Dylan Farrow’s Body Language In Child Photos Show Same Discomfort With Woody Allen As Daughters With Soon Yi


After several decades,  Dylan Farrow, now an adult and a mother, has publicly addressed what she alleges happened to her when she was a young child- that Woody sexually molested her in an attic.  Many people have shown sympathy and compassion towards Dylan and have called her” brave” for coming forward, including Girls producer, Laura Dunn. Most celebrities have remained mum on the subject ( just in case they may be offered a part in a  future Woody film). Even the hot -headed, non- filtered Alex Baldwin said he would not dare involve himself in a family’s personal tragedy. That was smart and well said. It is indeed a personal family tragedy and only two people know for sure what happened in the attic or out of the attic for that matter- Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen.


So after six decades in the media, why would veteran TV host Barbara Walters stick her neck out to defend Woody? On the View she said she didn’t believe the allegations because she knows Woody personally and spent time with him and Soon Yi and they have a good marriage and everything is fine with their two girls, who have a great relationship with Woody.”   In the first place, she doesn’t spend every moment with the couple, so she has no idea what kind of a marriage they have. After observing countless photos of Woody and Soon Yi my observation is that she is the submissive on in the relationship based on her body language. She is usually seen in in back of him or in front of him, never side by side.


One party should never usually seen on back or in front of another. In my view that is not a sign of a good marriage as I define it.

  1. Image

Happy couples  should al be smiling when they are together and that isn’t usually the case when Woody and Soon Yi are photographed together.

Image in my View, the reason  Barbara Walters  stuck  her nose into this land mine of a situation and stood up for Woody so publicly is simple. She wants a “get”. A “get” in journalism terms is that special interview that can make your career. In Walter’s case, she will be retiring soon, so what better way to leave an illustrious career than with a Woody Allen “get ” and high ratings. Who wouldn’t want to hear what Woody himself has to say. So if she makes nice nice to him on the air, he will feel comfortable having her interview him as he will feel he has an ally during the difficult interview process.

I don’t claim to know if Woody is telling the truth as he denied Dylan’s claims through a spokesperson. That does NOT add to his credibility in  my view. A person who has been so maligned needs to speak up for themselves in my view and  passionately shout their innocence from the highest media mountains.

There was another supporter of Woody who in an article in the Daily Beast warned everyone to not jump to conclusions as he made a case for Woody by essentially blaming Mia Farrow for instigating all of this and for being a “woman scorned. ” That appalled me.  He said that Mia can never forgive Woody for leaving her and for being with Soon Yi.

Well whether you are a man or a woman, being with the daughter of your girlfriend or boyfriend  is not right under any circumstances. Worse is that Mia found naked photos of Soon Yi on Woody’s mantle. This  means they were having an affair right under her nose. The author then  rationalizes that these were two consenting adults.

This is the ugliest betrayal. Soon Yi was a sheltered child, even if she was 19.  She was not worldly, having traveled independently around the world.  She apparently did not have lot of friends and wasn’t living on her own. In fact, Ronan Farrow, Soon Yi’s brother described her as troubled. If that is the case, then it  seems logical to say that Woody may have very well taken advantage of  troubled girl as many believe.


And when the author  further rationalizes that Woody was technically not her father or a father figure and that Andre Previn was her father, he is living in an illusion as far as I am concerned. Here is a reality check. Any adult that is dating your mother and any adult that is in your life everyday, whether they share the same  apartment with you or not, takes on the role of some type of parent figure. Woody  was not  a peer. He was decades older than her and knew perfectly well what she was doing. Even if she was the instigator, he needed to put a stop to his.  The least he could have done was broken up with Mia and waited a while to date soon Yi instead of doing it behind Mia’s back or under her nose.

So who would’t feel  scorned  and betrayed if the person whom you loved and spent all of your time  and whom you considered A  major part of your family, even posing for family shots if you found naked pictures of your child – adopted or not, in their house. That in my view is one of the the most Toxic things that could happen to a person and is unforgivable no matter how much time has passed.

Below are photos of Dylan Farrow as a child. She does NOT look happy or very comfortable around Woody as you can see.


This is not the photo of a smiling and  happy child.


She looks miserable in this photo which her upset knitted brow.


Here the little girl shows her hands positioned in a fist-like claw position which means she is not happy. The expression on her face also reflects her unhappiness.


This does NOT look like a little girl who is happy being in the arms of her father. As he leans towards her, she is seen with  and upset furrowed brow.

Practically every photo that I looked at of Dylan and Woody together showed me the same thing. Woody had a very unhappy unresponsive disconnected child around him.

Now I don’ t know if he did or did not molest her during these years or any years for that matter, but I can tell you she did not seem to be too thrilled whenever she was around him as a child.

