Body Language of the two Boston Terrorists


Former Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan who was also head of the FBI’s behavioral Analysis Program and I teamed up to write the book Body Language of Terrorists which we highly recommend especially during these days of terror. The book tells you how to recognize terrorists and those who are involved in nefarious and malicious acts.

In the book we tell you about the terrorists body language, facial language, voice patterns and speech communication patterns which are red flags that these people may be up to no good. Our research is based on countless hours of studying the body language behaviors and speech and voice patterns of numerous terrorists from Chechnya’s Doku Umarov to the 911 bombers to the homegrown terrorists, to the Underwear bomber, the Shoe Bomber, and  others to numerous to name.

For the past few days we have been doing a great deal of national  media discussing the findings in our book and analyzing the body language of these two Boston terrorists.

In this blog we will share our findings about these terrorists based on the FBI’s video’s and photos of now deceased 26 year old Tamerlan  and now captured  19 year old  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


This surveillance photo of Tamerian is very revealing. It shows that he is wearing a heavy jacket which was not weather appropriate.It was also buttoned or zipped  up when the weather  did not warrant it.  The jacket is also is oversized. You can tell by the sleeves and by the waist  that it is a bit  large for him. Oftentimes terrorists will wear bulky clothing in order to hide something like weapons. Her he is carrying the bomb backpack and he is patting his abdominal area. This is often seen when terrorists wear suicide vests, which was the case with Tamerian.


Tamerian has now opened his jacket exposing his tee shirt. There seems to be a dark vest-like garment under the tee shirt which was the suicide vest as was discovered after he was killed by police in a shootout. He is trying to be inconspicuous and also disguise his identity with sunglasses and with the bill of his hat covering his face.

His brother Dzhokhar  is seen following him wearing a white hat with the bill in back, exposing his facial identity, He is also clutching his mid section and continued to do so throughout his walking in back of his brother. Terrorists have often been seen clutching their mid sections when they are trying to conceal a weapon, which was the case with Dzhokhar.

Note that these two terrorists are walking single file. This behavior was also seen with the 911 terrorists. They do this to disguise the fact that they are together but their single file approach is actually a red flag that they are indeed together.

Numbness, Anger, Fear and Anxiety are the 4 types of emotions which are often exhibited on terrorist’s faces.  Numbness may be due to drugs as was the case with the Mumbai  terrorists. Anxiety can also occur in their body language manifested by excess movements of the arms and legs and rapid speech patterns.


Gilbert Junior who is an auto body repairman reported to the press that Tamerian was very agitated and anxious as he demanded to have his car back even though the work on it wasn’t finished. He remarked that his anxiety displayed in his body movements  were in marked contrast to his demeanor at other times.


When the 19 year old brother in the white cap walks in back of his older brother you see him looking to the right and then  to the left as though he is concerned about anyone noticing him. This  behavior is often seen in terrorists.

ImageThe FBI Photos of these two brothers reveal facial nuances which many terrorists can exhibit. Once again we see the slack jaw  and slightly opened mouth of Tamerian now wearing a black hat and sunglasses to disguise and hide  his appearance . Tis facial expression may also indicate the fear he is experiencing as his autonomic nervous system has taken over his body functions.

In contrast there is a  mask-like smile on the face of his brother Dzhokhar. We saw a similiar facial expression on the Mumbai bombers. Dzhokhar has no concern about disguising himself as he wears his cap backwards and weears no sunglasses. Perhaps there is some arrogance displayed by this behavior. Perhaps he believes at this point  he will not get caught.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.27.08 PM

There have been many comments from family members and friends  that these two young men were very bright an they were good boys. Those who knew the young men were shocked that they could ever be involved in such a nefarious act. But this is not at all surprising. There were many young Somalian men in their late teens in Minnesota who were  excellent  students and who were headed to Ivy league schools upon graduating from high schools. But they took a trip to a Jihadist training camp after being recruited and brainwashed and they returned to the US with the intention of committing acts of terror.

