Michael Jackson Accuser’s Body Language, Voice and Speech Pattern Show Credibility

Before I begin my analysis I want to say, that I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson’s talents. I have appreciated his genius as a performer- his singing voice quality and his amazing abilities as a dancer and choreographer. 

But as a person, I personally observed something odd about him.  Years ago,while Michael was an adult in his mid  30’s I happened to be in a video store and observed him sitting on the floor in the children’s section wearing a surgical mask and giggling to himself  as he picked up  various children’s videos. This  was during the period  where Michael had not yet had any children of his own and was parading his pet monkey around town.  The first thought that went through my mind as I saw him sitting on the video store floor was that he was obviously stuck in childhood as he looked like a big child with a surgical mask on.

Last week, when I heard that Michael was once again being accused of sexual molestation, a part of me did not want to believe this, especially since the person accusing him, accused him a little too late. The accuser also swore on Michael’s behalf in a court of law that he was Never molested by Michael. But now that there is a wrongful death claim going on now,the timing of his accusations seemed suspect to me.  

So when I was asked by NBC”S  Access Hollywood to view the accuser’s video as he appeared on the Today Show, I was thinking I would see some signals of deception and state that this was yet another opportunistic individual who wanted part of Michael’s financial pie.

But as I closely listened to and look at the tape of Wade Robeson speaking to Matt Lauer, it was just the opposite.


The young man was articulate.  He was direct and well spoken, His voice pattern was solid without hesitation. He appeared forthright . His body language and facial animation matched what he said in terms of content and emotion.For instance when he spoke in the negative, his head shook “no”. Conversely when he spoke in the affirmative, his head shook “yes’.


When he spoke it was heartfelt. On numerous occasions, he even, gestured towards his heart when he spoke.

ImageThere was also a vulnerability when he spoke as he grabbed his neck  towards his adam’s apple (the most vulnerable part of our body). ImageHe was open with his emotions and verbally stated he was angry at Michael for what he allegedly did to him. You saw this anger in his raised eyebrow as you can see above.


The interview took it’s toll on Wade Robeson as you could see the visible perspiration around his cheeks and above his upper lip. he was not comfortable discussing what Michael had allegedly done to him.It was highly emotional for him. 

Wade also tries to make sense of what Michael allegedly did to him by stating that Michael was a “troubled man.” It shows that he does indeed display some compassion towards Michael along with the anger he revealed.


He speaks with conviction as he states that Michel was a talented man as well as being a “pedophile” and a “sexual abuser”. he is direct as he says this and there are no signals of deception whatsoever. 

Bu back in 2008, when Robeson stated Michael did not molest him there were numerous signals of deception


One sign of deception was that he was blinking a lot as he was being asked questions about Michael.


When asked in 2008 why it was important to stick up for Michael, Robeson shakes his head ‘no’, turns his mouth downward and looks away to search for answer.


He then shrugs his shoulder which is a huge signal of deception based on the context of what was being said, and said ” He’s always been a friend to me . “That’s what friends do”. 

So in essence, he tells us in 2008 that he was doing his friend Michael a favor by sticking up for him. His signals of deception say it all. 

In my view,  Robeson is now telling the truth. But why now? Why not come clean when Michael was alive? Well there are a  lot of reasons from feeling ashamed of what happened, to being in denial, to not wanting to make waves, to not reaping the consequences of having to fight Michael who had more power and more money to defend himself. Also for sticking up for his friend as Wade admitted in 2008, he many have reaped some benefits from Michael from possible financial benefits, perks, and even Michael’s providing positive references for him as a choreographer he may also have felt a loyalty to Michael at the time. Finally as a heterosexual male, he may not wanted to publicly or even privately admit that he engaged in a homesexual experience at any point in his life.

Oftentimes, when one does have a child,it can bring back one’s one memories and experiences as a child. Robeson said that when he looks at his young son and thinks of anyone doing to his child what was done to him, it sickened him. Perhaps his young son allowed him to become more  honest with his feelings and with his past experiences.




30 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Accuser’s Body Language, Voice and Speech Pattern Show Credibility

  1. I’ve always thought MJ was weird, and a child molester, maybe caused by his Dad and the way he treated MJ. I don’t know for sure, but I think he really wanted to be a girl.

    1. What in the world gave you the idea he wanted to be a girl? He wore wigs because he lost a significant amount of hair and had scarring from the burn accident. He wore makeup because he was a performer and to cover up the effects of vitiligo and lupus. He dressed like a man, he walked like a man, he talked about women like a man would. You seem to want to make things up about him just to have something negative to say.

  2. I’ve never wanted to believe or accept it, but deep inside I’ve believed it to be true. Michael’s behavior was anything but normal and your analysis finally put my denial to rest. It’s so sad for the victims and fans who believed in the icon. Thank you you Dr. Glass

    1. Dr. Glass isn’t the be-all, end-all of deciding whether or not Robson is telling the truth. Sad that you will believe Robson is telling “his truth” just over reading what someone said about his body language. His testimony in 2005 and the words he wrote about Michael after his death are more telling than anything else.