Now you may ask what about his relationship with the daughters in his new family? To me they too don’t seem happy around Woody or connected to him either.


In an earlier photo of Woody and  daughters from his new family with Soon Yi,  the daughter  on the left seems to be pulling away from him while the one in back trails behind.


As they got older and he tried some PDA , his daughters were not reciprocating. Look at the feet of both daughters. Both of their heels are off the ground. That means that they can’t wait to gets way from him. The doughtier on the left, Manzi has her hand between her and Woody and hand in an angry fist like posture in order to keep her distance from him and block him. The daughter on the right, Bechet, has her arms crossed in front of her to block Woody’s clearly unwanted affection. Her jaw looks tense and she is not happy.


Now we can really see doughtier  Bechet on the right’s angry expression. She cannot stand being hugged by Woody here. Both of her heels are off the ground which means she wants to rum a away. She wants to leave his awkward embrace as she clearly feels very uncomfortable. Manzi, the other daughter has her shoulder up which is literally giving the “cold shoulder” to Woody’s unwanted  embrace.

Image Recently, his same daughter,  Bechet  seen above is clearly disconnected from Woody as he speaks to her and she completely ignores him. Watch this interview by TMZ when Woody is asked about the sexual allegations made by Dylan. Observe his awkward exchange with Bechet. http://www.tmz.com/2014/02/02/woody-allen-dylan-farrow-child-molestation-knicks-game/ It is as though he is talking to a stinger who doesn’t know him.


Look at t how Bechet completely turns her back on her dad. What was interesting is that she turned her back on her dada just as soon as the subject of Dylan’s letter was mentioned by the TMZ reporter. That struck me as very odd behavior.



19 thoughts on “Dylan Farrow’s Body Language In Child Photos Show Same Discomfort With Woody Allen As Daughters With Soon Yi

  1. Thank you, Dr Glass, for this informative and spot on post.

    Unfortunately these poor girls may find themselves in Dylan’s shoes later on, with some not wanting to believe them.

    I for one do believe Dylan and fear for Manzi and Bechet’s well-being.

    1. I agree 100% with this. When I seen those pics of Manzi and Bechet being “hugged” I wanted to throw up.

  2. Dr. Glass,

    Your article prompted me to go on a picture hunt and I was disturbed to find more than few pictures of Woody “gripping” Soon-Yi by the arm, right above the elbow (like one would grab someone angrily by the arm). This grip seems to indicate control, possession, domination.

    I also noticed that when Soon-Yi’s arm is in the crook of Woody’s arm, her fist is almost always tightly gripped into a ball (which seems odd and uncomfortable). It occurs so often in pictures, I actually checked to see if she suffered a hand deformity-she does not.

    I’m concerned for Bichet because she is like a Soon-Yi mini-me in appearance. Often in pictures, she in behind Woody or stands/walks slightly apart from the family. In almost every picture I found (save 2), she wears a blank expression or an angry expression. She seems to hold herself apart and watch the others interacting. I was alarmed to see a few pictures of Woody gripping Bichet’s arm in the exact same way as Soon-Yi’s. I didn’t find a single picture of him gripping Manzi’s arm at all. It’s also eerie how closely Manzi resembles Dylan Farrow from babyhood until now. Given Woody’s lack of normal societal and familial boundaries with Soon-Yi, I would be worried if I were her.

  3. I have always liked Mia Farrow,and admired her for taking in unwanted children with problems and giving them unconditional
    love. When Woody Allen married Soon-Yi, I was appalled and could not believe everyone in Hollywood didn’t think this was odd behavior from a grown and older man ( Woody Allen). I refuse to watch any of his movies and can’t believe a lot of actors that I admire are acting in his movies, I just think something is terribly wrong here and all these Hollywood actors don’t get that Woody Allen is an odd duck.

  4. I didn’t know if you were aware of it or not, but Woody was already in counseling for “inappropriate behavior” towards Dylan when the big stuff hit the fan. The judge believed Dylan had been abused and that Mia had NOT coached her daughter because Mia had made the statement to the counselor/pediatrician (can’t remember exactly who) that she hoped that what Dylan was saying was a “fantasy.” It’s in the court paperwork that was recently posted on Vanity Fair.

