Jodi Arias’ Body Language May Do Her In

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On opening day of Jodi Aria’s trial, she  “cried” when the prosecutor spoke of her alleged evil deeds in stabbing her boyfriend 27 times and slashing his throat and then shooting him in the head. She also “cried” when her defense lawyer said that  her acts we in self defense. But the crying she did for  both  the prosecution and defense’s arguments  looked like what you see in the above photo, She hid her face and looked down.

That type of body language will not bode well for a jury because it looked fake and manipulative.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.23.17 AMThere has  been a lot of talk  that because Jodi Arias is so attractive, a jury will not convict her or give her the death penalty. There is a lot of truth to the fact that those who are judged to be more physically attractive are judged to be less guilty of committing crimes. Research for the past three decades has validated this.  In the above photo blond, and curvy Arias looks very attractive.
Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.25.57 AM

She also looks very beautiful as a blond in various modeling shots which were taken of her. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.25.14 AM

But in court, she did not look that pretty or glamorous  or sexy.  Instead  she looked like an average woman, which will put her on a evel playing field as far as the jury is concerned.   The crying she showed in court was no doubt designed to make her look like a vulnerable victim. But in reality  she oozes too much self confidence that verges on cockiness that the jury will detest.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.40.43 AM

The jury  got a glimpse of this in an interview she  did with Inside Edition where she stated emphatically  that a jury will not convict her and to mark her words. I cannot imagine any attorney  allowing their client to go on a tabloid magazine show to declare her innocence, So I can only assume that she did this on her own. It was a huge mistake for her to do this if she wants a jury to not convict her.

She also changed her story too many times which is a huge red flag to a jury. It says that she is a liar and they will assume the worst. The jury was shown the sexual and bloody  photos of what she  did to her boyfriend from photos that were  retrieved from a  camera she put in a washing machine to wash away the evidence.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.24.39 AM

A jury will never believe that she was  a victim as they see the body language of photos of the two of them together.In this photo she looks like she is the dominant one in the relationship as she grabs her boyfriend by the chin in a move to try and control him.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.26.23 AM

This is another telling photo body language wise as he is pulled away from her while she leans on him.

She appears to have a sickening sweet tone which will turn a lot of people off. Whenever you hear someone with a high pitched baby girl tone, run, because there is often hidden anger  and rage under such a contrived tone. There is  also a monotone which is disconcerting and off-putting. Finally she appears  to have a mask like appearance devoid of emotion. There is also  a coldness to both her tone and facial expression which will not reflect well, especially of she takes the stand.

My view of what likely happened was that she got involved with a sexually inexperienced an naive young man with a Mormon background. According to his friends, he lost his virginity to her. At first it was exciting for him and he may have allowed her to take control over things, but as he spent more time with her he  realized, as he confided to his friends , that she was not the type of woman she wanted to settle down with and marry.

When he apparently began dating other women, she  obviously lot her control and hold  over him which angered her. He tried  to break up with her according to friends  but she wouldn’t hear of it.  Even though he wanted out there was a part of him that still enjoyed her sexually and that is why they were  obviously together on the last day  of life.

While she was taking photos of him  in the shower and engaging in sex with him she must have felt there was hope  for the relationship but  then something  happened that set her off. Perhaps he didn’t agree to get back together as a couple, or reciprocate and tell her that he loved her. Something that was said  or not said clearly angered her  to the point that she grabbed a weapon to stab him and keep stabbing him 27 times. She was in a fit of violent rage over the thought of not  having him.  She was so angry and violent with him that she slit his throat and just to make sure he was dead, shot him in the head.

To me this is clearly a crime of passion. The fact that she had a gun with her indicates that she must have thought about killing him that day. Who brings a gun to their boyfriend’s hime unless they plan to go to a gun range together, go hunting, or use it on the person?

In my view, she had plans to use the gun on her boyfriend if things didn’t go her way. Things  obviously didn’t go her way and she used the weapon. So there was premeditation involved in my view.It was in my view a premeditated crime of passion that could have gone either way, depending on whether she thought she could win him back,

The three different stories she told after  finally admitting she killed him in self defense will not make jurors sympathetic to her. As we will most likely hear in the testimony of his close friends and family, he  will have had  no history of being abusive.

Jodi does not appear credible or likable and the body language she has displayed thus far will seal her fate. While she will most likely be convicted she may or may not get the death penalty. There may be jurors who will sympathize  with her Some jurors may even feel that her boyfriend lead her on and  mentally abused her, based on the fact that they engaged in sex after he tried to dump her.

Unlike what the media has portrayed, this is not a case which is at all similar to the Casey Anthony case. There is no child involved and this woman doesn’t have enabling parents who are front and center trying to enable their daughter.Thus there are no parallels here.


40 thoughts on “Jodi Arias’ Body Language May Do Her In

  1. I think what will do her in is her boyfriend’s Mormon innocence. Anyone who has met them knows how sincere and innocent they are. If he’s like most Mormons I’ve run into, he doesn’t have a manipulative bone in his body,so her self defense story won’t hold. He was too innocent to see how dangerous she was and got taken in by the good sex.
    Against such an innocent personality,she can’t when. Her evil willonly be made more obvious to everyone.


