Jodi Arias’ Defiant Voice and Body Language During Sentencing Trial As She Sadistically Torment’s Travi’s Family

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Jodi Arias’ tone of voice and her body language were defiant up until the end.When she states her case in her defiant overly self confident and arrogant tone, you see her shoulders straight as she has her head up and stands erect. But then after the verdict is read and she suddenly realizes she will never get out of prison alive and be a free woman, her body language demeanor dramatically changes, with her  being next to tears, slouched posture, and head forward with neck extended in  resignation.

It shows that Jodi actually thought she would manipulate the judge during her final statements and have the judge give her 25 years so that she would be a free woman by the time she was in her 50’s.

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As the sentence was being  handed down, Jodi did not move as Judge Steve’s spoke . She stood there as  stiff as a board which indicates to me that she was in shock at the judge’s decision and that she actually believed the judge would grant her eventual freedom.

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But then Jodi began to crack. as we can see from her body language and her  facial expression right after she processed that she didn’t get what she wanted and would never smell freedom again. Her shoulders began to slunch forward in resignation and submissiveness as the reality of her situation was setting in. There was also severe tension around her jaw and lip area as though she wanted to cry.

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Then we see the tension in her lower facial  muscles as they bulge out, her nose becomes red, her eyebrows raise raise and forehead crinkle and eyes water as shown in  the photo above. Jodi is crying. Although she is trying to hold it together for her image, the media and the the public not seeing her natural reaction, she cannot do so. He body belies her true feelings of anger and frustration that she did not get what she wanted from the sentencing- being a free woman after a period of time.

But let’s go back to what happened before Judge Steven’s sentenced her and look at her mother’s behavior.

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When we heard Jodi Aria’s mother speak at the  sentencing trial, we also heard defiance in her voice as well as she spoke. She said that her daughter was wrongly incarcerated as she said ”  seven years ago she was incarcerated because  she wanted to live”   What??? No, Mrs. Aria, your daughter was incarcerated because she macerated  her lover’s body and shot him in the head as he bled to death in agony in a shower.   Next she stated. “they can cage her, they can strip her of her rights but they can  never take away her beautiful soul.”  Beautiful soul ? Mrs. Arias, a  beautiful soul is not someone who did what she did to Travis  with 27 stab wounds and a bullet to the head  as well as  all of the lying  and manipulating as we saw her do often. After hearing Mrs. Arias finally  speak, we not only see how she is in clear denial. We get a glimpse as to why Jodi may have turned out the way she did. No doubt her mother was in denial about Jodi her entire life and refused to see Jodi’s abberant behaviors.

The fact that Arias’ mother smiled as she walked up in front of Judge Stevens to speak on her daughter’s behalf was chilling and validates how much in denial she appears to be in.

When Jodi Arias finally spoke at her sentencing  hearing the tone of her voice was cold, defiant. She managed to take one last sadistic stab in tormenting at Travis and his family so they can never have any peace of mind. When prosecutor Juan Martinez said that Travis’ family hoped that he was unconscious when Jodi took that knife to him for the last time, Jodi responded to Martinez’ statesment in graphic detail. She said ” I remember the last time when the knife went into Travi’s throat and he was conscious.”

That  statement says it all about who Jodi Arias is- a sadistic, mean, hateful  creature with no remorse who’s comment was designed  to torture the family who had hoped their brother  died with no pain at the end. But Jodi made sure that they knew that he was in pain and was not unconscious.

She then paused for several seconds, took a deep breath where she raised her shoulders ( a body signal of deception) and went on to say ” He still tried to attack me.” Considering the physical shape Travis was  in at the time, it is highly doubtful that he was trying to attack her at that moment. She then goes on to say, It was I who was trying to get away, not Travis.” She then says I never wanted it to be that way Judge…. ” She doesn’t say your honor or Judge Stevens. Instead she calls her judge which is another clear act of the passive aggressive defiance on Arias’ part.

When she said she was remorseful for the enormous pain she caused people who loved Travis.  it was said in a matter of fact monotone voice devoid of emotion. After what she said about Travis being conscious and  in essence feeling the pain at the time of his murder, there was no remorse on her part at all.

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As she makes this incredulous statement, look at what Judge Steven’s is doing. The judge cocks her head in disbelief which is an indicator that she is well aware that Jodi is feeling no remorse for her brutal actions.

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After hearing the coldness in Aria’s voice, her lack of remorse and her meanness and  cruel sadistic actions, she should not be allowed to live. The lone juror who voted that she not be put to death did not show up to court while all other 11 jurors showed up wearing blue in support of Travis; family as they sat in their old seats in the jury box That was telling and very moving. The dissenting juror was as cowardly and sadistic as Jodi Arias by not showing up and representing her decision.

But unknowingly the one dissenting  juror, thinking she was doing Jodi a huge service by sparing her life, will no doubt have turned out to do Jodi no favor at all. Jodi will suffer tremendously.

 In the courtroom, immediately  after the sentencing one of Travis’ sisters yelled “burn in hell” This may be exactly what will happen to Jodi as she now makes her way to her new home of 86 square feet

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with a view from Jodi’s cell looking like this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.31.30 AM

.Past prisoners have found Jodi’s new home a living hell.The heat alone and being put out in metal cages when the hot Arizona sun is blistering down upon them is a hell in itself.

But Jodi will be allowed education classes and counseling sessions. No doubt she will get attention from the media at the various anniversaries  of her sentencing. And she will be allowed to interact with other prisoners where she has the opportunity to try her skills at manipulating them behind bars.  But she will often meet her match as there are many Jodi Aria’s types which will surround her and try their hand at manipulating her.

Because Jodi is so high profile it is a real possibility that another lifer with zero to lose who is sick of the whole process may try to kill Jodi for the notoriety. Others may want to mess hr up and may be willing to face the consequences. One thing is for sure, her arrogance and” I’m better and smarter than you”  attitude  along with her  perceived “high falootin'” vocabulary  and hyper articulation of her words will not be well received.

Based ont he way Jodi has presented herself thus far, she will not do well in prison, especiallyw hen it comes to interacting with others. As Travis’ sister wished, Jodi will rot in hell behind bars.

Now that she has been sentenced, there will of course be appeals.  But it is my view that no one mention this fame seeing sociopath again- that no specials or anniversary  shows be made to boost television ratings  and magazine sales. There is NOTHING more that can be said about Jodi unless she dies behind bars. We have heard it all – all her lies and all her psychopathology.  Her celebrity infamy needs to end now.

Jodi Arias was an attractive white young female who murdered an ex  boyfriend ,who in essence rejected her but still continued to have sex with her.  She killed him out of  anger and revenge and then claimed she had nothing to do with it. She got caught, tried, sentenced and will now be put away for her crime for the rest of  her life. This type of thing is not new and has happened many times to many people all  around the world.

The perpetrator  is punished, never to be thought of again. But it is the media that has made Jodi Arias into a star from the sensationalism of  48 hours to  other shows. The media  needs to stop and not revisit this mental case and  we need to stop watching and paying attention to Jodi and her soon to be tortured life behind bars.


384 thoughts on “Jodi Arias’ Defiant Voice and Body Language During Sentencing Trial As She Sadistically Torment’s Travi’s Family

  1. Jodi did not make the “thumbs down” sign to show she was not in agreement with the judges decision. she did that in reference to a picture that was taken of Tanisha and steven outside the courthouse referencing the fact that the alexander family did not want to settle for a plea. I am not a Jodi supporter but this is terrible reporting on your part dr. glass…you need to re-watch it and actually listen 🙂


    1. i agree phyllis, i am not JA supporter either, but thumbs down was in reference to a thumbs down post by the alexanders not the sentence.


      1. Well, I guess the positive thing is that after being alerted for her mistake, she removed it. Something like that should happen more often….. I don’t know how many times I have seen Jodi supporters state something like “She left pictures at the scene, that shows it wasn’t premeditation.” I can’t help but to correct them and state “No, she deleted the incriminating pictures from the camera and then put the camera in the washing machine, which made it non-functional. And, the destruction of incriminating evidence shows she was trying to cover up the crime.”


    2. In addition to the “terrible reporting”, including spelling and grammar errors, the conclusions about especially Jodi’s mother are simply….designed to do what sells to the masses….create more hate and anger despite that this does nothing to bring Travis back or relieve his family’s pain. This statement is the most ludicrous of all: “The fact that Arias’ mother smiled as she walked up in front of Judge Stevens to speak on her daughter’s behalf was chilling and validates how much in denial she appears to be in.”

      People smile for many reasons. Polite people smile. Nervous people smile. Although “denial” is an interesting word. I do believe that Jodi’s dad was likely abusive to her mom, and that like Jodi she has denied this all her life. All the signs are there.

      Though a smaller group of people believe Jodi killed in self-defense, the message this writer sends out to women who may find themselves in a similar situation and so many others is that abuse is okay, even a deadly attack. If so many are so completely sure she is lying, then why believe her at all? Why believe her when she takes sole credit for Travis’ death? If she really wanted to be free she would have kept her mouth completely shut. That’s common sense that any lawyer would agree with. There’s something very wrong with this case. I don’t believe Jodi belongs in jail, but I’m not exactly sure why. And I don’t believe “justice for Travis” has been served either.


      1. Sanda ( the same name as Jodi’s mother), Jodi’s mother was obnoxious during the initial court hearings where she giggled and chit chatted and constantly whispered with her twin sister and chewed gum in court like a bovine. It was disrespectful. There should be NO SMILING whatsoever when your daughter is up for life imprisonment without parole or the death penalty! There is nothing jovial here that would merit happiness. Whether or not she is in denial is not the point. She has had years to deal with what her daughter did to another human being. She and Jodi were always at odds with one another according to Jodi and Jodi said her mother was abusive to Jodi her entire life . Her mother needs to take a close look at herself and her role in why Jodi’s behavior is so aberrant.

        And Sandy don’t try to put words in my mouth as I put words in my own mouth through these blogs, so read them as I wrote them not as what you assume I said. Abusive is NEVER OK on any level- neither Travis’ emotional abuse by using her for sex and Jodi’s subsequent physical abuse which lead to his death. And if you don’t believe Jodi Aria’s belongs behind bars as punishment for how seriously she slaughtered another viable productive human being, then there is something seriously wrong with your moral compass in my view. A lot of men emotionally abuse women and humiliate them as Travis did to Jodi by using her for sex and then getting ready to be with and spend time with another woman, but they don’t brutally stab them in the shower.


      2. Notice Dr Glass doesn’t comment about the face pulling and eye rolling from the Alexander sisters, she doesn’t see that as abusive. Should we be surprised? I think not 🙂


      3. Dr. Glass, thanks for pointing out that my name is the same as Jodi’s mother. I forgive your spelling errors. Actually, there’s not anything wrong with my moral compass, at least not as you are implying. I believe Jodi’s trial was grossly unfair for many reasons. People on both sides, if they look at the trial, should be able to see this. Yes, unfair trials happen all the time. And yes, sometimes murderers get away with murder, not because they’re innocent, but because of the unfairness. It’s not a perfect system.

        Because there is so very much out there on both sides, I’ve looked at it. And one doesn’t have to be a complete cuckoo to realize the whole truth wasn’t told by either side, and that there’s a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense and more. I can’t help that I’m not willing to drink Juan’s kool-aid, or for that matter perhaps Jodi’s. I feel empathy for Jodi for a few reasons, and for her family. All the judging of every single word or body movement by her family, without regard to their own significantly distressful plight, is again unfair. I also don’t think the Alexanders should have been able to be seen by the jury with their constant eye rolls, and more. But I see both sides as human, and I cut them both slack. Sounds like as always Jodi and her family are set to more impossible standards to meet. Pretty much nothing they do or say is good enough for the moral majority, so I can see where they might just stop even trying. And that is sad and serves no purpose. I’ve never seen moral indignation solve anything, have you?

        Again, you overreact. I’m not trying to say you think abuse is okay, but I see very little emphasis given to Jodi’s abuse overall, and realize while you may believe such you just don’t write about it. That’s cool. And you do know that many women never report abuse, physical or emotional, or even let their closest friends know, I’m sure. Couple that with “The Secret” b.s. and Travis’ own demands that Jodi not write anything negative in her journal (he allegedly made her rip out pages even) and you have the perfect setup for the cycle. I again appreciate that you mentioned you have dyslexia. You’re not using that as an excuse for your spelling errors, are you? You’re using it as a reason, which is perfectly fine. But you see any quirks or anything “off” about Jodi and her family as a sign of evil or disrespect or some kind of negative. I’ve said from the beginning Jodi had ADD, and I suspect it runs in the family, actually I believe her brother was diagnosed and wrote about it. I am NOT saying that is a reason for murder. Only defending her own life by needing to kill Travis would be justified. I could easily show how Travis was a lethal weapon in the making based on the known facts, and I’m actually perplexed the defense did not do this. I know it’s not easy to look at the other side when it doesn’t support what one has made themselves comfortable to accept. I’m guilty of this, too, but I do it. But I implore you to google “ADD and Psychopathic Behavior”. There’s an incredible amount of gray in all of this and that bothers me. If you bother to read more of my words than just what you want, you’ll see that I don’t support murder.

        I’m not a fan of Jodi, and I feel real sympathy for the Alexanders and Travis’ true friends, despite some of their own over the top behavior and more. I do know what it’s like to lose a brother tragically, and I don’t believe the pain I feel will ever go away, nor will theirs. I don’t believe Jodi’s mother’s pain or her family’s likely will either. But continuing to rail on them and obsess over every move in order to perpetuate the so -called “justice for Travis” movement is wrong and I’d say a bit demented even. Anyway, feel free to visit and comment on my blog sometime if you want. It’s not perfect and neither am I, btw.


      4. Oh, and this is trivial, but I noticed you referred to me as “Sandy”. Now, I don’t mind that. I actually like both names, even any and all spellings. But I see it as a tad disrespectful from you in this context. Something about social media seems to bring out hyper analyzing, right or wrong, in all of us. As for Jodi not belonging in jail, I’ll add this. If Jodi wasn’t a psychopathic, evil monster before she spent 7 years in jail, then perhaps the next few years in Perryville prison around more clearly defined psychopaths and at the mercy of anyone who can afford a stamp, may turn her into one. And that could well be very dangerous. Remember how it’s been said that she assumes the identify of those around her, so to speak? Don’t forget she has a wide variety of folks who support her, some it seems willing to cross more lines than others to endear themselves to her and more. Jodi needed professional, objective mental help from the very beginning and she never got it. I don’t see her current situation as “winning” for either side.


      5. Sandra. I read your reply and comment and Jodi didn’t get a unfair trail at all. She actually was allowed to more or less run the show. Travis and Jodi was not boyfriend/girlfriend at the time she murdered him. They was both consenting adults. Do not forget she was the one who stalked him and slashed his tires also hacked his Comp and read his emails etc.. She went to great lengths to hide her tracks that day and then to go jump into bed with another man right after killing Travis. They had fantasy’s both of them most couples do. It turned into a case of he didn’t want her and she didn’t want anyone else to have him..No one made her go back every time she chose to do that..Don’t you think it was strange how she recorded the phone calls. It was all part of her set up plan..
        Jodi abused people and animals her self.. I find most of all how long this whole trial took. If it had been a man on trail this wouldn’t of taken so long …She is a very dangerous woman ,deceiving manipulative…No one every deserves to die the way she killed Travis ..I do think if she every gets out she will do it again She thinks she is untouchable …Domestic Violence is never ever ok.She killed him 3 times and may I say most of the trial was based on her hearsay or planned journal about Travis there was never any proof of the things she said about him or he had done any of the things she said he did….

        He wasn’t a saint by no means and neither was she ..But it was all consensual ..She wanted more she wanted money she wanted him [plain and simple and if she couldn’t have him no one else will..


      6. Since you’re so into the “correct” form of everything, HYPOCRITE, then try attending grade school again.
        “Grammar” error is actually, GRAMMATICAL error–IDIOT.
        And stop defending a sociopathic murderer, while you’re at it–LOSER.


      7. are clearly a very not bright man in my view. In fact I would consider you to be a very a dumb man. How you got that I was defending Jodi Arias from reading this blog shows your obvious lack of intelligence. No one is defending Jodi here. I am merely reporting her body language and if ou don’t like how I write these blogs ( I write how I speak in conversational style), then do yourself a huge favor and don’t stress yourself out and don’t read these blogs as there are millions of other blogs in cyberland for you to read. This blog is not for those with limited intelligence like you seem to be who could conclude that I am defending a sociopathic murder. Your ignorance makes YOU the LOSER!!


      8. Abusive ad hominem attack: The person presenting the argument is attacked instead of focusing on attacking the argument itself. Often, the “attack” is irrelevant to subject being discussed. For example, A person attempts to discredit the legitimacy of an article via focusing on any grammatical, not grammar, errors the article has. The impression attempted is: The author used bad grammar and made spelling errors so the article must not be correct. When the intention is put that way, it is quite asinine in appearance.

        I have noticed the “don’t-believe-what -he/she-says-because-the-grammar-isn’t-correct” is a common type of defensive arguing technique a lot of Jodi supporters have attempted lately. The use of abusive ad hominem attacks happened on my blog with certain Jodi supporters pretending to be another and posting comments. Most interesting, when the Jodi supporter was proven to be a fraud, the supporter attempted to delete all their comments. However, I did supporter a favor and posted the comments again.

