Jodi Arias Body Language As She seeks Mercy Was Non Emotional, Non Apologetic, Self Absorbed, and Contradicted Her Testimony


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.58.03 AMWhen I  the saw Jodi Arias interview right after she was found guilty of First Degree Murder requesting death, it was obvious to me that she wasn’t believing a word of what she was saying based on her body language, facial expression and voice quality and measured speech pattern.

In my view, it was a ploy and yet another one of her manipulative mind games to say ” I want you to kill me” in hopes that the jury would do exactly  the opposite and not grant her satisfaction of yet one more time in getting what she wanted. It was also her way of taking control, just  in case she was given the death penalty by saying that is what SHE wanted all along.


As Jodi spoke to the court to try and plead her case as to why she should be given life, she spoke in a cold  nonemotional, non heartfelt tone.  her posture was extremely erect with her hed up. There was an air of arrogance surrounding her.  Her speech pattern was mechanical and stacatto.

When Jodi gave a slide show of her happy family all together for celebratory events it completely contradicted her testimony of being an abused victim in her home. If she was so abused why would she show up for the photo shoots and be all smiles at family functions? This did not help her credibility with the jurors.

She even spoke about her family being the reason why she should not have the death penalty. When she spoke of her father crying for the first time, this also did not seem to ring true. No doubt her father was crying his entire life over the antics his daughter demonstrated. Maybe his tears were silent but no doubt Jodi’s actions brought him much sadness throughout the years.

When she spoke it was as though she was  victim by stating that now she can never be a mother and that her nieces will be as close as she will get to becoming a mother.

She said  that up until a few weeks ago she had to give up hope that she would ever become a mother. That statement spoke volumes. It showed how she actually did believe the jury would NEVER convict her.

She also mentioned how she wanted to AVOID trial. This is another lie. if she wanted to avoid trial she needed to plead guilty and take her sentence.

She admitted to the jurors that she preferred death but now she saw there were options like all the charitable work she would do in prison from giving up her hair to “Locks of Love” to teaching illiterate inmates how to read. The first thing many jurors may be thinking is ” who would want hair from a murderer?”  As far as teaching inmates how to read, with her arrogant. superior attitude and narcissim, her fellow inmates may not take very well to having her as their teacher or instructor. She mentioned other charitable ventures she wanted to pursue in prison with a leaked out smile as though she was looking forward to these ventures.

The reality may be that she may be spending all her time in prison taking care of herself as in the general population she will no doubt be a target for those who may want to pick a fight with her or damage her in order to make a name for themselves because she is so public. Maybe she will be able to have fellow inmates who will be her protectors. Maybe she will pay for their help with her commissary goods or with her artwork.

The reality is also that Jodi will be giving a lot of interviews behind bars which will keep her busy throughout the years and feeding into her ego. She will also be writing or co-writing books, selling her artwork and spending her time drawing and coloring (which she loves doing). She may even make some prison friends by  drawing portraits of them. Jodi will always have cash in her commissary account as she will always make money.

She may even find romance behind bars. She may  also have  disturbed suitors from all over the world who may want to marry her, like Casey Anthony experienced. And like Susan Atkins, a Charles Manson follower who spent her life in prison, she may even marry behind bars.

In any event, Jodi Arias’ life may be fulfilled if she is granted life behind bars with growing her hair, watching TV,  teaching reading and spanish to inmates, drawing, coloring, writing, media interviews, and having some sort of love life.

Travis  on the other hand will have none of these things.The photo of him naked and vulnerable in the shower haunts me as  I am sure it will haunt many of the jurors.  Here is where many believe that an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ may be the solution as  jurors may realize that Travis can’t give to charity,  watch TV, or do media interviews, or teach, or have a love life ever again. Whether or not he was an angel, he didn’t deserve to be killed  so horrifically.

By Jodi sharing  what she CAN do while she is still alive, it magnifies what Travis CAN’T do now that he is dead.Perhaps the jury will see this as they make their final decision as to whether she lives or dies. The fact that she didn’t give a heartfelt apology to what she did to Travis and look directly at his family and apologize to them  may have sealed her fate.



33 thoughts on “Jodi Arias Body Language As She seeks Mercy Was Non Emotional, Non Apologetic, Self Absorbed, and Contradicted Her Testimony

  1. Jodi doesn’t need a love life she has messed up her life and someone else’s life so in my opinion No-One want’s to be her lover or even Boyfriend by her past and what she has done to the man that she killed.


  2. As one who was physically and emotionally abused as a child.I am smiling in all family photos. Abused children are conditioned to lie about their surroundings. It could also be as simple as:in the moment the photo is taken there is no abuse happening. One might be smiling at the simple moment they are given . I in no way think this woman should not get the death penalty but do understand that emotionally broken people do not all fit into one way of reacting. As well.Sitting up might simply be a sign of defeat.


