With No Voice Analysis on 911 Tape Allowed Things Look Very Bleak for Zimmerman



Things are not looking good for George Zimmerman in his trial. The fact that there are all women on the jury may stimulate innate feelings of motherhood and protection for those who have kids of their own. Whether they try to be impartial or not, it is “there by the grace of God go I” thinking”  in terms  that they  could have possibly lost their own child in a situation like this.

The fact that Treyvon’s fighting and thug past, poor behavior in school, and alleged drug use,  will not be allowed as evidence to show his  character also does not play well for Zimmerman. Showing the innocent  clean faced non gold- toothed photo of Treyvon in court will surely elicit a sympathetic response from these women like it did with President Obama who once said that if he “had a son he would look like Treyvon.”

Now the final blow to Zimmerman’s case is that the judge has not allowed into evidence the famous 911 tape where there was screaming. I am appalled at this decision because George Zimmerman cannot get a fair trial with this lack of crucial evidence. 

This 911 tape in my view is the deciding evidence. There are  clear ways to tease out who’s voice was on the tape and who was screaming. While they  They can can’t compare a smaple of Treyvon’s scream to the scream on the tape becuase he is dead, they can certainly do it with Zimmerman since he is alive. They can look at pitch and intensity  and voice quality. .  The pitch of the scream can be analyzed both  perceptively and objectively and compared with the 911 tape in question. There should alos be a double blind study done where people are asked to compare the two scream samples of Zimmerman, since he is the one on trial. 

I have used a similiar approach with a defendant who was accused of armed robbery. There was a tape of him saying  to the victim “I’m gonna blow your fxxxing head off.” The victim also described the suspect’s voice as being low in pitch and very clear and resonant with no hint of an accent .  I  then had the attorney go to the jail and record a  voice sample of the defendant saying the same words he allegedly said on the tap., it was completely different. The suspect’s voice was high pitched and he had a very distinct accent and a breathy quality to the voice.

I then did a vocal line up with the victim who could not discern the alleged suspect’s voice. In addition. As it turned out the suspect was not he armed robber who threatened murder.

Forensic voice analysis is key to this case. There are ways to  perceptually and technically dissect the voice pattern and scream from this tape. Both sides need to present their respective experts so that a jury can hear and see the results for themselves and then decide.

In my view, not presenting this evidence should result in a mistrial because the jury needs to make up their own mind as to who’s voice is yelling and who’s voice is screaming  on the crucial tape without the help of experts to guide them.

I believe that justice needs to be served but it cannot be served if we don’t have all of the evidence materials including the 911 tape.

The screams are crucial pieces of evidence because they could determine who the aggressor was in the confrontation before Zimmerman  shot unarmed  Treyvon Martin . While Martin’s family swears it was Treyvon screaming, Zimmerman’s father is certain it was his son. Only a jury can decide this. 

Audio experts from both sides testified at different times during the hearing, which stretched over three weeks. Voice experts were hired by lawyers and news organizations to analyze the calls, which were made during the confrontation between the two. The experts arrived at mixed conclusions.

 In deciding whether to admit the voice-recognition technology used by prosecution audio experts Tom Owen and Alan Reich, the judge had to determine whether it is too novel or whether it has been accepted by the scientific community at-large and found that there is no evidence to establish that their scientific techniques have been tested and found reliable,” the judge said in her ruling.

 Tom Owen was hired by the Orlando Sentinel last year to compare a voice sample of Zimmerman with screams for help captured on 911 calls made by neighbors. He said Zimmerman’s voice doesn’t match the screams.  But in my strong opinion,  Owen’s  work is flawed since he only compared Zimmerman’s voice to the 911 calls  and because he didn’t have a voice sample for Martin at the time. 

Since screaming is the focus of the voice sample, he obviously needed to get a sample of Zimmerman’s scream since he is still alive and since he is the one on trial. The voice sample of the 911 tape is irrelevant without a scream sample to compare with the scream sample on the 911 tape. 

 Owen  says that “The screams don’t match at all,”as he  testified during the hearing. “That’s what tells me the screams aren’t George Zimmerman.” But Own didn’t get a scream sample from Zimmerman and compare the two. What he did  here in my view was compare apples to oranges- speaking voice to a screaming voice. 