        “When a person uses an abusive ad hominem argument, take it as a compliment to the quality of your argument. It is usually a sign of desperation on their part. ”

        A person uses an abusive ad hominem argument because they have realized they don’t have anything else to support their case. They are unable to defend their stance with the evidence, so they argue with personal attacks against the author and hopes it serves to distract from the author’s statement. The aim is to discredit the author or distract from the argument being presented by causing their “opponent” to defend themselves instead of defending the argument. It’s a ploy used when someone knows their case is weak.

        So, ask yourself, boys and girls: What does grammar have to do with the argument as to whether Jodi Arias is guilty or innocent? What does it say about an argument when the first statement is ad hominem attack instead of “here’s my opinion as to why you are wrong and the evidence to support it?”


      9. Thank you for your support. I am dyslexic so sometimes there will be spelling errors as I don’t see them. regarding my grammar, I mAmke no apologies for that either as I write the way I speak so it is like sitting in my home and having a chat with me.It amazes me when people can’t see the forest from the trees and are so narrow minded as you too have witnessed that they focus on spelling and grammar instead of content. I am doing the best that I can and I will try to do better in the future.


      10. She WAS NOT ABUSED. It was lie to get out of a murder charge. That “small group” of you have been conned an manipulated.


      11. Speaking of terrible reporting. You are the worst of the worst. You never have a clue what you’re talking about which changes on a whim with you. You have zero credibility. Let me ask you a ? No one on this planet, including you is a saint. Should you be slaughtered by Jodi too? That’s ok, according to your logic. Do you ever think before you spew your poo?


      12. Jeez, some of the comments to Dr. Glass are really rude and mean. Why are you even here if you dislike her so much?

        Dr. Glass, I have several medical issues, as well as a severe back injury that causes me to spend a lot of time lying down in bed. I’m unable to work, so I’m dependent on my parents for financial assistance right now…which I hate to be doing. I spend a lot of time on my iPad to keep busy.

        I hold a college degree as a Medical Office Assistant/Medical Secretary. I also have experience as a Medical Transcriptionist. I actually enjoy proofreading and data entry.

        Your blog articles about body language are really fascinating. I read your comment here saying you’re dyslexic, so it’s difficult or impossible to have perfect spelling and grammar.

        I’d love to proofread your posts so they appear more professional, and you wouldn’t have mean people making fun of your spelling. It’s something I can do while I’m lying down! You wouldn’t even have to pay me much, $5 an article or something similar. I’d love to be able to buy necessities for myself and not have to constantly ask my parents.

        Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there, if you’re interested! 🙂


    3. You’re correct, Phyllis. They all lie to make it exciting. All have Mass Delusional Disorder. Her take on Body Language is slanted too.


      1. You made a comment about the Alexander sister’s faces. I don’t see a reply to that specific comment. Let me ask you something Heather….if you were watching the person who brutally slaughtered your child/sibling and that murderer was saying all of these uncorroborated lies, like your son was a pedophile, you would have zero emotion as those things were spewed from their mouth? I find that just a tad bit unbelievable given your demeanor from all of your 100s of posts.


    4. I too am an Alexander & Travis supporter, since day-1 & agree w/above; jodi having done thumbs down gesture, while tattling to judge of Tanisha & Steven’s picture regarding, “No Deal” However, It was not Tanisha, Steven, nor any of Alexanders’ who started it’s circulation via internet. Slaughterer, jodi needs sit down somewhere {she’s plenty-of-time for it} as many foul things jodi had her 3rd party tweeter, along with her murderbelia groupies have posted, tweeted, and blogged; far worse than mere thumbs down photos and no-deal remarks. So sorry wannabe goddess you’ll never see BK again and things will never be your way, regardless how underhanded and dirty you attempt manipulate any future defense teams into being, as you skillfully did the last. Enjoy your life slaughterer, as the Alexander family undoubtably will. You think you won, nah all you managed doing is finally giving Travis a way-out to be finally rid-of-you and ensuring you are never near him again, in this & the after-life; he’s never been so happy, since Deanna<3.

      •peace out•


      1. J ON J.

        Interestingly you call Jodi a ”wannabee goddess.” This is very telling, you think she thinks she’s better than you, you see her as being above you, so you have an insatiable Need to put her down.
        Well, from your comments she IS above you, what you’ve said has just proved that, can you see this?

        Read my comments (below) to PJ.


      2. Heather Soper – OBVIOUSLY you know nothing about the case! Jodi referred to HERSELF as a goddess. If anyone knows about her, that’s the joke!!!


    5. This so called Dr is extremely unprofessional as her emotions regarding this case are clear for all to see. She reminds me of that other unprofessional woman, Nancy, I’m completely obsessed with this case Grace.
      These individuals are more than happy to paint the very worst picture of Jodi possible, while hailing Travis as an angel, when the facts of his case are as undpistuable as hers. The emails show he treated her lie utter dirt and dehumanised her, he was far more than just a womaniser, he was an abuser that enjoyed treating her like a dog he can hump ad then release in the streets. He was also just another twisted mormon (of which there are many), with sick fantasies about child sex, as evidenced in an audio recording, but everyone wants to ignore this because he’s handsome. If he was odd looking – people would be calling for the death penalty.
      Learning about this case has made me realise that Americans are pretty uncharitable and unforgiving, what kind of barbarians are you with the death penatly? That makes you murderers as a society. He didn’t deserve death for his faults of course, but neither does she. It is obvious she has alcked remorse due to the bitterness she feels about the treatmant she suffered, she’s not played a smart game at all because the life without parole sentece is also harsh considering where she is, she may as well be dead.
      Another thing this case teaches me is that Americans are reactive and not proactive, education from a young age in schools is the key to reducing crimes like this, if you don’t want more domestic incidents of violence (of varying degrees) then you’d be better off equpping children with the tools to understand their feeling and emotions, and how to defuse situations before they go to far. It’s obvious Jodi didn’t have the maturity required.
      What angers me the most is the coldness toward Jodi when the reality is that this is a tragedy all round, she is just someone who made a huge and rash error pf judgement and I doubt she’s cold about it deep down, she’s hurting just like both sets of families are hurting. There are no winners in these situations, so stop calling for death and start preparing kids for life, instead of force feeding them a diet of crap in schools.


  2. I believe that Jodi herself wrote the statement Sandy “Mommy Dearest” Arias read in court yesterday. It had Jodi’e self-serving tone all over it. And Mommy Dearest’s words on the courthouse steps were completely different than what she read.


    1. I agree that Jodi wrote her Mother’s statement. I also believe that someone Paid her Mother to read the statement. She is in need of money and was the only family member there. Mom was much too gleeful about the whole sentencing….her only regret that her daughter not have a wedding and children……


    2. True. She nearly got tongue tied when she spoke to the media outside. It did not flow with what she had said inside. Good observation.


  3. i thought the thumbs down was when she was referring to alexander family social post? did she do it again when judge sentenced her?


    1. Ooooh if she did it again you’d be in 7th Heaven, I can see that. Read Phyllis’ response at the top of this thread explaining why she gave the thumbs down–sorry it can’t be twisted to suit your liking..
      Ohhh I know you’ll be so terribly disappointed the source you got that piece of juicy information from got it wrong 🙂 You’d better tell them!!


    2. No, charlotte, she didn’t do a thumbs down when the judge sentenced her! I have to have a wry smile at the distortions and outright lies that those who hate Jodi Arias expect to get away with. Some people will believe anything, however outlandish it is, in fact, the more outlandish it is, the better they like it.


      1. I see you STILL haven’t seen the light and are still the murderers #1 FAN.

        Funny how it is YOU who STILL believes the murderers outlandish lies. (Are you still looking for the intruders, Heather? Or did you not hear the murderer say it was SHE who stuck a knife in the throat of the murder victim?)


      2. Sloppy Soper lacks comprehension 101. I was calling u and idiot and telling Linda what fool you are because everyone and their mother know you did not follow the case. Get it now lifeless lunatic who can’t afford a bra?


  4. Thank god the witch is gone. Now if only her ” mother” would go away. They are cut from the same cloth, both discusting trashy bitches. Like mother like daughter. Guess ole Sandy forgot her interview she did. Caught ya bitch. To lie for your daughter, now we know why she is the way she is.. bye bye….


      1. I’ve seen what you look like and you really have no room to talk. Your foul looks match your personality. Must be dead on JA la la land, huh? According to you Susan Baldwin, Travis fell on the knife 27 times and slit his own throat. One has to wonder how you actually get out of bed in the morning?


      1. Susan Baldwin, Why don’t you practice what you preach? Hodi’s mother is a pathological liar, a scammer, a sneak & hangs out with vile criminals. Those lies she told on the court house steps will come back to bite her day after day for the rest of her life. #winning!


  5. One of the reasons I wanted the death penalty for this creep is so that she’s locked in solitary confinement on death row with no access to other people or any of the “perks” of being an inmate. We all know it would be 20 years until all the appeals settled. She deserves to sit alone in a cell for the rest of her days.


    1. PJ, what stands out in neon lights when I read comments such as yours, is that you all think she’s above you. Children at school bully anyone who is *different* to them, and the reason is borne from envy and a deep insecurity. What you and others don’t realise, is that it is This that is causing you to hate with a fury.

      Instead of allowing her to be different, a separate person to you, none of you can stand it. This is Not a normal way to think, especially when it comes to someone you don’t know. Surely you must see this?

      Jodi is being bullied for her intelligence, her dignity and torn apart for her every move and facial expression, and now we take it to another level–analysing her body language, just another way to express hate to make others feel the same, others who can’t accept Jodi for being different, who gravitate to that person like bees to a honeypot, thanking them for feeling as envious and insecure as they are. Fear is at the root of so many things and she is being hounded daily by people like you.

      When I look at Jodi’s facial and body language I don’t see defiance at all, I see a woman who is extremely upset, who knows she has been wrongly convicted; this is what I see written all over her face. Wouldn’t you be feeling and looking the same if you knew you were going to have to lose your life because of a corrupt State? I dare anyone to say otherwise.

      For she Has been wrongly convicted. Fitted up by the prosecutor, detective and ME, Jodi is paying the price with her life simply because defending your life is not recognised, therefore she has to have planned to murder him, yes, people like you are certain she did it out of jealousy, because they want to think it, no other reason. Juan Martinez planted the seed in your minds and from that you all wrote your own script and nothing will shake you from it because of your deep-seated insecurities.

      You see a monster, I see a very caring and kind woman who was extremely naive when she met Travis Alexander, she had no idea at all of his psychological make-up caused by his shocking childhood, she was taken in by his charm, she was blotting paper, ripe for any abuser. She understood, wanted to help him and he abused her every which way. ANY young woman could find herself in Jodi’s shoes, this is what is so shocking about this case. Jodi through her naivety made a monumental mistake, she was young, she had no idea, her need to help him was important to her; because she had some understanding of him she really thought she could. It was through this selflessness that she now has to pay with her life.

      DP States and those who inhabit them, have to understand self-defence and know that when it comes down to saving your life, you Do it. Jodi had no choice. Travis had a problem with anger, he knew Jodi had left him, knew she was dating other people, his ego was shattered, his insecurity got the better of him that day, he became violent. Jodi Had to save her life.
      Jodi offered to go straight to prison, does that sound like defiance to you? It doesn’t to me, but then I’m not unhealthily riddled with hate for someone I have never met.


      1. Heather AKA the ACTUAL Queen of England via alias,

        I want you to be my next guest blogger, and I want just what you said here. Well, I’ll look for “grammar” errors first! HA!


      2. It is Travis who had no idea of the murderers “psychological makeup”. the manipulation offering up sex to “buy” the love of man.

        You seem to have an unhealthy adoration for someone YOU never met.


      3. I don’t think Jodi Arias is above anyone here. No one here is a convicted 1st degree murderer. No one here has been handed a LWOP sentence.
        Everyone here can talk to and visit family and friends whenever we wish to.
        Everyone here can kiss our husbands and children whenever we want to.
        Everyone here can feel the sun on our faces and the grass beneath our feet.

        It is the stock Arias Fan answer. “She is above you, and you’re all jealous of her.”

        It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.


      4. Where to begin. Stabby is most certainly not intelligent by any stretch of the imagination. Her vocabulary is deplorable to begin with. She uses words incorrectly quite often. Nor is she some poor abused woman who was defending herself. She is a cold, calculating, convicted and sentenced first degree murderer. Stabby as much as admitted it in court before sentencing. I was there and I saw her live and in color. Must say the stripes and chains was by far her best outfit to date. Self defense is absolutely a valid defense in this country, so long as it’s a true story. And the deal she offered was no deal the family should have agreed to. There is far too much evidence of premeditation in this case.


      5. Sloppy Soper, pure rubish. You live in a fantasy world. Why don’t you find an actual law abiding citizen to fawn over in the UK? Hodi hates you fool.She does not do “cat” like u do.


      6. Well for all JA’s intelligence, by the age of 26, the only job she could get was waiting on tables. Jodi did not offer to go straight to prison, she wanted a deal for 2nd degree murder. The State declined. Her defence was self defence, which makes her plea for self defence ridiculous, unless for the first time in history, the defendant tried to plea “up” to second degree murder, which makes no sense at all.


      7. You are correct she is not intelligent for the reasons you mentioned. Also she used all the big words (and in the wrong contect oftentimes) to give others the illusion she is intelligent when in deed she is not.


      8. Heather Soper, You’re “riddled with” unbridled love for someone you’ve never met! LOL!!!! A brutal murderer at that!


      9. Heather, I rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck in the back of my head, projectile vomited and cackled hysterically at your comment. You’re either a troll or someone too stupid to be human. Good grief!


  6. Great insight into Jodi’s behavior yesterday. While it could be expected of her, her words were nonetheless horrifying and shocking to caring people. I, too, noticed the look on Judge Stephens face as Jodi spewed her evil once again. Jodi is indeed satanic personality encased in a female body with a little girl voice, but she cannot hold it in for long. Her relationship with Travis was actually short-lived, though she refused to let him go, trying to the end to reel him in with sex. Perhaps Travis was weak in flesh; however, I think he may have also found it a way to appease her, giving himself relief from her relentless pursuit. No doubt that he had fear of her and tried a wide array of things to assauge her intrusiveness. I also suspect that some of his “little girl” comments were triggered by Jodi feeding to him that she liked that and encouraging him. We will never know for sure, of course, but as the tainted juror let her escape eternal hell for now, we can at least take comfort in the fact that Jodi has been locked up and the key thrown away!


      1. The eleven jurors who voted for death penalty let the judge know that the 12th juror would not deliberate with them, could give no scenario where she would employ the death penalty, and stated that she had heard some news and watched bits of the Arias Lifetime movie. Further, when asked in jury selection if there were ties to anyone on the case, she said no, but it is confirmed that Juan Martinez prosecuted her first husband and he was sent to prison. Tainted.


      2. Wanda said…
        April 14, 2015 at 9:34 pm
        The eleven jurors who voted for death penalty let the judge know that the 12th juror would not deliberate with them, could give no scenario where she would employ the death penalty, and stated that she had heard some news and watched bits of the Arias Lifetime movie. Further, when asked in jury selection if there were ties to anyone on the case, she said no, but it is confirmed that Juan Martinez prosecuted her first husband and he was sent to prison. Tainted.

        Wow, thanks for that explanation, Wanda. Hard to believe something like this could happen.


      3. The lone holdout, juror 17 had a few issues that should have kept her off the jury, even the Jury themselves tried to have her removed because she really wouldn’t deliberate or give any real reasons why she wouldn’t give the killer death.
        Not only did she supposedly fall for the DV excuse, she was married to a man who was put in jail by Juan Martinez which leads us to the natural conclusion she had a grudge against Juan. Supposedly she was a victim of DV. Oh and she also watched that stupid Lifetime movie about the killer.
        Maybe it’s the way it should be, maybe killer will get what she deserves in Perryville and she can go to hell that much faster.
        The Alexander Family needs to heal and killer needs to burn in hell.


      4. Oh, don’t you know? All the jurors are tainted in Maricopa Court and all DP States. The Have to be Death Qualified so the court can be assured a vote for death. As in this case the judge sent them back to further deliberate, to get the verdict she wanted–which was the DP.
        Had it not been for Juror 17 having a conscience she would have been pleased. JSS was BIASED.


  7. Dr. Glass, thank you for your excellent write-up about Jodi’s sentencing. I was stunned by Jodi’s pre-sentencing statement. Her words were purposefully cruel. This was Jodi’s last chance to convince Judge Stevens that she could be rehabilitated and worthy of release in the distant future. Instead, she spent most of her time “correcting” Travis’ sisters victim impact statements and giving one last, horrific mental image for them to suffer with.

    I would like to point out a needed correction. Sandra Arias was giving that smile after her statement to Judge Stevens and as she walked back to her seat in the gallery.

    Who smiles like that after begging for her daughter’s eventual freedom?


    1. Who? Jodi and her mother knew the obvious, that JSS wanted her to get the DP, thus anything she said to her was just going through the motions for the Kangaroo Court. If JSS could give a verdict of beheading she would have done.

      Why do you think JSS, when told the jury was hung, wanted the jury to go back and deliberate? Because she wanted the Death verdict. You approve of a biased Judge? This was proof of it. Couldn’t get any stronger proof that that.


      1. ALL judges encourage resolution to juries and send them back to deliberate more. you think Arias’ case was ‘special”? Stop making things up.


      2. It is standard procedure to ask the jury to continue to deliberate. Why should Jodi have received special treatment by JSS not asking the jury to continue via her standard instructions.

        Do you actually follow the judicial process in court cases, or is it just your need to love Jodi (a woman you have never met)?

