Charlie Sheen’s NON TOXIC Gesture Pays Justin Bieber Photgrapher Funeral Instead of Beiber

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While Charlie Sheen may have caused Toxic havoc on the set of Two and a Half Men, he not so Toxic after all. First he bailed out a debt ridden Lindsay Lohan with writing her a six figure check to pay her taxes.Now in another NON TOXIC act, he is  graciously paying for  the funeral of the  29 year old photographer Chris Guerra  who was killed  while shooting photos of  Justin Bieber’s car .


Sheen said “A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It’s an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as one to prevent this in the future.”

 “As parents, we are all not supposed to bury our children. My deepest condolences to the families involved.”

While this is indeed a beautiful gesture on Sheen’s part, in my view it would have been even more powerful if Justin Bieber would have reached into his checkbook and written the check.


7 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen’s NON TOXIC Gesture Pays Justin Bieber Photgrapher Funeral Instead of Beiber

  1. I think it would be more sincere for Sheen to write checks to rehabilitate the childhood sexual abuse victims who end up as prostitutes. While these gestures are good and welcome, one of the reasons narcissists do them, is to continue to fool others. I’m not saying that Sheen’s motivation. I don’t know his motivation. I’m just warning to not be fooled. (And yes, Bieber’s too young to get it, yet. Hopefully he will. Did Sheen do such a thing at Bieber’s age?)


  2. The reason I think Bieber won’t pay or give to the funeral expenses is because it will look like he is guilty of something of the accident. Lawyers today won’t even let you tell the family that you are sorry about their loved one because it looks like your guilty and that means automatic lawsuit. Justin Bieber has gotten in that hundreds of thousands of dollars car and has drove it at maximum speed smoking you know and he needs to be stopped. This is IMO. When he gets caught speeding, he needs to be ticket and if possible arrested.


  3. Charlie , is giving back to the world a little at a time instead of being selfish like most hollywood actors. He does not owe the world anything and God knows there is opportunist every where today looking for handouts. I’m proud of Charlie he has a good heart after all. Charlie has finally grown up and he is setting a great example for people like Lohan and others who have addictions and careless behavior. I was , so worried about him killing himself at one time due to careless behavior. I’m happy to know that one of my most favorite actors has turned out to be a true champion after all. God bless, Charlie I’m sure his parents ,family,friends and fans are happy for him now.


  4. Speaking of toxic behavior I just located a story about a mother who committed suicide after she was a guest on Nancy Grace show. How many people are going to sit and be interviewed by this toxic mouth piece . One blew her brains out and another lit herself on fire. You don’t need a gun to kill in America when you have a toxic mouth piece it’s just as dangerouse. So happy for Charlie !


  5. I think this is a good indication that Charlie Sheen’s problems stem from his drug use & probable mental illness (bipolar?).

    It’s obvious that there’s also a decent & caring side to him.

    It would be nice to hear he’s seeking treatment for his problems so he can enjoy his life without all the unhealthy melodrama. His kids need him & I’m sure his family loves him dearly.


  6. I’m sorry, I just posted about having Complex PTSD. I had a trauma as a child that only caused symptoms of PTSD. I never thought about it or ever spoke of it. Later, I was traumatized by someone I couldn’t get away from and that is why my PTSD became severe. I had to see doctors for it. The first trauma came up and of course the long lasting trauma. I found a great Psychiatrist who told me to work on living for today and take my meds. Thinking or “working the Trauma out” would NOT be beneficial since I freak out and can’t take reliving it. I just wanted to make myself clear. Sorry to bother you. Thanks Again, Maggie


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