Thank goodness Anwar Alawaki is no longer alive as he was one of the top recruiters of young men to encourage them to carry out  exactly the same acts that these two Boston terrorists did.But there are other  Alawakai type recruiters who prey on confused young men like Tamerian and Djhokher.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.19.07 AM

It was revealed by Tarian’s aunt that he dropped out of school. Obviously his boxing career wasn’t doing as well as he expected . He committed a huge sin for a Muslim man as he had premarital sex and a baby , now age 3, with his Portuguese girlfriend . He was conflicted and lived a conflicted life. So he sought refuge in Al Qaeda which fueled his hatred towards a country and it’s people that gave him every opportunity for freedom and to make  a success out of his life.  Now he has no life. he is dead.


While this photo shows  gruesome body language , it shows the brutal  shocking  reality of what can happen to  someone who becomes a terrorist.  In our view, all  potential terrorists need to see what can happen to them if they succumb to the influence of others and try to carry out terrorist acts. There is no place in heaven for them and they will never  meet up with the 72 virgins. There is only agonizing pain and death as it was for the  once promising Tamerian. Now his body language shows the horror of his being a lifeless corpse riddled with bullet holes and livor mortis as his blood poured to the surface of his skin.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.54.20 AM

His 19 year old brother  was also riddled with bullets. This once promising student who wanted to be a doctor is now being treated by doctors in an attempt to save his life so that he can provide more information about who was behind this bombing tragedy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.51.50 AM

Who knows how he will emerge from his surgeries. He will have a lifetime of  pain and torture from his injuries and from his upcoming trials. Massachusetts  does not have the death penalty. So at 19 he will never again see the light of day. He will never experience the freedom that this country offered him. He will never live his dream of becoming a doctor.Even though he may still be breathing, his young life has ended  just like  his older brother’ s life has ended.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.52.22 AM


24 thoughts on “Body Language of the two Boston Terrorists

  1. Actually judeo-christian pray to a father in heaven because, in reference to the old testament story about elisha and elidja, they came and left in a chariot of fire from someplace ‘heavenly.’ 72 virgins sounds cruel to 71 of them, not exactly inspiring to me.


  2. Thank you so very much for sharing! I think another lesson to be learned here is for spectators to always watch their surroundings and be aware of these crucial points that you have been king enough to point out!


    1. I feel very bad for the innocent victims who were killed and injured and who lost limbs a a result of these two alleged terrorists. I also fel bad for the terrorists who threw their lives away when they had promising futures in a great country that allowed them the freedom to pursue any career. I also feel bad for the heartache that the two caused their families and the families of the victims.


      1. Is there anything in the terrorism body language analysis guide that can inform us of what it means when the terrorist changes his shoes from tan work boots in the first picture to dark dress shoes in the security cam footage?

        Maybe he thought he needed less traction for a quick escape?

        Do you think he was smart enough to put his work boots in the backpack so the evidence would be destroyed when the bomb went off?

        Or maybe that’s how the FBI caught him? Possibly the DNA evidence from those clearly different shoes that he must have changed out of before he was caught on the security camera?

        Obviously, since you are the body language expert, you noticed that his outfit was completely different and just haven’t exposed the true reason for him changing in between those photos yet.

        I’ll definitely be looking forward to your next edit of this article to see what reason he had for changing.


  3. I feel bad that the FBI and counter intelligence didn’t listen to Russia’s warning about this Chechen terrorist. Remember how horrifically Chechen muslims murdered and slaughtered children in Chechnya. These two planted one bomb (pressure cooker style) next to the sweet 7 year old in Boston! EVIL!!!

    I don’t understand how we can continue to allow lax immigration policies. Why allow questionable people in then provide free this and free that, only to have them turn on us. So many would love to become citizens here who are turned away.

    Thank you Dr. Glass for helping us to read some of the signs. I know it is important to be aware of our surroundings, having grown up in NYC taught me this. Living outside of NYC I have become more relaxed regarding my surroundings.


  4. I don’t understand how you tell a terrorist because he tries to hide his face when one of these two obviously didn’t. But you do agree that they were terrorists rather than just mass murders out for a jolly. ie, Pat Brown. Am I allowed to mention her name?

    Please forgive me if this offends, but I find the whole thing so incredibly sad. Some people dead and some maimed for life, and a couple of radicalised young men who bit the hand that fed them. Their lives are over for ever.


  5. That first pic isn’t Tamerlan. Be careful who you blame for the acts. The only images of Tamerlan is the ones the FBI provided.


    1. That image was taken after the bombings occurred. I saw the complete picture. He has a man dressed in similar clothing standing next to him. Various pics of this guy.