      1. No I did not.Nor would I. You yourself need therapy: ) I have more empathy for a human being that has no control over their mind than a person who does and choses to bash others.


  3. Tonya,

    I understand what you are saying about having a false smile as a child. Often the sadness can be seen in the eyes or body language.

    I agree with Dr. Glass, it struck me as bizarre that Jodi would show how loving and together her family was, while on the stand she clearly wanted to paint the pictures as extremely opposite. I am empathetic to child abuse, her story did not sound like valid child abuse so severe as to become the manipulative, monster she became. NOTHING! Millions of abused children – on the level Jodi painted do not commit crimes, nor do they murder at all, and especially not so viciously as she did. She is a creepy parasite, narcissist, psycho, manipulator, and she stalked Travis.


    1. In my home there were 5 children.All abused. My sister became an addict in and out of rehab as well gave up all of her children to relatives. One brother is in prison for attempting to meet a young girl and possessing child pornography.My two youngest brothers lived with me when they turned 18. I was the most abused in our household as I was the oldest. I left when I was 17 and never looked back. I was incredibly shy and very soft spoken. I made friends easily and began thriving. I bought both of my younger brothers their first cars and gave them the opportunity to thrive. Both are doing very well for themselves however one has a family and has been happily married for 15 years and the other ended up marrying someone much like our mother.

      I do not believe in spankings nor do I believe in humiliation as a way to get ones point across. I have a degree in clothing design. I am a trained esthetician and currently back in school working on a degree in psychology. I also go to therapy sessions twice a month as I need help with boundaries. I do my best but always worry about hurting someones feelings.

      Abuse affects everyone differently.

      Every human being handles their disease differently. I am bi polar. To meet me you would never know as I rarely get depressed and if I do it is over world hunger or mistreatment of living things and is often a momentary feeling that inspires me to get up and contribute more. I have had one episode of extended mania. It lasted 7 months. I was medicated for 3 years and no longer am I on medication. I have had no relapses and no mood swings. My focus is and always has been on being present and protecting others. I volunteer,work and go to school. I have 7 healthy rescues that are loving and friendly.

      Not every human being has a coping tool. For me it is: it can always be worse and generally is for someone else.

      This girl was broken from birth and I imagine via the manipulation of her parents in many ways feels as though:they got away with it-why shouldn’t I

      I personally felt that her parents were hiding something. I am in no way excusing what she did but how can one be healthy if they were not raised in a healthy environment. There are those that move on in life and find thanks in the fact that they are no longer living fear ( my case) there are those not informed and traumatized by what they do not understand. Everyone deals with pain differently. To kill another human being in such a violent me it would appear that she had a lot of pent up rage. after the second stab wouldnt there is no room for regret I would imagine unless she were having a psychotic episode.
      It is sad all of the way around. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have so much hate in you that you want to harm another living thing. My heart goes out to the broken of the world. To have mental clarity is a blessing.

      rather than call names for her intolerance i prefer to understand that hate is a very sad place to be. Angry people are victims as well. That is not to say that they arent annoying .

      I hope that she gets the death penalty. Honestly anyone that is so broken that they want to harm another..if it were me.I would not want to live.especially in a prison.



      1. Well I was living on my own on the streets at age 14 1/2 because of my abusive family life and I’m not bipolar nor do I have a personality disorder. In fact I still to this day at age 47 have no relationship what so ever with anyone in my family, including all of my siblings. I’ve become successful in life because of friends and the good people I surrounded myself with.
        The difference between you and I is that I don’t buy Jodi’s
        bullsh** story. Jodi never was abused by Travis or her family. She had a normal teenage life where she got in trouble occasionally just like I did and was spanked, hit with a wooden paddle, slapped, beat bare assed with a belt, etc. Many of us who are older were disciplined this way. It was the norm back then.
        Now if Jodi suffered starvings, cigarette burns, severe beatings, extreme confinement, etc, then I’d consider her story of abuse.


      2. Kelly,
        There are many different kinds of personalities in the world.It appears that we had similar stories.I however am nothing like you. First of all. I am bi polar. I am also a happy well adjusted human being. However.When I was in full blown mania 4 years ago ( my first and last time) I gave all of my things away and rented dumpsters to to toss out my clothing. I owned a lot of high end designer clothing. I myself do a lot of volunteer work so I am guessing my mania revolved around guilt. Thus me tossing things out as to not have more than those I was helping.
        When you are in a place that lacks reason: how can you ask for forgiveness of something that you cannot grasp.
        I was like a robot for the next two years. Still in shock over what had transpired while I was in mania. I was also heavily

        A perfunctory apology at best is what one should expect from someone who was not emotionally present during their lapse of good judgement. I see a lot of “sane ” people posting horrible things about this woman. That appears more callous to me than someone who lost their mind. Honestly I do not feel that she is a stable human being. I believe that she is clinically broken.

