Nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher Toxic Behavior at UCLA ER Center

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Jessamy Reed Fisher’s (also known as Jessamy Reed Settles) TOXIC Behavior at UCLA Emergency Center. We have all heard horror stories of Toxic Nurses  throughout the years and I wanted to share my personal  experience with a nurse who exhibited toxic behavior at UCLA Ronald Reagan ER Center – ER Nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher aka (Jessamy Reed Settles  or Jessamy Fisher or Jessamy Settles ).  As the author of the best selling book Toxic People, I am doing so to let you know that I walk the walk and talk the talk as described in my book. That is why I am sharing my personal toxic experience with you in order to let you know that you never again have to be victimized by anyone in the  nursing profession and that there are measures you can take to make sure that toxic professionals like this nurse is accountable for her actions which could jeopardize a patient’s health. These nurses like Jessamy Reed Fisher need to be outed and not hide behind their professional nurse badges as a warning to other patients who may encounter them.

I arrived at the UCLA ER with a close to 9 mm kidney stone that was stuck in my ureter. Needless to say the pain was so excruciating ( 12 on a 1-10 point pain scale) to the point that my body automatically and uncontrollably  let out screams as I  unsuccessfully  tried to sip in air for immediate relief. To further describe what the pain felt like it was as though I was being stabbed with a burning hot knife. For your women out there who have given birth, the pain is akin to a woman giving birth to a 20 pound baby with no anesthesia.

While at the Ronald Reagan ER Waiting room late that afternoon,  I encountered  nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher, who displayed the most TOXIC behavior I have ever experienced. She started to type  my information  into the computer but immediately stopped typing and gave me an ugly cold stare as she said’ Stop screaming or I won’t continue.” She then refused to budge or type in my data as she  had hostile body language and used mean and aggressive tones towards me. As  she shouted at me, and by her  refusing to type and get me quickly admitted, she was essence standing in the way of my medical treatment.

God forbid she did this to a patient who came into the ER and was screaming becuase they had chest pains and was having a heart attack. Where time is of the essence, nurse  Jessamy’s  stopping her typing and refusing to continue typing in the patient’s information could have contributed to the patient’s death, since time is crucial in that circumstance.

Instead of comforting me verbally, saying something kind and soothing and /or getting me into the ER for some immediate relief from the excruciating pain,  nurse Jessamy coldly and rudely told the person who accompanied me to the ER that  in essence she didn’t care how much pain I was in and  that I would have to wait for a long, long time (for the 7 patients ahead of me) . To make matters worse, after I checked my medical records, a day later to obtain the records to share with my physician,  I discovered that Jessemay Fisher falsified my medical records by writing in false statements.

After suffering in  pain for what seemed like an eternity,  I finally got to see the ER doctors and nurses who were very nice and helpful and immediately relieved my pain through medication and an IV. They took a cat scan and  informed me as to the  huge size of my kidney stone and could fully understand why I was in so much excruciating pain. A few days later I was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove that stone and some others.

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The pain of recovery from the surgery was nothing as compared the emotional pain and distress I suffered at the hands of this nurse Jessemay Reed Fisher. Her hostile ,sharp, barking tones, and ugly contorted mean facial expression  and cold nasty behavior towards me continued to upset me as I played her behavior and actions over and over in my mind. Her emotionally abusive treatment of me kept popping up into my thoughts.Having been trained at UCLA School of Medicine as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Medical Genetics I was doubly shocked at how such a nurse could work in such a wonderful institution where the patient’s care comes first.

As a vulnerable patient, writhing in pain, there was nothing I could do about her treatment, but now that I recovered and had more strength I contacted head of UCLA ER  Department Mr.  Mark Mayes.   Mr. Mark  Mayes was very  kind and receptive and admitted that he was appalled at Jessamy Reed Fisher’s behavior. He said no one at UCLA should treat any patient like that and that he would take immediate action towards her.  He too shared with me that he experienced a kidney stone so he knew what pain I was in. He told me that her treatment of me would not be tolerated.