        There was no evidence of bias by this judge. There are those on both sides who hate that the judge did not rule as they wanted emotionally. It’s a court of law, and the laws were followed. JSS explained every ruling on every motion, go back and read them.

        Jodi is convicted, and sentenced and is now no more than #281129.


  8. We have such a sick love affair with psycho/sociopaths. A show about that evil, evil man Charles Manson is debuting on network TV in May. Why do we need to continue to waste time on him; feeding his warped ego with attention? What an insult to Sharon Tate and her murdered child?
    In Canada a heinous serial killer couple was tried under locked proceedings and received very little media attention; that’s the way it should be. These soulless people thrive on attention so lets derive them of their oxygen.


    1. Mary, I think you’re forgetting something, Jodi Arias is Not a serial killer, nor would she ever be, she was a woman with no previous convictions, not even a parking ticket, and you want to Deprive her of oxygen? What happened to Jodi could happen to any woman, and has, look at Debra Milke, she has had 25 YEARS stolen by the State, years she can never get back.
      Believe it or not, corruption is rife in these archaic and barbaric DP States, and this is not just my opinion, it’s a well known fact. A fact you would do well to think about.


      1. Many murderers, especially women scorned, don’t always have previous convictions or even a parking ticket.


      2. Ted Bundy didn’t have a record either. Every serial killer has a first victim. Jodi had hidden another gun and two knives in the rental car she had hired when she tried to do a runner. Her 18 page letter to her victims family is very telling. As is the fact JA chose Travis’s birthday to write this insane letter.


      3. I really don’t believe Jodi was a serial killer. I think she killed Travis in the heat of passion as he just had sex with her and then was taking a shower and getting ready to leave to be with another woman. So she snapped to a very serious degree.To me she doesn’t fit the profile of a serial killer. But I imagine if she felt that another man would betray her or not be with her when she was so in love with them then yes, she may very well repeat this type of crime.


  9. Jodi was obsessed with Travis & she couldn’t handle the fact he was moving on with his life. When she said “It was I who was trying to get away, not Travis” → I believe in her twisted mind she thought the only way she could “quit him” was to kill him!


      1. My belief has always been she wanted a ‘sugar daddy’ and thought TA was a good find. When it didn’t pan out where she was the little stay at home housewife, her jealous rage took over and now TA is dead. It is also a firm belief that she thought she would never get caught…which makes me think of the camera. That was probably a mistake and when she realized she didn’t have it, she went into severe cover-up mode and got twisted on her own lies. As a Judge Judy fan (gotta love her no-nonsense attitude) her favorite saying here is ‘if you’re going to tell a lie, you have to have a good memory’.


    1. While watching this trial, almost everything that the killer said about Travis seemed to actually be about her. His anger when he found out about the sex tape must have been incredible. The killer planned this blackmail for a long time and I believe much of what was “said” during the sex tape were words that she put into Travis’ mouth. She is devoid of any personality and can only mirror others and create her life in her own mind.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As with everyone. you can write the script, think up the most exciting story and then all ya gotta do, is believe it and damn her for it, you know, make her the devil incarnate. I mean, you don’t know her so you can make her as bad as you like. That has to be very exciting for you in your humdrum life.
        Love your statements, btw. I forgot you were there, that she told you she planned to blackmail him.


      2. ” She is devoid of any personality and can only mirror others and create her life in her own mind.”

        Isn’t this statement about you, what you have done, Laurica? I think you’ll find it is. How wonderful you should reveal this.


  10. I grew up in a family of psychopaths and this is pretty typical. The behavior is most bizarre – smiling at inappropriate times… Psychopathy is a lack of conscience – a neurological impairment of the amygdala, orbital frontal cortex, all of cingulate cortex, parahippocampal area, and insula. It must be terribly confusing to try to decipher psychopathic body language because they try to imitate feelings, but don’t get it right. So, what they are projecting might accidentally be the opposite of what they are trying to “say”.


  11. My sources told me Jodi will not be interacting with other inmates at Perryville and if she ever does — it will be a very long time.


  12. Dr. Glass,

    Great analysis. Thank you for providing details about Jodi’s facial expressions and her body language. The clip I caught only showed Jodi from behind (her back) and I thought I heard some sniffles from her. You confirmed in photos and words that she did shed tears for herself (as usual).

    What did you think of when Jodi abruptly turned to the baby who cried out during her allocution?! Another glimpse into the real Jodi. What an evil look she send that poor baby.

    The final shocking revelation about Travis being conscious when she stuck the knife in his throat was beyond vile and contemptible. This could be another one of her manipulating lies, at this point it is not the jury she needs to convince. She knows she is going to prison and this was her final opportunity to do more damage to the suffering Alexanders before being transported to Perryville. She really is a piece of work. She deserves Perryville as her home! Whatever Jodi would like her groupies to believe, life at Perryville will be no picnic. Couldn’t happen to a “lovelier” person. I wonder if she and Angela Simpson will cross paths?

    Mom Arias did not fail to stun with her vapid comments. The apple did not fall far from the tree, did it? There was an interview with Detective Flores where Sandy stated that they always had problems with Jodi, how a friend of Jodi called pleading with the parents to get her help. One of her parents (I forget which one) told Mr. Flores that the question was posed to Jodi by him/her if Jodi had anything to do with Travis’s murder. I remember at the time I was stunned by there honesty, now I am stunned by the denial. The mother has done a complete 180. And I did catch the mother’s smile after speaking in the courtroom – it was jolting as it was totally inappropriate!!! It was as if Mom was proud of herself. This was not a high school speech. Then again Sandy and her twin sat through the trial laughing, munching, drinking, and “being entertained” by it all. It was truly disgusting to watch them. They certainly came across as the ill-bred individuals that they are.

    Regarding newsworthy future coverage about Jodi, let it be when she leaves this world. Same with her fellow travelers like Manson.


    1. Please note, after ALL the extensive mistakes the seasoned Flores, failed to even process the CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and EVIDENCE …..basic procedures were contaminated and completely failed in even the obvious course….follow basic steps 101


      1. Because Flores completely lost INTEGRITY to the criminal process, exposing a wife to SEALED DISCOVERY and involving her in an ongoing process of prosecution, he was demoted, still employed with Maricopa County, to media rep, WOW ……..SCARY


      2. Followup comments, update, sheriff Joe is up for more hidden truths to be revealed from the higher court….next is Martinez and Flores has already been demoted and now a pathetic professional, and his wife, is involved with SEALED DISCOVERY. Bill MONTGOMERY will be the last and the monies continue to flow, who ever financters RUTHLESS TACTICS unlawful and the best ever will continue to finally conclude that Jodi Arias was violated constantly, with her rights for a fair trial..


      3. Susan “sicko” Baldwin. Why did you not stand up for the killer in court? Nuff said. Actually none of you trolls did. Lazy or what? Criminal back grounds kept ya too? Take your delusional rants back to JA La La land. Hodi is done. Miss the news much? How many men have you beat like Sandra Webber? You are quite the man hater. Yuck!


    2. Sophie, ”What did you think of when Jodi abruptly turned to the baby who cried out during her allocution?! Another glimpse into the real Jodi. What an evil look she send that poor baby. ”

      You don’t recognise a look of concern? You’d rather make it a look of evil.

      So disgusting the way you make it up, you all do it. Is it catching, this toxic fever? Seems so.


  13. For one…..I wish people would stop referring to her as ‘white’. She is of the Hispanic race. Two….she was NEVER attractive and I wish people would stop referring to her as that. She is an ugly person – inside and out! Always has been, always will be!


    1. “There are Black, White, and Asian Hispanics. “Hispanic” means that a person has origins or heritage in Spanish-speaking countries”. It was intended by the census to be a category of linguistic and ethnic heritage, not an official “race” of its own.” Jodi Arias appears to be a White Hispanic. Many people feel she is attractive. Had she not been attractive, I can assure you that the media would not be giving her this much attention. Many women kill their boyfriends or husbands and they are not plastered all over the media as Jodi Aria’s case. Many men believe she had attractive features as did Travis. But when you look at her ations, attractive is as attractive does. So yes she is quite ugly.


    2. What is the need as an invisible, to text this? You are obviously a person rejected in your life, to challenge, from your mind ,exposing dribble as this. Do more for your life and this and other thoughts as judging ,again ,pointless words will change..


  14. I haven’t read your blog since the Casey Anthony trial, but I see nothing has changed when it comes to your spelling and grammar. How do you expect to have any credibility when you put out something like this. I haven’t even read it, but what a turn off!


  15. “She said ” I remember the last time when the knife went into Travi’s throat and he was conscious.” ”

    Those were not Jodi’s exact words either. But you don’t care, right? Because it’s Jodi and you feel justified in continuing to twist the details against her every chance you get. Why do that? Aren’t the actual facts enough? Or will anything ever be?

    You do realize she had been planning to include this in her testimony when it was secret, right? But then the court ruled against that particular “secrecy”. Her saying this adds to her taking full and sole responsibility. It also justifies the force needed for her to save her life. But I don’t believe Jodi told the whole truth. And certainly Juan’s fairytale is not supported by anything at all, except those with a bias against Jodi and a vivid imagination.

    Oh, are you familiar with the word “confabulation”?

    BTW, I don’t idolize Jodi nor am I a “fan”. I want the truth, the whole truth, no matter on which side it falls.


    1. Sandra, She let everyone know that Travis was conscious and in pain when she slaughtered him as that was the point. This sadistic statement was designed to give his family no reassurance that he did not suffer so what is your point? Take your contentiousness And to mirror your sarcasm and quote your words” Oh, are you familiar with the word “contentious”?


      1. Amazing, it appears selective memory is a common formulation, to the ones spouting Jodi is a liar, so, why believe and grasp these are truths? Because it fits your lack of education and knowledge is showing….think outside the box, surprise!!!


      2. Oh I think You are familiar with the word, ”contentious”, you’re contentious when someone speaks the truth about Jodi Arias and the Alexander siblings; I note you purposely left off the reply button on your response to Sandra Webber, well, it IS your blog so you can do what you want, or need to.

        You spoke of Jodi’s mother and sister smiling in the court, you weren’t privy to their conversation, were you, or could you read their body language (i.e your chosen slant)

        You obviously don’t consider the Alexander sisters rolling their eyes and pulling faces in view of the camera, deliberate and abusive, now why doesn’t that surprise me?


      3. Dr, Glass, I find it funny how everyone that hates Jodi and also what happened to Travis seem to believe they know Jodi’s intentions with everything she does. She can’t win, no matter what. Did she take a risk by saying this? Yes. But I don’t know if it was planned or if it was a reaction to Juan Martinez’ statement and she wanted to correct it. But absolutely nothing tells me that Jodi wants to add additional suffering to the Alexanders. Now, Juan Martinez doesn’t seem to give a shit in shinola about anyone’s feelings, since he’s exploited their tragedy to no end by using mutilated body pics gratuitously whenever he was going for the jugular in his questioning, because he couldn’t win otherwise. Tanisha, I believe, it was, even ran out of court once when he did this. Course, I personally think that could have been planned. Just one more bit of emotional behavior to taint the already tainted jury. I’m not familiar with your work, Dr. Glass, but when a known professional finally decides or is not afraid to look at the defense side of this case, well….good things could happen and the bigger truth could be unveiled, for both Jodi and Travis. Or not. Have you looked up confabulation, yet? OH, and I am familiar with the word “contentious”, and there could be some of that in Jodi’s behavior, too. For what she’s been through the last 7 years in the toughest jail in the country, and with the most vicious, corrupt prosecutor in the country who gets away with horrendous behavior that would doubtfully be accepted anywhere else in the country (he’s not called “Teflon Juan” for nothing, btw), no treatment for obvious mental challenges, etc., etc., etc., I would say she’s held herself together incredibly well.


    2. What were her exact words then, Sandy? Does it really make a difference when the intention of those words is to destroy a family even further? You can’t handle the truth.


    3. “You do realize she had been planning to include this in her testimony when it was secret, right?” Of course coz the murderers pathetic defense attorney told you? Or was it Mitigation Maria, that REAL professional mitigation specialist?

      You most certainly do idolize her. And yes. You are a FAN. The truth came out in the courtroom and in the actions of the murderer.


    1. Don’t be ridiculous Bill. here is no bias here. Jodi murdered a man who didn’t want the same thing she did in a relationship and continued to have sex with her which in turn made her feel abused and disrespected. She killed him in a very brutal way. She had a trial and all the jurors voted for the death penalty except for one which spared her life so how is that misinformation?


      1. A little bit of contention spilling out there, Dr Glass? Bill writes the truth and you’re allergic to that.

        Would You like to be ”tried” with evidence hidden that would exonerate you? Surprisingly enough no innocent person would.

        Maricopa is a cruel, sadistic and barbaric court steeped in corruption, oh I know, Dr Glass, you close your eyes to that..


      2. You feel justified in calling Bill “ridiculous” when he simply disagrees with you? I’d say that is a tad contentious. Have you listened or read any of the juror’s interviews? The jury was tainted from the beginning and some likely got on as “stealth” jurors because they knew this was a big case and they wanted that power. Could 17 have also been? Sure, it’s possible. That she was bullied by the other 11 and now has to have police protection is insane. Also, remember the judge did not kick 17 off despite Juan ‘s last minute investigation trying to do so. This trial and Jodi are very polarizing, no doubt. I actually look at both sides and want to find the whole truth. I also want to point out the massive corruption in Maricopa county’s investigation and prosecution. Or is it okay to cheat to get the desired results? I absolutely believe the Alexanders have been robbed of fair and honorable justice for their brother at this point.


      3. Jodi Arias has a high IQ. Dr DeMarte said so. You really think she decided to murder Travis in a DP State? I mean, really? That should sound a bit too far-fetched even to you, Dr Glass!


      4. Can you clearly articulate any rational reason she wouldn’t be focused on HERSELF when it is she who is facing the death penalty? Travis is not coming back, no really, he isn’t. No matter how much you hated onJodi and related.


      5. Don’t be close-minded, Dr. Glass. Read Bill’s blog and mine and spar with us if you wish. But we will ask that you be specific. Blanket statements as you seem prone to will not be posted. But hey, I’d love to have you visit. I think Bill would, too!


      6. Thank you Dr. Glass. Bill is ridiculous as is Sandra Webber. They have no idea the meaning of the words “bias” nor “libel” yet they love to throw them around a lot at the most inappropriate times. Hilarious how deluded they are. Wonder how come Bill never stood up for the killer in court? After all he really does think (he’s pretty old) that Hodi is his and trial watchers should be put in jail. No joke. Yet he was a trial watcher too. He spends a lot of time stalking trial watchers on twitter and wishing them harm. I can just hear his delusional defense now “you are biased to bust me for cyber stalking & making threats”. LMAO


      1. Oh lordy, how many accts does Soper need to prove she’s insane? One isn’t enough? Hodi does not have a high IQ but that means nothing if it were true. She’s a murderer who was never abused. Your lies aren’t working out too well for her now are they? Why didn’t you speak for the love of your life (in your mind only) in court? Oh wait, you are in the UK. U hate America so I’m guessing you’re on our “no fly” list. The biggest reason of all. She hates you, George Barwood, Jason Weber, Lisa Schilling & Sandra Webber. Get a job of any kind or are you not to smart enough? I’m guessing the latter.


  16. With Juror 17, only she knows why she decided against death penalty. Yes, her ex husband was prosecuted by Juan M. Martinez in 2000 where her ex husband agreed to plea bargain. Since she wasn’t the 1 prosecuted, then my guess would be most likely she saw the prosecutor Juan M. Martinez in a 2000 courtroom for a few minutes where her ex husband plead guilty agreeing to the plea bargain, so after 14 years, it’s possible for her to not remember Juan M. Martinez. The woman was interviewed & she said that the death penalty is not to be taken lightly & she believes Jodi Ann Arias should spend rest of her life in prison & she also said that she doesn’t know if Jodi Ann Arias should get death penalty if Jodi Ann Arias had murdered her own son. People have accused Juror 17 of being a liar but only she knows why she decided against death penalty. Juror 17 whether we agree or differ with her did what she believed as a juror & she should not be harassed. Don’t be surprised if Jodi Ann Arias’s friends have been harassing Juror 17 by calling her @ home to try to get sympathy for Jodi Ann Arias with lecture of how jurors who disagreed with death penalty gets harassed. Juror 17 should be left alone & let’s instead attack the defense psychologists who didn’t care what the facts were but were interested in making money.

    Jodi Ann Arias stalked her boyfriend and 1 day she murdered him by stabbing him to death and cutting his throat. During the murder trial, Jodi Ann Arias said that her boyfriend abused her when she abused her boyfriend. Jodi Ann Arias even falsely accused her boyfriend of being gay by saying he masturbated to images of young boys (homophilia) but the tests on computer disproved her as they showed images of women. Travis Victor Alexander did nothing wrong other than be involved with Jodi Ann Arias a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder and in the end that got him murdered & during the murder trial, he is accused of abusing her when it’s other way round. & long before Jodi Ann Arias met Travis V. Alexander, she had a violent history going back years such as Jodi Ann Arias kicking a dog when she was a teenager, Jodi Ann Arias abusing her cat (which prosecutor Juan M. Martinez was not allowed to raise) and Jodi Ann Arias was not credible during the murder trial.

