Tina Fey- The Real Mean Girl Who’s Shaming Famed Dermatologist May Have Lead to His Death

Tina Fey’s humor of making fun of others is not funny. It is Toxic, cruel and mean. . Based on what happened with famed dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt, she owes his heirs and apology and needs to be held accountable for her actions.

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Apparently she created a character in her netflix show called the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that was poking fun at the 65 year old smooth skinned, tanned, platinum haired dermatologist  with a hyperarticulate high pitched voice named Dr. Franff, ( a play on his name Dr. Brandt) played by Martin Short.  When the NY Post brought the similarity between the fictional and the real character to light in an article last month, the doctor felt humiliated. He told friends and colleagues that he was devastated by this portrayal of him. In fact his PR agent Lesley Abravanel shared this tweet about how devastated Fr. Brandt felt over the comparisons on Tina Fey’s show.

Though Abravanel suggests that Dr Franff is a protagonist on the show, Martin Short's character only appeared in one episode of the first season

It was too much for the doctor to take and he committed suicide at his home in Coral Gables, Florida.

Television personality Kelly Ripa and Dr. Frederic Brandt attend Dr. Fredric Brandt's SiriusXM launch event at SiriusXM Studio on September 26, 2011

The news of this doctors death and his public humiliation is devastating. Here is a  bona fide physician who spent years in medical school and in a residency, who built up a top notch dermatology practice in Miami and in NY of A list clients like Madonna,  model Stephanie Seymour, talks show host Kelly Rippa, fashion designer  Marc Jacobs, and so many others,  as well as developing his own brand of collagen booster,only to be publicly humiliated  and  ‘devastated’ by unflattering comparisons to Dr Franff on the show Kimmy Schmidt.

Allegedy the doctor had suffered from issues of depression in the past but  many believe that this public humiliation  by Tina Fey must have pushed him over the edge.  Sadly he died alone and was discovered by his maid at his Miami mansion.

This type of mean humor to poke fun at someone’s appearance, the way they speak no longer works in this day and age. neither does humor of race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Years ago this type of humor was prevalent and tolerated but it is no longer the case. The Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and now Tina Fey type of humor where people are made fun of  because of their looks, ethnicity,  or demeanor is not tolerated. Prior to her death, Joan Rivers was called out for calling Michelle Obama a tranny and rightfully so. Jamine Fox was also called out for his jokes making fun of Bruce Jenner’s transsexuality.

This type of humor is mean spirited and should not be tolerated or encouraged. There are consequences to making fun of people, which is  essence  a form of  bullying them. That is what Tina Fey did to Dr. Brandt. This type of “humor” can push people over the edge like it did with the famed dermatologist. Monica Lewinsky even spoke about how she was close to ending her life after constantly hearing jokes about her.

11 thoughts on “Tina Fey- The Real Mean Girl Who’s Shaming Famed Dermatologist May Have Lead to His Death

  1. Well said, Dr. Glass. I think we, as the public, view celebrities as above criticism, hurt, and even health issues due to money. The heart of the rich and famous breaks no different than anyone else’s. Thank you for the reminder, with condolences to the Dr.’s family and loved ones.


  2. I can not agree more, Dr. Glass. Thank you for coming out and just saying it.
    What a tragedy…
    I was a patient of Dr. Brandt for last 15 years, seeing him twice a year in his Miami office.
    What an amazing man – a real genius in his field, so multitalented, so spirited, so knowledgeable, so KIND…
    this list can go on and on… So successful, so hardworking, a totally self-made man – an inspiration to his colleagues and students.
    What a loss for so many people whose lives Dr. Brandt just made better.
    Shame on these bullies who call themselves comedians… This is real bullying, clear and simple.
    Making mean jokes and destroying people lives… Hate and jealousy and “inside of box” thinking…
    The results can be so tragic.


