Nori’s Body Language Shows Detachment and Still Looking Miserable Around Kim Kardashian Despite PR Spin

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Kim Kardashian no doubt reads her press about her daughter Nori looking miserable around her and never smiling. Kim attributes it to being in front of th papps all the time.So she just did a PR campaign  to show little Nori smiling in her presence.  Kim says that  this is what they look like at home . But her campaign  has backfired on Kim  as you can see by Nori’s body language.

Yes Nori is smiling, but not at Kim. Nori  is looking up. She is detached from Kim.  There is too much space between them.  She does not lean into Kim and has  not done so in the majority of the photos we have seen of mother and daughter. While Nori is smiling, she is smiling  at someone else or something else. She is not smiling at Kim. The child’s hands and fingers rest on Kim  but they are not clasped around Kim with affection.  One of her little hands is cupped which indicated tension and discomfort  around Kim in my view. Nori gets comfort, not from Kim but from pressing her thumb and pointer finger together. That is her point of physical contact.It is not with Kim.

Kim’s smile and laughter is contrived and phony looking. What is telling in the photo that validates that there is a lack of bonding  between Kim and Nori and it is too late to establish any bonding. Kim missed the boat on that one as their  imprinting has already been established.  Kim is looking at Nori and Nori ignores Kim. Nori looks up. She does not look at her mother. True bonding would look very different where both mother and daughter would be looking at one another. Kim’s smile  also does not look genuine.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.16.10 PMWhen Kim is naked as she was in her latest Nude Buttock and Full Frontal  Shoot her smile looks genuine. As I said in a previous article, Kim looks much happier whens he is nude than she does when she is  around her daughter.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.13.27 AM

Then Kim posts this photo of the two of them together stating that this is how the look when posing for paps. First of  all this baby knows nothing about posing at this age. Nori’s  body language shows she  can’t stand being around Kim. She pulls away from Kim just as she does in most of her photos we have seen of the two of them. She looks sad and distant from Kim. Her little cupped hand shows tension. Her body is stiff when she is around her mother.

Kim is not fooling anyone by this latest spin to show how well she and Nori are getting along and how happy the child is around her. The  body doesn’t lie- especially the body of a baby.


10 thoughts on “Nori’s Body Language Shows Detachment and Still Looking Miserable Around Kim Kardashian Despite PR Spin

  1. Thank you for this post, Dr. Glass! I’ve noticed little Nori’s body language around Kim – she always seems tense and unhappy. I have never seen a single photograph where she leans toward her mother or otherwise shows physical affection. There were a recent series of photographs showing Kim picking up Nori – rather than reach up with her arms, Nori kept her arms stiffly by her side and turned her head away from her mother. Her entire body posture was tense and stiff – Kim may as well have been picking up a bag of groceries.


  2. The fact is little Nori shows a dislike for her mother in photos. Dr. Glass I like how you say she knows nothing about posing. Nori is too young to know how to fake it – as society generally tells you whatever the circumstances you MUST love/have affection for your mother. Everything you wrote (except for the tension in her fingers) is clear to me in the photos. Nori is not enjoying a special moment WITH her mother, she is enjoying someone/something outside. These photos and all the others out there in the public domain show the same – a child unhappy around her mother. What must it be like when Nori and Kim are alone? Who is Nori bonding with in her family and circle – he nanny, papa (her show of affection with Kanye is a better, not a whole lot but somewhat), anyone? What do you think Dr. Glass?


    1. Thank you Sophie for your response and questions. The fingers show self soothing behavior. Her hands are not splayed in an open position like they would be if the child felt more comfortable or relaxed around her mother. To answer your question, Nori is most likely binding with one or more of her nannies who care for her daily- bathe and feed her and who are around to play with her. Kim is too busy as is Kanye. This child may have all that money can buy except bonding with her parents. It is so sad.


  3. Dr. Glass thank you for the clarification and for addressing my question. It brings to mind a woman who told me about her childhood. She spoke with great affection and love for her “mammy” who raised her. Her parents were very wealthy and had a busy social life. She was not black, but her mammy was, and she was proud to have such a woman in her life who cared about her. It makes sense that the person who is there to help you with your basic needs – to hear your thoughts and problems, to guide you is the one who loves you in the REAL sense – even if they are paid to do it.

    This woman “respected” her father for his accomplishments, but was emotionally distant from him. She excused her mom as a victim who was often left alone. Yet, the mother was distant from her children, and mammy filled the role. As an adult what she admired most about her parents, ‘the glamorous way they looks when they went out to their important functions.’ I am certain there were a lot of emotions under the surface, and not happy ones.

    While Nori is too young to know more than her instincts tell her – children are true in this way until programmed to be otherwise – when she grows up she will likely dislike her parents for their lack of caring for her, and their pretense to care. It is more than $$$ that children need to be whole, happy and healthy. I agree with you, it is sad.


    1. Hello Dr. Glass
      I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now and I am not sure if I ever actually commented before
      It’s always nice to see your knowledgeable expertise in something
      And I always contemplate on most of your post and have a family discussion about them lol your our go to expert! Well at least your blog lol
      Which bring to mind something that I remember you posted on tori spelling.
      I always love and value your input, even though her mom has been mean to her all her life, but now tori is just being a big baby about it (for lack of a better word)
      She says she has no money yet she talks about her clutter obsession and I remember her saying in an interview that she has other storages that she rents out for all her stuff, wouldn’t a person who doesn’t have enough money not have enough to rent storage room to fit her stuff
      Sorry for digressing lol
      But would love to see your point of you on her now
      Hope your are having a great day and merry Christmas to you!


  4. This is an excellent catch. I don’t ever watch this woman, but that photo does speak volumes. That little hand with her unconscious “soothing herself” motion is now clear to me, but most people wouldn’t be able to detect that. Keep your sharp eyes peeled!


  5. It’s true that when you look up photos of Kim and Nori together, Nori never looks at Kim and even leans away from her. I think the ONLY time Kim holds her or interacts with her is when the cameras are clicking away. It’s a total contrast to someone like Jennifer Garner, whose daughters always looks happy with her.


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