  6. These two murders are just a needle in the haystack people they are a network of scumbags living in this country . We are not safe and the public needs to wake up and look around at all times. I just wish there had been one F.B.I. agent man enough to throw a hangrenade in the back of the boat and blow up this guy like the inocent people where killed that day.That would have been justice a body on a cold slab with a toe tag next to his brother. Now the taxpayers are going to pay his medical bills and legal fees . Lets not forget his family rushing over here to get a multi million dollar interview. Millions that could fund the terriost group the older brother was visiting last year. I don’t think these two just decided to become terorist by going online . They may be a product of their home enviroment , it could be the Mother, Father , Uncle, Grandparents. America has plenty of scum bag lawyers just foaming at the mouth to represent this murder . I suggest you buy Mrs.Glass , book on the body language ,because the Americans are so brain washed by the media and reality shows on t.v. they truly believe they are living in a safe haven. The Goverment can’t keep you safe when people are flocking into this country daily from all over the world.
    It’s just not possible !


  7. What if it had been 500 hundred or more of these guys running lose in the streets that day with suicide vest? It took 18 hours to track down a 19 year old guy with a blood trail. This is sad if it’s true,because I believe they knew where he was from the time he jumped out of the car . This is why America needs to hang on to their rights to own guns to be able to protect them selves when all hell brakes lose with these crazy terrorist. Crazy people kill with crockpots , nails, ballbarrons and other homemade devices. They did more damage with a pressure cooker then semiattomatic guns. I guess they will ban pressure cookers and crock pots know. NO more southern home cooked meals in my kitchen , I will lose my civil rights to own a pressure cooker / crock pot , thanks to these kitchen terrorist bandits .


  8. I want to know why the government continues these ridiculous PC regulations. People are showing signs of radicalism and we, the people, must sit and wait on the government to come in an save the day!?

    Fort Hood massacre was based on a radicalized muslim psychiatrist. This story is now hidden away as this perp sits 5 years in prison. He showed strange signs before he shot up his fellow officers and all warnings about his radicalism were ignored by higher ups.

    The sole suspect is Nidal Malik Hasan, a 39-year-old U.S. Army major serving as a psychiatrist.

    In November 2011 a group of survivors and family members filed a lawsuit against the government for negligence in preventing the attack, and to force the government to classify the shootings as terrorism.


    1. It’s the people who have open minds that see this.
      It’s the people with open minds that want balance and not a big story to sell other wise know as a cover up. This is the greatest country in the world to live in , but we have the F.B.I. and C.I.A. with the greatest military in the world. This should be under control and we should not have to live in fear . What’s wrong with this picture ? Could it be we are a lazy nation putting all our trust in them and not taking responsibility to secure our own family and home front. All those people gather in time square once a year for new years and they feel safe. I watch it from home in a more safe location and pray at the same time they will make it home safe.


  9. Mr. Glass , all that dark red blood looks like bruising.
    Maybe he was laying face down when the vehicles ran over his body in the police chase that took place. If he was dead face down would this cause the blood to suface like bruising in certain parts of the body.Maybe they ran him over with a military tanker and drug him through the streets during police chase.


  10. I’ve seen this continue for years on your blog, and it’s just too much — you can’t even spell the names of the terrorists correctly, yet you’ve written a book on it? I hope you have some good editors, because your writing is extremely sloppy and even childlike. “Livor” mortis? No; it’s “rigor mortis.” “Tarian, Tamerian?” No; it’s “Tamerlan,” as we have seen in the news over and over for the past three days.

    Get it right or don’t write it at all.


    1. No Diana- The terrorists names are spelled correctly and so is livor mortis (look it up).And if you don’t like the way this blog is done, don’t read it as I will continue to write it and videotape it.


  11. Also, Liver Mortis happens as a body lays over hours. It’s the blood pooling. This is not what happened here. Wouldn’t a doctor know this?


  12. Here’s my lost comments:
    This was poorly written and the first photo is NOT Tamerlan (you are worse than reddit) or whichever of the 5 ways you misspelled his name. Misidentifying someone like that, the poor grammar and spelling, this all adds up(?) to little credibility- especially someone who claims to be a DR. Did you get that degree from cracker jacks??

    Joe – April 23, 2013 at 3:14 pm


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