    & there were defense witnesses such as Alyce L. LaViolette, L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Richard M. Samuels and Robert A. Geffner who said what they knew is false for money. They didn’t care what the facts were, they just saw a chance to make $ by testifying by making the victim look like the abuser when it’s other way round. Alyce Louise LaViolette did not care that Jodi Ann Arias was stalking Travis V. Alexander, among other things. Travis Victor Alexander reported Jodi Ann Arias stalking him and slashing his tires. But it’s possible Jodi Ann Arias committed assault & battery on Travis V. Alexander or even threatened him with a knife only Travis V. Alexander didn’t report this. Men are more likely to tolerate women stalking them and Travis V. Alexander figured that because he was a risk taker and bigger than Jodi Ann Arias, he could handle Jodi Ann Arias abusing him. Don’t be surprised if Jodi Ann Arias had even tried to stab Travis V. Alexander before only that he had stopped it, except this time, she murdered him. Victim has to be right all the time, only that on that day in shower he could not stop her. Travis V. Alexander’s the victim. Jury convicted Jodi Ann Arias convicted of Murder 1 because she and her witnesses were not credible-she must spend rest of her life in prison or get death penalty but I don’t believe in death penalty.


    1. Bottom line is no matter what you say in terms of being a juror and being able to vote for the death penalty until you are really in that position you will never know for sure. Travis used Jodi for sex which made her feel abused and humiliated especially when he just had sex with her and was going to spend time with another woman. So she killed him. Not to blame the victim, but he played a huge part in this by continuing to be sexual with Jodi and with not trusting his instincts after her told everyone she was the type of woman who could kill him.


      1. No one expected Juror 17 to have a conscience, it would have been a massive shock when Jurors have to be Death Qualified.
        Martinez tried to get her off the Jury.. why doesn’t that tell you anything, hmm? It should do. It did to those who support Jodi Arias, why not to you?

        We all heard JSS say in her admonition to the jurors that no one should try to sway someone’s opinion, well, seeing that the Judge sent the jury back to deliberate knowing it was a hung jury, it doesn’t take much to work out why!


      2. I am surprised how people think they have a right to harass a jury for not giving the death penalty.
        They purposely do not select trial watchers to be on a jury for a reason.
        I am just happy Jodi will be in jail for the rest of her life.


      3. Heather everyone is entitled to their opinion,even you, so don’t put others down for theirs. My aim was to read Jodi’s body language and what she said that is it. It was not to judge to guilt or innocence or how she should be sentenced as that is what a jury is for.


    2. Travis was likely being stalked by someone. But many signs point to someone besides Jodi. That strange email with warnings about his behavior? Why was the actual origin not investigated and presented as evidence in court? Surely, that would have been damning to Jodi. Fact is it was not. And why? Perhaps it didn’t support Juan’s fairytale. If Travis was scared of her, why did he continue to be in contact with her? Did she scare him into having raunchy sex with her? And why did his friends not check on him before 5 days? They all seemed to believe he was in danger…at least, after the fact. Did they really care about Travis at all? Five days and not a peep. Chris Hughes even had an “important conference call” scheduled the night Travis was allegedly killed. Wouldn’t that have sent up a red flag for anyone normal, who had real concern and care for their friend?


      1. Chris and Sky Hughes changed their stories 3 times of their whereabouts, but no one mentions that–only about Jodi changing HER stories. Yes, Sandra, it all stinks.
        The IP address of who sent that email should have been easily traced, but JM didn’t bother about that, he told everyone Jodi sent it–where’s the proof? There wasn’t any evidence of that, yet it was evidence against Jodi for the lynch-mobbers to believe, they lapped up everything he sold them.


      2. Another good question is, why didn’t JA have an x-ray of her (cough,cough) broken finger entered into evidence? Why did she give three different versions of how her finger was injured? If JA was scared of Travis, why did she drive hundreds of miles to see him, let him, using a knife tie her to the bed? Oh and it was a 20ft long rope! JA’s lies are laughable .


    3. ”Jodi Ann Arias stalked her boyfriend and 1 day she murdered him by stabbing him to death and cutting his throat”

      Would you have sex with your stalker? Would you keep calling your stalker?

      Travis did Both. So stop being ridiculous.

      ”Don’t be surprised if Jodi Ann Arias had even tried to stab Travis V. Alexander before only that he had stopped it,”

      So the next thing I’ll hear from someone is that she actually did. It will be Fact, mark my words on that!


      1. Neither the killer nor Travis knew what they were up against. This murder was like a car wreck waiting to happen. If either one of them could have taken some control, this murder did not have to happen. The killer chose to continue her manipulations in the courtroom and this is the outcome. Had she even considered for a minute that fighting the charge was futile and showed some remorse as opposed to destroying the character of the victim, she might have possibly come out with a lesser sentence. She writes and rewrites all the songs.


      2. Sloppy Soper, get off the net and buy a bra. Mark my words “no rating and raving like a lunatic that u are will free the devil, Hodi Arias”. Get a life. Your lies don’t work ever.


      3. I didn’t see your reply until today, but here is my answer. Yes, there are men who would have sex with a woman who is stalking them if they think the woman is beautiful enough and yes, there are men who can tolerate a woman threatening them with knife. In domestic violence cases, we see many times women returning to the men who abuse (assault & battery) the women. So in the some cases where women commit domestic violence against men, it is possible for a man to have sex with a woman who stalks them.


  17. It is the words of ignorance and simple minds, comments read over and over to the SENSATIONALISM of religion and politics. Obviously, the DEATH MASTER tried TWICE and failed, with all the tactics of a simple paid employee, Maricopa County prosecution office, has taken any TRUE TRUTH and flipped it, unsuccessfully, monies endlessly, the ALEXANDER siblings, and still lost. So, now, out for the world, check out the celebrating picture with Flores, dropping a camera to possibly take photos, with his wife assisting, of ALEXANDER sibling, Tanisha, bending over in front of MARTINEZ, and others. All celebrating , Martinez lost, and yet, smiling and enjoying ….truly disgusting professional behavior, from an officer of the court.


    1. There are no winners here. Everyone is a loser. Travis lost his life. Jodi lost her freedom. Her family lost their peace of mind as did Travis’ family. All attorneys lost because whether Jodi dies after a lifetime in prison or whether she dies after a long time in prison and then given a lethal injection it doesn’t matter. Travis died and there is no bringing him back.


      1. Well Dr Glass, anyone who attacks someone, shouting they’re going to kill them, has to be prepared to be killed. Travis did have a choice, didn’t he.

        Jodi will win her Appeal, there was enough lies and corruption at the trial to sink a fleet of ships.

        You approve of hidden evidence by the State, I take it?


      2. What is your point? Basic knowledge. Nothing comes from violence, nothing ever could. Your reply is a general NOTHING. Which obviously, the pitch t/TDOGG pitched over and over were lies, certainly, good on paper or texts, but only for show. He wanted his way, no matter what and was used to get to what he wanted, except for the young woman he walked across the room and tagged “plucking chicks” as Chris Hughes, t/TDOGG’s best friend and investor, and bagged her in Chris and Sky Highest home. This young woman, bright and educated was now his for the taking, except, he could not kick her to the curb, as he had done to the many previous “plucker chicks”. New stuff for t/TDOGG and so the challenge continued and he wanted his way, whatever the strategy.


    2. Remember, check out the social media picture spreading, of MARTINEZ in the center, with Tanisha, the bend over woman exposing techniques of Flores and wife, with camera falling as they are picturdng and laughing to Tanisha and her bend over in front of the DEATH MASTER, all quite telling…an officer of the court has shown flagrant and wrongful behavior, simply, as who he is…


      1. Picturdng(correcaion), funny Flores happens to be grasping for camera……just as Jodi Arias so testified, but was that truth or lie, remember selective truth and lies. But, hey, PROSECUTION formulated the whole case on magic and sex was the magic wand… one spoke about it more than Martinez. This is another tool used by a deceitful professional, to win.


      2. My apologies since all you nutters sound the same. Susan Baldwin you are extremely delusional and paranoid. I hope the authorities keep a close eye on you as you are clearly a danger to yourself and others.


    3. Sandra Webber you are a money grubber ho who breaks up marriages and beats men. Who’s the loser asking for donations on her poorly written and factless blog? That would be you. You’re already on government assistance because you’re too lazy to get a job. I hope the Alexander’s sue you when I pass on your sick hate to them. You hypocrite who talks to herself with multiple accts. Shame on your rotting soul.


      1. To pinkpumps or however many other names you hide behind,

        Envious of Sandra Webber too I see. You really should try to curb that insecurity of yours, dear, it does you no favours.


      2. Only Soper “doper” would think anyone is envious of a lifeless lunatic such as herself and SW. Get a grip lady. SW is on the fast track to jail. Ooh, how much fun that would be. You should go with her and tell us how “jealous” we are. In the mean time. Go to the 5 & dime and get yourself a decent bra. They are hanging to the ground like your arms.


      1. Ahh, Dr. Glass, I appreciate you clarifying that. I am not in the habit of calling out folks for spelling errors, but after over 2 years dealing with the lynch mob and being attacked for my opinions, I sometimes resort to snarkiness. OH, and yes, I am sarcastic at times. I will also admit when I’m wrong. What’s up with the “honey”? Well to be fair, I say “dear” a lot…and oh hell, we are ALL human, well most of us! Ha!


      2. Great stuff Lillian. Sorry you have been bombarded by the Hodi cult. Truth is feared by them at all times so they harass people who have real jobs and professions all over the net. Sandra Webber (florida), Heather Soper (UK), Bill Walter, old perv in PA, Susan I believe is also Sandra Webber. Her hobbit body guard is Joe Santos of PA.


  18. Dr Glass.

    Photo 162, I think we’re all familiar with it. Martinez said it was Jodi in that photo, where is the evidence of that? There isn’t any. It could have been anyone, there was no face to say who it was, just a shoe and part of a pant leg. Why did you believe it was her? Because Martinez told you it was. If he told you the earth was flat would you believe that, too?

    What, did Jodi put the camera on timer to prove she was there? Ohhh it was kicked/trodden on, says JM, ahem, had it been kicked, how was ‘Jodi’ to get back into that position? Remember, Travis was allegedly dead, so Martinez wanted you to believe, so wouldn’t it make sense that her leg sideways on was propping up his head?
    His head was upright, and he was supposedly ‘dead; had the camera been kicked/trodden on and taken an accidental photo, how come it waited until ‘Jodi’ got back into the sideways position with her leg propping up Travis’s head?

    Haven’t you wondered how ‘Jodi’ could have taken that particular photo–and been IN it? Impossible. But, it was ‘evidence’ against her. What evidence? Like all the red herrings he sold you, they were just red herrings and why? Because he had nothing else.

    He knew whatever he wanted to sell you, you’d buy it. Because he is a CELEBRITY! He can’t let his adoring fans down!
    And just to make sure he got a conviction he changed his Charge, from shot first to shot last (just to ensure she got the DP), and got Horn to change his testimony ( it had been so long ago since Horn wrote his signed testimony that, well, he ended up with a memory problem!) In any case, a typo (well, spanning a sentence or two) , didn’t Really matter, did it, it was only a DP case.


      1. By the way SW whilest you’re trolling w/your hater gang. You’re actually missing some really big reality check that’s about to come your way. That loud knock from the Clearwater PD is a coming. Looks like someone you messed with has exposed you, Soper & Bill Walter publicly to ever resident there. Oh and FYI, collecting donations while scamming for government checks is a big no, no.


    1. The camera was kicked as she dropped it when savagely beginning her attack and kicked around as the struggle continued down the hall where she monstrously nearly BEHEADED him. The shot of her foot/leg was her dragging Travis, body (he was prone). And trust me, that camera wasn’t put on a timer or “positioned”: it captured her in the process of murdering the man. She wishes that camera had been destroyed as she tried to do but stupid “Stabby”, she didn’t count that forensics could retrieve the data she tried to delete.


      1. Jenna, You are asking myself and others to believe that when a camera is kicked it waits until you are IN the photo to take your picture? If it was kicked as you say, the shot would have been instant. The photo clearly shows the person’s foot Down On The Ground, her leg and foot would have been upward if what you say is to be believed. Also the photo would not have been so straight–remember the accidental photo, the one of the shower ceiling? Hardly straight, was it.
        Not only this, but she dropped the camera in the bathroom, this photo is of someone allegedly dragging him down the hall, (even if it is a still photo.) Are you seriously expecting us to believe that her first thought in the bathroom was to pick up Travis’ camera and hold it while killing him, dropping it while dragging him, then kicking it? Because this is exactly what you’re saying, is it not?
        What you are wanting us to believe is absolutely nonsensical and outlandish.


      2. Jenna, you call her ”stupid.” This is a given for the people who hate Jodi Arias, everyone has this need to put her down. The only reason it can be is to make yourself feel more intelligent. And why would you have the need to do this? Insecurity. You see her obvious intelligence, are envious of that, so in order to be superior you need to put her down. You see her as above you and none of you can stand that.


      3. Jenna, in order to believe the State, one has to believe their Witnesses; Dr DeMarte was a key Witness for the State.
        Dr DeMarte said Jodi Arias had a High IQ. This is at odds with you and others calling her stupid, right?

        But I understand you *have* to call her stupid in order to put her down, because of your insecurity and because of your need to feel superior and above her, and are compelled to keep doing so, even now she has been sentenced you are still trying to convince others. But you see, by calling her names like stupid, you’re in a bit of a bind, because no one with any intelligence would believe that anyone with a high IQ would dream of doing such a thing.

        Put simply, it doesn’t add up that anyone with a high IQ like Jodi, would plan to commit a murder in a DP State.


    2. Dr. Horns report proves he made a typo only on a standard autopsy form. He also testified that he did not tell Dt. Flores the shot came first. If the shot came first and we know it didn’t, it would only make JA’s crime worse. A cruel, brutal, butchering. The amount of stab wounds to Travis’s back shows what a monster JA is.


    1. Actually Heather Soper, Ted Bundy had a higher IQ than Jodi Arias, and that didn’t stop him from committing murder in a death penalty state. Therefore, the point you are trying to make is moot.


      1. Heather, sweetie, I have no hate, envy or anything else for another living soul on this earth. I am certainly not insecure. My life is just fine, and like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. I sure am a very lucky bunny.
        I’m not sure where you get these statements from. Just pull them out of thin air I guess. *shrugs* It’s up to you, but it certainly doesn’t make you look credible in any way.


      2. Juligregg, your answer was, ”Actually, 90 degrees is pretty common for a leftie. Like I said, the evidence points to NO self defense. The evidence points to rage. There is no evidence that Travis Alexander attacked Jodi Arias. None. Nadda. Ziltch. Zero. I’m sorry you can’t use intelligence, and common sense to grasp a simple concept that is right in front of your eyes. *shrugs*”

        Took you a while to think up that one, didn’t it? Too funny!!!!

        My son is left handed but he throws a dart straight lol!


      1. Or perhaps, “infamous”? It doesn’t matter to me, Queen Heather, does it to you? I mean we’ll never change some people’s perceptions and that too is perfectly fine with me! Cheerio!


  19. suzi, You have Jodi terribly wrong, you believed everything Martinez said, without question, and nothing and no one will change that, not even when more is revealed, (as it will be), you’d still deny it. Sad, very sad, just think, anyone, you included, could find yourself in court faced with JM, you’d be innocent but you’d have people like yourself believing lies about you. How would you like that?


  20. Chix. there was no reply button so I am copying and pasting your comments,.

    ”I am surprised how people think they have a right to harass a jury for not giving the death penalty.
    They purposely do not select trial watchers to be on a jury for a reason.
    I am just happy Jodi will be in jail for the rest of her life.”

    Why should you be surprised when jurors all have to be Death Qualified? So of course they would be expected to vote for death. Surely you would know that the lone juror would be got at? I would have though it obvious for the above reasons.

    Jurors are meant to be impartial, so having a rule they should be Death Qualified is actually appalling, shockingly unfair. Why do they purposely not select trial watchers? I’m curious.
    Your last sentence, I assume it was for shock value, seeing that you only wrote 3 sentences.


  21. suzi, you wrote:

    ”the judge has to tell them to go back and deliberate …LOL at bias ..not a chance.”

    Was this a bit of humour?

    JSS had tears in her eyes when the first jury wasn’t unanimous with the verdict of the DP, I watched her wipe them.
    Even Troy Hayden (who I detest, btw), said JSS sent the jury back to deliberate when she knew it was a hung jury the second time, she knew there was one hold out. Troy Hayden then said the Judge wanted the DP, which was why she sent them back.

    So, JSS biased? Of Course She Was! Her bias permeated through both trials, she may as well have said so, it was That obvious.


    1. They’re not fans, they’re thugs. If you want to support Jodi, then support HER. Trolling and trying to work out your own psychological problems on these pages is nothing short of mental masturbation. No one wants to see that! ha! Stay on the Jodi fan sites, send her money, write her love letters – whatever! But, mostly, send her $$$$$. For the next 10 years or so, her bank account is going to need all the deposits it can get. So, make her your beneficiary. 10 years is a long time and it’s a good idea to plan for when you’re no longer here to bitch and moan.


      1. You know what? I hope the Alexanders get their hands on the LOT! I kept out of the monetary side of things for the most part, but now I hope the siblings with the court date and their civil attorney gets their hands on it all. Roll on the 1st of June, and after that the civil trial!!


      1. Sloppy Soper, no one invited u as this is not your blog you “hater” frothing at the mouth. Where is that life you tell everyone to get? HYPOCRITE! Truth hurt. Hodi will be shanked in jail sooner than later. She’s coming out in a body bag. Read up on hell on earth, Perrville. You lazy ass wanker.


  22. Carr.

    Are your comments meant to show how smart you are? Because you have failed miserably, all you have succeeded in doing is showing your ignorance.
    Are you qualified to diagnose a disorder? The answer has to be a resounding NO. So go suck eggs.