  5. I came on here because I saw a picture of Woody Allen leaving a theater, and while he was walking out, he was holding Manzi’s hand very tightly, with their fingers intertwined. She did not seem repulsed, actually she seemed in the picture like she enjoyed his attention. I see the same expression in her face in the pic above where Woody is strangely hugging his two daughters. So that picture struck me as very odd, especially since she resembles Soon-Yi so much, and in the picture it looks like two lovers walking out of a theater. It just made my stomach twinge, there is something wrong with that picture, please take a look at it Dr. Glass when you get a chance.
    Also, going with your pictures and the picture I saw, it seems to me like Manzi (I don’t know if I have the name right, but I mean the one who resembles Soon-Yi), she looks comfortable with Woody, while the other daughter, Bechet, looks very perturbed and uncomfortable in each pic, looking exactly like Dylan looked in her pictures.
    I am not saying this to in any way disrespect Manzi – I think she is the vulnerable child that Soon-Yi used to be, and she sees the abuse as actually her father showing her love. I think Bechet sees it as a father doing something which she does not like.
    I am certain he is guilty of abusing Dylan, of abusing Soon-Yi, and unfortunatley I have a feeling he has also abuse Manzi and Bechet.
    I am thinking that perhaps Manzi likes the attention she receives from her father (much like Soon-Yi apparently did), while Bechet is uncomfortable with it. I feel that he is or was doing the same with both girls, however one sees it as being loved by her father, and one sees it in a much different way.

    1. The daughter who looks more asian is Beichet not Manzi… or whatever the heck their names are. I noticed how odd family pictures looked some time ago…child molesters are usually repeat offenders..sadly I believe this is the case again…

  6. Please please post more often. I check here all the time to see if theres a new article. If I could be so forward as to make a suggestion Kim kardashian at that ball where she was a paid date, I look at the pictures and she seems very drugged or something.

  7. Dr. Glass, could you please post about Oscar Pistorius. I think he’s as guilty as sin. I think he has a rage problem and that he killed her in a rage. I believe he probably regrets killing her (not just because he is in this fix but because he doesn’t want to be a murderer) but I would really like your ‘read’.

    1. I doubt if she will. She mostly comments on stories which are not very popular or if they are, it has something to do with a girl/woman. She also never takes sides during a trial or hearing, especially if her view goes against popular opinion. At least this has been my experience in reading her blogs.

      1. Peter you are very wrong as I do not comment on stories that only have something to do with a girl or a woman. As far as taking sides are concerned you are right. I try to be a objective as possible and present the information as I see it based ont he body language, facial language, voice, speech or written content.

  8. And to add to the growing list of analysis ‘requests’ .. I would really love to see your take on Lindsay Lohan in her new reality show/docu-series!!

  9. Hi, i love your blog. I’m wondering if you’ve ever commented on david miscavige, the presumed sociopath who runs scientology. I’m really curious about this weird expression he constantly had fixed on his face during this interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZSjVOXAb8U

    I’m not sure if i would call it more of a twisted smile or a smirk, but it looks very unnatural. I read on your casey anthony piece that scott peterson, ted bundy, and bernie madoff all had a semi-permanent smirk on their face as well.

  10. I tend to believe Dylan Farrow’s side of the story. Despite this, I wouldn’t want to be on a jury in such a case, because the conundrum is that I wasn’t there, and, in the absence of forensic evidence, I cannot know for sure….

    As much as I support Dylan, I think you are missing the point in some of your analyses of these photographs with Woody and his ‘current’ children. I believe that these photographs reveal that the girls are aware that they are being photographed. Their expressions are directed more towards the photographer than they are to Woody Allen. Woody is attempting to protect them from the photographers. The girls are looking toward the camera, and their reluctance/uncomfortable stances etc… are directed, not towards their father, but towards the person behind the camera.

    I don’t support Woody Allen, but I don’t think it helps to use photographs to condemn him, when there is always another interpretation of such photographs. Added to which, most teenage girls don’t feel comfortable with overt physical affection from their fathers.

    1. Check out daughter on the right holding tight to her shirt front in the first picture.. the second is posed for the camera..still tight against her chest.. this is not an indication of not wanting her picture taken. .this is rejection of physical contact on her chest especially. ..I recognize this as this is how I am standing in pictures with my step grandfather..who was a child molester as well. You do not hold your arms like this with a person you are comfortable with..whether you want to have your picture taken or not. She does not want this man to touch her. Why is up for speculation but child molesters tend to continue their same behavior over and over.

  11. It is quite clear that you are prejudging Woody Allen in this article. I do not molest my child, but if I hug my child in public, I sometimes get pushed away too! If we are being photographed, the resistance would be that much greater. This is what happens when kids become self-conscious.

    1. It is not at all clear that I am prejudging Woody Allen . I just reported what I saw and his daughters seemed to cringe when he tried to hug them. In light of the accusations that were made it was interesting to see this behavior. Thus I stand buy my observations as I have no agenda with regard to Woody Allen.

  12. Manzie was on her Twitter calling Dylan and liar…her Instagram page is very telling, tons of pics of herself in very reavealing clothing for a 14 year old girl, barley any family pics. None with her sister, “father” or “mother”. Sad, really sad

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