I also contacted the California Board of Nursing and reported Jessamy Reed Fisher’s actions to them as they have to know how one of their licensed nurses has treated a patient and how their licensee’s  actions further emotionally traumatized a patient who was in severe pain. I got her license number from the California State Board of Nursing Website and this is what I discovered from their website. I am sharing it with you so that if a nurse jeopardizes and upsets your treatment like what was done to me you will know what to look for.  Go to your state Nursing Board’s website and look of the license number of the nurse. Sometimes there will be multiple licenses as was the case below. You need to write reports for each of their licenses as I did.

FISHER, JESSAMY REED (Previous Name) Registered Nurse 685604
FISHER, JESSAMY REED Public Health Nurse 71664
FISHER, JESSAMY REED Registered Nurse 685604
FISHER, JESSAMY REED Interim Permit 684440

After taking these two actions of l reporting her to her higher ups, and looking up her licenses and reporting them to the Board of Nursing , the awful thoughts of how nurse Jessemay Reed Fisher emotionally abused me when I was my most vulnerable and in pain,  no longer clouded my thoughts as much as they did before, although the thought of the incident  still brings me anxiety and upset.  I have even had some pretty awful  related dreams as a result of this incident. Clearly what she had done to me in the ER when I was so vulnerable had a traumatic effect on my psyche.

As a Clinical Nurse in the UCLA System as a Clinical Nurse 2 she was paid $79,992.39. In my view this woman does not deserve a dime based on how she treated me. It is an honor and a privilege to be a nurse and Jessay Reed Fisher does not deserve the honor or the privilege to treat patients and receive this type of salary.

So the moral of the story here  is that whenever anyone treats you poorly in the medical profession,like a doctor, a dentist, or like what nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher did to me,  you do have recourse. You can and must report them to the highest authority at the hospital so that they are held accountable and so that they don’t treat others similarly. In addition, you can report them to their state licensing board. The board needs to know about their licensees and welcome that information. No one has the right to hide behind their badge of being a nurse and get away with harsh treatment of patients in need.

Every nurse takes the following oath called the Nightengale Oath after the most famous nurse,  Florence Nightengale:

” I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.”

 If a nurse does not follow this oath, they need to be held accountable and immediate action needs to be taken  just like the actions taken towards Jessamy Reed Fisher at UCLA ER. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated. The public has a right to know about their behaviors so they don’t experience the same thing or have their health or treatment jeopardized.


10 thoughts on “Nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher Toxic Behavior at UCLA ER Center

  1. I am so sorry for what you went through. The pain of a kidney stone is so excruciating I nearly passed out, and it caused me to vomit in the middle of my ER admission. When something like your experience happens, I think the traumatized patient is usually so relieved when they have recovered that they don’t want to relive it through the process of reporting the toxic worker who emotionally abused them. In reality you were also physically abused, because she unnecessarily delayed your treatment (and length of time you were in pain), but the added tension caused by her mistreatment would only increase the intensity of your pain, which she is there to RELIEVE! I in my experience, most people in your situation would chicken out, and not go thru the proper channels of reporting said “professional” because it is a time consuming, unpleasant, and laborius task . They don’t know if it will be worth the effort, or if the person they report it to will just be defensive, make excuses, or sweep the matter under the rug. So kudos to you, Dr. Glass, for your strength and courage . You did the right thing, and set a great example for other patients in your situation.

    I recently had an experience that caused me to report a special education teacher who was emotionally abusive to both students and teacher’s aides in his class. He was notorious for his bad behavior and , yet once the aides quit or got reassigned to another teacher, they convinced themselves to put the horrible experience behind them. They doubted that their complaints would be acted upon by authorities, and feared retribution by this evil individual. By not taking action , his behavior was allowed to continue, and gave him the sense that he was unaccountable for his cruelty. Thus the “victim count” was allowed to increase exponentially.

