Bill Cosby Needs to Speak Up As Silence Is NOT Golden In His Case

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.52.32 AMWhomever is giving Bill Cosby advice with regard to not speaking up is giving him the wrong advice in my view. Even though our court system says one is innocent until proven guilty and that the defendant does not have to speak up for themselves in a court of law, in the court of public opinion it is a different matter.

In the court of public opinion which is the one which matters greatly to celebrities in terms of their public image, silence is not golden. If Bill Cosby is innocent of these multiple allegations, then he needs to speak up and say something. Otherwise it is perceived as his having something to hide and that he may be guilty. Even in the courtroom when one doesn’t speak up or take the witness stand, there is always the underlying question for the jury as to their guilt or innocence.

Because Cosby has always been vocal and has never shied away from speaking his mind like telling young Black men to pull up their pants and to use correct grammar and speech, it makes his silence on this matter even more deafening.

It doesn’t matter if his pitbull attorneys come out to discredit accusers like they just did with Janice Dickenson. Most people know the drill. They know that this is what attorneys do  as a defensive tactic, Thus it often make no difference to the public’s already formed opinion as to what  may or may not have happened.

What matters is having Bill Cosby himself coming forth and making a statement with regard to what each of his accusers have said about him. This would be Bill Cosby’s chance to come forward and to speak about his feelings, why it has happened, and why there have been rape rumors about him for year.

This is no longer old school PR from decades past. That school of thinking was to keep quiet so that things would be blown over and forgotten. But with the immediacy of the internet and it’s “documentation forever” this line of PR thinking is a thing of the past. Cosby needs to speak up and say what happened.

While it may be easy to discredit any of these now middle aged women by asking why they didn’t report it  back in the day or why they are now coming forward or why didn’t they do X or Y like Don Lemmon did on CNN. He actually had the audacity to ask one of the women why she didn’t bite Bill Cosby when he engaged her in oral sex.  Their not taking action at the time does not mean that they are not telling the truth today.  Back in the day young women were afraid to report rapes for fear they would be vilified and not believed.

But why would they lie now? It is not as though all of them are in show business and want to regain their 15 minutes of fame. In fact some have been athletes and people out of show business. In reality they would have nothing to gain by coming forth now except for public scrutiny. Most of these now grown women were teenagers or in their 20’s. They were no doubt smitten with Cosby’s celebrity and his power. Many were naive. No doubt they believed him when he  may have said he would help them with their careers which never happened, in exchange for sex. This has gone on since the beginning of Hollywood and still goes on.

The fact that Cosby settled with one of his victims says a lot in many people’s minds. While people settle for many reasons, one may wonder why Bill settled and for what reason. He needs to speak up about this settlement as well.

But truth be told, only these women know what did or did not  happen between them and Bill Cosby and all else is speculation.

That is why  it is essential for Cosby to not listen to his old school advisors or have his battleaxe lawyers speak on his behalf. he needs to speak up for himself. Where there is so much smoke there is usually often fire. So if Cosby wants to have his once stellar career back, he needs to come clean. His deal with Netflix is now on hold and no doubt his deal with NBC will suffer as well unless he speaks out.

The public and his fans who have supported him for so many years have a right to know what he thinks and to hear what he says about this devastating fiasco.


13 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Needs to Speak Up As Silence Is NOT Golden In His Case

    1. -Tori Frazier 6656 state route 288, Galion, OH, 44833 why would you you write such a vulgar thing about “rotting in hell”? Is that how you, a 26 year old woman expresses herself? Place your anger elsewhere not on me or this site. What happened to you in your life that made you so angry and hateful? Perhaps you should place your anger and hatred on a man who has allegedly sexually abused a myriad of women when they were your age. You are not welcome to read this site or to post here.


    2. no, YOU are ridiculous, defending a man who is a serial rapist! How many women does it take to convince you? Evidently you will never be convinced because you “know” Cosby so well!


  1. In 1977, I told my graduate school roommate that I thought the Jello Pudding Pop commercials with Cosby and the kids were quite charming. I liked the way he played a kind of “Everydad” which crossed color barriers, and wondered if that’s why he agreed to be the spokesperson.

