Jury Forman Reveals How Looks Do Matter, Agressive Style Doesn’t Work, and How Travis’ Mental and Emotional Abuse Played In the Decision


So many people are upset that the jurors could not reach a conclusion regarding Jodi Arias in terms of whether she lives or dies. In fact many were very upset with the Jury forman William Zervakos  who spoke out about the trial on Good Morning America. But if both the prosecution and  the defense  takes the time to really listen to what he said durting his interview they can learn a lot from his comments and what to do the second time around on July 19th.

1. The jury forman said that he could not wrap his mind around the fact that such a petetite and seemingly attractive  woman such as Jodi could commit such an heinous act. his exact words was that ” it didn’t wash.” In his mind and no doubt in the minds of others,  the way that Jodi looked was incongruent with her actions. The jury needed some logical explanation as to why such a seemlngly attractive woman would do  such a horrible crime.  In listening to the interviews of the three other jurors one mentioned that when she entered the courtroom she kept looking for the defendant as she could not believe it was Jodi. The other two jurors agreed with her.

As research has shown us time and time again, looks do matter, especially when it comes to judging people of criminal acts. If the defense wants to do right by their client, they need to play up her looks. hey need to have Jodi lose the glasses and the stringy greasy hair and the bangs. They need to supply her with some makeup , blush, mascara, and a dab of lip gloss as she goes into the courtroom. They need to not dress her frumpy but rather professional in a jacket with a colorful blouse underneath it. They need to play up the incongruity between her looks and her actions and make her as attractive as possible.

On the other side, the defense needs to adress the issue of her appearance and the incongruity up front. They need to  state that just because Jodi may be attractive, looks only go so far as her ugly actions of slitting Travis from ear to ear are is what really counts as opposed to her physical appearance.

2. The jury forman tried to wrap his mind around why Jodi would kill Travis in such a brutal way and came up with the fact hat he felt Travis emotionally and physically abused Jodi.

The defense needs to play up this emotional and mental abuse of Travis  using Jodi for sex and throwing her away like a used Kleenex, while he was preparing for a trip to Mexico with a woman he wanted to pursue as his wife.  thus destroying her sense of self . They need to say how she dedicated her life to Travis and how he led her on  after she converted to being a Mormon for him and accompanied him on  his quest of ironically traveling to “1000 places before you die. ”  They need to say how she was conscious of Travis’ finances and paid her own way even though she was a struggling waitress , just to be with him even though she could nto afford to do so. They also need stay away from their lame claim of physical abuse and focus on the mental and physical abuse that the forman spoke about.

The prosecution on the other hand needs to bring up Jodi’s lame lies of physical abuse and minimize the mental and emotional abuse.  he needs to say that she moved thousands of miles away from him and  it was her decision to seek him out and how he did not abuse her mentally or emotionally. He just wanted out of their Toxic relationship.

3. While the jury forman  said that the 18 days hurt Jodi ‘ because she was not a good witness”, the reality is that it may have indeed  helped her by the fact that it humanized her to many jury members . Thus it made killing her more difficult a task. This new jury will not  be hearing her testimony for 18 days or even more than one day, so this may not work in Jodi’s favor.

This time around, the defense needs to make sure that Jodi shuts up and doesn’t do her ridiculous slide show which completely contradicted her testimony of being the abused child when she looked so loving and chummy with her family in all of the photos she provided.She needs to NOT plead for her life, simply  based on  her ignorant cousin’s and her mother’s assessment of what she could do to be useful  in prison with programs that are non-existant in the Arizona  Perryville prison and of which she will have no control. Her lawyers need to sit her down a and give her a huge reality check telling her what the reality is of her getting life in prison really means. They should NOT let  Jodi satisfy her need for attention that she craves and be quiet.  Jodi wanted death and should plead for death if she wants it. If she is not allowed to plead for death and really wants it as she initially said she did, then they need to force her to sit down and remain silent. Instead her attorneys need to plead that she should live because even though she was “abused by her family”  she has forgiven them and doesn’t want to hurt them and cause them more pain and emotional agony. Jodi could be coached to say the same thing but she most likely would not heed her lawyers advice and would  go off on tangents in order to get more attention. This  would ultimately seal her fate.

The prosecution needs to share why Jodi would be better off dead. They need to say that if she gets out of prison after a few decades she would only be in her 50’s and would still be able to have relationships  whereby she could do the same thing to someone else whom she perceived  mentally or emotionally abused her. The prosecution also needs to bring up her jailhouse record and fights she was engaged in at Arpaio’s jail, and her complaints at being emotionally and mentally and physically abused. They also need to bring up her testimony about her parents abusing her and how she abused her mother. They need to show the jury that this is a life pattern of hers and that she will continue it.

4. What also made Jodi more compassionate to jurors was the fact that she was being treated harshly by Juan Martinez. It made many jurors feel uncomfortable. So while the public may have received a vicarious thrill that Martinez was serving justice many of the jurors did not  like this approach.So, the jury forman let us know that  Martinez’ agression towards Jodi worked against him.