    I too was fearful for my life if I reported him.but 3 things ultimately forced my hand. First, as a former nurse, I still maintained a legal duty to report. Secondly, abusing aides who were adults ( and theoretically capable of defending themselves ) is one thing, but the special needs kids he mistreated did not have ability to complain or remove themselves from his classroom. They needed us to do that for them. And finally, when I asked my son, who is in college now, studying to be a teacher, if there was any possible rationalization or reasonable excuse for me to not report this monster, he said this: “Mom, if you know of a situation where you think abuse is happening , and you don’t do everything in your power to stop it, you are as guilty as the person doing it.” I have never been more proud of my son, and this gave me the final push to blow the whistle on this”teacher”. I am happy to report that school officials immediately removed him from the classroom ( he will be fired pending his legal/contractual appeals) and any day now will face criminal charges for multiple felony offenses . He will never be allowed to work with students again, and his reign of terror is over. I pray that the nurse who abused you suffers appropriate consequences, at a minimum, loss of her job, nursing licence, reputation, and access to other vulnerable patients.

    Thank you for your blog, Dr. Glass. It is always fascinating, insightful, educational and useful for real-life situations. With each example, you perform a valuable public service.It is always the first site I click on when I am on my computer. This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on any site, but I just had to share my thoughts on the subject. Keep up the good work, and God bless you for enlightening the world.


  2. I’m sorry that happened to you, how horrific. Good for you for reporting her and hopefully she will be held accountable so patients in the future won’t have to put up with this abuse.


  3. I am sorry you experienced such poor treatment. It’s clear the woman has an empathy deficit. I feel you made good choices in contacting the hospital in regards to your experience. I wonder however at the wisdom in posting the nurse’s name and nursing identification.

    I am posting a quote you wrote from a recent post in regards to a towing company employee who posted a video of an ESPN reporter. ” She could have also spoken up on the tape and said look, don’t speak to me that way or I won’t help you if you treat me that way, or you really hurt my feelings by what you are saying. It needed to be dealt with between the two women. But she got the public involved and in my view she is just as Toxic as the reporter if not more.”

    It seems to me that you are trying to shame the nurse by posting her name. Aren’t you using your public position to call out someone who treated you poorly? I’m open to hearing why you feel there’s a difference.


    1. Select comment kellsfrank92@gmail.com198.53.109.165
      Thank you so much for reaching out and for your kind concern. I wanted to reach out to you personally regarding my post re the UCLA nurse. My intention was not to shame her but instead to empower my readers to know what to do and where to go should something like that happen to them. People in the health profession need to be “outed” as you say for harmful behavior which could impact the medical instutution and harm patients.

      The petty incident between the reporter and tow employee is a completely different situation. No one was harmed medically and they could have resolved it. If the tow worker didn’t like how she was treated she needed to speak up and find another employee to take over or better yet try to calm the upset reporter down. They were both Toxic in this situation. One reacted aggressively and the other passive aggressively.

      The reporter was not a danger to anyone. She is simply a spoiled entitled mouthy immature girl who thinks she is all that. The tow worker in essence threatened to show the tape after she alerted the reporter that she was being taped and then she did it out of spite. My sharing what this nurse did along with her name and informatino has a much different intention as I mentioned earlier.

      Unlike the reporter and tow worker who were on equal footing, I was not. I was a vulnerable patient in horrendous pain and she was a nurse who had control over my care and how quickly my pain would be managed.

      Unlike the reporter, the nurse is a danger and it needs to be told. While I was in excruciating pain and had my treatment and pain management was delayed because I screamed in pain, what would happened God forbid if a person came into the ER screaming in pain- chest pain due to an upcoming heart attack. What if her delaying their treatment like she did with me contributed to their death since time is of the essence in those with heart conditions.

      This is a lot more serious than being called fat or having bad teeth or a lower status job. This is life and death and those who have people’s lives in their hands who abuse the privlege need to be exposed in my view.

      My intention in my blog is to walk the walk and talk the talk and empower people by sharing a very personal experience which I don’t normally do. This is not about being vindictive or petty. And yes I am using my public and professional position to let people know that this could happen to anyone and that you need to take immediate action. “Outing” the nurse as you call it can perhaps spare or alert others who may encounter her at UCLA ER. It may also empower them to take action against those nurses who are toxic to them.


      1. Thank you for taking the time to help me understand your position. Having recently spent time in an ER and thankfully having the opposite experience brought home the importance of being taken seriously. Accountability for behaviour is important, although I think in unionized environments it can be quite tricky. Encouraging people to file formal complaints is good advice. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.