    My roommate’s face visibly darkened, and she said that he did the commercials for the money. She had interned for the accounting firm that handled his business, and seen the regular checks paid to young starlets, secretaries, aides, etc. written to keep them quiet about his sexual aggression. She said that she thought his wife knew about it, and stayed for the money.

    By 1985, I had forgotten all about that conversation. My hobby was showing terriers and wanted a female to breed with my male. After a little effort, I found a handler who knew the breed, and who was working with an owner to sell a litter of his puppies. I was thrilled and went to get my new boy.

    The handler was a young woman who had grown up around dog shows, and knew dogs. She made me lunch and we swapped dog stories as we ate. She asked me if I knew whose puppy I was buying. When I said I didn’t, she told me my puppy had belonged to Bill Cosby.

    Of course I wanted to know what he was like, if he had a big mansion, etc. She laughed and said, “Oh, he’s okay but he can’t leave the girls alone. He gets really handsy if you are alone with him, but I never really am. My husband hates him, but he pays well.”

    By 1987, she had quit working with Cosby, and gotten out of the dog show circuit. When I saw her at a wedding that year, she didn’t want to talk about it.

    Now, I am no one special, and I have never met Cosby, I’m not a Hollywood agent, and I am not a psychiatrist, But I believe those (now) 17 women, and I question the emotional honesty of the men and women who don’t.

    Thank you, Dr. Glass for covering this story. If this had been going on for forty years, it’s about time the allegations were taken seriously. And it’s about time we all look at ourselves for looking the other way.


  2. You hit this one right on the mark, Dr. Glass. Just today, we heard the news that his own alma mater has requested his resignation from their board, which he accepted (

    Even when I was a kid during his “Fat Albert” days, something about him felt “off” to me. I admit I watched his popular TV show in the late ’80s, but even in character through a TV lens and transmitted across electronic wires, something about him — the real person — translated as smug and insincere. I watched it because it was a very well-produced show and there were many other good actors. But I have a feeling his lawyers are going to echo his own “let’s just scuttle this” about representing him. By Spring at the latest, I feel like he will be dead in the water — a Hollywood outcast.

    ANY innocent man (particularly of his stature) faced with this recent torrent of accusations would do anything he COULD to refute them; it’s just common sense. What kind of man would remain quiet and let these egregious remarks and chilling allegations continue? A guilty man.


      1. Cosby has now spoken and called the accusations innuendoes. No they are not innuendoes, they are accusations which he has not denied. His admonishing the AP journalist and the journalist of color re the black media speaks volumes. There is too much smoke for there not be be fire with very reputable women like Carla Ferrigno and beverly Johnson. His wife appears to be in denial as she askes who is the victim. She is clearly the victim to be in a marriage wher eher husband has allegedly repeatedly cheated on her.


  3. Amid the pain and embarrassment, these ladies – the accusers – have a wonderful opportunity to make this a better place for current and future victims of sexual assault.

    I really hope they (especially Janice Dickinson) steps up to the plate to help others, not just bask in their 15 minutes of fame.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise and insights, Dr. Glass.


  4. Dr Glass will you be analyzing Janice Dickensons appearance on Nancy Grace here? I know you know her, but her body language is full of lies. I dont believe her. i believe the rest of the women but Janice is a known liar and drama queen, so Im interested in your opinion


    1. Many have found a lack of credibility with Janice because she appears to be highly dramatic and over the top in her delivery. Others have reported that her story has changed from the first time she was in the press to now. Some say she said it occurred in her hotel room while others said she said it occurred in his hotel room. That is why people have been having a hard time believing her. However, she did have photos of him as she describe what he was wearing which tends to add to her credibility. She also alluded to Cosby’s egregious behavior on Howard Stern’s show in 2005 Even though she is inconsistent about the details now it does not necessarily mean she is lying as she recalls the even decades earlier.


      1. Dr Glass would her issues with credibility be indicative of a “SPURNED MISTRESS” and not a Rape Victim? Like she was making it up to get back at him for dumping her years ago (IMO)


      2. I think Janice did a lot of drugs in her day and probably wasn’t as “aware” of her surroundings the way she should have been. She was caught up and caught off guard! That seems to be Cosby’s M.O tho to take advantage of. Now the time comes to share her experience and she comes across as a major airhead.


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