lives on in William’s Public Kiss to Baby George

  1. Diana left a beautiful legacy. She taught her sons very well in the short time they had with her. It is a sickening shame there is not once picture of a true loving moment between Kate Gosselin and any of her children. Hope they get plenty of open affection when they are with their father, who Kate like to make believe is dead.


  2. Hello, Dr. Glass. I am watching the new Jane Fonda show on Netflix. Sorry, don’t know the name…anyway, just saw this scene in the third episode where Lily Tomlin is reading your book, Toxic People.


  3. Casey Anthony spotted the other day. Look of anxiety on her face.
    Holding her own hands. Fingers twisted. What does it mean?


  4. What??? She is REEMERGING! Only YOU are capable of telling us whether she
    will suceed or fail! See her stroll in the Daily Mail? What does a slightly open mouth


  5. Absolutely right. Your’s is an EDUCATIONAL blog. It doesn’t matter whether the
    person is currently in the news or not. Don’t let your competetors beat you to the
    punch. Like the one that said knuckel massaging was a sign of lying.
    I’ll take a stab.
    The slightly open mouth is a sign of stress. Ever notice how witnesses to appaling
    scenes cover their mouths?
    Also, Casey always was a very “mouthy” person. The “C” that begins “Casey’s”
    name looks like a big open mouth. She didn’t care about her baby. She wanted
    her boyfriend’s telephone number, so she could talk.


  6. I loved this post. I always heard how loving Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were to their small children and I always though Prince Charles’ was adorable with his boys.

    I wonder if you could look at Barbara Walters’ interview with Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband? I’d be so interested to hear your analysis. Are they happy or not? Is the awkwardness because of the cameras? I’d be so interested if you could give us your views.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I did see the Mary Kay Letourneau interview with Barbara Walters. It was sad to me because Villi looks and sounds so unhappy. This experience has clearly destroyed him as a person in my view. I don’t think this woman should be glorified, made into a hero of sorts, or featured in the media on a periodic basis for what she did. She was a pedophile and did something inexcusable.


  7. She turned her body TOWARDS him as she spoke. She wants him more then he
    wants her. She would even do “it”on T.V. in front of an audience!


  8. These photos of the royals family affection is so heartwarming, thank you!
    Re Villi; yes, even lustful teenage boys can be sexually abused and their sexual innocence destroyed. Letorneau’s mental illness ruined that boy’s life. And what ‘s to say she won’t attempt to leave him for another teenager? Hope not; I think he’d flip.


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