Zimmerman Judge’s Body Language Showed Bias Against Defense

There was a recent article written by Sara Morrison of Yahoo where the headline read “How Judge Debra Nelson Became Zimmerman Trial’s Breakout Star”. ttp://movies.yahoo.com/news/judge-debra-nelson-became-zimmerman-trials-breakout-star-193514196.html

I could not believe my eyes as I read  this article. In the first place Debra Nelson is no Star!  And secondly this trial is NOT entertainment! A teenager lost his life and the person who shot him essentially lost his life as well whether you think he i guilty or innocent or whether you think it was self defense or not. I was appalled at this irresponsible article.

This judge was completely inappropriate in her behavior as she essentially badgered the defendant Zimmerman in asking whether he would take the stand.


This was uncalled for when he had his attorneys by his side. They were there a counsel to speak on his behalf. Even if the counsel didn’t agree with his choice and he chose to speak on the stand, his counsel needed to let the court be aware of this, not him.As you can see by the expression on his attorney’s face, he looked shocked at what the judge was doing.


You could see what side she was leaning towards in her body language, facial language, tone, and in the content of what she said. Look at the photo above when the prosecution is giving closing arguments. She is attentive, leans forward, has a relaxed facial expression (for her as many would consider that she may suffer from an actual syndrome called “Bitchy Resting Face” which you can look up.) She speaks to the prosecution in softer tones and with respect.


 Here is yet another photo from another angle of her listening to the prosecution where you can even see her shoulders rolling forward as though she is attentive and listening carefully and approvingly to the prosecution’s closing arguments.


In contrast this is how Judge Nelson looked when she was listening to the defense.Her shoulders were back and stiff and she had a sour expression. Note that her head is tilted back and jaw is forward indicating anger.  Her lips are also pursed. She was very angry at the defense throughout the trial. Her tone of voice, curt responses, and even her lack of allowing Trayvon Martin’s school record and his texts about fighting as evidence so that the jurors could get a clearer picture of what went on during that  horribly fateful night. 

Judges MUST be non biased and not show favoritism. Many believe that is Zimmerman is found guilty there would be the possibility of a retrial. 

When the article I mentioned above calls her a “star” they may not know what it takes to be a media star.  While she may get her 15 minutes of fame, In my view she is anything but a star. She is not easy on the eye nor is she vocally pleasing to the ear.  


15 thoughts on “Zimmerman Judge’s Body Language Showed Bias Against Defense

  1. GZ sits there looking guilty as hell! Sweating, gulping swallows. Heaving breathing during Prosecution’s closing! This is a man that knows he is guilty and it shows! Would love to see your body language assessment of his demeanor. As for Judge Nelson I think she is a great Judge. She has to had put up with so much disrespect from the Defense team especially from Mr West! Both Omara and West have no respect for women, the way they treated Rachel Jental was disgusting! I felt so bad for her. They are why Defense attornies get such a bad name. Slimy, lying, racists just like their client! JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON!


  2. No disrespect , Dr. Glass, but I disagree with you. I believe Judge Nelson has done an incredible job.
    The defense attys have been rude at times& extremely arrogant to say the least.
    Don West comes across as a spoiled brat. I can’t believe
    how disrespectful he was to the judge.
    He needs to pull up his big boy pants & quit
    acting like such a big baby !!!


  3. Dr. Glass, I couldn’t agree with you more. And it took courage to give that analysis since some of the media has shown great bias against George Zimmerman jin their reporting.


  4. Good day, Dr. Glass. I’m always eager to hear from you. However, in this case I disagree. Despite being a judge she is a human being. The defense totally disrespected her, edged her on and attempted in my opinion tried to get her to go off. Don West was very unprofessional to the judge and witnesses.


  5. where we have beliefs that are backed with strong feelings, therefore strong belief in what would be Just, we are are highly sensitized to actions/words from the opposite side. Everything they say or do seems bigger, worse, than it really is, and everything ‘our’ side says and does which is questionable, we experice in a muted way. For instance, if you take 2 nasty, below-the-belt statements made be someone for the left, politically and someone from the right..you will always experience the nasty words from the political stance you disagree with as far worse that the exact same statement made by the person from the side you lean towards. IT is VERY hard to see impartially. Justice is supposed to be blind…meaning Justice Can’t see the person being judged, nor the victim, only hear what the actions were. The blindfold is NOT worn, in this case. People SEE, and therefore interpret what happened through already tinted glasses. I appreciate how you leave those glasses aside in how you interpret body language, Dr. Glass.


  6. I agree with you 100% this judge was a disgrace so was the prosecution they had no case it was a media circus luckily the 6 brave women saw through their charade


  7. Couldn’t agree more Dr. Glass!
    Have any of you watched the sanction hearing ? The judge didn’t make Bernie da la Rosa ( I can’t remember his last name) take the stand when he flat out said he would not..
    I don’t agree with GZ actions.. Doesn’t sit well with me that an unarmed kid can’t defend himself when a grown man is following him – however, the way the state went about it: indicting w/out a grand jury, saying GZ had hate in his heart, ( I think GZ was paranoid of ppl period! Maybe his medication had something to do with it?) with held and exaggerated evidence..
    Florida needs to stop pleasing the public when it makes it look bad and follow the law like we have too..


  8. Judges are supposed to be unbiased, but human beings by our nature are biased and emotional. A good lawyer or a good judge has strong psychopathic traits when they do their jobs the right way but we have to remember that they are human beings too. I would imagine dealing with cases year after year where innocent people are found guilty and guilty people are found innocent takes its toll on the psyche. Judge Nelson is a human being and criticizing her for her looks (i.e. the not easy on the eyes comment) was uncalled for and inappropriate as it has nothing to do with her body language. When people insult others like that, it bespeaks of the issues they have with themselves.


  9. I thought she looked like a bias bitch and she showed favortism during the trial.
    She was very ruff on the eyes and she makes a good salary.
    Her hair seemed to be dirty , greasy , dry , nasty,over grown with freezy ends. Until someone complained to the media that she needed a make over.
    The judge got a makeover coloring the hair and makeup to make her look more professional. Her home more than likely looks like a horder with thousands of out dated books,,dirty laundry, trash bags, molded food, and broken water pipes. It’s right out shameful the way she pinned George Zimmerman to wall strapping him and telling his lawyer ,be quiet sit down and so on. Attourney, Don West , was shocked and insulted in her court room. Don West , stood his ground and achieved victory for Mr. G, Zimmerman, he knew he had entered a gun fight at the Seminole county court house with this bias judge. But he shook her down !


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