  4. This post seems very wrong to me. I empathize with the frustration of feeling unheard, especially if you are sick or otherwise vulnerable. Feeling powerless is a terrible thing indeed. But you’re publicly calling a nurse’s entire life’s work into question because you had a single bad experience. It appears you have no other knowledge of her work outside of this, yet you are vilifying her in the extreme. Furthermore, even if things happened exactly as you perceive, what possible motive can you cite for dragging her name in the mud other than petty revenge for a moment’s rudeness? Sharing her name and salary and so forth does not protect anyone. It’s greatly out of proportion and seems cruel. And of course, it undermines your own credibility. Contacting her employer seems reasonable, so that you can be heard, and speaking to her directly might go a long way to mending a misunderstanding. At least could potentially have the satisfaction of knowing that she has heard and appreciates your position. But publicly posting and tagging her name in an obvious effort to discredit and humiliate her like this is unconscionable. Where is the humanity in that? I urge you think about this.


    1. Dear Michelle:

      Patients needed to be warned against this Toxic Nurse and all Toxic Nurses who treat them terribly and that is why I named her. In my view,she should never be allowed to work in the nursing field, based my personal experience and how she harmed me in such a horrible way. I wonder how many other patients she may have harmed and may have treated as horribly as she treated me, who may have been perhaps afraid to speak up or who may have kept their emotional pain within them.

      This wasn’t a nurse having a bad day, Michelle. This was a nurse who showed absolutely no compassion and literally abused me as there was a witness to her horrific behavior. This was a also nurse who falsified my records. This was a nurse who should not be a nurse in my view based on my experience with her.

      I don’t need to know her work outside of how she harmed me and caused me severe emotional distress. She vilified herself by her own actions. I just reported and exposed what she did to me and that is not dragging her name through the mud.

      No one should ever sit silent when they have been harmed and I was severely harmed when I was in a very vulnerable situation. In essence, it is like stepping on a person when they are down. It was not a moment’s rudeness and if anyone was cruel it was this nurse, Jessemay Reed Fisher aka Jessemay Reed Settles.

      Michelle, what if it was you in severe pain but instead of a kidney stone, you were having a heart attack and moaning in severe agony and this nurse told you to be quiet and wouldn’t continue to admit you for treatment or send you to triage until you stopped screaming in pain and then you ended up dying of a heart attack. This is exactly what her actions could have caused.

      Luckily for me, it was a kidney stone (an over 9 mm one to be exact which is huge and painful) and I survived it. But what about the person whom she could have possibly treated the same way as she treated me, who may not have survived? I am speaking out for them as well.

      This is not about revenge. This is about warning others and giving them a voice to speak up when they are abused in a hospital setting. As far as my credibility is concerned, I am very credible. In fact, I am known for telling the truth professionally and personally. My credibility has is valued to the extent
      that I have served as an expert witness in both the State and Federal Courts.
      In essence, by letting people know exactly what was done to me, it makes me even more credible. It shows that I “walk the walk and talk the talk” based,on my best- selling book which I wrote called Toxic People.

      I did report her abuse towards to me the higher ups where she worked and they assured me that they would take action as UCLA does tolerate such behavior from any of of their medical staff. I would never consider speaking to this Toxic Nurse who was not only so cruel, inhumane, and abusive to me, but she also falsified my records. So there is nothing to mend and there is clearly no misunderstanding. Jessemay Reed Fisher (aka Jessemay Reed Settles) knew exactly what she was doing.

      In my view, people need to know exactly what she did to a patient in severe pain so that they can be aware. She also serves as an example of how patients must never tolerate abuse from a Toxic Nurse. To me, there is a great deal of humanity in that. And Michelle, where was Jessemay Reed Fisher’s humanity when I was writhing in severe agonizing pain in the emergency room?

      Michelle, after looking up your ip address it appears you are writing me from the University of California on their computer system. This blog was written in 2014. It is now 2016. The fact that you have such a keen interest in this blog, leads me to believe that you may possibly either be an extremely close friend of Jessemay Fisher’s or you are possibly Jessamy Fisher herself. It should not be too difficult to contact the U of California and see who belongs to your ip address.
      Thus, I strongly urge you to cease and desist from contacting me.

      Lillian Glass PhD


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