  3. I had no idea that the doctor portrayed in that episode was based on a real person when I watched it. It was so beyond reality in my view but it makes my stomach hurt knowing it brought Dr. Brandt additional pain. There is much to be learned about the type of comedy that comes at such a price. Dr. Glass, I have admired your willingness to hold people who seem to be in power accountable for their actions and also reminding us to have empathy. Thank you.


  4. But it’s ok for Tina Fay to continually poke fun at sarah Palin….not a word uttered about how the left humiliated her and her family but omg when someone on the left gets a little fun poked their way they kill themselves? Give me just a small break!


    1. I was not talking about Sarah Palin in this blog but since you brought it up I don’t like what she did to her either. I dislike this type of humor that pokes fun at someone’s persona so I agree with you. I think most political figures realize that this is unfortunately part if the territory that goes along with being in politics. But for this innocent doctor who’s only aim was to share with the public how to have smooths skin and help people he did not deserve to be humiliated publicly.

      It devastated him so much that he shared this with many people. It pushed him over the edge due to his shame and embarrassment over what Tina Fay did to him. She needs to be held accountable. It was mean to make fun of his physical appearance as she did.


      1. Dear Westmay
        In response to your comment, am sorry that you feel that way but I disagree completely that this blog is mean spirtited. In the blog I also discuss Toxic People based on the Best Selling Book I wrote of the same name.
        The nurse experience is very personal and was written to allow readers to know that there options as exemplified by the ones I took, when someone abuses you when you are in a vulnerable medical position. I shared my personal experience. If anyone was mean spirited it was the nurse- Jessamy Reed Fisher. I was not mean spirited at all, but completely honest with my readers in letting them know what happened to me and what I did about it so that they could do the same if they had a similiar situation. And since UCLA is a public institution, the public has every right right to know what one of the nurses who works in that public institution did to them.She was emotionally abusive during a very critical medical situation and it should never be tolerated.

        As far as Dr. Brandt is concerned , he did NOT invite ridicule. No one invites ridicule. He was a 65 year old man who had very smooth skin,pale complexion and platinum hair which complimented his light skin tone. He used his products on himself and no doubt thought he looked good. I disagree that he looked like an alien. In fact your statement in calling him an alien is mean spirited. That is why was devastated by Tina Fey’s mean spirited portrayal of him in her show. While you may have run the other way as you stated , Madonna, Joy Behar, Christie Brinkley, Kelly Rippa, top super models, fashion designers didn’t share your view as they flocked to him for his treatments to help with their aging process. And since you were not his therapist you cannot say that he had a body dysmorphic problem at all. He was depressed as we have come to find out and there are many reasons for depression.

        He was not entitled or powerful and you cannot say he was a narcissist as you have no proof of that and did not examine him as a mental health professional. He did not deserve being mocked. He was a genuine person- a physician who loved to help people as his patients have repeatedly said and as he said in his video. His intentions were to get his message out there so that people could have better skin and feel better about themselves.

        No one is discussing Sarah Palin here when she talked about seeing Russia from her house, Palin a politician and knew the drill – that everything she said and did would be scrutinized. This is not the case for the doctor. Tina Fey’s portrayal of the doctor devastated him. Tina Fey made fun of his appearance not what he did or said.

        You have mistaken narcissism for people who may be concerned about their appearance. In this day and age where ageism is a reality and studies show repeatedly how appearance can affect other’s perceptions of them in both a positive and negative way, people are doing whatever they can to slow down the aging process and to look their best. This is evident in the Silicon Valley, to Hollywood to older parents wanting to look younger for their kids sake and not be thought of as the child’s grandparent to men and women wanting a new lease on life as they mature.

        In Hollywood if you don’t get injections and keep up your appearance you don’t work- plain and simple. That has nothing to do with sychophants and to think so is very naïve on your part.

        And if you actually read the blog properly you would clearly see that I did not blame Tina Fey for this doctor’s suicide. Those are your words not mine. I said she may have contributed to it. I believe that while he had some obvious mental health issues, Tina’s mean spirited making fun of his looks in such a public form is what pushed him over the edge.