The defense needs to bring this up and satte how Jodi was verbally bashed by Martinez  on the stand which made her flustered and give inconsistent answers. They need to reiterate what Jodi said and how she couldn’t think when she was being aggressively hammered verbally like Travis did to her.

On the flip side, Martinez needs to address his harshness and saying that lying makes him mad and how Jodi is full of lies and how he is the voice of Travi Alexander and how Travis would be mad that all these lies are being told about him.

So both the prosecution and the defense can present their case more effectively if they follow the jury forman’s comments and use his information to better their positions in presenting their case,

In responding to  this blog I don’t want to hear from anyone who is accusing me of taking sides or defending or not defending Jodi Arias What she di is dispicable and needs to be punished to the full extent of the law . She killed a man in his most vulnerable satte- naked and washing himself in the shower.

I have just  given my best suggestions for BOTH the prosecution AND the defense in order to better present their case and address concerns that a future jury may have, based on the issues brought up by the previous jury forman  and other jurors so that there is no longer a deadlocked jury.


24 thoughts on “Jury Forman Reveals How Looks Do Matter, Agressive Style Doesn’t Work, and How Travis’ Mental and Emotional Abuse Played In the Decision

  1. I wish they would just give her life so she can live like the warden says.
    Juan, he just needs to tell the jury that he speaks for the victims family and Travis.

    Why didnt the judge just sentence her? There has been plenty of juries that were deadlocked on the sentencing phase. People need to stop calling jurors name everytime they don’t Agree and the media should stop enabling it.


  2. If ppl criticize and harass you, just blacklist their ip’s and email and user names. You don’t need to put up with that crap. You are a best selling author and often are asked for your expertise on cases; for us you provide a free forum on a wordpress blog that you make no money off of, don’t let trolls get to you.


  3. Having been exposed to a person with a major mental disorder 30 years ago (before buzzwords, social media, blogs, or the public’s increased awareness of mental health) I can appreciate your views. My “stalker” also traveled from a neighboring state to torment me. I was in my early 20’s and not as worldly-wise as would’ve benefitted me, and I’d recently moved cross-country to start a new job. My gut told me this was abnormal behavior and I got the proper authorities involved as soon as I could (but not in time to avoid one terror-filled day that could have ended tragically). I wish Travis Alexander had not taken JA’s behavior lightly and had taken out a RO on her. Maybe the fatal attack he suffered could have been avoided, or maybe not, since dealing with a person with a mental disorder is sketchy (and they can always find a way). He didn’t understand the depth of her pathology. The sympathy I feel for his family is gut-wrenching, and I can only imagine what they’ve lived through. Let this next phase be over and done with so JA can dissolve from the collective consciousness of our world. Thank you, Dr. Glass.


    1. Jodi may be many things but one of them is not a stalker. Travis’s behavior makes that clear…
      Would you invite your stalker on trips?
      Would you invite your stalker over to stay the night at your house?
      Would you ask your stalker for money?
      Would you give your stalker the passwords to your email, internet, etc?
      Would you tell your stalker the pass codes to get into your house?
      Would you ask your stalker to pet-sit your dog while you had to be away?
      Would you hire your stalker to clean your house?
      Would you offer your stalker the use of your car if theirs was not working?

      Jodi was Travis’s secret booty-call. Travis told Jodi that his ex was “crazy” and stalked him. It was Travis’s way of “saving face” incase someone saw Jodi at his house. Also, his BFFs the Hughes, told Jodi that Travis was a womanizer and to stay away. Sky Hughes also wrote in an email she would not let her sister date Travis. And the Hughes were is BFFs!
      Bottom line, the whole stalker thing was made up by Travis.


      1. Why don’t you ask the same damn questions about Jodi! Why would she drive 1k miles to see her “abuser” and a “pedophile?”
        Why would she continue calling/texting/traveling/ and having sex?


  4. As usually i think your comments are on the mark. I felt that mr martinez left a few holes in his penalty phase closing argument the biggest one being not pointing out no apology to the alexander family and no remorse for a gruesome murder. I also believe that over a shorter trial span jodi may not have the same opportunity to spin her web and capture jurors. The prosecution would also he wise to try to get as many women jurors as possible. From my count i believe that all 4 women voted for death. From that i take away that women judged the case on aggravating mitigating factors and not on how attractive or innocent the defendant is. Women showed no gender sympathy and thats the way it should have been.


    1. Yes, isn’t it interesting how it was the male jurors who held back on the DP? Further proof of Jodi’s ability to manipulate men. This isn’t a girl who ever needs to be set free.


  5. Yes, the prosecution should try to keep as many women on the next jury as possible, as I think Jodi has more success manipulating older men (i.e., Daryl Brewer). But I can’t blame men, naturally wanting to see the good and see a *reason* as to why this attractive young woman would do such a thing.

