Surviving Boston Terrorist’s Arrogance Revealed in Surveillance Body Language and In SadisticTweets


As a behavioral analyst and body language expert, the one thing that struck me about the surveillance video was the arrogant smirk on the face of  Boston terrorist  and 19 year old brother  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. What also confirms his arrogance were the tweets that he wrote right after his actions destroyed the lives of innocent people.


In the surveillance photo released by the FBI as you can see above, he has a  tight lipped smirk on his face. He is also arrogant in his dress as well as in his  demeanor. Unlike his brother Tamerin who tried to disguise himself with sunglasses and by wearing the bill of his cap in front to cover his face,  younger brother Dzhokher arrogantly displays his face with no sunglasses and the bill of his hat facing backwards.


His posture was also different than his brothers who appeared with head forward and shoulders  and back slightly hunched over, In contrast Dzhoker’s  shoulders were squared straight back as he held his head up displaying confidence in arrogance in light of what he had just done.

Now we have discovered that his arrogant demeanor reflected his arrogant behavior.  While law enforcement were  frantic and  scanning photos  as they attempted  to identify the men who planted deadly bombs at the Boston Marathon a week ago Monday,Dzhokhar  arrogantly appeared to not have a care in the world. He  apparently worked out in the gym and spent the night (two days later- Wednesday. He was also reported to have been seen on campus the day after the massacre on Tuesday  ) sleeping  in his dorm room at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

His dormitory card swipes revealed  that Tsarnaev was on campus Wednesday. He was also spotted  that night at a party which  was attended by some of his soccer friends. A woman who saw him at the party noticed that he had a “relaxed” demeanor. 

In fact he speaks about his relaxed state in one of his tweets which he arrogantly did after the aftermath.


Even though his bombing maimed and killed people he tweeted “I’m a stress free kind of guy.”


We see the depths of his hatred as he says there is no love n the city as he sarcastically  and sadistically says “stay safe people.” 


The level of his sadism is also revealed in the above tweet with the photo of a man grieving over his dead and bloodied fiancé. Dzhokher was responsible for this photo and no doubt he was flaunting what he had personally done to create the man’s grief over his fiance’s death. Tweeting this shows just how disturbed, sadistic and Toxic a person this Terrorist is as he relishes in what he accomplished. 


The above tweet is profound. From his point of view he is giving us a great deal of insight in terms of how he is thinking. He is telling us that he will not be one of those silent people when it comes to his cause. He will not be one of the silent ones because through his actions he, as a minority will finally be heard. 

When he says “There are people who know the truth but stay silent ” has meaning to him in that he clearly was not one of the people who remained silent. 

Classmates described Dzohker as a good student who  who played intramural soccer. They also described him as a “pothead”.

Maybe he was high when he committed the atrocities at the marathon, This is not atypical behavior as we say this same type of mask-like smirk we see in the first photo of this blog with the Mumbai member. It turned out that the Mumbai bomber was loaded on drugs as he carried out his nefarious acts. Could this also be the case  for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? Was he high on pot or other drugs as he carried out his atrocity?   Did drugs play a part in  giving him   a jolt of confidence in carrying out this horrible act and did it and did it fuel  his arrogance afterwards? 

From his tweets we know that he has shown no remorse.He is proud of what he did as he even went as far as showing a dead person and a grieving person to reflect the fruits of his labor. We have seen sadism and arrogance and a young obviously not so intelligent man on a mission that destroyed his life as well as the lives of others





7 thoughts on “Surviving Boston Terrorist’s Arrogance Revealed in Surveillance Body Language and In SadisticTweets

  1. That’s it, really. He destroyed his life as well as others.
    It is a fact that Jihadists throughout the ages have generally been high on something or another. They wouldn’t have the “Courage” otherwise.
    But his tweets and demeanour look like bravado to me. And he is going to have a very long time to think about it. No chance of him ever being let free. Presuming that he doesn’t die, which I hope he doesn’t.
    Oh, and he likely killed his brother, so only 72 Virgins required so far.


  2. Sydney Corcoran is the name of the girl in the pic. She was injured and that’s not her fiancée. There is a fund for her and her mother. She was there with family cheering her aunt.


  3. I doubt he has any remorse even now that he is in custody and writing out whatever info he has to offer up. He is likely being kept comfortable with drugs and care because we the people are paying for it.

    It remains to be seen how these two terrorist supported themselves, living in high style in Boston?

    Everyone is scared to question our government’s policies which are requiring us to live in fear of the next guy while being told to not “profile.” If it walks like a duck and acts like a duck, it is a DUCK!

    Why are we being asked – by those supposedly wiser and more powerful than the average, decent citizen – to abandon our good old fashion common sense???


  4. Lillian, since you are not an Islamic scholar nor Muslim it serves no purpose for you to make somewhat of a mockery out of someone’s belief (i.e. the 72 virgins comment). Furthermore, for you to think that the picture of how the dead terrorist wound up would dissuade future terrorists, is naive. Many terrorists from the Middle East and from were the Boston bombers come from become terrorists because they actually witness their family members getting their heads blown off and seeing dead mutilated bodies and body parts laying around in the streets since they were little children. For some, it gets internalized and harnessed in the form of rage against the west. For others, it causes them to because activists.


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