  23. Dr Glass.

    Might I suggest you go to Specsavers ? I defend Jodi to the hilt, and why? Because she is innocent of premeditated murder. You said there was no one here defending Jodi, well, I count three people including myself.
    Corruption is just as alive in Maricopa court as Saldate was to Debra Milke, who is free now after he lied to put her in prison, in solitary for 25 YEARS. And even now, Montgomery wants to re-try her.

    Stealing innocent peoples’ live is what DP States thrive on. It’s a pity you don’t see this.

    P.S I don’t particularly like your inference that I am ”a loser.”


  24. Dr Glass, I think you have forgotten that you have made it quite clear what your opinion is of this case, you *say* there’s no bias, but that is not what I deduce after reading your blog. Now, back to the body language. What body language ? People have said she gives the finger and all sorts of stuff to fit their agenda. Although I am aware of body language (and graphology too), I can honestly say I don’t know what body language you’re seeing. I think it more a case of what you want to see.


    1. You won’t see it, because you are too biased towards your Jodi. Someone you don’t even know. Body language is clearly there to see, but only if you are objective.

      Oh and to whomever said her High IQ would prevent her from doing stupid things, does not understand the difference between intelligence potential and wisdom.

      You need to let others have their own opinions, something not allowed over at JAII.


      1. In reply to your previous comment, ”Ocean”, we all heard JSS say in her admonition to the jurors that no one should try to sway someone’s opinion, well, seeing that the Judge sent the jury back to deliberate knowing it was a hung jury, it doesn’t take much to work out why! Judge SS went against her own admonition.

        Judge SS was Biased. Hell, even Troy Hayden thought so and I can’t stand that man.

        What you mean is that I need to let others hate and enjoy putting Jodi down. This is not having an opinion as much as you want it to be!
        As for body language, you and others see only what you want to see . Jodi acted with grace and dignity throughout every trial hearing. However, if you want to talk body language, the way the Alexander sisters acted were an absolute disgrace rolling their eyes and pulling faces for the camera. But of course you didn’t see that!

        You, like everyone who enjoys hating a woman defendant have a need to put her down and demean her, that is abuse and why you don’t see that Travis abused her.

        Yes, a jury convicted her in the first trial, and in the second trial more evidence came to light. This is outrageous. JM HID evidence. He also destroyed evidence and he lied. He should be disbarred for Life and sent to prison, for it isn’t the first time he has done this.

        Those who don’t see that he’s corrupt and has sent innocent people to their deaths need serious help.

        You live in a country where corruption is rife, and you don’t see it! You think your justice system is fair and just and it is far from that. This is absolutely a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes.


  25. This is to “Carr”, but I don’t see a reply option specific to his or her comment. Likely because of my own ignorance. You know what? You’re a fuckin’ genius. I have zero doubt. I have been saying “grammar error” instead of “grammatical error” for YEARS! Not one damn person has ever corrected me! You have saved me from years of future silent shame….and I thank you.


      1. No, it doesn’t matter to me at all, Sandra, I AM the Queen, after all!!! 🙂

        They’re children in adult bodies, one should feel sorry for them really, that can’t help themselves, the poor little dears have to bully and hate, it’s all they have in their pathetic little lives.

        (But if they keep on with the slander they’ll get their just deserts)


  26. I guess anyone with the Internet can write an ‘article’ now. This was horribly written! Pathetic grammar! Shame on your for putting this crap out there for
    People to read! Forget the topic, you shouldn’t write!


  27. I’m really amazed that there are still a few people who think that Arias was somehow “railroaded” and that evidence was contrived or that she was defending her life. I’m gobsmacked.

    ALL the evidence, beginning with the phony break-in at her grandparents’ a week before the murder (only one gun among many , especially guns with far higher value, was stolen), the gas cans, the license plates, the phone being turned off and then back on once she exited Arizona, the camera, the knife (or knives), the massive blood evidence, the craziest lies (Ninjas?) shows massive premeditation.

    Then, there was the elaborate, ham-handed (Arias thought clever)attempted cover-up- the calls to Alexander’s voicemail, the tossing of the gun, the creepy offers of help to the Mesa police, the sending of flowers to the grandmother- and the fact of her grinding on another man hours after she brutally slaughtered Travis.

    Let’s not forget that Arias, in her supreme narcissism, testified to all these *facts – HER words and admissions- while she was on the stand. NO evidence, except for what *Arias tried to concoct, was manufactured by police or forensic experts or the DA.

    But in her partial unveiling of the truth, Arias lied when she said only her hands were bloody and whilst in this made-up “fog”, she said she knew “something bad must’ve happened.” The slaughter would’ve left her literally *dripping* with blood from Alexander’s near-decapitation and attendant, massive arterial spray and from stabbing Alexander with such force that the knife chipped his skull and left him with massive defensive wounds on his hands.

    I wonder if she showered over Travis’ dead body? Maybe that’s why there was a plastic pint glass discarded in the shower? Arias certainly had to have showered to leave the scene without being stopped (hair dripping blood, hands covered and cut, bloody clothes) and drive in city traffic in broad daylight.

    And her psychological make-up was scientifically proven to be strongly and frighteningly psychopathic. Years earlier, Arias showed sadistic characteristics at a younger age with her repeatedly brutalizing her cat (choking it to unconsciousness at least twice) and Arias admitting in a police interview her kicking her dog so hard it ran away and never came back. Those facts weren’t allowed into evidence as they were deemed prejudicial. Yeah, I guess.

    Scarcely educated (let’s get that fact straight, too) Arias didn’t have even a high-school degree and showed signs of such immaturity and lower intelligence, psychologist de Marte had to- by testing guidelines- administer a test to see if Arias had some serious intellectual deficit.

    Arias’ smug defiance and refusal to show even the smallest shred of remorse- including the sudden “lifting of the fog” to leave one last, chilling detail that Travis Alexander was still alive when she nearly beheaded him with a knife- showed you the face of a killer. She wasn’t abused: SHE was the abuser psychologically toying with Alexander, slashing his tires, creeping in his dog door, hiding behind a Christmas tree, stealing Travis’ journal and a ring, etc.

    I, too, wanted the death penalty for Arias not for blood lust but to keep Arias in isolation where the visions of the crime she committed might haunt her because of the sheer isolation.

    But juror #17 gave us a gift we didn’t recognize at first, it felt like such a miscarriage of Justice: Unlike DP inmates who get unlimited appeals, Arias will only get (1) taxpayer-funded appeal and then she’s on her own to fund others (good luck!)

    And, Arias will be in DP-like solitary for the first few years and by then she might kill herself (alas, she’s likely too narcissistic to end her life) or Darwin’s law might snuff her out as other inmates might take it upon themselves to kill “Stabby” for notoriety or just because they’re teed off she got a $3.5M defense or her smart mouth rubs one inmate the wrong way.

    I wish the Alexander family can heal enough to carry on and find some happiness in their lives. And, I hope that there is an afterlife and Hell so Jodi might be killed over and over again in the identical way she exacted on Alexander so she can feel the terror and pain that Alexander felt that terrible afternoon of June 2008.

    …Like Groundhog Day, for a brutal killer.


    1. Jenna, You are so appallingly hateful for a woman you don’t know and have never met that I don’t know where to start. It’s a great pity you’re so envious and insecure, you really need some serious counselling. You’re derogatory to the people who were worried that another innocent person was going to suffer, either being incarcerated for life or getting the DP, after all it wouldn’t be the first time an innocent person has been executed by a corrupt and rabid State, would it?
      You believed everything that came out of JM’s mouth, you believed the so called experts, and why would you do that when you know how many innocent people have been executed by these corrupt individuals who lie for the State? You cannot think for yourself. A high school degree won’t give you intelligence, you either have it or you don’t. Unfortunately for you, you have demonstrated the latter. You can’t see the corruption in this case, you have no wish to see it, yet it screamed out to others, others with common sense and intelligence. JM is noted for being corrupt. Judges at the Supreme Court have seen it too and speak about JM in a video on youtube in this and previous cases, they are watching him, make no mitake. But you don’t want to hear about this, do you, it spoils your fantasy to see reality.

      And this: ”Scarcely educated (let’s get that fact straight, too) Arias didn’t have even a high-school degree and showed signs of such immaturity and lower intelligence, psychologist de Marte had to- by testing guidelines- administer a test to see if Arias had some serious intellectual deficit. ”

      You have envy pouring out of your veins, you see her intelligence, her inner strength, you know she has a high IQ, yet you deliberately lie, tread her into the ground and enjoy it. This is bullying behaviour; when someone is different to you, and you see they have a quality you don’t possess, you hate that and you bully them, and this is when you know they can’t respond; it makes you a coward.
      If anyone has an intellectual deficit, it is you dear. Your nastiness knows no bounds. Whatever has happened to your life to make you so venomous?

      Because this hate is about you.


      1. Can’t you find something, anything, different to say to people? Your insults to others show you for who and what you really are.


      2. Well, you’re wrong all around, especially about treading onto [Arias’] ground: I wouldn’t want to. She’d try to kill me because like Travis, I say things she doesn’t want to hear. Coincidence Arias slashed right through his voice box? Hmm, don’t think so.

        Because that kind of violent reaction of violently murdering an ex lover three times over is so REASONABLE and INTELLIGENT and STRONG, right?


      3. Heather, you’re denigrating Jenna by calling her hateful toward a woman she’s never met (Jodi), yet you are doing the same thing to Jenna. WTF?


      4. You are going to be so disappointed when Dr. Karps report is unsealed. JA liked to choke her cat til it was unconscious and when it came to, she would repeat the barbaric act. Poor Doggie Boy! No doubt imo that he went into the trash can with the dirty diapers that day.


      1. Sloppy Soper I’m done with you when I get your troll butt in a jail cell. Mark my words “it will happen”. See what you do is a crime in the UK and you’ve been doing it 24/7 for ys. It’s all copied so delete won’t fair well for you. Enough is when I say it is. Now sod off piggy.


      2. Thank you. Truth tends to be easy to speak (and write). It’s deception and envy and rage that tend to color emotions to such a degree all logic gets lost.

        Like, for example, on this thread!


    2. Sloppy Soper never followed the case one bit. She’s a foul floony in the UK. She makes stuff up on a daily basis. I especially like it when she, Pamela Valemont, LIsa Schilling & LiseLaSalle were plotting to kidnap Juan and thought that would free the killer. These people are as sick & vile as they come.


    3. Jenna , that would be fantastic and well deserved. One can only dream. At least we know she will be miserable on her hot little toilet home.

      I heard from a very reliable source that there are already a few inmates waiting to pounce as soon as she’s allowed in general population. Jodi is screwed 🙂


      1. Monica,

        Angela Simpson’s probably called first dibs. She is the only person with scarier, deadlier shark/doll eyes than Arias.

        Watch an interview with her on YouTube ((shiver)).

        Jodi, you were looking for your match? You got it. Start melting down that toothbrush into a shank; you’re gonna need it.

        But don’t worry: Hell will be worse. Much worse.

        Having witnessed all that you are in your smug, narcissistic glory, I’m sure you’ll have your “freedom” soon (known as “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”)

        Happy trails, Stabby. Summer in Phoenix is almost here.


      2. “Hot little toilet home” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

        The noise of women screaming & yelling, the smell (women at Perryville say it smells like a dog run), the fear, the heat, the oppressive loneliness, the boredom, the horrible food, the lack of a future that doesn’t include a concrete bed and a slit window view of the road, the wishing you could take things back….

        Was the Lumley unit on one of the “1,000 Places to Visit Before You Die”?

        I hope you saw the first 999 because Stabby, you’re done, it’s the last stop on the line.

        Thank goodness you evil animal, you’re imprisoned and away from us. Most people think you’d do it again had you half the chance.


  28. Ahh Jenna. A voice of reason, but as you can see, the lunatics have taken over. i.e. The Arias Fans, who continue to attack and try to confuse with their cries of “She will be freed on appeal!” I’m afraid for them, it’s a forlorn hope as Arias will never see the outside of prison walls. A person with any type of intelligence and common sense would deduce this also.
    I also fear for Arias in Perryville, as any attack would put her in the news again, and I just wish for her to go away, and never hear from her again. She would be well advised to think, take stock, and stop blaming other for a predicament of her own making due to her own actions and choices. She of course will never do this, as she would have to take responsibility. Something she has been most unwilling to do.

    A last statement to the Arias Fans. Dr. Glass’ blogs are really not the place for you to cry, scream and beat your chests with your ramblings. Best stick to your Facebook support groups with your own strange, ilk.


    1. Juliegregg, See my reply to Jenna, because the same applies to you.

      Haters always reveal something about themselves, I couldn’t help but notice this:

      ”She would be well advised to think, take stock, and stop blaming other for a predicament of her own making due to her own actions and choices. She of course will never do this, as she would have to take responsibility. Something she has been most unwilling to do.”

      So smug, so perfect, aren’t you, I would love to look at your life, the life that you hide behind.


      1. You may look at my life anytime you wish Heather Soper. I can guarantee you would be pea green with envy. Not bragging or anything, just stating facts. May I suggest you should focus your endeavours on that crime riddled neighbourhood you reside in, and get your security gates sorted out? The enormous amount of time you seem to have would be much better spent sorting that out, and be much more fruitfull.


    2. Juliegregg,

      (Holding head in hands)

      “Stop making sense!!”

      Jodi Arias WILL get out of prison when these things happen:

      Hell freezes over
      Phoenix gets 10′ of snow in July
      Arias supporters start making sense

      (Looks up & down the list)

      Yep, that about covers it.


  29. juliegregg, amongst loads of other names–how cowardly and pathetic you are.

    And nasty too. Yes, I was burgled, you know that, why are you acting like a child? About time you grew up, isn’t it.

    As for the remark about my neighbourhood, it is full of rich people, a very green area, and people snap up houses around here because they are not far from the centre of London, you would be envious for sure! 🙂


    1. I doubt it honey. You should see my pad with all my animals on my 10 acres. I couldn’t give a toss about London. Much to built up for my liking. It’s the rural life for me!


    2. You are a liar. I’ve been to your hood. Hello!
      It’s nothing you describe at all. You are always lying you wasted wanker. No one is jealous of you freak show.

      Hey everyone, this liar dared tried to claim she was a hand writing expert. She was trained. She got her lying butt kicked hard by many while she trolled on FB. No wonder your own daughter hates you & will never let you near her children. You’re evil & deranged. Psst, all you did was prove you missed the case for over 8 yrs.


      1. Pinkpumps.

        Now That’s ENOUGH. I am on to the police, I have saved this comment from you. How DARE you LIE and bring my daughter into this.

        Where my daughter is concerned, this is no threat, it’s a promise.

        Every subsequent slanderous comment from you and yes, it IS slander–internet slander, I am keeping. Do NOT mess with me, you will regret it–I WILL have something done about you, SLANDER IS AN OFFENCE, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we have an organisation attached to the police who will FIND YOU.


  30. Pinkpumps, you said: ”You’re an idiot. First off you missed it because they did not show her in the UK. She’s a nobody there just like u. Get a life troll.”

    🙂 You haven’t got internet? I have! 🙂


  31. What’s so great! Hodi is roasting in her tiny filthy cell while she can no long manipulate the system, sneak out messages to her cult following, seduce little kids via skype, lure in fools to give her money..etc. Alone for a while 23/7. She gets 1-2 showers a week if that. Her food is filled with maggot she gets thru a slot. Other inmates screaming at her. She is a caged rat. On a good note. She can talk to the many roaches running around her filthy cell. #Winning!


  32. Mess with you? You’re threatening me? you stupid cow! Call Scotland Yard! You just made my job that much easier. Thank you stupid criminal. #winning You fell right into my “catch a troll” trap. Suck it sista!


  33. By the way sloppy Soper. I’m in NY and I’ll kick your huge behind legally any day of the week. Actually, after all your death threats, kidnap plots, trolling, spewing hate, harassing people daily, cyber bullying and just being an all around psychopath lesbo. You’ve already lost. Oh and you are on our “no fly” list for all your hate against our fine country too. Who’s going to bail you out criminal? Try me since I know you like to be all talk and no action in your filthy flat.


  34. Soper is still so butt hurt over her crush Jodi getting sentenced to LWOP :). Her dreams of having Jodi live with her and be her spoiled little lover gave come to an end :(.

    Poor Soper I hope she finds another Jodi she can live with who will treat her as well as the real Jodi would.

    By the way Soper who in their right mind would be jealous of a nasty convicted murderer? Besides being a murderer, Jodi is a liar, a slut, and a high school drop out. Not much to be jealous of unless you are the lowest form of scum there’s no way Jodi would be viewed as being above you.

    Even you are better than Jodi and you are just a nasty old bitter hag with a major hard on for a killer.

    Let it go Soper and maybe check the want ads if you want some girl on girl action so bad.


      1. Lol awww Soper it will be ok. You will find another killer to lust over. Maybe you and Sandy webber can hook up. You both have so much in common. Insanity and bitterness oh what a pair the two of you would make.


      2. Monica, these nutters are truly out of their cotton pick’n minds. They just feed bs off each other & repeat it while trolling their sad lonely lives away. The other one here. Ubber angry Susan Baldwin actually claimed Travis fell on the knife 27 times and slit his own throat. Deranged loony tunes.


  35. Jenna, you said, ”well, you’re wrong all around, especially about treading onto [Arias’] ground: I wouldn’t want to. She’d try to kill me because like Travis, I say things she doesn’t want to hear. Coincidence Arias slashed right through his voice box? Hmm, don’t think so.

