Zimmerman Interview With Sean Hannity Would Have Given Jurors More Insight

We have come to find out from the juror who wanted to write a book and who appeared on Anderson Cooper in shadow so her identity would not be revealed that the initial vote for the jurors was one for second degree, two for manslaughter and 3 for not guilty. She said that as they understood the guidelines they were under based on their instructions, they all felt that Zimmerman killed out of self defense.

Today I was sent an article where I was quoted about Zimmerman a year ago after he appeared on the Sean Hannity Show. As I read what I said back then, I couldn’t help but think that if the jurors saw the same thing I saw on Hannity they may have had more information before they came to their conclusion. The thing that struck me the most during Hannity’s interview was that Zimmerman’s body language, facial language, vocal and speech patterns did not reflect that he showed remorse. 

Before you read what I wrote , it is important to understand that as a behavioral analyst and body language expert, I do not put my bias into my analyses. All I do is report what I see and make an interpretation based on body language, facial language, vocal, and speech cues. 

Here is what I observed  on the Sean Hannity Show back in July of 2012 in an interview I did with journalist Marcus Singletary

The Zimmerman affair: two fallacies and a conversation with Dr. Lillian Glass

George Zimmerman smiling after a 'not guilty' verdict is handed down.
George Zimmerman smiling after a ‘not guilty’ verdict is handed down.
Credits: Getty Images
2. Zimmerman’s interview with Sean Hannity was more important than anyone involved was inclined to admit.

On July 19, 2012 (yes, I resisted publishing it until now), Dr. Lillian Glass – a noted Cosmopolitan Magazine columnist and body language expert – said of Zimmerman’s demeanor on the national stage:

Now that I have had time to really digest it, there is a lot that is highly disturbing. He is forthright in his answers – and shows no remorse, which is a bad thing.

When Sean asks if he regrets getting out of the car and following Trayvon, he says he doesn’t, and then there is a pursing of his mouth that indicates anger towards Trayvon. Then he is asked if he regrets having a gun that night and he matter of factly – with no emotion – says ‘no.’ Then, he invokes that it was ‘God’s Will’ in a robotic way devoid of emotion. It shows a man who has no sorrow for what he did.

When he turns to the camera to speak, it is highly inappropriate, and shows that this is all contrived and done for a purpose. He says he wishes that it wouldn’t have put HIM in a bad position; It is all about HIM. A jury seeing this will dislike Zimmerman very much, because he shows no compassion or humanity. He is telling the truth that he feels no remorse for taking another life. He even smiles smugly when he talks about not making racist remarks.

He also contradicts himself. First, he says it is ‘God’s Will,’ and then he says later that when he shot Trayvon, he didn’t think he hit him. A jury will pick this up as well.

He then says he is sorry they buried their child, and then it goes back to HIM as he says I can’t imagine what it must feel like. He again shows no empathy. When he says, ‘I pray for them daily,’ he purses his lips and swallows. He says it in a monotone devoid of emotion. The pursing of the lips and swallows may be a signal of deception that one may wonder if he is praying for himself daily and not Trayvon’s family.

In essence, Zimmerman is telling the truth that he has no regrets about getting out of the car pursuing Travyon and shooting him, and the only regret is that it put him in a bad position.

In court, Judge Debra Nelson deflected, ‘Certain portions of the defendant’s interview…have been excised or redacted based upon legal determinations made by the court. The parts excised or redacted are not relevant and you are not to concern yourselves with why this occurred’ and, as a result, attorney Remi Spencer pointed out, ‘The state…sort of [threw] their arms up in the air and [said], ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you decide…As if, perhaps, they didn’t even want to bring this case to the courtroom in the first place’ (FOX, July 2, 2013; (Orlando Sentinel, July 14, 2013.)

I believe Dr. Glass when she calls Zimmerman’s character into question, and now you are also aware of why anyone with predispositions to Zimmerman’s claims would want to push the true, case-defining issues aside. Sure, Zimmerman won, but experts are telling you that he deceived the American public and was supported by the nation’s criminal justice system in doing so.