Had he testified about what he had done,  the defense could rip holes in his testimony based on the lack of comparing of two scream samples from the same person. 

 The other “expert” Alan Reich testified in a report for prosecutors that the screams on the 911 tapes were from Martin. How would he know they were from Martin if he doesn’t have a scream sample from Martin since Martin is deceased. 

  A  British audio expert  Peter French testified for the defense that it would be extremely difficult to analyze voices by comparing screaming to a normal voice said the right thing and this is even more evidence for why a scream sample is needed from Zimmerman.

 A second audio expert for the defense, George Doddington, also criticized prosecution experts who said Friday that screams and pleas on a 911 recording likely belonged to Martin.

Once again you can’t tell if it is Zimmerman’s scream unless you get a sample of him screaming. While there may be differences due to circumstances and not being able to replicate the scream exactly, you can record Zimmerman’s  scream as he calls into a number that records  the scream and you can record the scream as he attempts to renact what happened that night while he was on the ground with Treyvon, as keep some of the variables consistant. The  pitch level and other aspects of the voice pattern could be teased out. While it is not the best scenario, it is better than anything else that  has emerged thus far in terms of analyzing the scream and not the speech. 






33 thoughts on “With No Voice Analysis on 911 Tape Allowed Things Look Very Bleak for Zimmerman

  1. Are you kidding me Dr. Glass? You’re upset that he doesn’t get to keep the voice he stole from the life he stole? A fool knows that wasn’t Zimmerman screaming and now I am appalled that you’re upset over that?


  2. Wait, they can use the 911 tape, just not have experts.
    I don’t know if u are aware of this.
    gZ was not apart of the official Neighborhood Watch group like he claimed either. Furthermore; he did everything he was not supposed to according to National On Watch ( I forget the name)


  3. The judge did not exclude the 911 recording, only the testimony of the so-called “experts.” I’m glad to see Judge Nelson made the right decision in this matter. If she had allowed these quacky experts to testify, then she should have allowed the defense to query their own experts, possibly Sylvia Browne and a Magic 8-Ball.


  4. Such a bruhaha over nothing! They don’t need any of those experts! Florida taxpayers would have been paying a whole lot of money for audio experts to resolve the dispute about who is screaming for help in the Martin/Zimmerman incident. This dispute can be easily solved by using plain old common sense (that doesn’t cost one red cent), and we don’t need the FBI to test anything or consult any voice expert.

    Who is it that was injured in this altercation? George suffered several injuries. Trayvon only suffered one injury. It is pretty obvious, by the injuries and witness statements, that George was getting the worst of the encounter (he was the one getting beat up) and had a need to cry out for help. Trayvon was not being injured during the “fight” and thus had no reason to cry out for help. Simple reasoning and common sense identifies the screaming individual as the one suffering the injuries and losing the “fight.” This is a no-brainer! Paying so-called “experts,” (hired guns) to testify in this trial would have been about the worst kind of wastefulness of resources I’ve ever heard.


    1. Could there be a possibility that Zimmerman approached Martin with the gun in open view? Could there be a possibility that Martin got scared and felt like he needed to defend himself in a physical manner once he saw the gun? Is there a possibility that if Martin was scared he could have still been calling for help even while fighting Zimmerman? Especially if he knew Zimmerman had a gun? I don’t think it’s common sense to believe that just because Martin may have had less apparent injuries than Zimmerman, that he wasn’t doing the screaming. But then again, I wasn’t there.


  5. That is Trayvon Martin doing the Death Screams, begging for his life as he was staring down a barrel of a gun!! Those little scratches on the liar GZ head, are just that, scratches! As for Zimmermans nose, that happened from the kick back after firing the gun! His nose was never broken!
    Just sit back and see all the evidence come out against GZ! That man murdered a kid in cold Blood IMO

    In a way I am glad the audio experts are not coming in, they would just muddy the waters and cause confusion. Anyone who is truly being honest with themselves can tell that is a very scared, terrified young teen screaming!
    Everytime I hear that tape it gives me chills and outrages me that not only did George Z steal Trayvons life, he is trying to steal his SCREAMS! NOT GOING TO WORK




  6. I usually agree with you assement(s) on numerous sujects. This, however, is not one of those times. The judge’s decsion was correct……it’s time to put a Stop to all defense teams who join thier clints in lies and the trashing of victims.