    Because that kind of violent reaction of violently murdering an ex lover three times over is so REASONABLE and INTELLIGENT and STRONG, right?”

    If you concentrate and read my comments again instead of being impatient to hate, you will see that I said tread her INTO the ground. Not the same thing at all.

    Question for you: If you were told your attacker was going to kill you, he was on top of you and you knew you were going to be seconds from death, wouldn’t you try stabbing him (shallow stabs in his back) to get him to STOP attacking you if you had a knife in your hand to protect yourself? And when he didn’t, you stopped him from killing you by slashing his throat ? Can you understand this?

    First off she pointed the gun to stop him going for her, I would have done the same if someone was chasing after me shouting he was going to kill me. Any NORMAL man would stop with a gun pointing at him, but not Travis. She must have been trembling with FEAR at that point, the gun went off, she didn’t even know she had hit him. Imagine mortal fear?

    Nothing to do with being reasonable, intelligent or strong–It’s Survival. Understand? She survived and just look at you all. You should remember the saying, ”There but for the Grace of God, go I”, instead of being so disgustingly hateful. This could happen to any of you!


    1. I’ve counseled many women and have been a victim of DV myself so I know better than you think I do: the ONLY thing you think of when your life is at stake is


      You don’t stand there and stab a man 7X between his shoulder blades (you’re behind him, his hands are nowhere on you preventing you from fleeing), you don’t stalk him down the hall as he’s *crawling* AWAY from you (see blood evidence). You don’t further engage and nearly decapitate him with a knife. You then don’t drag his dying body back down a hall, shoot him and stuff his body in the shower.

      You don’t run and get a knife and a gun (you must presume with your hypothesis she wasn’t armed, she was attacked blindly, correct?), you don’t shoot a dead man. You RUN. You CALL THE POLICE!

      You don’t start a load of “laundry” (aka camera you tried to destroy along with bloody towels). You don’t stop and shower before you leave.


      You don’t calmly get in your car and apologize to your waiting next lover in Utah that you’re running a few hours’ late and keep that date, dry-humping each other and exclaiming “There’s magic in my panties!” You don’t fall peacefully asleep in another man’s arms on his sofa and awake, refreshed, to continue on your “road trip.”

      You don’t toss the gun along the way. You don’t have your car packed with clothes along with a new, loaded gun as the police show up at your grandparents’ weeks later to arrest you. You don’t deny you were in AZ with all the incredulous amazement of a child. You don’t make up stories about Ninja’s. You don’t give myriad TV interviews, delicately powdering your nose, lying about your “brave” Ninja story.

      But when you know you’ve wrongfully MURDERED a man three times over and there’s no way any reasonable person (and 23 jurors) would understand it was self-defense, you do all that.

      And then you go to prison for life.


      1. Oh Jenna, don’t you realize it was a great Mormon conspiracy? First Soper and the other dingos refused to believe Jodi was even involved in the murder. Soper thought poor Jodi was brain washed into admitting that she killed Travis. It was only when the evil killer stated that she remembered slitting Travis’ throat that Soper and the rest of the fools decided to acknowledge that Jodi did kill Travis. They are now stuck on self defense with a dab of Mormon conspiracy.

        Soper likes to call other people stupid, which seems to be one of the few words in her vocabulary but she has proven that she is severely mentally challenged with her hilariously idiotic ramblings.


      2. Jenna Jenna Jenna… after ALL I have said, why am I bothering with you?

        Those were JM’s words that she stood behind him and stabbed him!

        For the love of God, this man was a Wrestler, what, do you honestly expect him, or any man, to let her stab him in the back, and all those times? I mean, Really? How CAN you believe such nonsense!

        And, pray, how do you explain the shallow stab wounds if she did that? Hmm?! This is laughable, it truly is, whatever happened to your common sense, what, did it leave the room when you heard JM tell that to the court? And why would they be on an ANGLE, hmmm???????????

        I cannot believe you would fall for this screamingly obvious LIE he told you!!!!

        Oh you still think she killed him 3 times over, another of JM’s idiotic comments, ya swallowed that too, huh 🙂

        If he told you the moon was made of green cheese you’d be parroting that! 🙂


      3. Monica,

        You are CORRECT! “A great Mormon conspiracy!” A ha ha ha ha.

        Any woman who’d nearly escaped death would be crying hysterically, begging for help, driving away and grabbing the next person she saw in a car or on the street screaming .

        “HELP ME!! My boyfriend tried to KILL me!!

        She would have been hysterical.

        Conversely, Arias’ frame of mind? Methodical (flawed, yes), calm, jovial, conversational- horny!

        She is the very picture of a victim of domestic violence. Because that’s what women of domestic violence at the hands of a man want to do: Be alone with *another* man and GET IT ON hours later, slyly cooing, “There’s magic in there!” [her panties]

        What? No knife? No gun? Only “magic”? I bet he felt “cheated” he didn’t get the same special “treatment” Travis Alexander did.

        Thank goodness our special lil snowflake thought she could conceal (massive, damning) evidence. Had she done that, there might have been a teeny tiny chance a juror could have had reasonable doubt.

        Then again, the overkill was so full of rage, probably not, thank God.

        People like her roam among us. Now that Arias has been identified, apprehended, tried and imprisoned, we won’t have to worry about her harming anyone else and that is a very good thing.

        RIP Travis Alexander. I hope you know there was at least Justice after you were taken from this world too soon.


    2. After all that “mortal fear” JA was able to go straight to her new man to use Ryan Burns, and be happy grinding with him. She’s such a delicate petal.


  36. Heather,

    Forensics showed- and for Pete’s sake it’s so screamingly obvious- the blood spattered and dripped all over the sink. The attack continued while Arias was behind him.

    Or, was it dead man Alexander, pulling himself upright to bleed all over the sink, of course starting his heart pumping again ’cause blood can’t spray like that when your heart stops- he rises again like Jesus!- to make that bloody spray?

    It wasn’t JODI’S blood; DNA proves that.

    Our special snowflake, Jodi, got a cut finger from the knife slipping in her blood-soaked hands. Imagine: slamming the knife with such force you slice and stab yourself. It happens frequently in stabbing murders.

    Explain the defensive wounds on Alexander’s hands. Angle of entry proves (scientifically) he was holding his hands up- “please stop!” He pleaded.

    But the first strike in his aorta was fatal anyway. He was going to die from the first blow of the knife she slammed into his chest.

    Did she run to get that knife?

    “Wait here please, I have to get a weapon to kill you now”. Bedroom (if you believe her) or kitchen, she had no time to react and have a weapon HANDY if he suddenly lunged at her, “body slamming her” (right?) to the bathroom floor.

    Killing by knife is also an awful, violent, INTIMATE way to kill someone, mostly seen in murder between two people who are passionately involved either romantically or otherwise. It’s killing filled with great RAGE and that is certainly evident by just looking at the horrific crime scene.

    But that’s the only wound our special Stabby got, in a “fight for her life”, a slice on her finger from a slippery blade.


    Stab wounds, scores of them, show the angle of entry. Just like murderers try to claim “suicide!” when a loved one dies by a gunshot, the gun pressed into their hand by the true killer (but there’s no GSR on the dead person’s hands and the trajectory is impossible).

    So, so many facts belie the story you want to believe about Arias:

    Angle of knife wounds’ entry (he wasn’t on top of her, she was behind him)
    Angle of trajectory (bullet was shot into his face as he was on his knees)
    Bloody trail of his crawling AWAY from her (all the way down the walk, on walls, on wall moulding, on the carpet).

    And all the other evidence including her coverup.

    Perhaps you really want to believe a person couldn’t be so savage and unrepentant. Perhaps you want to believe in the goodness of people, I get it.

    But SCIENCE, human behavior, a badly botched cover-up and alternate theories Arias tried to sell (the Ninjas?) while basking in the sunlight of media SHE summoned over and over and over again, LOVING the attention?

    All of that and so much more, Arias is a murderess.

    No, that smacks of glamour: She’s a cold-blooded killer, period.

    PS Did you especially appreciate the “fog” she came out of in her pre-sentence statement- you know, the one the Defense psych “expert” said she’d “formed no memory to retrieve”- when she left the Alexander family with the one last ghastly image they desperately hoped wasn’t true when Arias crowed,

    “He was conscious when I stuck the knife in his throat.”

    That’s what killers do: they inflict PAIN. My prayer is it was yet another of her many, many lies.


    1. Jenna, people like Soper lack common sense. They don’t understand the evidence or the science behind it. No matter how many times you point out the obvious and explain things like you would to a baby it just doesn’t sink in.

      Jodi is their idol. She can do no wrong. She was in great danger when she ambushed Travis while he was taking a shower. She had to shoot him in the head before he had a chance to attack her with the soap.

      By the way doper how the hell was ” the wrestler ” as you call him supposed to defend himself after being shot in the head ? Are you really that freaking ignorant ?

      The poor guy was helpless to stop the savage knife attack. You idiots act like Travis was super man and didn’t feel a thing when the bullet penetrated his skull. Do you have any idea what happens when a person is shot in the head, you crazy old goat? Can you imagine the pain ? The poor guy most likely couldn’t even process what the hell was happening.

      During the second trial Nurmi implied that Jodi shot Travis while he was in the shower. What chance did he have?

      Any way , quit your insane babbling. Jodi is never leaving prison alive !! She will only get out in a cheap little pine box. If she keeps up the bitchy attitude I’m sure the other prisoners will make that happen sooner than later.


      1. This is all true, sadly.

        Like the folks who idolize Charles Manson or Scott Peterson, it’s this desperate (sometimes sexual) attraction to bloodthirsty killers. I do not get it. I want to think positively and think they’re uninformed, naive or believe in the goodness of people (which Arias will never deserve).

        I don’t think they’re stupid. And I don’t believe in name-calling, no matter what invective or insults they’ve hurled at me today. It’s sad they take the side of a proven killer. There’s a common sense – or real world experience- chip missing. I wish I had that “suspension of disbelief”!

        Geez, they could play safer and jump into a tank full of piranhas!

        My hope is these bloggers who want to argue with us keep themselves safe: there are dangerous people in this world.

        I myself met one of them (a boyfriend, father of my child) and I barely survived. I, like many (true) survivors, ran to police, cooperated with prosecution and for the grace of God am alive and know Arias’ lies are just that: Lies. She was no victim; she is a true killer.

        Naïveté and blind defense are dangerous things and domestic violence is real. Arias is not a survivor except that she tried her utmost to cover up an unprovoked revenge killing.


    2. Jenna, I’m enthralled. You REALLY THINK he stood at the sink and LET her stab him in the back 🙂 (Well, maybe he enjoyed it, and that was why he didn’t disarm her, what do you think?

      You would let someone stab you in the back wouldn’t you, Jenna, I mean you wouldn’t try to disarm them, would you? No, of course you wouldn’t, silly me.

      Tell me, was she leaning sideways to stab him at a 90 degree angle, do you think she did? Perhaps she thought stabbing him straight was boring?

      And those surface stabs in his back, was that to tickle him, I mean, does it sound like she was stabbing him to kill him? Most killers who stab someone in the back plunge the knife in as deep as they can.

      I’m totally fascinated, tell me why she didn’t?


      1. LMAO @ Heather Soper! Heather sweetie, your above post can be explained quickly and easily. According to the convicted murderer Jodi Arias, she had already shot Travis in the head. Do you not think a person would be disorientated after a shot to the head? Do you not think he pulled himself up, and the sink unit was the only thing close enough he could pull himself upright on? And yes, The murderer then stopped him multiple times in the back. Everyones back has shoulder blades, a spine, and a rib cage. That is why the knife didn’t plunge in any further. It’s simple anatomy 101 my dear.
        After that attack she would have had enough time to switch knives to get the desired blade to inflict even more damage. There was no self defense, and the evidence proves it.


      2. Slopy Soper, the case is over, but keep posting bull. It won’t free the demon seed. FYI! Oopsy, you are going by a con-artist who pulled the wool over your giant head. Richard Speight’s who by the way is not really him. It’s an impostor not residing anywhere in the US. sucker! miss the news much doper? Egg on your face! Doh!


      3. Heather,

        Here’s why:

        Dazed, confused, in terrible pain and disbelief what just happened (the first – and fatal- strike of the knife whiles he’s backed into a narrow shower stall) -he stumbles to the sink, bracing himself, pulling himself upright, in shock and extreme pain with blood pouring out of his mouth, coughing and spewing blood, blood dripping from his chest. The bathroom vanity is covered with blood.

        Reeling with confusion and disbelief when the next barrage of blows start- STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB- in fast succession.

        She lunges at him (you don’t lunge in a straight line, you lunge towards an object, in this case, Travis, explaining the angle) and the blows come quick and furiously- she was ENRAGED!

        Arias wasn’t trying to make a pretty pattern, mind you. Travis was leaning on the vanity, reeling in excruciating pain and shock, probably starting to turn around towards her- another reason the blows from the knife landed on his one side and also the back of his ear and into his head, chipping his skull (that’s a lot of force, again, like the knife initially slamming into his chest).

        “WHY!?” his mind screamed as he began to turn around. We know he wasn’t facing her because of all the blood spatter and dripping couldn’t come from his back- she hasn’t stabbed him in the back yet- it was coming from his mouth and chest from the first- fatal- blow.

        (She didn’t jump 3.5 feet into the air to land on the vanity pressed up between the faucet and mirror, several feet above him, right?)

        He’s now losing blood rapidly as his heart pumps with fear and adrenaline. He falls and begins crawling out of the bathroom. The blood trail shows he’s dragging himself.

        So we return to your theory: He’s still pursuing her. He’s moving slowly now, crawling (forensics, blood smears on the moulding, the floor).

        He’s still a threat even with his dragging himself (towards the safety of another room where he could get himself behind a locked door)?

        Continuing with your theory: she’s in front of him yet she stops, turns and even though he’s greatly weakened, losing blood rapidly (and you think) shot in the head at this point, she grabs him by the hair, YANKS his head back and slices his throat with one sure, deep gash from ear to ear, nearly slicing his head off like ISIS. The cut goes back to his spine.

        And while he’s literally seconds away from dying, she STILL perceives a threat, grabs him by his wrists, drags him 25 feet down the hallway, back to the bathroom instead of making a run for the stairs in front of her and laboriously turns the dead weight of his body until he’s stuffed back into his shower stall.

        Because that scenario makes NO sense, that’s how I know.


      4. Bones stopped JA stabbing any deeper into Travis’s back. He had chips in his skull from JA stabbing him. Travis didn’t stand there and let her stab him in the back. He was incapacitated and unable to stop her.


  37. I just want to ask a question, framed around Arias’ testimony. Please note I’ve not name-called or insulted other posters whose views I don’t agree with.

    If you believe Arias defended herself, please explain:

    How she had a knife on her person-as soon as the “sudden” attack commenced- when Travis Alexander suddenly attacked?
    How did she have a gun on her person- the same calibre as was “stolen” from her grandparents’- as soon as the “sudden” attack commenced?
    How did she escape without a bruise or blood on herself after such a savage struggle?
    Why did she never call for help or call the police?
    Why did she lie to police for more than a month?
    Why did she never call for help or tell *anyone* she just barely survived a brutal attack?
    Why did she stalk Travis Alexander for months?
    Why did she move back hundreds of miles to be closer to a man who abused her?
    Why would she keep a date, sexually entice and stay overnight with a man she barely knew hours after she was nearly killed by Alexander?
    Why would she lie to police and make up wild stories about Ninjas?
    Why was she prepared to flee with clothes, loaded gun and many other personal items before her arrest?
    Why did she launder the camera and bloody towels?
    Why would a band of youths unscrew and flip her license plates while she was at Starbucks?
    Why would her phone suddenly go dead at the state line and then be turned on as soon as she left AZ?
    Why did her own parents implicate her?
    Why did she call Travis’ phone and leave a phony voicemail asking him attend future plans (Shakespeare festival, future trips)?
    Why did she steal his journals and forge phony letters?

    Why? Why? Why? Why?

    Because she lies lies lies.

    As the adage goes “before you lie, make sure you have a very good memory”- and may I add, some plausibility of reason?

    Like Watergate, “it wasn’t the break-in, it was the cover-up.”

    Arias wasn’t smart enough to cover her murderous tracks. Most people aren’t – but she was especially stupid.


    Here’s a new adage:

    “There are no powder puffs in prison.”


  38. Jenna, I didn’t believe in name calling either when I first started discussing this case but Soper , Sandy and a few others are extremely vile individuals who not only call names and insult but they love to harass and spread false rumors. I treat them with more respect than they deserve.

    There are some who know she’s guilty but have some sort of weird attraction towards her. Soper once said she wanted Jodi to live with her so she could spoil her. What kind of grown ass woman wants an adult female stranger who murdered a man to come live with her? She has a sick crush on her.

    Estela says she didn’t care that Jodi was guilty. She admires her because she killed another human being. She’s fascinated with sick murderers because she is sick herself and has drinking and mental issues.

    Sandy just wants blog hits and attention.


    1. Wow, that’s all so very sad.

      I’m not a newbie to blogs but this one seems especially toxic.

      Saying that, I appreciate your good common sense and words.

      Let’s hope the haterzz don’t meet up with someone like Arias: Their dangerous naïveté and need to go against the grain of good, common sense would make them perfect victims. ((shudder))

      There are very dangerous people out there, like hammers looking for nails. Even people who are street smart can quickly become victims; killers are master manipulators.