21 thoughts on “Zimmerman Interview With Sean Hannity Would Have Given Jurors More Insight

  1. Why would he have remorse if he killed they guy in self defense, i know i wouldn’t the guy tried to kill him for gods sake! also even if he had remorse im sure i wouldn’t have showed it because it would have made him look or sound guilty. this whole trial was a sham to begin with, this reason should be enough, the whole Sanford PD from the chief including everyone under him believed the story to be one of self defense these people are trained to pick out lairs anything that happened after that was political theater


    1. Because taking another person’s life has a profound effect on a normal person’s emotions, especially at a very close range. So unless a person is a psychopath or has some other kind of personality or behavioral disorder, they will be pained tremendously after taking a life for whatever reason and emotional turmoil will often haunt that person for years until they get professional help. If you have never killed anyone up close, you simply do not know what you would feel. As for your statement about the Sanford PD… Detective Serino initially thought that he should have been charged with manslaughter. He also found holes in GZ’s story. He emphasized to GZ in the interrogation room that he would not be interrogated had he simply stayed in his car and identified himself as a neighborhood watch captain. Self defense is more than killing, maiming or hurting someone who you believe is trying to do the same to you. Self defense is about self preservation, integrity and common sense.


  2. Ameen, self defense is about acting to preserve your own life, I don’t believe it has anything to do with integrity and common sense. While we would like to think that we or any moral person would act with integrity and common sense, the reality is that lots of people get into the wrong situation and do stupid things and are just plain lucky they dodged the bullet (if I may play with phrases)

    I have intergrity. I am a brave, moral person. But Take myself for instance; (1st situation) NYC in the early ’70s;
    A friend of mine was violently mugged outside the apartment building where I was visiting at 1:00am. I went out of the safety of the apartment building, quite deliberately, knowing I was at risk, but making the conscious choice to be the kind of person who would not leave someone to face that alone. The 2 muggers had hit Ron in the face with a baseball bat so hard the bat broke in two. He was still conscious and on his feet, blood everywhere, his nose just hanging on by some skin and cartilage. His skull was shattered and he had spinal/craniel fluid down his front.

    It was after 1:00am. The muggers were 2 black/Puerto Rican young guys. One very tall, one very short. The short one had a hold of Ron, shaking him and demanding money. I chose to go out there, into this scene..oh, I forgot; there was a crowd of people in the street roaring like people around a boxing ring.

    I grabbed the arm of the short guy who was shaking Ron and demanding money andshook his arm while saying; ‘You go away! You leave him alone!’ He didn’t even seem to realize I was there. The tall guy said; ‘Man, you’ve wastedhim! We gotta go!’ The short guy didn’t seem to hear him either. The tall guy actually pleaded with ME to get Ron inside so he could get his friend away. I said the door was locked and I couldn’t get in. He yelled at the short guy that the cops would be there any second, and finally got him to let go of Ron and they left.

    I grabbed the door and shook it and found it was open (turned out others in other apartments were leaning on their buzzers so I could get in..but no one came out to help) I managed to get Ron into the building and into the apartment when the friend who I was visiting came out of the shower. We called for an ambulance. A vehicle showed up and we got Ron into the back (still walking) I didn’t understand why an ambulance didn’t have personel, other than the driver and why there were only 2 benches, one on each side. We had to sit in the bak with me holding him upright till we got to the emergency room. (I didn’t find out till later that it was a paddy wagon, not an ambulance. Never did know why that was what they sent.

    The 2 guys were never caught, though I said I would testify if they found them. I was taken to the police station 3 times, I looked at volumes of mug shots, I went to a lineup.

    (Now 2nd situation): A few years later, my husband were driving somwhere and were totally stressed out in a hot, muggy day in a traffic stand still and we were without air conditioning whilst most other cars we could see had their windows shut and were inside comfortably cool. This guy in a car (with airconditioning) crowded in front of us, grinned nastily and giving us the finger. We went balistic with righteous anger, both of us jumped out of the car and ran up to his car, yelling at him. He was taken aback, but the he was angry too. There was a cop nearby who calmed us all down and the situation resolved. …..But if he’d had a gun things could have gone differently.

    There But for Fortune.. we and that guy could have been jointly responsible for a violent road rage incident in which one of us could have been shot and killed. GZ appears to be a hyped-up little guy with a ‘short man’ complex and TV not an angel, but someone who might have moved in the right direction as he further grew up..They both made horrible decisions. GZ has the greatest responsibilty for what happened, but there were also possible decisions TM could have made that would have defused the situation. I think this qualifys as a tradgedy.


    1. You wasted your time and energy in telling me those stories as they have very little relevance to the discussion. What you did was try to be dramatic. Why not just stick to what the facts are and take it from there? Every situation is different. As a martial arts practitioner for over 27 years, I know that the best self-defense IS common sense and integrity. Not only that but mindfulness and or awareness of your surroundings and properly reading body language. Common sense dictates that kids do not try to break in to homes in a gated community 7:00 at night. Common sense dictates that if a person is going to do that, they are crazy and are likely carrying a firearm. Common sense dictates that you do not get out of your car and put yourself in a situation where you may be vulnerable unless you either have backup or special training. Common sense dictates that you should identify yourself as neighborhood watch at a safe distance from a suspicious person at night. Common sense dictates that you should be the eyes and ears of the community as a neighborhood watchman.