      1. Yea, Just like GZ should have done! He tried, found Trayvon guilty & “executed him on the spot” for no more than being “a strange black kid in a hoodie” I am white but I don’t care if i were green with purple dots i’d feel the same!


    1. How would a voice analysis trash anyone? And looking at the comments on this post, it seems that there is quite a disagreement on who the real victim actually is.


  7. You’re leaning over to the defense side not the first time i’ve sensed you being slightly off. I no longer can say you are impartial or that you’re expertise is not clouded by interpretation .


    1. You are totally off Dr. Glass is impartial she calls it like she sees it, in fact by the Casey Anthony trial Dr. glass was totally on the prosecutions side and sometimes shes wrong, so to say shes always leaning to the defense is false. It also seems that you have some kind of agenda or driven by emotion rather than facts, if you listened to opening arguments today you know that GZ is innocent. When the prosecutor has to open up with an F You, comment,and continues through out, as a drama queen you know they have no facts so their trying drama its such an open shut case to not see that is to be blind


      1. So you already know what happened that evening just by listening to the opening arguments? We need more people like you. Think of all the money we would save. But then again, I think Dr. Glass is suggesting that it would be best to hear all the evidence in order to make the wisest decision.


  8. Like it or not people, “Even a child is known by his actions.”. Painting a portrait of Martin as an innocent “child”, “just a kid”,and using younger pics of him, are all deceitful jury-tampering tricks. Truth: Martin was no saint and his own “issues”, attitudes, history, and rep (“street cred”) played into this event.

    As much as some people want to see this as black and white (pun intended) or as an attack on an innocent boy, the reality is that Martin was experienced street-wise. Why are so many people afraid to admit what Martin was really like (the drugs, fighting, school suspension, burglary tools, etc.)? Clearly, Martin wasn’t exactly an upstanding citizen. How is speaking the truth attacking the victim? Why does telling the truth about Martin threaten so many people? Without allowing testimony about Martin’s character and known behaviors, it is impossible for Zimmerman to get a fair trial because Martin’s character and behavior directly contributed to his death. Is it that Martin’s parents, his family, and the black community don’t want to/can’t afford to let the world know what he really was like. His parents want him remembered as a saint? The black community needs a poster child for their “cause”?

    Trials are supposed to be about the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Obviously, this one has an inconvenient truth…Treyvon Martin had a known rep for using drugs, fighting, getting himself suspended, possessing burglary tools, etc. He was no fresh-faced, innocent young boy, by any stretch. His confrontation with George Zimmerman was directly impacted by his character, as well as his previous fighting experience. In order to determine exactly what happened, all the facts have to be thoroughly examined, whether we like them or not. It’s deceptive to present him as a mere “child”, much less one attacked and killed by a grown-up/racist grown-up. Generally speaking, the truth usually lies somewhere between the two sides. Zimmerman likely did follow him to keep an eye on him until police got there (intending to intervene if necessary), but Martin likely escalated the situation by physically confronting Zimmerman (thinking he could take Zimmerman). At that point, Zimmerman likely was in fear of his life and shot Martin.

    Personally, I’d like to see Treyvon’s parents honestly and publicly admit his drug use, suspensions, fighting social media posts, and the burglary tools. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Perhaps if Treyvon wasn’t involved in those types of activities, running with a rough crowd, and had been using wisdom (not directly confronting Zimmerman; either continuing on home quickly, calling 911 himself as he continued on, or knocking on the nearest door and explaining that some strange man was following him), this situation may have had a different outcome, Treyvon’ s parents have my sympathy in that no one should have to bury their offspring.

    Until Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton publicly and consistently address the black-on-black crime rate within their own self-professed community, they really have no leg to stand on. Until they stop seeing the world as black and white (literally), they’re nothing short of hate-mongering themselves. Black children are killed daily in Chicago and Detroit by other blacks. Jackson and Sharpton aren’t calling press conferences and President Obama doesn’t hold a press conference and personally identify with those children or trumpet their cause. Maybe because their deaths don’t fan the flames of black injustice and victimization? Their deaths don’t keep the divide going between black and white. Jackson and Sharpton can’t afford for old wounds to heal and the races learn to trust and get along. They’d have no kingdom.