      1. Jenna, stick to writing murder mysteries for a hobby, good imagination but it’s screwed in this case.

        Seeing that you like to answer questions, please tell me why the porn on Travis’s laptop wasn’t mentioned in the first farce (apart from Jodi being accused of lying about it) She was convicted. Then, a second farce where, lo and behold this evidence emerged. It has been proved that someone in Mesa PD lied.

        *****Do you approve of evidence OMITTED to get a conviction, then MORE evidence in his second attempt to get the DP?*****

        The answer just has to be yes, you do approve of that. DP by fair means or foul were all you were interested in.



    2. Monica, I hear Estella & Ed Stachowiak are trying to lure a very young girl to come into their Hodi cult world to come to live in California. These people are dangerous criminals. IMO


  39. Juliegregg, you said, ”LMAO @ Heather Soper! Heather sweetie, your above post can be explained quickly and easily. According to the convicted murderer Jodi Arias, she had already shot Travis in the head. Do you not think a person would be disorientated after a shot to the head? Do you not think he pulled himself up, and the sink unit was the only thing close enough he could pull himself upright on? And yes, The murderer then stopped him multiple times in the back. Everyones back has shoulder blades, a spine, and a rib cage. That is why the knife didn’t plunge in any further. It’s simple anatomy 101 my dear.
    After that attack she would have had enough time to switch knives to get the desired blade to inflict even more damage. There was no self defense, and the evidence proves it”

    Didn’t stop him going for her, did it.

    I’m disappointed, I wanted an explanation for the 90 DEGREE angled surface stab wounds. Did she lean sideways?


    1. Actually, 90 degrees is pretty common for a leftie. Like I said, the evidence points to NO self defense. The evidence points to rage. There is no evidence that Travis Alexander attacked Jodi Arias. None. Nadda. Ziltch. Zero. I’m sorry you can’t use intelligence, and common sense to grasp a simple concept that is right in front of your eyes. *shrugs*


      1. Juliegregg. Odd. I haven’t seen any notices in bars that say Lefties cannot throw darts because when the last person did it hit the guy who was sitting outside the bar!

        **** Health and Safety Issue, Lefties are PROHIBITED from playing darts **** You would think they’d have notices like this in all bars, wouldn’t you?


      2. You are silly Heather Soper. My son is also a leftie, and he can’t throw a dart straight, he can’t write straight, hell, he doesn’t even run in a straight line. LOL!

        As in time, i.e., how long it took me to answer, I’m on YOUR side of the pond, and I was sleeping. You should try it sometime. It might help you hating, being angry and sparring with people on the internet. Just a suggestion.


  40. Wow, Mentally ill Soper still hasn’t found that life she tells everyone to get. How’s that suing anyone working out for u? Not well I see. you did provide a lot of us with some major entertainment. You’re delusional threats were priceless.


    1. Hahaha. Again Heather Soper, Hahahaha! I did say *according to Arias* so, there’s no story to keep straight. Polish up on your reading comprehension skills my dear.

      I see you’ve had your usual lemons for breakfast. Good for you! Must start the day right, yes?


      1. Oh no you didn’t, juliegregg. You said, ”she had already shot Travis in the head. Do you not think a person would be disorientated after a shot to the head?

        You have to have a good memory to be a good liar.


      2. Heather Soper. Here is what I posted. Liar indeed.

        LMAO @ Heather Soper! Heather sweetie, your above post can be explained quickly and easily. According to the convicted murderer Jodi Arias, she had already shot Travis in the head. Do you not think a person would be disorientated after a shot to the head? Do you not think he pulled himself up, and the sink unit was the only thing close enough he could pull himself upright on?

        Best get your arse to Specsavers Kipper Tits !!


  41. I want to know why you all still here hating? She’s sentenced and in prison.
    On your trash page you are still trying to puzzle it out!
    I think it’s because you aren’t sure she did commit premeditated murder! Or why would you still be here?


    1. I’m sure Hodi did commit premeditated murder. We just like to come here and keep you company since your troll buddies abandoned you, again. Seems to be a pattern with you. Even they can’t stand your nonsense. FYI: you failed at answering important ?s which prove yet again you missed the case. Oh and you suck at deflecting doper.


  42. Juliegregg, You are the silly one, more than that I would bet you vote Tory, you have that mentality. Sleeping till midday? I get up in the morning, around 7.30 8.00, the normal time.

    I could argue points about this case with you but Tories are closed-minded. Don’t you realise how corrupt DP States in US are? You don’t do you.

    There is much more to come out about this farce of a trial, much more, they only show you what they want you to see, silly of you not to realise this!

    I’m embarrassed you live in the UK and don’t know about these DP States. There again you probably approve of the DP. Tories do.

    The Judge was biased from the word go, where were you? Killed him in 62 seconds? What was she, superwoman? lol laughable!


    1. I don’t vote Tory, and I don’t sleep til midday. I’m up every morning at 5.30am. Housework. Sorting the family out. Then it’s out to tend the animals. After that I do a 9.00am til 12 JOB. You know, employment, well, I am self employed. Something you obviously know nothing about sweetie. I know all about the US. We lived there for 10 years, made a fortune, came back and brought my fabby house and 10 acres. I’m more embarrassed that our American cousins now know I am a Brit same as you. I just wish it to be known that most here are intelligent, have common sense, have a wicked sense of humour, and are throughly decent people. There’s 99% of British people, and then there’s you, Heather Soper. ie. A Feral Goat.

      Blushing for you. I really am.


    1. It was already proven in court. You missed it. It’s only been f’n 2 yrs. Stupid lasts forever in your lifeless case. Hey how’s that finding me to sue not working out so well for you? Do you ever tell the truth? You just make a knuckle dragging fool of yourself 24/7. Have another miserable day! You’re used to that.


    2. Now Heather, was it you or another Jodi Fan that received a letter from her admitting that it was her, and her alone that killed Travis Alexander? Well, even after the Fan received the letter, she still refused to believe she did it. What does that tell you Heather Mmmmm? Oh wait! Maybe you’re going to tell me it was Napoleon, no? PMSL!!!


      1. Hodi wants nothing to do with Soper, so it was not her. Irrc, it was Justus (some old crazy lady in Cali). Hodi also admitted it court. All this has been explained to her a million times. She ignores it on purpose. Nothing worse than a willful ignorant. Haven’t u heard? It was a Blood Antonement….LOL


      2. Of course it wouldn’t have occurred to you her mail gets read. As for me not working, I took early retirement, it’s all good 🙂

        Evidence she was in photo 162, please, I am Still waiting, well you can’t tell me because there isn’t any evidence, even though JM told you. He knew you would just buy it, like the mindless sheep you all are, sweetie.


    3. Soper doper, you were also conned by HJ Blankenship. He photo shopped that photo. He was busted by many. You really thought his lies & blatant deception was going to free Hodi by xmas. You are dumber than a box of rocks that’s for sure. So easily had!


      1. Justus aye? Oh well, all the Arias Fans are interchangeable. It’s hard to tell them apart.

        It’s most likely 6 people with multiple screen names anyway. Poor Jodi. She just can’t get any intelligent Fans.


      2. It was the SAME photo used in the court. Prove it WAS her. You can’t. You’re that dumb, as well as being mad, you soaked up every piece of bullshit he sold you. He told you it was her–Zero Evidence.


      3. Julie, LOL@Just eye! you got it. He also goes by the name of Edgrr Longen something or other. He’s off the charts insane. I’d love to know what these lunatics were doing whilest Hodi let it be known during her sentencing that she spent 18 days on the stand faking her fog? Hello! She admitted it again she killed Travis! While she was trying to be her sick spiteful self. She kissed “winning” any appeal goodbye! Bam!


    1. LMAOOOOOOOOO! Heather I need not tell you a thing. I suggest you go watch the trial!! Maybe something you should have done in the first place, Aye?

      LOLOLLLLLLLL. Heather can afford early retirement, but can’t afford a gate for her house! LOLOLLLLLLLLL.


      1. Glad you did not fall for her bait. She wouldn’t look at it anyway. Let her do her own homework whilest she still has no idea her idol is sizzling in her tiny cell as we type. Heather Soper has never worked a day in her life. I just love her lies. They are hilarious!


  43. Better than trusting a rabid lunatic in the UK who missed the case. As usual, you fail to prove her innocent. Oh well she rots away because of you. You failed her! HOW DARE YOU!


  44. Holy cripe, the succubus is still here proving she never followed the case. Lazy azz loser, why did you go do your own homework? or why aren’t you freeing the demon seed from PV? Proving you’re a full blown moron helps her not. No wonder Hodi hates you too sloppy Soper.


    1. What I can’t understand, seeing as Heather Soper is so comfortable finance wise, and can afford early retirement, why she isn’t paying for an appeal attorney for Jodi Arias?

      Come on Heather, put your money where your mouth is and free your honeyyyyyyyyy!!!


  45. Sure, sure, only in your demented mind Slanderous Soper. Your lies and hate will be used against you in any court. I’m still waiting for you to follow up with your hilarious threat yesterday? Did you forget already? Still have not proven her innocent. Get some new lines Slanderous Soper. You are a bore whore.


  46. Here are a few facts about why Flores used a particular technique to cut to the chase and get Jodi to confess: it’s called lying.

    Police are allowed to lie to a suspect to lull them into a confession or get them to agree to a search (of their person, vehicle, etc.) or arrest them ie “Can you get out of your car, no, we’re not going to arrest you, just turn around” and click! go the handcuffs..

    This is completely legal.

    If you know your rights you can lawyer up, you can object to a search from being unreasonable, or your lawyer can argue it later. Evidence (even damning evidence) can be thrown out as a result of illegal search and seizure which is why police darn well make sure they have grounds for a search (bloody clothes on the floor, a nervous suspect, etc.)

    In the Arias case, the photos did not convict her but they did prove a timeline of the murder. Arias herself later confessed to it (ie what more do you need besides a full confession?). She said she did it on her own “defending” herself. Her blood was mixed with Alexander’s on the wall, floor- everywhere.

    The bullet casing was on top of a pool of blood that had already begun to congeal. That shows he was shot last. His head wound also didn’t bleed or bruise so he was dead- his heart was no longer pumping.

    The blood evidence on the sink basin and mirror were both sprayed and dripping arterial blood (wasn’t Arias’, she wasn’t wounded at all except for a slice on her finger when the knife slipped- proving again it was not a “fight for her life”- Utah guy saw no injuries or bruises on her muchless volumes of blood that would’ve been all over her had she not showered) proving the arterial blood was being coughed up all over the sink and basin by Alexander, dripping from a (fatal) stab wound to his heart.

    The shallow, quick stab wounds in a chevron pattern between Alexander’s shoulder blades were forensically proven to be struck with Arias behind him given the angle. Hard striated muscle and frenzied, fast stabbing showed Arias in a crazy rage from the angle, depth and shortness of the cuts.

    Defensive wounds on Alexander’s hands- thumb, short stabs and long slices on his palms show he was fending off the crazed stabbing.

    His friends didn’t check on him for days because he was supposed to be in Mexico. His roommates had separate suites, came and went at all hours (working, out with friends). All of them had their own lives, just paid their rent to have what were virtually their own apartments within a large condo. They also weren’t suspicious because Travis was supposed to be out of the country for days.

    I know all of this STILL won’t satisfy Arias supporters- her admission, forensic science, the sheer lack of (really) ANY injury on Arias, the Ninja story, the exceedingly dumb coverup, the extensive premeditation, the pack of skateboarders flipping over her license plate (because this happens and for no reason), the stalking witnessed by Travis’ friends, Travis’ complaints to His friends SHE WOULDN’T LEAVE HIM ALONE, thousands of texts back & forth from Arias to Alexander that prove the same.

    That evil succubus offered herself up on a platter & Travis, being like any red blooded guy in his 20s (yeah, it’s shallow, guys can be dogs)) took it. He thought they’d reached an amicable place, he hoped they did, it’d happened before several times, they agreed once again they could be “friends.”

    Remember: Travis forgave & forgot so many times before. She trashed his BMW by towing it incorrectly back to Yreka thereby trashing its transmission (he didn’t get upset). She stole an engagement ring his grandmother gave Travis for his future wife (Jodi wanted it, she felt ENTITLED to it, all confirmed in texts back and forth from Alexander to Arias), she stole his journals, she stalked him (moving back to Mesa, making up the shirt claiming she was his property). SHE made that shirt!

    And Arias crawling in from the doggie door to make cookies in his kitchen, making sure Deanna “caught” her (Arias knew she was coming over to walk Napoleon, Arias made damn sure to be proprietary in Alexander’s home, staking out her turf if you will).

    AND SHE KILLED HIM WHEN HE SAID, “Heck no, I’m not taking you on that trip! I’m taking Mimi.”

    And Arias FLIPPED OUT and absolutely, brutally slaughtered him- and she admitted it while (surprise!) lying why she did, making up truly horrible stories about “perversion” 4 years after she was arrested though never mentioning in her journal. Or to anyone else. Or in texts back & forth with Alexander.

    Oh yeah, it’s the “magical” thinking – just like “the FOG.”

    Cold-blooded, lying, jealous, vicious beast, that’s what Jodi Ann Arias is. She is exactly where she belongs and appeal away, she’ll never get out.


    1. Not a scratch on her except a sliced finger (recall- Arias said she cut it on a broken glass while waitressing, right, right?)

      Mere HOURS later Utah guy noticed a bandage on her finger, nothing else (recall- Arias was partially underdressed). Was she was wincing from the severe body slam the ” wrestler” Alexander committed? Uh, no.

      Not a single bruise n that poor petal. No blood in her hair. Or on her clothes (ie she premeditated to bring a change of clothes too in addition to weapons).

      Nice. Add that to the burglary she staged a week earlier. The gas cans, the phone turned on/off at the AZ border, the skateboarders, the gas cans she borrowed, the change of clothing, the camera sent through a was cycle with bloody towels…

      “I may be a victim of domestic violence but I’m DAMN well gonna clean up before I leave! I’m good wife material after all! The least I can do for his roommates -heck, the Mesa police!- is strip the bed, throw those nasty, blood-soaked towels and my camera full of nasty photos of my enlarged anus in the washing machine!”

      “‘Cause THAT’S the kinda girl I am!!”

      A savage SLAUGHTERING so brutal it left a crime scene that looked like multiple people had been slashed to shreds, that’s how much bod Alexander’s (DNA DNA DNA, wash and repeat) blood was there and mixed in with HERS, her HAIR stuck on the co-mingled blood.

      Brace yourself for crime scene photos so horrific you may not be able to get them out of your head.

      Look how she nearly decapitated him, ugh. *** WARNING, EXTREMELY GRAPHIC***


      1. (Typos, sorry…I’m tired and kind of annoyed with others’ “magical thinking.”)





    2. LOL Jenna! Thank you for my morning laugh!!! Reading that was hilarious! ”AND SHE KILLED HIM WHEN HE SAID, “Heck no, I’m not taking you on that trip! I’m taking Mimi.”

      Hahahaaa you even put it in quotes because you heard him say it!!! Too funny!

      Tempted to say it’s a good novel, but no one would publish it! 🙂


      1. I babbled quite a bit more on this fine Northern CA evening.

        I got so teed off I made a few typos, one kind of comical (“underdressed” ha ha). Quick, go find it!


      2. Here’s a giggle: Jodi Arias messes up her story about Travis Alexander becoming SUDDENLY ENRAGED!! after dropping the camera in front of the shower.

        I love how she gets this worried, nervous look on her face (remember: she had summoned & done many media interviews – for years- at this late date).

        That ol’ saw: “If you’re gonna tell a lie, make sure you have a very good memory.”

        I guess after telling multiple stories & dramatically different versions of what happened that late afternoon, it’s kind of hard to keep track, huh?

        (Bubble over head)

        ARIAS: “Oh wait, I OOPS-a-dentally blended the self-defense story with the Ninja whopper- Oh geez, Jodi, you should’ve at least thought before speaking!!”


      3. So, Arias stated at the sentencing hearing that Travis was still attacking her after (according to her), a shot in the head, multiple knife wounds including a stab to his heart, and that’s why she had to slit his throat, and he was still conscience! Really Jodi? Really?
        Those loose lips of hers have gotten her into trouble since day one. You would have thought she would have learned her lesson.
        And that’s why she will never leave Perryville, and she only has her self to blame. No parole board, judge, jury or anyone else will see her freed.


      4. Here’s another priceless moment with Arias looking mightily worried under JM’s questioning. He was AMAZING and EFFECTIVE throwing back the lies Arias told, right in her face.

        As background…

        Let’s keep in mind that Travis’ closet that Arias claims to have frantically run to, fearing for her life, stepped up onto a shelf to “retrieve an unloaded gun” in a closet that had not even one carefully ordered shoe disturbed, NOT ONE item out of place.

        All of this as a desperate Arias having a madder than a hornet Travis fast on her tail, “trying to kill her.”

        The lies the lies the lies.

        “WHAT were you going to do with an unloaded gun ma’am? THROW it at him?”

        This is short:


    3. There you go, Jenna.

      Portable Document Format
      DownloadPreviewUpload Revision

      Google: the above. Reasons Jodi will win her Appeal. Whether you like it or not. And she will get out. You have to accept this for it Will happen.


  47. JulieGregg,

    I’m laughing but at the same time totally creeped out, lol! Man, the text exchange between Arias and Alexander about the ring she stole from his dresser gives me the shivers.

    When I was looking for some videos of Arias testifying or giving media interviews, getting all tangled up in her lies, I found a hilarious YouTube video of “best of” JM moments titled “The Heat is Juan” (done to “The Heat is On”). It’s worth watching over a cup of coffee.

