Mady & Cara Gosselin’s Body Language Say They Don’t Want To Be On TV While Mady’s Disturbing Comments Show Low Esteem & Depression

We all know that since the beginning of  Jon and Kate Plus 8 there has always been conflict between Kate and Mady with Mady’s tantrums, crying, moodiness, and mean behavior. But there was also the sweet and sensitive side of Mady who rushed to her father’s side to comfort him when Kate bullied him in the travel store episode.

But after watching this new  Kate Plus 8 Special Maddy’s behavior troubled me the most. It was as though she was deliberately trying to sabotage the show by not making sense when she spoke or over acting when producers may have told her to “act out” and get upset or act bratty.  But when  Maddy spoke about how she spends all day in her bed,  if it is true, Kate may want to put having Maddy being seen by a therapist as a priority as that may be a sign of depression in the young teen.

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In one scene Kate speaks to the all kids and tells them she has “fun things planned”. Maddy immediately interrupts and  out “No fun things” and is sent  sent away by Kate becuase of  her rudeness. As Maddy  leaves she says “I didn’t do anything You never trust me”.

This made no sense whatsoever. What does trust have to do with her mouthing off like that?



Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.40.32 PM

Then a firm  Kate tells her Maddy needs to apologize and Mady quickly says she’s sorry. It looked very contrived to me much like bad acting on Mady’s part. The I’m sorry was said way too quickly as she stomped back to join the group of her siblings.

As we continue with this blog you will see an interesting pattern emerge with Maddy where a. what she says  makes no sense as it did here and b) that Maddy is so over the top which makes it look like she is a very bad actress.

When Mady makes no sense it seems like she is trying to  sabotage the show. When she acts out it seems phony and contrived and over the top as though producers told her what to do in the scene and being an untrained and essentially, bad actress she went over the top.

Then Mady mouths off to  to Kate “This is stupid: I don’t want to be a partof this,” Mady said of the party, adding, “This isn’t my birthday, so I don’t care.”

If Mady was not egged on to say this by producers and she said it on her own, the teen is really showing signs of selfishness and hostility towards her younger brothers and sisters.  From that standpoint alone a visit to the therapist might be in her best interest.

But there is one thing that Mady said that is  serious cause for alarm in my view  and made me cringe. It was hen producers asked the twins of the younger kids looked up to them. Once again if Mady is not making this up then this is highly disturbing.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.48.35 PM

During a confessional with Kate, Cara (who plays with her sleeves and seems to hate being a part of the show as he body language shows she looks miserable), and Mady, Mady is asked if she thinks her younger siblings look up to her at all. Mady says:

“No. They better not. I mean, I’m an awful role model ugh.” The fact that she says she is an awful role model shows how she feels about herself- not great.

Kate is shocked and embarrassed and in order to save face and try to make it like she is a compassionate mother says :

“Mady, why are you so hard on yourself. She’s a wonderful big sister … [The sextuplets] look up to them.”

Then Kate says that she doesn’t condone when Mady is mean to the younger ones. Kate’s statement validates how Mady obviously has issues with her younger siblings. In my view that needs to be looked at professionally along with Mady’s letting it out that she has low self esteem.

Then Mady retorts  back:

“They have such bad hair. I can’t. They dress themselves and they shouldn’t.

What??????This made no sense. Once again it leads me to believe that Mady may be in some way trying to sabotage their chances of having a regular show. It is a silly statement.

Now here is the serious part, if it is true. Mady says that she spends all day in bed. ”

if so Kate needs to stop worrying about getting a TV show and get her daughter some help. From watching the two teens, they clearly don’t want any part of the show. Cara is more passive and Mady is more aggressive about it. But their messages were reflected verbally, vocally, facially, and body language wise- loud and clear.




13 thoughts on “Mady & Cara Gosselin’s Body Language Say They Don’t Want To Be On TV While Mady’s Disturbing Comments Show Low Esteem & Depression

  1. Thank you for your insight. What are you impressions of her treatment of Collin? I don’t think that is a happy family in any sense.


  2. Dr. Glass, I am going to make a statement from my own life experience in knowing and observing my best friend. I suspect that Cara is a cutter. The behavior that you have described is so telling. She is always playing with her sleeves. This just rings so many bells in my head from past observations and outright admission from my dear friend. She looked forward to Friday nights when her husband was not home. It was a ritual. Eased her pain.

    Kate Gosselin is the most horrible woman, mother, creature. She should never have had children. There is no natural affection from her.

    It is so painfully obvious that she does not like being a Mother and most of all, she detests her boys.

    I look forward to Robert Hoffman publishing his book on Monday.


    1. I for one have observed all kids and mom on show. I find the mom to be an idiot and the only child I feel is unbelievable is Mady her attitude is off the chart disgusting. The rest of the children seam to be your average kids, This obviously will change over time.


  3. I so dislike Kate! She was so abusive to Jon, I can’t imagine what those kids have gone through! I refuse to watch the show and I hope it fails!


  4. I have always admired Kate. And who doesn’t have faults? It seems Mady has always enjoyed needling Kate and trying to embarrass her. I’m sure her worsening behavior is a result of nerdy and jealous Jon’s brainwashing! Let’s hope she grows out if it.


    1. Have we been watching the same woman? Admire Kate? Of course we all have faults. Please reread Dr. Glass’s concerned review. I watched the program from the beginning until it became too uncomfortable to continue. They all need therapy.


  5. I truly think one or several of these kids will write a tell-all about this mess of a childhood they’re having right now. It will make a lot more sense after we read the book, probably.


  6. I watched the disastrous Today show interview with Kate and the twins – it was beyond obvious that Cara and Mady absolutely hated being dragged into the television spotlight by their fame-obsessed mother, and by refusing to play along and say what Kate wanted them to, they were letting the whole world know how much they resented being forced to go on television. I think they are still trying to let their feelings be known but in an indirect way, since they are only too aware of how their mother will react if they express their wishes and feeling directly.


  7. Maddy is so mean to her siblings. She’s just like Kate with her yelling and rude comments which Prob explains why she never gets in trouble for being mean to them. I watched an episode today where Kate tells the boys their room stinks it smells like boys. How rude she thinks she’s funny but she’s really just a bully. Poor cara just looks so sad and lost


  8. MADY has always voiced her opinion regarding how she blames her mother for having the six children. She has stated how wonderful her life was before them.

    Kate sets the tone and always has sarcastic and resentful attitude! Dirty clothes and having to go to a Water Park is disgusting activity for Kate!

    Mady has picked up on her over-bearing and resentful attitude.

    This year I have notice several things: A. Mady has gained a lot of weight. B. The boys are less mature that their sisters. C. The younger sisters are starting to sound as snotty as Cara, Mady, and their mother!
    D. Everything that Kate doesn’t like or like to do is a big pain in her neck…she has no self control…and loaths her kids and the imposition of having to mother and support them! That is how I perceive them in the show! Sorry…sometimes the truth hurts!
    Last…Mady seriously needs counseling…NOW!


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