        Unless you have lost your grasp on reality you should not compare your story to hers. She attempted to rid herself of something that was hurting her. Maybe not physically but emotionally.

        I find that most people are not kind people. So quick to jump into the lynching.

        If I were jodi. I would chose death. That is just me personally. Do I wish it upon her. Not at all. She is not rational. I have never been to prison but I am smart enough to know that it is full of broken people. That is not to say that I think that they should be members of society in such a broken state. I am for reconditioning myself. Positive affirmations go a very long way.

        Your response was very self centered. You are comparing your story to hers.Without the true understanding of insanity. Until you have experienced it. Do not judge those who have the misfortune of living it.


      3. I understand what you are saying but I feel Jodi Arias could have used the opportunity of her plea to make a heartfelt apology and show remorse. It is the least his family deserve.
        It would also justify her pursuit of charitable projects.

        I hope she will repent. God have mercy on her soul.


      4. Bess even if Jodi apologized to the family it would not be heartfelt. She only seems to care about herself. I believe she did make a statement to the family at one time but the apology appeared hollow and meaningless. Also where she is going (either death row or maximum security) she will be doing no charity work according to a prison guard who worked at the same prison where she will be incarcerated. Yes, I agree that only God can have mercy on her soul as no one else will.


      5. In this case if Jodi get’s life, she may wish for the death sentence as the conditions at the particular prison she will be going to are unbearable and it has been reported that many have even committed suicide there.


  4. Dr. Glass, I saw exactly what you expressed that you saw in both Jodi’s interview and in her presentation to the jury. I am one who believes that she was not abused as a child or an adult, but has a borderline personality disorder big-time, and that means she can not even ask a jury for mercy in a way that is “human”. She mimics other people to express emotion, I believe, except maybe rage. If there is a way of not allowing her to give interviews while in prison, not allowing her to make money with her artwork (not all that impressive to me) or with her writings or by selling a book, then I think that while she does not deserve mercy, it should be given to her. Life without parole, maybe her life will somehow help someone… even one other person.


  5. I honestly dont think these jurors r gonna buy into this heartless plea! As usual…its all about Jodi! OMG! Bringing up her Survivor teeshirts? I think she just “Nail her coffin shut”!!!


  6. Dr. Lillian, you really got her down today…she was not abused and for her to bring out that shirt, while her sister wore it yesterday in court strutting it around her chest..this was just unacceptable for me..I have never been a person of the DP, but here I say yes, it would be wrong to allow her to stay in prison with other inmates and laugh and have activities..while Travis sleeps six feet below the earths surface. No one can touch him, hug him, kiss him, ever again..she did the crime three times in my eyes..she must pay for her crime! Justice for Travis!


  7. Jodi Arias never has and never will take full responsibilty for this horrific murder.
    I disagree with the defense tactic of throwing the parents under the bus.She should have gotten help early for her emotional problems. period. Jodi wasn’t even willing to beg for her own life. I wonder if Travis begged for his. Jodi the victim, right up to the end.


  8. I dissagree that an abused women is automatically looking sad at all times….abused wife syndrom is more like the opposite of this whereas the victim would in fact look and appear happy at all times as though nothing was wrong. Furthermore you stated SHE was trying get out of teh death penalty….I dont blame her…but you do. WEIRD


  9. I went through HELL as a child. My mother left me and my sister with a baby sitter and didn’t come back. We kept waiting and waiting. It hurt really hurt. I have suffered emotional damage for sure. I just do not think taking Jodi’s life is going to bring peace to anyone. I whole heartedly support the Alexander family. I don’t mean this in any way but respectfully. I don’t think Jodi’s death will bring them peace. Jodi deserves to live. Everyday. Everyday of her very long life to come. What she did was pre-planned, it was manipulative, and certainly, vicious. Her death will not heal anyone. She deserves to live everyday of the rest of her life, remembering. I don’t know what you people will do after the final verdict of this trial. No matter the outcome. But taking a life for a life isn’t punishment. It is sick. Barbaric. I think Arias is a total socio/psychopath. She walks, talks, smells like narcissism. Yet what would make her life the most miserable, that would be confinement. Only with out any possibility of parole.


  10. Jodi continues to torture the Alexander family every chance she gets. Jodi can thrive in prison in her alternate reality of life, and continue to enjoy herself, continue to trash Travis for her thrills and enjoyment. She got a thrill for looking at those crime scene photos, all the while pretending to cry and be devastated. In her twisted reality, Travis brought this upon himself, she feels justified!

