Paula Deen’s Body Language, Fake Tears, Insincere Apology, and Racist Punchline Tuned Off Fans and Sponsors

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Deep down, Paula Deen did not  feel that  she did anything wrong. Hence you hear her empty sounding hollow apologies. She made three apologies, one worse sounding than the other.The body doesn’t lie and neither does the voice.

Her tears were non-tears with no liquid in them. And worse or all she used a phrase”I is what I is” which is the punchline of a racist joke.  She went from the fire into the frying pan and fried her reputation for good.

Had she said, “Look I said that 20 something years ago out of anger at one particular person.  I am ashamed of it. Let’s move on because I am not a racist and for anyone to think so is wrong.   But let us use this as a teaching moment that whether we are black or white we must eliminate that word from our lexicon because it brings hurt to everyone.Let’s stop using it in our music and  everywhere else.”

She also needed to put her money where her mouth was and say that she was starting up an educational fund where she would go to schools along with other professionals to teach children about not using hurtful words and telling racist jokes to hurt others.

But instead she got way too defensive about a black guy having a gun to her head and then ending it with an over the top dramatic statement about throwing a stone so hard that it should kill her and then shockingly saying “I is what I is.” She didn’t say “i am what I am”but made reference to  racist joke.

Here is the joke:

There was a black guy and a white guy.
They were debating over whether god was white or black.
The white guy said that there was only one way to find out and that is to
So they go up on a hill and they pray, and pray, and pray.
Finally they hear a voice say, “I am what I am.”
The white guy jumps up, and says, “Aha, I told you he was white.”
The black guy jumps up and says, “What do you mean? That didn’t prove
“Yes it did. Because if he was black he would’ve said I is what I is.”

Her insincere apology and defensive explanation on the Today show  is the reason why she has been dropped by so many including Walmart and Target and her diabetes drug company.

It is not that she said the N words over two decades ago. It is that she now showed no remorse . it was  her body language and how she said it that turned people off.


16 thoughts on “Paula Deen’s Body Language, Fake Tears, Insincere Apology, and Racist Punchline Tuned Off Fans and Sponsors

  1. You are so right Mrs.Glass , she seems fake and racist. I allways thought she looked like a Satanist out of the eyes. Did you notice she showed up covered in wrinkles and saggy skin like an old hunting dog. She is usually all botoxed up with tighter skin and beautiful for a woman her age with the lovely grey hair layered like the sugarbaker sisters. She wanted pitty , because she has been exposed to be the ugly , fake person she is. I’m glad a rabbit didn’t run across the stage that old hunting dog would have took off running.


    1. One aspect of racism is ignorance because a racist makes unfounded and hurtful generalizations regarding someone due to characteristics like skin color. Much like saying that someone looks like a satanist out of the eyes.


  2. It was the Saggy skin ! Can someone show up at her house with a large rubber band and pull up all this loose skin for her around to the back of her head . And for crying out loud by her a new wig for a new look to hide under a large rock or cave to blend in.


  3. Very well said, thank you. I know her grammar isn’t the best, but her last comment really threw me for a loop……..I had no idea it was from a racial joke, but not surprised. Paula doesn’t want to understand or be sensitive to dynamics of racial issues, she is just fine the way she is.


    1. Unfortunately, I think she’s got a group of supporters who feel she did nothing wrong and is being unfairly picked on. I don’t think she will ever change as long as she’s got cohorts to back her behaviors.

      I think it’s a word NO ONE should be using.


  4. Dear Dr. Glass: As usual, your comments are on point. Thank you for giving us your insights on this matter. You hit the nail on the head by giving talking points on “had she said” – any public relations firm would probably agree. I appreciate the time to educate the public.


  5. Dr. Glass, Isn’t it very strange to say, He who is without sin, pick up a rock or a boulder and throw it as hard as you can at my head and kill me! I want to meet you! If you are dead from the rock attack, how can you meet the person who threw it? In my opinion, she made fun of the many persecuted women in the world that are stoned to death for minor things. I hope this doesn’t happen, but what if some crazy tries this? She has brought this on by her own doings and enabling her do no wrong baby brother, Bubba Heirs. She played the victim and it has came back to bite her horribly! Food Network and I just think one more corp dropped her before the Today interview. The other corporate sponsors were going to decide after that very important interview and she blew it big time. Foot in mouth, played victim, never really sincerely apologize.


    1. It is a clever observation of your part, I was thinking the comment was aim at us Christians, you know, he without sin throw the first rock, there is no one in this green earth that has not sin.
      In any case I am a sucker for anyone with a sad story at the moment of that person telling the story later on I will go and meditate on what was said, did it made sense or not,
      I believe the lady knew we all have regret saying something, I often do even now, I might be older but I am not wiser some days. There is no way she will meet someone who can boldly say no regrets and mean it, hence the challenge 🙂


  6. Mrs. Glass , I have noticed that people who are in shock after a tragedy have a blank stare. If a person is on heavy medication their eyes seem blank and cold with no response. My question is can the medication make the body language different in responding to questions compared to one who is not on heavy medication? Paula , seemed to be medicated during interview and certain cooking shows. If she was suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia early stages she could also say or do things out of her control maybe. Her eyes had a stair kind of blank and lost at times. Could it be she is medicated for a serious illness and wishes to keep this a private family matter and not share it with the world. Paula , seemed depressed with bizarre behavior during interview and she looked rundown and disheveled . I’m waiting to receive your book body language in the mail box I purchase last week.


  7. I is what I is !
    Love it she will come out smelling like a rose in this day and time.
    Martha Stewart , made a huge come back after serving time .
    The people still love Martha Stewart and Paula Deen will be even more famous after this obnoxious behavior. Drama sells and makes you even more famous.


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