    Actually I am against the death pentaly, even for Jodi Arias. The biggest *mitigating* factor for her is her craziness. The only people I believe I could give it to would be that Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky. Child killers/rapists truly deserve it. Crazy people like Jodi, well, let her rot in prison.


    1. Juror #8 who was released – due to driving under the influence and telling the officer about being a juror – is an middle aged male. He was not seduced by the triple X rated sex fantasies as narrated by JA and her sex defense lawyer (who represent sex offender, including pedophiles).

      I know some find her attractive, but she really is not all that attractive especially when you consider her devious, twisted
      nature. That should be a huge turn off!


      1. Yeah but he still found some of what she said believable & he too said that she stayed on the witness stand too long. What an eye opener because I don’t know how anyone can believe a word she says given how she lies.


      2. Angela,

        I listened to Juror #8 who is well educated, successful business man and I never heard him say he believed Jodi in some areas. He said the direct opposite. Maybe you got #8 mixed up with someone else. #8 feels he let the Alexander family down.

        The jurors were to follow the LAW in deciding the DP, not emotions. Being human emotions often are hard to set aside, but it can be done, plus to be on the jury they had to swear to the fact they could vote DP. For some men their little head gets in the way of logic.

        If a man had done what ugly JA did, DP would have been rendered. Wonder how many jurors NOW feel like they been played by Jodi? They likely have sought out as much info as possible now that they are free to do so.


  6. I understand you are trying to give advice to both sides regarding Jodi Arias and her sentencing. I am wondering why. You say you aren’t pro defense, yet you are telling them what to do to show Jodi in a positive light. Are you against the death penalty? I believe that Jodi Arias should not released from prison for public safety. She is facing life or death. Do you think that Sherry Stephens would ever sentence Jodi to Life with parole? I don’t, so what are you getting at? Do you want her to receive a life sentence without parole rather than a death sentence? If Jodi gets a death sentence, chances are she will not be executed. Her appeal options will be better with a death sentence, but I prefer that because she will remain isolated and that will be her worst punishment. I can only wonder if you would rather she be able to move to less restrictive conditions with a life sentence. Then she can be free to manipulate other prisoners and enjoy more contact with reporters and tweet her “feelings” to the world through her ” on the outside” felon friends. I would rather she be on 23 hour lock down every day for the rest of her life. She deserves that. Haven’t we heard enough from Jodi? What about Travis and his family?


    1. Tim the Gubler don’t be ignorant. Of course I am not pro Jodi Arias and what she did. She deserves a fair trial and for her attorneys to do the best for her jus tas any other citizen’s right’s would have it according to the Consitution.That is why BOTH sides are presented. You missed the whole point of the blog. Whether I am or am not against the death penalty is not the issue here. It is about LEARNING from the previous jurors experience- period!


  7. Kudos To you Dr. Glass for writing this ,sorry for the unneeded crap you have received for writing it,it just shows people sometimes don’t hear what they have read ,you clearly state your opinion in is the article.


  8. I have a friend that is just like Jodi , A and it’s really sad.
    This girl is just like her !
    I have not seen her in many years and she wanted to come and live with us , because she has burned all her bridges. Sad to report she has all the signs of a a socialpath and I don’t need the bad energy in my home. The girl lies 24/7 , she steals from her friends and mother . Her lies are delusional and I have given her a number to a psychiatrist to seek treatment and she refuses to admit she is mentally disturbed. She attacked her mother and was arrested and then the mother dropped the charges instead of keeping her locked up in the medical ward of the jail. This is what the mother told me. She has a small child around 5 and I feel concerned , because of the rage temper that comes out. Her own mother told me last year she feared the child could turn up dead in a trunk. Socialpaths are very good at being overly nice and the caretaker of the person who ,becomes the victim. They can’t handle rejection or being confronted about their lies that turns on the psycho switch that kills . When I confronted her about her lieing and stealing a demonic voice screamed into the phone like another personality . Do not be fooled by the innocent ,helpless look Jodi has ,because this is a diabolical personality that is hidden that’s dangerous and it can murder a human being with no problem. A psycho person has the strength of several persons at one time.


  9. This women needs to be in a cell for the rest of her life like the psychopath killer in silence of the lambs played by fabulous Anthony Hopkins. She will kill again if she is ever released this women is sick. She should be sitting with a hockey mask and heavy chains around her neck , hands ,waste and feet during court. She is psycho dangerous !


  10. I’m sorry but I find you saying things like how Jodi should have done her make-up and clothes a bit creepy. A young man was brutally murdered in the prime of his life. How would you feel if some has-been body language expert described how the murderer of your son/husband/brother was dressed and how she “should” have dressed? Come on! You actually sat down and wrote this and thought it was a good idea? Really? I believe you wrote this for one reason – Jodi Arias. You knew it would draw in the readers. I find this post ridiculous!


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