  3. The FBI investigated Michael Jackson and I had heard he had been cleared the allegations against him. I can neither confirm or deny his guilt or his innocence but I will say this….the ones who will speak out the most about that will probably be his own children though if influenced enough by certain people even a persons own children can speak out against them in some way. We’re a society that does have a certain amount of false memory syndrome and if a person truly believes in a false memory, their body language and even a lie detector test will show them to be telling the truth. Nobody will ever know the truth in any situation except those involved and God in my opinion but it’s always interesting reading your analysis. 😉 I’ve often thought we don’t pay enough attention to body language.

    1. The FBI had a HUGE file on Michael Jackson. And they had NO evidence that he was a child molester. Tom Sneddon couldn’t find any evidence in 1993 or 2003. Without evidence, I will never believe it.

  4. there’s a guy on youtube who does body language analysis who felt that Wade wasn’t telling the truth in the Matt Lauer interview. I’m a bit skeptical of body language analysis…….it’s interesting to watch and read about though.

      1. Well, he’s lied at some point. He either lied in 2005 or he’s lying now. Either way, he cannot be found credible.

  5. I have great admiration for Mr. Robson. Coming out now with the truth had to be difficult, especially after the earlier denials. Perhaps Mr. Robson needed the extra years of therapy, maturity, and courage to publicly face the mega-billionaire publicity machine that is the Jackson Empire. He knows very well how ruthless the people he faces be towards him. I recognize therapy terms in his speech, I wish him all the best. Good job, Dr. Glass.

    1. Yes you can tell he’s been thru therapy because of the terms he’s been using and probably what the therapist has been helling him to cope. I believe wade.I didn’t want to believe Wade. Because I am a HUGE Mj fan…… But Im not blind to the possibility.

  6. I do not believe Wade Robson. He claims he never forgot what Michael did to him, but that he didn’t understand it to be abuse. However, he was DIRECTLY questioned about whether Michael ever sexually touched him, and he answered flat-out NO. He then went on to write, after Michael Jackson’s passing, a very lovely letter about him. He wrote about how he couldn’t bear to delete Michael’s phone number or messages from his phone. Why would he be so upset about that if Michael had sexually abused him? It doesn’t add up. I do not believe him for one second.

    1. Ashley, you have a right to believe whatever you want. Insulting or feeling sad by my previous response or anyone’s elses is ridiculous. We are entitled to our opinion just as you are. You believe Michael was innocent in this case, I DON’T. Give it a rest.

  7. Well to begin with, Michael was in his mid 30’s during the early 90’s and no longer had his pet monkey, Bubbles, by that time. Secondly, if you’re trying to suggest that Wade was being dishonest in that 2008 interview, that would make no sense due to the following. In the Today Show interview, Wade states that the reason he’s coming forward with his allegations is because he now realizes that what Michael allegedly did to him was indeed sexual abuse and that he’d been led to believe that it was an “expression of love” and had not seen it as being problematic until the birth of his son.

    If you’re analysis of the 2008 interview is to be believed, that would mean that Wade lied when he said he only recently understood that he was abused as your analysis would indicate that he knew and understood that his relationship with Michael was improper even back in 2008. How then does that bode with the fact Wade would go on to continuously praise and speak positively about Michael for years after that 2008 interview? In fact, Wade continued to speak positively about Michael even after his death (meaning that Michael could not have manipulated or forced Wade to do so), even doing tributes to Michael and trying to find work on Michael related projects (such as the Cirque Du Solei Michael Jackson shows), up until 2012.

    In addition, two other body language experts analyzed Wade’s body language and came to conclusions completely different than yours. One expert is Craig James Baxter who’s analysis of Wade’s body language is discussed in the following link; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/a-place-in-your-heart/2013/05/25/the-secret-language-of-wade-robson-craig-james-baxter?fb_action_ids=1020067084%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%204886367&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=.UaFQyfJ-_c8.send&%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

    The other expert is Susan Constantine who’s analysis of Wade’s body language is discussed in the following link; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jordan-king/2013/05/23/body-language-expert-disputes-wade-robson-allegation

    Can you explain why their conclusions concerning this matter would be so far different than yours?

    1. Daniel- to begin with, it was my experience seeing Michael as an adult acting like a child in a video store which was not normal behavior. And YES he did have his monkey around that time. Wade was being dishonest in 2008 and is honest now. It doesn’t matter what other body language experts analyze him s I don;t know who these body language experts are to whom you refer. I also don’t their background or their experience. I completely stand by my analysis and submitted the photos as to the reason why I came to my conclusion. It is obvious that you are a huge Michael fan as you appear to be and this disappoints you. It disappoints many fans including myself but unfortunately in my view it is a reality that this young man is telling the truth. .