    If she were a man, case would have ended long ago with a guilty verdict and likely DP. She a woman so she gets “special” consideration, though she criminally stalked Travis, something her lawyer obviously did not consider a “criminal background!” Many of Travis’s friends said they did not like her, that something was really “OFF” about Jodi the liar, manipulator, stalker.

    She had the “balls” to commit a heinous crime, let her have the “balls” to take it like a man, the consequences. For all those with lofty thoughts I say, it is the Alexander’s family who suffered trauma and had to look through heinous crime photos of Travis’s open and slashed neck, of Travis being killed 3x’s over, it is the Alexander family who’s voice about the penalty for this vicious murder that needs to be heard! Their desires for the penalty and the jurors is what matters.

    It was not YOUR brother, husband, sibling, child for you to use this as a soap box for no DP. I would not wish the DP on anyone, but I must say Jodi is a case for it. No remorse, you think Life in Prison will suddenly create REMORSE! Hell no, she will seek interviews, a fan club base and promote her twisted worthless thoughts! Most of all she will not grant peace to Travis’s memory nor to the Alexander family! She needs to have her idea that the “world is my stage” ended for good!


  11. If she had appologized to the alexanders for killing travis that might have helped her. Her narcisstic its all about me speech diddnt.If she had just shot him a couple of times and fessed up when det flores questioned her.with the evidence i could see LWOP. Her sadistic slaughter of a young man with no remorse followed by the character assination of the victim shows a psycopathic tendancy that parallells charlie manson. I dont think that the DP is always the answer for a convicted murderer…but this time its the only right answer.


    1. I so agree Julie. Death becomes her. Look at the interview junket she is now doing. Everything is me, me, me. She has no real remorse for what she did. What an insult to the Alexander family.


  12. I believe that she will adapt if given life in prison, and will be able to LIVE a life with at least some pleasures, relationships behind bars, etc. Travis will never have that chance again. It’s not right for her to get that chance! I do NOT believe her abuse stories at all! No, she wouldn’t ideally like to live behind bars,but again, she will adapt, and this is NOT punishment enough for her. She acts like this “one thing” she did can be separated from the rest of her life, but it cannot! This “one thing” created a ripple effect that has altered dozens of people’s lives, forever.


  13. Giving interviews lying endless through her crooked teeth!

    Typical of a gross piggish Narcissist who NEVER takes responsibility! NEVER! It is always someone else’s fault…..she blames Travis for his death cause he wouldn’t marry her, wouldn’t make her the Queen of his rich castle. The low class Jodi had to return to poor living in Yreka with grandma. She lost her house with Darryl, Darryl didn’t want children with her. Hmmm! I think he saw something as to not want children with her, though Darryl claims not having enough “time” for another child in his life. LIE.

    What did she have to look forward to when she – in her lazy, parasitic mind – was close to living the good life.

    I hope Jodi has nightmares for life and into the next one! Lying lying twisted Hodi.

    If she was crazy – she would have with that defense – they didn’t cause she knew what she was doing! Her violent manner in taking TA’s life was full blown rage!


  14. The things she was saying in her speech, the interviews she did later, the total lack of ability to take other people’s perspective …It has become very obvious to me that Jodi is extremely mentally ill. Who, but someone who is mentally ill, could get up and not realize how unseemly it is for someone in her position to sell domestic violence t shirts? Who but a mentally ill person could not see how ridiculous it sounds for a convicted murder to be allowed to live so they can have a recycling program in jail? Of course she’s narcissistic…emotionally she’s a toddler…what does a toddler do when they are caugh red handed? They deny! the borderline personality really did come out in her speech yesterday. Death penalty for the mentally ill is inappropriate.


  15. Hundreds of millions mentally ill do not murder, nor do they do so with premeditation and in a heinous manner.

    She deserves the DP imho.
    It is what the Alexander’s want that matters the most. It was their relative who was almost decapitated, shot, stabbed over and over, then let to rot in the shower. Later Jodi would murdered their sibling again in court thru character assassination.

    A hell of a lot of damage from one sick, evil woman named Jodi Arias. No one should have to encounter the hell that she is – a walking, breathing, empty shell reeking havoc wherever she goes. I don’t believe her own mother wants to see her get out of prison.

    Jodi went to great pains to;
    Pre-meditate the crime covertly, which means she knew it to be illegal, immoral, wrong, unacceptable to society. She knew if she was linked to the crime, she would have to suffer the consequences.
    Covered up the crime, because she understood she would be prosecuted and sent to prison.
    Jodi is not insane, not mentally ill, not someone who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong, or someone in need of therapy. Jodi is quite simply, a sociopathic EVIL person to the core.

    Jodi has been called the female version of Ted Bundy. I can see why people say it.


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