    1. If Zimmerman actually followed Martin to keep an eye on him until the police came then he should have admitted that in the beginning instead of saying that he was looking for an address.
      You write that Zimmerman was likely following Martin which suggests that you think Zimmerman lied when he said he was not following Martin…but then you write that people who have nothing to hide…hide nothing. If Zimmerman was lying as you suggest, isn’t he hiding something?


    2. Ok, let us assume Trayvon Martin looked like he was “up to no good” (i.e. hoodie and suspicious behavior) that night and he perhaps has a history of being “up to no good” (i.e. multiple suspensions for fights, drug use history, “thug” pictures, etc.). Does this mean he was “up to no good” that night? Does this mean he deserved to be shot dead? Also, what does George Zimmerman’s behavioral history (both recent and distant) tell us about him? He has been arrested for violent behavior, there are claims that he has used racially offensive language, there are other claims that he had been violent with a child (sexually) and with an ex-wife and has a history of telling lies. In other words, evidence clearly shows that Zimmerman has a history of taking advantage of weaker people or people he perceives as being weaker than him and being violent in general. Furthermore, saying the things he stated in his call to 911 bespeaks of an exaggerated sense of self-importance (i.e. “these F****in a**holes, they always get away). Who exactly are “they” and why did he label Trayvon as an “a**hole”? That statement speaks volumes about Zimmerman’s intentions that night. He wanted so badly to take matters into his own hands because “they always get away”. I think it is safe to assume he meant “they always get away” when he doesn’t do anything about it, so he felt compelled to do something about it despite having no authority nor training in detaining or apprehending anyone. Furthermore, to get out of a vehicle at night in the area of someone you suspect has a gun is beyond asinine. This only makes sense if the person wanted the take matters into his own hands. His vehicle was not marked and he had no uniform. His specific duty as a neighborhood watchman was to be the “eyes and ears” of the community. Not to chase, confront, question or attempt to apprehend. Police do not do this unless they have backup, particularly at night before the situation can be properly assessed.

      By you bringing Sharpton and Jessie Jackson into this is just silly. Black on black crime has been addressed and is being addressed by community leaders and activists in places like Detroit and Chicago, more than many people care to know or realize. This is a problem which has no relevance to this case. If you want to talk about something like that, please do your homework or actually get involved, otherwise refrain from the accusatory tone.


  9. Waiting to see what comes out in court but Zimmerman said that Martin was covering his mouth with one hand and his nose with another. I’m not an expert by any means but the screams on the 911 tapes didn’t seem obstructed or muffled in any way. Maybe Zimmerman was explaining what took place before the screams started?


  10. Well after watching witness number #8 confessing that Trayvon like making racist remarks about white people and all her delusional lieing plus her signing a confession with a fake name it was clear. George was arrested on nothing but lies ! In the beginning I was not sure , but felt that George shot him by accident in the scuffle. Trayvon was a big guy not a little kid like the media and the martin family painted his image out to be. George was accused of being a racist and it was the other way around . Trayvon and his friend are very racist and for Tracy Martin , to tweet online that he had a lot of respect for this girl and Trayvon was smiling from heaven , because she had his back. This tells me he was raised in a racist hostile environment and he had a chip on his shoulder and that would explain the aggressive fighting and violent temper he had. This guy was not sweet and innocent at all.


  11. George Zimmerman , is not guilty of murder .
    George Zimmerman , is guilty of volunteering his time to try and secure peoples safety including the Martin family and friends who lived on the property. With all the past crimes in this neighborhood he was putting his life in danger to help others and was not getting paid for it. I bet he will think twice about volunteering and helping others in the future. Many security guards in Orlando have been killed on the job , executed.


