Kim Kardashian Body Language Shows She’s Happier Showing Off Her Naked Body Than Being Around Daughter North

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While there has been a lot of talk and opinion  about Kim Kardashian displaying a greased up body showcasing her buttocks, breasts and  private parts, what struck me the most was her extremely happy and genuine smile as she appeared naked.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.16.21 PMWhen she shows off her ample derriere she is loving it as you can see int he photo above, Her facial  cheeks are raised and for the first time in a very long time we actually see her upturned mouth and her teeth. She is really happy showing off her buttocks.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.16.10 PM

But when she does a full frontal, showing off her breasts and her female genetaiia she is absolutely thrilled. Her eyes are smiling. her cheeks are raised, her teeth are displayed and her mouth is open.  She clearly shows that she loves wat she is doing.

Whether you agree or disagree with Kim’s exhibitionism you will certainly agree that she appears to be a lot happier naked than she is when she is in the presence of her young daughter North West.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.27.22 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.26.49 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.30.46 PM

Thes photos above are just a few of the countless examples we see of Kim with either a serious expression, a sour puss, or blank and vacant expression when she is around baby Nori.

Most mothers of such an adorable child would be smiling in the child’s presence, yet we rarely see Kim displaying happiness around her daughter. The majority of the countless photos we have seen of Mother and daughter do not show either of them smiling with one another.

As a result  of Kim’s aloofness around her, little Nori has learned not to smile around Kim as well. She often looks annoyed and upset around Kim. nShe often pulls away from him.  It’s not the papps that make the child so sad looking, it is the lack of warmth and affection Nori may be feeling towards her mother as Kim consistently holds the child at a distance.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.41.57 PMTo me it is sad that Kim appears to get more joy out of displaying her naked  self than when she is around her daughter. Whenever I see a photo of Kim and Nori it pains me to see such unhappiness and such a lack of bonding between them.


11 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Body Language Shows She’s Happier Showing Off Her Naked Body Than Being Around Daughter North

  1. I am not personally a fan of hers…. but how could you claim to know so much about her thoughts and feelings? You apparently don’t even know her daughter’s name. What we are looking at is paparazzi photos vs. Posed photography and you are using it as a chance to judge someone as a parent and as a person to help yourself feel superior. Why would she be smiling and perky as she is being followed by ass holes with cameras when she is simply trying to be out and about with her child in peace? I’ve seen the videos of these exact paparazzi moments… it looks like am absolutely miserable thing for her to have to go through.
    Why waste time making these harsh judgement calls on someone you don’t even know. Even if you dislike her as a celebrity- put yourself in her shoes for just a hot minute. Being told you do not enjoy and love your child by someone just because they are apalled (and most likely a tad jealous) of some portraits you posed for in a magazine.


    1. Sinadianne, I make observations based on my expertise and that is what I do. This is a body language blog and I am a body language expert. Anyone can see she shows more happiness when she is posing nude than with her daughter. She looks unhappy around Nori and Nori looks miserable almost all of the times she is with Kim. As for the papps, Kim calls them to let them know where she is so they shoot her photos. It is big business. Kim is in the press and they get paid for the photos that go in magazines and on the internet that people buy. Believe me Kim is not miserable when she is being shot by the papps. She thrives on it.She would be miserable if she was ignored. I NEVER said I dislike Kim as a celebrity. Those are your words and your wrong assumptions. So I ask you the same question you posed to me , how could you claim to know so much about my thoughts and feelings? As far as jelousy is concerned you are grossly mistaken as I am jealous of no one. Please take your animosity elsewhere and do not post here as your personal accusations are not welcome.


      1. Do you have a child? Have you ever lugged them around town? No baby looks happy in a situation like this. You should have seen mine when I had to carry them along with me into the store. Going places stresses them out. Dont you remember when your children were that young? The body language of that baby during a stressful situation shows she doesn’t like mom? Lol. The body language of mine must have been that they wanted me and everyone around them dead. Lol. Yet i love my children more than life itself, they are attached to me like glue on paper, and we have a happy home. You cant read that baby like that from paparazzi photos. sure she may love the paparazzi… some stars do seem to. But ive seen her covering her face and running from them in tow… these are not going to be posed photos. And the pro shots? Have you ever watched or read anything about modeling? It wouldnt matter if her back was hurting, she was cold, and hungry, or missing her baby so much- the photos would turn out exactly like this. Its called modeling. You pose for how the photo should look. These don’t seem like expert claims- they seem like personal accusations, which you say this blog is not for?


  2. Dr. Glass, I am glad you covered the body language between mother and daughter. I have not seen one photo where North looks happy and comfortable with her mom. I have with Kanye. Most baby’s have a loving reaction, body language toward a warm, loving Mum. I can relate because my mom was a cold, distance woman. I had a similar looks of unhappiness in many photos with my mom (which were few). However, I had lots of photos with my dad and the love, affection and feeling of safety showed up in those pictures.

