Jodi Arias Musgshot Shows She’s Scared As Reality Finally Sets In

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.11.26 PMGone is the smug smile, the cockiness and the “I know I am going to eventually be a free woman” attitude.  Present is the fear based on her  tear glistened eyes, flat mid-face, pallid skin tone,  and  the tight muscle tension in her  lower jaw. Her autonomic nervous  system has taken over and gone into high gear. This is not the face of the Jodi we have come to know over the past seven years.It is a Jodi that just had the most severe reality check of her life- that she can no longer manipulate people or the system and that she will only leave prison in a pine box.

While she knew she would get punished for what she did to Travis,  there is no doubt that she thought she would be getting out in 25 years or less. As  this reality settles into her mind and soul, the once happy go lucky  Jodi with her dangerously  sickening sweet sing song voice will become more and more depressed as the drawn out long days stare her in the face.  When you do see photos of Jodi on the coming years, she may not look recognizable to you as her facial muscles will morph into giving her an whole different look and it will not be for the better.

In Perryville no one will be putting up with her shenanigans. Her  smug ” I am smarter  and better than you” arrogance will not do her any favors in prison among the other inmates.

Jodi is not a likable person and didn’t have many friends in life until she joined the Mormon church and then for the first time in her life,  found a whole new social life because of Travis.

While her new Mormon friends embraced her initially, they soon became wary of her. They felt something was off with her and ended up not liking her. Jodi did not learn how to make friends  and influence people throughout  her life. While she learned to manipulate, seduce, and blame others, she never learned how to genuinely connect with others. Her lack of social skills will not put her in good standing in prison. In fact, it will make her a moving target of hate from her fellow inmates.

So don’t be surprised if down the road,  you hear that Jodi has been involved in some type of attack or assault by fellow inmates. This is not wishful thinking. Jodi just happens to be a good candidate for being assaulted due to her cocky arrogance and the ” I’m better than you” air she gives off.


23 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Musgshot Shows She’s Scared As Reality Finally Sets In

      1. OMG. You need to put a disclaimer up stating your body language analysis are not your Feelings. LOL!
        You are the last person to feel sorry for Arias.


      2. Like what you said about Judge Stevens reaction I noticed a huge difference between her reaction to the other people’s testimony and to Jodie’s testimony. I would like to hear more input from you on this


  1. Dr. Glass,
    Great blogs. Please keep blogging. Love your blogs.

    Sucks to be you Jodi!
    Oops. That’s right.. She can’t read this. haha! No book club for her..:-)


  2. Thank you, Dr. Glass, for your insightful observation. Definitely a reality check. Along with looking scared, her eyes are cold, chilling and soulless. She is nothing but pure evil along with being a monster. So glad to not see her smirking or being so smug. Those female inmates will hate her.


  3. Dr. Glass I couldn’t agree with you more. What I think everyone has taken from following this from day one. She needs to have all attention on her weather good or bad. I have a daughter that is Boarderline. They can be your best friend one minute then they can turn on you the next.
    They will stay awake all night and plan how they can hurt you. They will plan all day while they are raging..
    This can go in for days. The word NO is one of the worst things you can say. With my daughter after taking her to many doctors. Would tell me she doesn’t think you love her. She never acted like most kids. Always wanted to hang with kids that had less then her, not pretty, had weight problems. The reason being she felt better because they wanted to be like her. She had power over them. They would do what she wanted.
    I could go on and on.
    After 17 years of our lives being in shambles. My husband and me have said no more. She is out of our lives for good. The hardest part is not being able to see our grandchildren.
    Getting back to 281129 she will go out of control when she can’t manipulate, have total control, and told no. Good luck to the other prisoners and prison guards. They have no idea what she will be capable of.


    1. Almost sounds like an adopted child in 3-4 foster homes that was neglected and abused in early life (when brains are forming, 1-5 years of age. They develop RAD (reactive attachment disorder). They grow into borderline adults. However. JA was not adopted. Must my thoughts.