    2. I agree with Dr. Lillian Glass he lied back in 2008. but I don’t think he is being completely honest now maybe for fear of perjuring himself. Bottom line in 2005 and 2008 he knew what happen to him and he knew that he lied to protect his friend. You can look at candid shots of Wade back in 2005 walking out of the court house. The look on his face speaks volumes like he was holding something in. In 2008 This interviewer specifically ask him why did you defend Michael Jackson and wade said Because he’s always been a friend to me…. That’s what you do for your friend you tell the truth. I would’ve said something like because it didn’t happen or because he didn’t molest me. You have to there were 3 witnesses who said they saw Wade molested. That is why They needed wade to tesify to shoot down those eye witness accounts. Wade has made the first step in telling his story but he needs to be completely honest about what happen and why he lied to cover his friend.I know he is still trying to process it all. I believe him and I hope and pray that he continue to get the help and support that he needs to completely heal from his ordeal.

    3. I agree with your body lanquange analyses. I ve read up on how to you can tell whether a person is lying or telling the truth and Ive seen those details such rapid blinking of the eyes as been signs of deception also shrugging of the shoulders can be a sign of deception. The emotion in his voice when he speaks of his son, was raw and it lets me know that those breakdown was real and he’s really has been trying come to terms with what happen to him . I don’t believe he is lying. He has more lose than to gain. He is a very successful, Emmy award winning Cheographer and director. And he is risking it all to tell his truth. I admire his strength and courage.

  8. Michaels , children looked depressed even when he was alive.
    Prince Michael , looked drugged at certain times and depressed.
    Blanket looks depressed all the time.
    Maybe they where being molested and drugged , so the memory seems foggy to them. I hate to think he was that type of person , because I was a huge fan back in my younger days , but something is not right about the children. Children that are molested most of them attempt suicide and cut them selves as well. I wonder if Paris is a victim as well . I don’t think this suicide attempt is just because of what is going on . I think maybe the additional stress added to her complicated life is bringing out hidden trauma.

  9. Another quack! Other body language experts TOTALLY disagree with you. Michael was a sweet spirit , misunderstood by many, people, including you Miss Quack! Hope your 15 minutes of fame was worth it. Another vampire, is all you are! WADE ROBSON, IS A TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT, AND A MONEY GRUBBING OPPORTUNIST!

    1. First of all aappleorchard@aol.com I am not a quack nor am I a vampire. And FYI I have had 3 decades of fame not 15 minutes. Michael was a sweet soul and I even had the chance to see him up close and personal in a video store back in the day where he was sitting on the floor giggling and picking out Disney movies. This was when Bubbles was in his life and he had no children. He did seem sweet then and he was sweet when he had a homeless woman come into his SUV and gave her an autograph and money and kind words a week before he passed. That is not the issue as to whether or not he was a sweet soul. Lot’s of sweet souls may have issues so to speak. The bottom line is Wade Robson showed no signals of deception the second time around when he spoke of Michael Jackson and whta Mi chael allegedly did to him I stand by what I say.

      1. And one additonal thing Anna White aappleorchard@aol.com you are no longer allowed to post here as I do not allow personal attacks on this blog towards myself or towards my other readers and posters. While I welcome differences of opinion in a civil manner I do not allow ugliness and personal attack as you have demonstrated here. You obviously know nothing about me or my personal background or you would not have demonstrated your ignorance and TOXIC behavior.

  10. It is clear that Ms. Glass wants her fifteen seconds of fame. Wade is the biggest liar in the world. His body language mirrors how shady and slimy he is. Michael’s body language in the videos where he talks about his innocence breaks my heart. Michael had the most genuine body language I’ve ever seen. CJ Baxter has plenty of videos on Youtube analyzing MJs body language and agrees with me that its the hallmark of complete innocence. Mr. Baxter also saw deception in Wade Robson’s body language. Let Michael RIP. He was a beautful person, NOT a pedophile or abuser. Wade should be ashamed of himself

    1. cdawnn1@gmail.com just for the record I have had 3 decades of so called “fame” so another 15 minutes as you suggested wont matter. Thus I am not looking for my 15 minutes of fame. I do what I do and that is report my observations on body language. Michael Jackson was a lovely and loving person and a great entertainer. As far a being a pedophile, only he knew that and allegedly those with whom the alledged acts were done. I stand behind my observations of Wade Robson’s body language as he showed no signals of deception regarding what he stated about Michael.

      1. Hi Dr. Glass, I’m new to body language and am enjoying hearing what different people have to teach. This interview of Wade Robson has interested me because it seems even some experts are divided. In particular I am referring to CJ Baxter’s youtube video on this interview. I have learned much through his videos and found his interpretations consistent with findings from researchers like Dr. Paul Ekman. I would really appreciate it if you could watch that video and help me understand some of the gray area here in this interview that has allowed different interpretations. You could reply here or email me at the address provided with this comment’s submission. Thanks Dr. Glass!

  11. Thanks very much for the analysis, Dr. Glass! Wade is absolutely telling the truth now when he has come out and decided to speak about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Michael. It doesn’t take an expert to see how honest and open he is in the Today Show interview. But thanks for your professional analysis and deductions that he shows no signs of deception.

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