    You are spot on, I did not take notice of Kim’s GLEE at being naked. I glanced at the ridiculous pose. It seems current culture rewards talentless people way too much. The K’s have a knack for marketing. As far as role models for young ladies, Fuhgeddaboudit!


  3. Funny that people come to her defense, if you look at video of where Kim was crying and so distraught,made the declaration that she “has worked to hard to put the past behind her and will never pose naked again”. Do we forget her struggle with posing for Playboy? She and Kanye,and family call her Nori..its not personal attacks when discussing the actions of a person who puts her life out there for display,my goodness the woman of putting out a book of selfies,that can be viewed online for free. When you see her daughter photgraphed it is sheer confusion,and in times of that,a child usually presses into a parent vice away. I have three children so I have done my time of lugging kids around. If they pull away,it is usually to go to someone else for comfort. How can a parent go from total coverage and never letting the public see their child due to safety/privacy,to a week or so after the internet saying she is never with her child, to total exposure…taking a 1yr old to fashion shows in the middle of the night, and then turn around a go around the world and leave her for weeks at a time. I think a blind person can see that unfortunately,this child will be raised by nannies,and to know that her outward apprearance is more important than her inner traits.


  4. Dr. Glass: Believe it or not, the first thing I noticed when viewing the most recent naked photos of Kim was how happy she looked! Model or not, you cannot fake that kind of happiness that Kim’s face is showing. Also, in response to one of the comments–you are right; Kim loves the papps; without them she wouldn’t exist. Dr. Glass, you are spot on in reading her and her daughter’s body language.


  5. Wow, I haven’t seen a photo of her this happy in a very long time; not with “North” nor with Kanye. And that’s consistent enough to make you wonder.

    The women exhibitionists that I’ve known don’t seem to enjoy being mothers. Doesn’t mean all female exhibitionists are like this, and maybe I’m wrong, but the ones that I have known look a lot like Kim in these photos when they are the center of attention. They don’t like anybody, including their kids, stealing the limelight.


  6. Dr. Glass, don’t take this the wrong way because I agree 100% with your assessment of Kim K, but to those in denial, I just have to say that it does not take a body language expert to see that Kim K is happiest when she’s admiring herself!!!! The only thing that perhaps makes her happier is to think others are admiring her too.

    I wonder what life will be like for her in a few years when she hits 40. That is way past a woman’s shelf life in Hollywood and let’s face it, she has no talent whatsoever. Nip, tuck and stuff as much as she wants but hot 25 year olds are a dime a dozen and right there to take her place. I will give you that she’s a marketing genius so this should be interesting.

    I feel very sorry for Nori. She always looks miserable. And all the time. I hope some nanny can offer her some comfort. Poor kid. I remember when the oldest sister had her first child and Kim was a proud aunt. She would post pictures of her nephew on Facebook or wherever and Kim would take up about 2/3 of the photo! You’d be lucky to see the poor kids whole head! His aunt made sure to get herself in the picture though! Now if I showed someone a picture of my nephew he would be the only one in the picture! But maybe that way of thinking is old school as I’m old myself lol!

    And yes, rumors have always abounded that Kim calls the paps all the time. I imagine it’s her trying to “act” when she seems annoyed.

    Also, Dr. Glass, I have to give you credit trying to read her face. She has so much fillers and whatever else in her face that it seems she’d be a tough read!


  7. I have been saying for a while now that Hollywood needs to go away and all join a nudist camp! I swear it’s like who can wear the least clothes and also be totally naked. It is just shameful. I mean my God even the first thing God made for man and woman was clothes! If we have no shame anymore of nudity then everything else is seriously out the window! If people are not ashamed to be naked all over the place anymore it means only one thing…..rampant wickedness. The body is such a work of art, it is such a divine print made and even manifested of God Himself…. to look upon it naked being of good and evil is a shame in and of itself…it is holy and only holy eyes can take in such beauty uncovered and it not lead to wickedness…. in other words sinners, put some damn clothes on!


  8. Daisy said: “The women exhibitionists that I’ve known don’t seem to enjoy being mothers. Doesn’t mean all female exhibitionists are like this, and maybe I’m wrong, but the ones that I have known look a lot like Kim in these photos when they are the center of attention. They don’t like anybody, including their kids, stealing the limelight.”

    No doubt Narcissistic Personalities who main interest is themselves. Others only serve to help them look good! They are one of the worst types of “mothers” or “fathers” or “partners.” They can feign interest in others, but it ultimately is only for what good it reaps them. You can read up on children of Narcissistic parent(s) on the internet. You are not allowed to be your own person, all attention or advantages must revert back to what serves the Narcissist. Rather like a God complex. Toxic and scary.


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