  12. I noticed the Judge is quick to jump in the lawyers business and correct them on the spot . She has let Rachel turn her court room into the Jerry Springer , show disrespecting lawyers and making racist remarks even calling them ball headed people . Today she told the defense Lawyer , what that retarded . She more less called him retarded. Rachel has that huge , fat lower lip mangled up in her braces and it’s hard to figure out what she is saying. Maybe tomorrow the Judge can lean over with a flat head screw driver and wedge it out for her , so we can understand her and get the case moving. When I look at the Judge I see a over aged Chris Farley , late comedian actor with a long straight cropped wig with dirty plastic crooked glasses trying to mother a girl on the witness stand that thinks it o.k. to lie in court , sign false names , and continue lieing like a socialpath while entertaining herself.


  13. Let me see if I got this right…you are now a voice expert?

    And you think Trayvon having gold teeth, having used pot and whatever else he may have used, has diddly to do with Zimmerman shooting him? You refer to him as a “thug” as though it is fact. Did you know him?

    EVEN IF HE WAS A “thug” (your definition, whatever that may be), does that justify GZ’s shooting him? Just because a kid is being raised in a way different from your socioeconomic norms, doesn’t mean he is a “bad guy” deserving to be shot for absolutely no reason.

    Regardless, taken as an individual incident, (that is, Trayvon being shot and killed), what do his teeth or “thug”-ness have to do with anything? He was walking, talking on his phone minding his own business!

    You actually think gold teeth are significant to indicate that this VICTIM was the bad guy. Shame on you. Racism is insidious and alive and well, including in people who have no idea that they themselves are racist.


    1. Marylou
      Trayvons own father referred to him as a thug.On his email it was revealed that he got in a lot of fights. It has a lot to do with him and who he was. He did not deserve to die. As the trial progresses and witnesses come forth we will learn more and more. There is absolutely NO racism here with me or on this blog and never will be under any circumstances so take you animosity elsewhere.


    2. It sounds like you are a bit one sided and not following the trial or just repeating sound bites from the media, I have been watching the trial from the beginning so far from all the witness testimony we know that trayvon was a racist, and we have no witness’s saying zimmerman is a racist, we have eye witness that trayvon was on top beating on zimmerman. so did TM deserve to die i dont know but i guess GZ felt he did, in order to save his life, GZ did have a right to follow TM and even if he didnt TM instead of running home came around a sucker punched GZ in the face sounds to me TM was the aggressor and got what was coming to him if he didn’t like the heat he should have never played in the kitchen. The jury will no doubt find GZ innocent of the charge,the prosecution knows charges were bogus charges from the beginning they are just going through the motions to show TM parents that they tried and prevent riots


  14. No one called Trayvon, a thug because of the gold teeth he was a troubled teen a skilled street fighter who liked to sucker punch and rumble in the streets. Trayvons, text on his cell phone bragging about street fighting and going back for more. George , did not have time to hand him a application and pen to fill out ,before shooting him. Witness testified George, on bottom screaming told them to break up fight. Trayvon continued the ass whipping that ended his life. This is a tragedy either way Rev. James Manninng , who I love and adore is not a racist explains this tragedy on utube with his honest opinion . I told him about the fabulous Dr.Linda Glass, body language book I ordered every one should have. From the beginning this case was founded on lies and witness number 8 proved that.
    If the story don’t fit you must acquit !


    1. Let us agree then that from Trayvon’s background and even his body language that night, that he was a dangerous and potentially violent individual. When police announce to the public that a dangerous man is on the loose, what do they say or suggest? Do they suggest that people confront him? Do they suggest that he be questioned or followed at night? Body language students or even people with a modicrum of common sense would not think that it would be a good idea to get out of the safety of a vehicle at night to follow or track down someone who not only looks suspicious, but dangerous (i.e. unusual behavior, something in his pockets, wearing something which obscures his face).

      Most of the relevant lessons of the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman case is lost to most of the people I have seen posting messages to this blog, which is pathetic. Given that this is a body language blog and most of us are serious about reading body language, we should look at this from angles which most people don’t see. People who study body language and body language experts find that when they apply their perceptive skills property, they never get into situations where they feel compelled to use deadly force. If anything, we should encourage others to not get into deadly situations in the first place and be more perceptive of our surroundings, not support others who get themselves into dangerous situations and worst of all besmirch a dead kid, regardless of his violent past.


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