      Travon Martin went too far when he punched GZ and put him in the mount. When we criticize Trayvon however, lets go to YouTube and also criticize the proliferation of videos where youth are pounding the crap out of each other and bloodying up each others faces worse than what happened to GZ. Let us apply the same standards to them and tell ALL of our children that if they are mounted and punched in the face as GZ was, they have the right to use lethal force and either stab the person punching them between the ribs or put a hole in their chest or head. Victoria LInsey then would have been justified in killing those girls who beat her up. Joanna Romos would still be alive (she was only 11) and another girl killed her in an after school fight. Also, that 16 year old girl in Ohio who was killed by another girl beating her to death. Do you see where I am going with this? Violence is NOT the answer. COMMON SENSE, INTEGRITY and MINDFULNESS is the answer.


      1. Ameen you lay out best case scenerios. How people can act, when their blood sugar is stable/their stress levels normal and they are a self reflective people who examine their own motives Most of us humans are human and do stupid things off and on all the time. Was this infamous case the result of the first and only time GZ went out on neighborhood watch? I doubt it was. Maybe he just never saw anything that caused his over-developed desire to be a us marshal to kick in or maybe he used better judgement other times. I think he’d make a great posterboy for anti-gun lobbyists.

        You used the phrase ‘common sense dictates’ five times in referring to GZ but not once when referring to TM. And concerning TM you say he went too far, but then follow that immediately with spreading the blame and deflecting it (the you tube videos and how everybody’s posting fights) You say (sarcastically) that we should apply the same standards and tell our kids they have the right to blow somebody away if they are ‘mounted and punched in the face like GZ was.’ Let’s say YOUR kid was ‘mounted and punched in the face like GZ, but also (what you left out) the person beating them was telling your kid they were going to die. Say your child felt overpowered and unable to do anything, and say they truely believed they would die. Would you rather they die because that has more integrity? Or would you, in your grief, not wish they had had some means to escape that fate, even if it meant killing their assailant?

        Your ‘common sense dictates’ applies to TM as well. He could have de-escalated the situation by not agressing on GZ (who was being a stalker ass) Just as GZ should have used common sense, TM could have used it to. Wouldn’t common sense tell you a man following a bigger guy might have more than his bravado backing him up? I was brought up differently than today’s youth, but even today’s youth have the ability to make choices other than violence. It’s as if you are granting GZ choicemaking possibilities but saying TM had no ability to choose and had to go automatic pilot.

        There are many forms of violence, all of which contribute to the rest. Sarcasm is a form of covert (barely) verbal violence.


  3. oh! I forgot. In your telling me that I wasted my time and that what I did was try to be dramatic you were being a tad mean-spirited. You didn’t need to address that, but could have gone straight to the meat of the discussion.Your pointing out your interpretation of why I wrote what I wrote shows me even your mindfullness loses it’s mind a bit, on the internet. (I am trying to demonstrate that for all our integrity, common sense and mindfulness, we do things out of anger/irritation, UNmindfully. We’re ALL human. This TM GZ killing was a true tradgedy. Practically the difinition of one.


    1. Dramatic examples of where people are being maimed and nearly beaten to death are not necessary and contribute to an unpleasant ambiance in conversations like this. I addressed that because I think that it was unnecessary and made me feel uncomfortable reading it.


      1. I can understand it made you uncomfortable. Maybe it was unnesessary to write but it was awfully uncomfortable to live through as well. Terrifying. I guess I wrote it because I was trying to put myself (and others) into a chaotic, violent situation similar to the one TM and GZ were in, to understand how well or poorly we can think during such a time. I couldn’t think. I could just act. However I was raised in a family who believed in non-violence (Quaker) and TM and GZ didn’t have the advantage ot training in regards to violence.


  4. Jeanie,

    As a man who has been studying the martial arts all his life. I would pray that my child not only know the mechanics defending himself in a ground fighting situation, but teach him to have the wherewithal to be much more mindful than GZ or TM was. Most of the blame is on GZ for many reasons, the main reason being that adolescent boys are full of testosterone and are very limited in their ability to think rationally. I can see however that TM was in all probability a defiant and perhaps a violent kid. He was no choir boy by any means. Kids lets say who have goals, aspirations and dreams certainly do not behave the way TM did that night nor act the way he had a history of doing. A 17 year old kid who was focused on becoming a good trumpet player, playing sports, practicing the martial arts and doing well academically and getting into a good University is NOT the kind of kid who winds up in a situation like this. If TM was like this, he would have been alive now and more concerned about getting into a good college than the pathetic loser man who followed him around at night.

