Obama and Putin’s Body Language Says They Detest One Another


While President Obama may know a thing or two about politics, he knows very little about body language. In a recent speech he said that there was  a lot of talk about body language of the two leaders  when they met and warned the public not to read much into it because he said that Putin just has a slouching posture.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Putin is not a sloucher. In fact his posture is usually erect and reflects extreme self confidence.


You consistently see his erect and straight posture when he speaks to world leaders.

ImageHere we see is non slouching erect posture with Secretary of State John Kerry.

ImageHere we see his erect posture with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

ImageHere we see Putin’s non slouching erect posture with British Prime Minister David Cameron.


But when Putin is near Obama his raised shoulders and fist like hand gesture indicates that he is angry at Obama and clearly doesn’t like him as he can’t even bear to look at him. He leans his body away from Obama as you can see and looks down as to avoid Obama entirely.

Likewise Obama looks angry. In fact we have rarely if ever seen Obama with such a facial expression reflecting disdain. His hand is on his knee for self comfort and his facial expression speaks volumes.  He puts his hand on  his chin as he appears to be pondering what to do. There is tension in his face and cheek area indicating  anger  and the downward turn of his mouth shows unhappiness.  Obama is clearly not happy having to be in the presence of Putin.


Here we see where they have an identical hand pose as those they are holding on to themselves and restraining themselves from all the anger and disdain  they have towards one another. Putin cannot even establish eye contact with Obama  as he looks away while Obama looks at him with a skeptical facial expression.

There is clearly no love lost between these two leaders.There is mutual anger and mutual disdain for one another body language wise and facial language wise no matter what pleasant words they use about one another.


9 thoughts on “Obama and Putin’s Body Language Says They Detest One Another

      1. Thank you for your response. For some reason, my computer was cutting off the photos and I was unable to even see Putin with Obama until I scrolled over.

        So glad to see you are posting to your blog again. I always check for any activity.


  1. Dr. Glass thank you for this post -very good indeed. Putin is a manly man aware of being in his body. He appears comfortable in his own skin. Some photos of Putin and Obama together are almost unbearable to view. I think Obama believes everything he says is the total Truth.
    I’m liking Putin more than our POTUS right now, what you see with Putin is what you get. Obama, on the other hand, is a chameleon.


  2. Dr. Glass interesting article on nationaljournal dot com about Putin’s admirers in the USA. Many sense we have a weak President.

    The Secret American Subculture of Putin-Worshippers
    The Russian president has his fans here—who see him as the very epitome of macho manliness.


  3. Hello Dr. Glass – I miss seeing your updates around here 😦 !!
    Is there any way you can do an analysis on mayor Rob Ford’s “apology/confession” videos surrounding his crack cocaine scandal? Thanks!


  4. Hi Dr Glass are you ever going to review and analyse the Sandyhook shootings,and look especially at the town’s people’s responses. As an non professional liar detector, I know without a doubt there are a few liars and lies going on. You are my lie guru and I’ve noticed so much wrong with their responses and am wondering why noone is saying anything about it of note on our TV screens.


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