  4. What an excellent assessment, Dr.Glass, and so interesting to read. I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head. My question , do you think she’s a full blown sociopath? I know that dr.Demarte ( who I think is brilliant and very smart) saw right through all of Jodi ‘ s nonsense and labeled her as having borderline personality disorder, but is there more?


  5. Naw…no fear, she is pissed she ‘lost’ even though she claims a win (she even scams herself). She will be runnin’ the place in no time..she thinks. That is the look of contempt.


  6. Thank you Dr. Glass for the facial expression analysis. With the picture you put up here, I can see the tension around the mouth. The cold, dead eyes are chilling. Someone put up and side by side with Charles Manson and Jodi – the dead eyes were very similar.

    How true that the other prisoners will not take well to Jodi’s “genius!” Not doubt she is planning and scheming her next step for appeals. However, her lack of self-control and her need for revenge had her tell the court and all the viewers around the world that Travis was conscious when she stuck the knife in his throat. Whether true or not, she has not helped herself 1 tiny bit. Bye Bye Perryville inmate 281129.


  7. I love Dr. Glass’s commentary but I do not quite agree with this one (I know she is the expert… but…)

    I agree that she looks upset but at the same time, I also sense a great disdain or scorn on her face – like “How dare they do this to me, don’t they realize I am Jodi Arias, how could I be forced to endure this?” and also a fair amount of “Just wait, I’ll show them” as malignant new plans seem to circulate already.

    I also see in this photo that the mask is completely removed and she is not even trying to animate the dead, snakelike lack of expression in the eyes. She looks truly like she would kill someone.

    I hope Perryville has a plan of action for keeping her under control!


    1. No she is scared as determined from the moist eyes. When fear stikes, the autonomic system kicks in and goes on high alert and that includes the lacrimal glands, Josi is cared. Her expression in not one of entitlement as you suggest. Ther eis no just wait I’ll show them. Jodi is not that stupid. She knows the drill and she knows she has to behave in her new home or there will be some severe punishment to pay.
      And yes if she killed once she could kill again, especially if she was feeling used and not like the center of attention as she felt with Travis. Peryyville has many Jodi Aria’s sociopathic types so they know how to control them.


  8. At first I wasn’t sure how to read her expression, not sure if the look was a ‘poor pitiful me’ or a sincerely scared look.
    Dr. Glass I have to agree with you, she looks scared~~I don’t feel sorry for her at all~~only satisfied that she is on her final resting place.


  9. Dr. Glass, first, I love your insight. It has been an ‘eye opener’ over the years, especially where Jodi is concerned. When I look at the photo from Perryville, I see a look of hatred. Hatred and maybe a hint of reality sinking in. I’m having a hard time seeing any “fright”. I don’t believe J.A. is capable of that emotion. She has shown no fear in the interviews, or being on the stand. Nope. Only hatred and a “how dare you” look. Just my humble opinion.


    1. Sociopaths do actually experience fear and an adrenaline rush as you can see in Joran Vandersloot’s photos when he was caught and paraded around by police in Peru.The same holds true for Jodi Arias as you can tell by the moistening of her eyes and the exposed sclera. She is afraid at what is in store for her. You are correct in that she showed no fear previously but now she has finally broken down and is showing that emotion.


      1. I truly believe that reality is finally setting in for her once and for all. As she so eloquently put it to Detective Flores during her first interview after being arrested, “if I am found guilty of killing Travis, I will have no life”.
        She really believed that she could lie her way out of this, the way she has lied her entire life, to everybody in her life! Be careful what you wish for Jodi! Remember the laws of attraction that you so believed in!


      2. Not obsessed and not clueless. She did in my view exhibit many sociopathic behavior traits like LYING!!!!!!and lack of remorse especially for tHE FAMILY! Ans Speaking of obsession the blog was written so long ago and for you to still even comment on it shows YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS OBSESSED Cindy! So let it go. She is in prison and a jury has spoken.


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