    Teenaged kids have a lot of energy and when that energy is not focused in a positive direction, they wind up like TM or in prison.


  5. I can not help but notice something which many may have completely missed…If you review the testimony of Trayvon Martin’s mother, you will notice that she was cold, unemotional and robotic. When the 911 tape was played in court of the person screaming, there was no reaction from her and when asked who that was, she responded by robotically saying “TRAYVON BENJAMIN MARTIN”. The jury picked up on that. The father showed more emotion on the stand than her as if he were holding back tears.


  6. when i was a teenager if an adult asked me what was i doing in a certain place i would have explained what i was doing….in a respectful manner.

    why is it ok for a teenager to react with violence & to begin a fight ? why is it ok for a teen to FIGHT an adult that is asking you why you are
    in the area that you are in? are all teens today so over-reactive to being questioned by an adult?


    1. Because the timing is bad and teenagers lack the impulse control of adults. When I was a teen, my father used to tell me that any adult other than an authority figure (i.e. police, teacher, boss, etc.) who asks me where I am going or what I am doing (especially at night) is probably a child molester. GZ did not identify himself as a neighborhood watch. Plus, how many times do I need to tell people that questioning, confronting, following or chasing people is not part of the neighborhood watchman’s duties? NO ONE is under any obligation to answer to ANYONE at night besides a cop.


      1. Well it’s still not “OK” to react with violence. anyone who questions you is a child molester? wow you must have had a paranoid father. i live in a fire area. we lost our home and all possessions in a wildfire 5 years ago. 14 homes on our street burned up. 2 years ago some teens – age 14 & 15- in our neighborhood were smoking in some bushes that were surrounded by dry brush. they were trying to hide what they were doing and i was concerned about fire danger so i approached and actually stuck my head into the bushes and asked them what they were doing. i am not a child molester! and they did not respond to me with violence or fighting.


  7. Shelley,

    Your extreme example does not in any way invalidate my points. My father was not paranoid, but cautious and reasonable. It is not “OK” for teenagers to do many things such as use drugs, talk back to their parents, have a lack of respect for authority, get drunk and have an overall defiant attitude. They tend to do these things anyway however. There are certain behavioral patterns which are more characteristic of teens. This is just a biological fact. To assume this is not true and to deal with all teens as if they are all choir boys and girls is simply asinine.


    1. Ameen-oh get off your high horse for god’s sake and stop trying to put words in my mouth. i never said we should deal with teens as if they are choir boys. did i? did i say that? all i asked was why can’t they answer adults respectfully. is that too much to ask in 2013? for a little respect? c’mon now! and i do think your father was an idiot for scaring you the way he did. all adults who question you are child molesters-! what paranoid nonsense!


      1. My father raised me to be the man I am today and not get into situations where I either wound up dead, in prison or killing someone. My father taught me how to use common sense, how to read people the right way and emphasized the importance of awareness. My father was far from an idiot and I resent you suggesting that without properly understanding what I wrote previously. Either I did not explain myself clearly the last time I posted a message to you or you did not read my whole message. To survive in a civilized world, it goes without saying that one must be respectful of others (young and old). We also know that there are certain “high risk” behaviors and actions which may not be illegal, but are best avoided. The average person whether he is old or young, would not take well to someone following him around at night then approaching him. If you want to talk about paranoid nonsense, ask yourself why someone would burglarize a home in a gated community 7 at night when everyone is home? Break-ins and burglaries are very rare around those times. Burglaries are most common during the day and morning when everyone is at work.


  8. Ameen – others as well as myself are annoyed with you and your position. Trayvon is dead and he should not be. he should have answered respectfully to George that he was going to his father’s house and he’d still be alive today. Make your father proud of you and quit being so silly. Show some respect for your elders.


    1. My position is a position of wisdom and logic. No one is in any way obliged to answer to anyone questioning them at night under this context we are referring to unless they are law enforcement or they identify themselves as a person of authority. If a police officer asks someone for their ID and he refuses to show it, the officer has a right to arrest that individual. There is nothing silly about what I am stating and have stated. So continue to be annoyed with me and continue to be annoyed with the fact that a neighborhood watch captain has no authority to follow, pursue or question anybody. This is just reality. So be annoyed with reality.


      1. You are wrong,one is not forced to show your Id to a police officer and you can’t be arrested if you don’t in some states you are required to give your name if asked by Leo but they can’t force you to give id it’s unconstitutional and the scotus ruled that way


  9. Avi, in some states I may be wrong, but it does not invalidate my main point. If you want to talk about what is unconstitutional… Everyone has the right to walk around a residential neighborhood they live in without being followed around.


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