        I am not a friend or a patient or a colleague of Dr. Brandt. I am very compassionate in terms of what happened to him as that could happen to many people. I believe the post is very warranted and not mean at all. It is you who have shown meanness in your comments by calling this man an alien and insisting he had narcissism when there is no indication or documentation of this.


  5. Dear Ms Glass,

    I usually like your work.

    What is happening on this blog, it is becoming personal, mean spirited and vindictive. The nurse from UCLA that you admonished publically, and now Tina Fey.
    You talk about mean girl Tina, but I wonder how the real people take the reading about their “real feelings” revealed here.

    Dr Brandt may have been reputed dermatologist but he looked like an alien, not because of a genetic defect or an illness but because of an overuse of the products he was peddling. He invited concern and ridicule by demonstrating how cosmetic should not be used – an attempt to erase or mask deep mental issues and insecurities and body dysmorphic disorder instead of fixing physical flaws or easing up the ravage of time. If my dermatologist looked like him, I would run the other way.

    Satire is not reality TV. Satire is fiction, it is cruel, it holds the powerful, the entitled and the narcissist to ridicule. It pricks the smug self-satisfied who haven’t looked up hubris. Dictators hate satire for a reason. Yes, it can be abused. Tina Fey is as cruel as she is funny. In a sentence – I see Russia from my house- she summed up a female candidate lack of gravitas. Nothing to do with Right VS Left.

    Narcissism seems the disease of our times. For people whose appearances matter more than anything, and who feel the threat of someone younger, prettier and more attractive, any injections will do. They see what they want to see, not the real reflection in their mirror. It is easier to be surrounded by sycophants that will tell you what you want to hear and not challenge you when you are on the wrong path.

    Dr. Brandt seemed to have long standing issues . Blaming his suicide on Tina Fey seems to be easy.
    If you were a friend of Dr Brandt, then I am sorry for your loss. But I feel this post feels unwarranted and mean .


    1. Wow. Change your name to Compassionate Reader. And……apparently you see what you want to see when you look in the mirror as well – a kind person. Hmmmmm. Soul dysmorphia perchance? But you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen Tina Fey do live improv performances and she generally does go for the mean angle in a scene. I also know people who have worked with her as writers and actors – she has a very real mean streak indeed and is actually quite unlikable.


      1. Sheila, why the hate to me in your initial sentence? This blog is not about me and what I see when I look in the mirror is not relevant here. I report what I see. As far as Tina Fey is concerned, I stand by what I said in that she shamed this innocent doctor who ended up killing himself. Whether she is mean based on the people you know who have worked with her is not the point here. What is the point is a man is dead and she has yet to make a public statement and offering an apologigy or in your words show”compassion” towards Dr. Brandt or his family. Her husband did offer condolences as you can see in this articlehttp://radaronline.com/exclusives/2015/04/fredric-brandt-suicide-tina-fey-jeff-richmond-unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt-bullying/.


  6. Dear Dr Lillian Glass,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer to my reply.

    Dr Brandt appearance was more than “ a 65 year old man who had very smooth skin, pale complexion and platinum hair which complimented his light skin tone”, he looked like a man who had way too much work done.

    I don’t believe I am naïve, Madonna is now teaching how not to age.




  7. I absolutely feel Tina Fey has blood on her hands. She can try to disavow herself of any responsibility for what happened, but I feel quite sure, that the Dr. would still be alive were it not for Fey’s withering portrayal of the doctor on her Netflix show. Thanks to the internet, bullying someone now becomes a worldwide, permanent event. Everyone in the world is now aware of the bullying, and there is a permanent record of others degrading you. In addition, her portrayal would have hurt his ability to make a living. Would you patronize a doctor portrayed in a disgusting fashion? Shame on you, Tina Fey.


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