    You have a good day, girl. I enjoy your posts. J


      1. You? Counselled people? Don’t believe a word of it, well, come to think of it, yes, there are plenty of bogus counsellors in the US. You know Jack Shit about violent abusers–Travis had a problem with anger–by his own admission, but you just brush that aside..


  48. Well, the appeal was filed and I wonder how much thought will be needed before Judge Stephens slams the gavel and says,

    “Nope! Two trials were enough and that final poison dart of your saying Travis was conscious when you stuck the knife in his throat?” have a nice long life without parole, sweetie.”

    Then Arias will be on her own to fund any more appeals, the State only gives her one since she’s not on Death Row.

    Yeah, and good luck with raising that cash: Any war chest Stabby has will be claimed and given to the Alexander family as Restitution.

    Finally, Justice served. Took too long to get here but it did, thank The Lord!


  49. Hater Soper Doper, I’m putting all your vile hate in your local news papers like the Daily Sun..etc. I hear you beat your husband as well as your daughter who ran away to the US. Hodi is being beat as I type this. Why did you not save her? You lazy azz wanker. You failed your hodi due to laziness! She hates you so.


  50. Sloppy Soper, did you buy yourself a bra yet? Also, that dress matches your ugly personality. Thanks for yet another ignorant “makes no sense” comment that I will be sharing with all of the UK. Pitchforks at your door step. Hater Soper!


  51. Hmmm, I find this Freudian slip amusing given Soper’s defense of brutally vicious, convicted killer [by TWO juries] Arias.

    According to Soper (mugging what I and her hated JM and what psychologists have said):

    “You have to have a good memory to be a good liar” (Soper, 4/30/15)


    It was ARIAS who couldn’t keep her many lies straight, often forgetting or even accidentally MELDING disparate stories in taped interviews and on the stand, the latter SHE forced over 18 long days. She screwed herself with her lies. Everyone noticed there were no tears and no remorse. She’s a callous killer.

    Maybe it’s hard to comprehend someone so soft-spoken could carry out such a crime but she did. She’s in fine company with other (some of them) serial killers.

    But even smart people couldn’t keep all Arias’ lies straight and especially not that succubus of Hell: self-estimated “smartie” of over-enunciation, immaturely written journals (and stealer of Travis’ journals among other items), bungler of burglary, self dyer of hair, queen of pre-killing selfies, dope of badly covered tracks and high-school dropout “fame.”

    SHE definitely could not.

    After all, told SO MANY lies! The ninjas, the break-in, the gas can she “returned”, the deleted photos and washed camera, sheets and towels, renegade skateboarders flipping her plates, her offering the police “help” to solve the crime, that “she wasn’t there!”, the broken finger that wasn’t, the desperate “jump” up onto undisturbed shelving for an alleged gun, the knife she had handily (weirdly) available for Travis’ “unexpected fit of anger”.

    Blah blah blah. My head hurts with Stabby’s laughable lies.

    Overkill. That’s what she did. Police ALWAYS look to an intimate partner first for that crime of VICIOUS OVERKILL and lo and behold, Arias’ blood and hair were mixed into Travis’, the forensic evidence OVERWHELMING as well as her documented movements and (hello?!?!) ultimate CONFESSION (after she was well-cornered).

    And let’s be frank, if you’re stabbing someone in the back and head and upheld palms (muchless when he’s first cornered in a small shower stall) you can escape if you truly were in danger.

    And there would be bruises and stabs on you and blood on you (had you not washed it away) if you were attacked and you would’ve called for help. From ANYONE! The police, a stranger, someone at the Hoover Dam checkpoint.

    Oh, but she was out of her “fog” to (her confession) prior to reaching that checkpoint to ditch the weapons, her clothes and “wash her hands” (ha ha, she was SOAKED in blood, certainly showered previously at Alexander’s and changed into her premeditated change of clothes), find her “missing” phone charger found to make an HOURS’ worth of phone calls, all of them designed to throw the police off her trail.

    Because that’s that “survivors of domestic violence ” DO!

    Don’t you KNOW that?

    But she wasn’t a victim. She was the killer. Repeat, rinse, repeat: SHE ADMITTED IT.

    The bottom line is Arias was a jealous, vicious, female full of ENVY that couldn’t take that she, the “3-hole wonder” [what a “wonder” that stretched out anus was, was she fecally incontinent at that stage of her whoredom er, dating life)] wasn’t a desirable mate, marriage material for most men, especially not Travis Alexander. She saw her brass ring circling away from her on the merry go ’round of life.

    And she tried and couldn’t make it on HER OWN. Multiple romantic partners ended it with her, she lost her house in foreclosure, she moved from one low-level waitressing job to another and one city to another, finally admitting defeat to her dreams and moving in with her grandparents.

    And she met and GLOMMED ONTO Travis Alexander. But he never saw her as his future. He told her that myriad times.

    But Travis OWED her. She PUT OUT for him. She became a MORMON for him, she started WORKING for the same company he worked for! She tried to become his DREAM GIRL but she had little to offer him except what was south of her navel.

    Let me finally be clear because reason has not kicked in with you, Soper:

    Arias was a jealous bitch, Ill-educated and looking for a life raft of a man she tried to find (failed many-a-time) and have but wasn’t successful, who went cuckoo nuts when another of her boyfriends called


    Because Arias premeditated the crime (badly), tried to cover it up (badly), told one ridiculous version of the “truth” (badly) and was finally caught up in her lies and CONFESSED.

    And then cornered like the COWARD she is, she tried to spin blame and false accusations on a dead former lover who couldn’t defend himself (lies not even substantiated by the perpetrator or by his friends, former girlfriends or the tens of THOUSANDS of texts Arias HERSELF sent to Alexander OR in her OWN JOURNAL).

    “Nothing of note happened today” on the day she claimed Alexander was viewing kiddie porn (never found on his computer, not even by her Defense team (though they cast aspersions it “could’ve” been there.)



    NO ONE BELIEVES ARIAS including 23 jurors over 2 trials or any thinking person. Soper, wake up.


    I hope it’s the latter so she’ll feel the fear and pain of what she exacted on Travis Alexander over those two long minutes when Arias SLAUGHTERED him.

    Karma comes back three times over. It’s gonna be a bitch on Arias.

    I have nothing more to say about this loser DEVIL Arias or stupid “believers” like you can’t -or won’t – understand FACTS because of some sick obsession they have with a KILLER.

    Join the ranks of not-in-their-right-mind “followers” of (the late) Ramirez or Manson or (the late) Bundy. I’ll finally say it Soper: you’re a fool.

    JulieGregg, Monica, PinkPumps- I love your spirit and defense of the TRUTH and defense of beloved Travis Alexander, but I’m outta here. I wish you all a happy life.

    I can’t argue the truth anymore with fools who see what they want to see for whatever reason, maybe just to be provocative, maybe for something else sick and wrong.

    But when the killer has lied, finally confessed, blamed a dead man who can’t defend himself, lacks her own evidence (her tens of thousands of texts, recorded conversations and journals) that prove she lied yet AGAIN and badly,


    And that’s right and just given her vicious crime. I wish her 20,000 nights of nightmares about what she did to that young man and a hereafter of burning in Hell being torn apart by the harpies of Hell.

    RIP Travis Alexander.



    1. So, you can judge her without all the evidence, can you? 😉 There is SO much more to this. Btw, there are lies, then there are confabulations..

      You can laugh, hate, hate her forever, but the bottom line is that JM HID evidence of her innocence, she did not commit premeditated murder, only because JM wants you to think so! And you and so many can’t see it!

      Just wait for her paid Appeal 🙂


    2. You are only still here because you don’t fully believe what you’re saying 😉 You and others are still questioning it.

      When she gets her Appeal and wins it, I pity your state of health.


    3. Don’t blame you Jenna. You can’t try and reason with unreasonable people. Can’t be done.
      Best wishes to you. I have enjoyed reading your well reasoned and thought out posts. Hope to see you around again!
      It will be sweet indeed as each Arias appeal is turned down, and the wailing and beating of chests can be heard in the distance –
      She’s inocenttttttttt
      She’s to prettyyyyyyy
      Jodi! I love Youuuuuuuu



  52. What childish rhetoric abides in a post explaining and correctly in my opinion what the defendant was about on her day of reckoning. THANK YOU DR GLASS FOR YOUR SOUND AND WELL INFORMED OPINION. SCARY WORLD OUT HERE IN F.B. LAND. LOL AND I CONCURR WITH THE SISTERS. I HOPE SHE ROTS IN HELL.


  53. Dr. Glass, While most of what you say is true, you seem to forget just a few things. 1. Mrs. Arias is a mother. A mother will go to any length to save her child. It’s not just cold denial. It’s a mother’s love. A bond that can’t possibly be broken in any “normal” mother. 2. The lone juror was acting as her conscience dictated her to do. She took a lot of heat and even death threats for it. For you, a “Doctor” too also slam her shows your bias at reading the body language. You not not being objective. You have allowed the hate of this trial to affect what you are saying here and it shows. Direct the hate at the act and not the people. Even Jodi is a human being. 3. Perryville is not that hot now with the new cooling system, so i guess some of us have compassion for other human beings, no matter what. Thank you, and no disrespect meant.


    1. Rae why are you writing me now as it has been quite a while since Arias has been tried and convicted. As far as compassion goes, I am indeed compassionate as I do understand what in my view must have driven Jodi to her actions. She was not a generalized monster and didn’t do this to anyone else. She was just a monster to Travis, who was extremely TOXIC for her and she unfortunately did not use her common sense and leave him for good and never look back. She did not use her intelligence. Instead, she continued to hang around him with the hope of his changing his mind and him being with her. But it was a lost cause as he was using her for sex and then dating a more suitable woman he could marry This would not make any woman feel good. But she didn’t have to kill him for this. She needed to seek counseling to help her deal with the rejection of Travis, especially after she did a lot for him like changing to his religion and accommodating him. But where was her compassion for Travis when she slaughtered him in the most heinous way. She could have left him and not alowed him to use her for sex and not allowed her anger to build up get so heated that she finally snapped. Jodi needed to unplug from him but not kill him. It wasn’t worth it. Look where she is now. She ruined her life and almost did not have a life because of this. She he did not have to take revenge by killing him. She could have taken revenge by living well and finding another man who was even better match for her than Travis who treated her with respect and who did not use her for sex while he went off to find another woman to marry. Jodi was a beautiful woman and seemed like a sweet person. In fact in the trial it was said by Travis’ friends that everyone thought she was so sweet and kind. She could have found another man who would love and respect her. Her obsession with Travis and her taking revenge in such a horrific way is what put her in the position she is in now. It is a shame as there are no winners here. I wish she would have read my books Toxic People and Toxic Men where she would have learned how to deal with her anger towards Travis and not use physical violence. Also during the trial she did not do herself any favors with giving her own testimony.

      As far as her mother goes, I agree that a mother will go to any length to save her child, but to me she appeared in denial . Her giggling in the courtroom and the way she presented herself was what upset a lot of people.
      I can assure you that I am not biased when it comes to reading the body language as I report what I observe.

      I have no hate towards Jodi Arias and do realize she is a human being .While she may have been the victim of Travis’ insensitivity and Toxic behavior, he is now the ultimate victim. When I wrote the blog and did research on the Perryville prison, it was reported that it was hot. Since you may have some inside information, thank you for reporting that is not that hot now with the new cooling system.

      Since Jodi’s life was spared, I hope that she spends the rest of it in a productive way and I hope they have a program inside Perryville where she can get the psychological help she needs in my view. She is still full of rage and very passive- aggressive about it as illustrated when she said in giving her final words to the court, how Travis felt the pain at her hands which caused his death. His family certainly did not need to hear that and now live with that vision and knowledge for the rest of their lives.There was certainly no compassion there. There was cruelty onher part as she stuck the proverbial knife even further into this devastated family.


      1. Doctor, i was not aware there was any time limit on leaving a response, i only just now saw your site and read this. My sincere apologies, i was not trying to offend. I felt when i read it you seemed seething with anger and i was a little taken back. The hatred this trial is still causing on social media is over the top. I felt Jodi’s mother was treating unfairly and still is being treated unfairly. I was simply leaving a comment….not intending to cause a big ruckus on fb. I had no idea so many would be upset i left a comment. Of course, I was appalled at her final words. My sister was murdered and i have never gotten over it. My heart pours out the Alexanders. 30 years i have had this pain, theirs has a long ways yet to go and i wish them much peace. Again, my apologies.


      2. If you sensed my anger in the blog it was because of what she said to the family about Travis feeling pain, just to spite them. She reopened their wounds. There was no need to do that and in essence she devastated his family. While I understand it may have been a crime of passion, there was absolutely no need for this and it clearly revealed Jodi’s terrible character. As for Jodi’s mother she brought it on herself with the way she acted in the courtroom. She was not a sympathetic figure and then she asked for money from the public following the trial which was off putting. I am sorry about your sister and know it is something you can never get over. Just think how the Alexander family feels. Like you,not only will they never get over Travis’ murder, in addition they will never get over the image of what Jodi left them with of Travis suffering in pain. he was clearly no angel and he treated her badly. But she didn;t have to take out her hatred for him on his innocent family. Once agin my deepest sympathy about your sister and like you wish the Alexanders much peace. And apology accepted. I wish you the best.


      3. Dr. Lillian Glass, you’re not being completely honest in regard to Jodi Ann Arias. Yes, the victim Travis Victor Alexander wanted Jodi Ann Arias for sexual reasons-to get the relationship from her which other women didn’t give him. No, the 2nd death penalty trial should not have happened as they should just have given Jodi Ann Arias life with no parole after she was convicted of Murder 1. Of course, I do not believe in the death penalty for most cases.

        I am against Prosecutor Juan M. Martinez writing a book about the Arias trial, because Juan M. Martinez is a public servant and a prosecutor writing a book about the case he prosecuted defeats public service idea. Yes, her defense lawyers were doing their job & 1 thing which can happen with criminal defense is trying to make the victim look like the villain. Criminal defense is talking with forked tongue. The defense mitigation specialist Maria de la Rosa was arrogant, haughty and she was smiling with Jodi Ann Arias.

        Jodi Ann Arias was arrogant and haughty. Her defense witnesses were also dishonest, haughty and arrogant-defense witnesses such as Alyce L. LaViolette, L.C. Miccio-Fonseca, Richard M. Samuels and Robert A. Geffner who said what they knew is false for money. Alyce L. LaViolette esp. became dishonestly arrogant and haughty as she didn’t like her conclusions being challenged.

        This was not a passion crime murder where you shoot and kill some1 in a quarrel, which is bad by itself. This was pre-planned murder. You’re dishonest is when you say that ‘she was not a generalized monster’ (implying she was not violent) when long before Jodi Ann Arias met Travis V. Alexander, she had a violent history going back years such as Jodi Ann Arias kicking a dog when she was a teenager and Jodi Ann Arias abusing her cat (which prosecutor Juan M. Martinez was not allowed to raise).

        Travis Victor Alexander reported Jodi Ann Arias stalking him and slashing his tires. But it’s possible Jodi Ann Arias committed assault & battery on Travis V. Alexander or even threatened him with a knife only Travis V. Alexander didn’t report this. Men are more likely to tolerate women stalking them and Travis V. Alexander figured that because he was a risk taker and bigger than Jodi Ann Arias, he could handle Jodi Ann Arias abusing him. Don’t be surprised if Jodi Ann Arias had even tried to stab Travis V. Alexander before only that he had stopped it, except this time, she murdered him. Victim has to be right all the time, only that on that day in shower he could not stop her.


      4. First of all don’t telL me I am not honest. And what is wrong with you? The trial is over.>She is in prison for life, It’s over! Focus on something else! I stand by what I say.


      5. Dr. Lillian Glass- calling this a passion crime where you called it ‘heat of passion ‘ is to me dishonest. Possibly you don’t think it’s dishonest but I think it’s dishonest, deluded or possibly both. I didn’t write that to be rude, but it’s how I see it. A passion crime is shooting and killing some1 during a quarrel, which would be murder 2. Planning something over time as Jodi Ann Arias did is not a passion crime, which is why jury convicted her. Anything else I say here will be rerun.


  54. Something new-possibly Dr. Lillian Glass you believe this is ‘heat of passion’ which if you do, you would not be dishonest in your belief but it would be deluded. I don’t see how people can see this is a passion crime, but guess people have different definitions on what they call a ‘passion crime.’ English was not my 1st language. Yes, this trial and sentencing ended in 2015, but hope we can still comment about this.

    I also want to say (though I guess you know this) is that I have found that psychologists, psychiatrists and Drs. which includes Alyce L. LaViolette often have mental and health problems of their own. Watching the trial, I think that Alyce L. LaViolette has her own psychological problems, possibly caused by years of job stress, where she got rude, haughty & arrogant after her conclusions were challenged.

    Psychologists and psychiatrists often have disorders of their own because they deal with people’s problems such as paranonia, schizophrenia and the job stress can mess up mind. I have found that Drs. are not always the healthiest people. Seen Drs. who are overweight, drink excess alcohol and don’t take good care of themselves. Have also found that Drs. are often high strung people-of course people who are educated such as Drs., engineers, physicists, etc. tend to be high strung in expectations.

    No surprise that APA and AMA are against doing studies on mental problems which psychologists & psychiatrists have and the medical problems Drs. are more likely to have. Being a psychologist, psychiatrist or Dr. doesn’t mean 1 knows all answers and psychologists, psychiatrists and Drs. can be dishonest, haughty and arrogant. It’s human nature to not like your conclusions challenged.


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