      1. I hope you do not have a son that will ever run across someone like her. They were having a consensual sexual relationship. She was just as into as he was. Sad part is there was only one who turned out to be a psychopath. She could have walked away at any time. She CHOSE to run back over 1000 miles into her abuser’s arms. She killed him 3 times and has killed him a 4th time with her lies on the stand. She is disgusting. The only reason anything about him being a Mormon was brought in is because she brought it in. This trial is not about religion or sex. It should have been about a cold blooded murder. One she confessed to doing. Oh!! BTW did you forget she also was a Mormon? She knew the church rules as well as he did. Who recorded the call? I do believe it was the Pop Rock/Tootsie Pop Queen. Like I said you better hold your little boys close if you have any. You never know what is lurking around the corner. If she was a man you would be screaming for his head on a platter.


    1. Mormon innocence..what a joke…did you listen to the recording and listen to the text messages. Travis was a fraud & sexual deviant. He was a womanizer. Even his friends were shocked to learn Travis had another side…it looks like the public just wants to convict after Casey Anthony’s trial.


      1. the victim is not on trial Maria, and there should be a conviction, the only thing left to decide is what will it be,
        This reminds me not of the Casey Anthony and if they come back with a strong sentence, then it is on Jodi, she admits to lying, she admits to killing her boyfriend. I do not even understand why if he is a sexual deviant that is an issue because so is she.


      2. She killed him. What do you mean the jury just wants to convict after the Casey Anthony trial??? Maybe they want to convict Arias because she killed him?? Almost everyone has a hidden sexual deviance. That does not mean they should be murdered.


  2. That’s overkill not defense !
    I need to research this case , because I have missed this story in the media.
    I wonder if this sick , chick , flick was on any type of personality disorder medication. I told you when people flip out and have that hidden psycho rage temper they will take you out with kitchen tools , garden tools , guns, and vehicles if needed.


    1. Overkill, is exactly what I was thinking. Plus she was living in Yreka Ca. So there was really no need for her even to be there, hence if he was so bad to her she would have never been there. This is a sad story, he was not perfect and was a typical man who liked sex. From reading his blog and things I can tell he was a good guy. She seems like a manipulative, self centered, narcissist. I hope justice prevails.


  3. I just researched the story Our lovely , talented , gifted Mrs.Glass .
    I noticed they mentioned he dumped her for hacking into his email and moved on to another girl while dating her. Crazy women can’t handle rejection from a lover period. She is alot like Casey , because if she can’t have you all to her self she will do what it takes . Caley was in the way not under water like the court would want us to believe. I know several girls that have personality disorders and they will sit and watch the guys house for hours to see who he is sleeping with. They sit and cry and twist their hair like sad little lost dogs and play games. I told my husband if I ever catch you cheating in this marriage I will not forgive you. I can forgive you for not being a rich man and showering with exspensive gifts. I would much rather have a simple life with honesty and true love with respect. If you ever disrespect me for another women , I will pack you up and drop off all your belongings in front of her gagage . The note will say ,good luck , I have enjoyed my time with him you can have my leftovers, I believe in regifting and charity!


    1. Holy cr@p, you’re psychotic. Why does your husband having sex with somebody else threaten you to your core like that? A lot of people cheat. Most people cheat. More likely than not, your husband has/will cheat on you, so you should calm down. Men cheat for reasons you probably wouldn’t understand, and your freak-out will end a relationship that you both apparently really cherish. You taking the idea of cheating so personally is super-disturbing. You must be really insecure. I’m not condoning cheating; I’m just being realistic. You should try it sometime.


  4. Unless he was wearing his Holy Morman underwear he liked to get freaky in .
    Everyone knows the secret about the Holy Morman , freaky underwear that makes guys like superman.
    This girl looked a little wild in the pics , so he may have not been that inocent.
    You see stories all the time about priest who live double lives . I agree Mrs.Glass , she was more attractive as a blonde even though she has a big face like cat in the hat and dark eyes like the night stalker. She pulled a Norman Bates , on this guy in the shower. I wonder if she was dressed up like his grandmother with a grey wig in all . I’m just wondering ! When are these guys going to wake up and realize you can’t have your cake and eat it to while dating a pshyco girlfriend. Maybe she is a down winder from the ever loving John Wayne work site or the chemtrails mixed with meds took affect.


    1. Innocent Mormon boy?! Puhleeze! Travis was getting laid for the first time in his life & lovin it. Not that he deserved to die, but he screwed over the WRONG WOMAN & he paid the ultimate price.

      And for those who think Jodi was attractive with blonde hair….in what world is brassy, overly processed hair, in DESPERATE need of a toner, considered a fashion statement? That cheap look just confirmed what she was….a Mexican with dyed hair trying to pass as Caucasian. She looks far more appealing, if one can say that about a cold blooded murderer, with her natural brown hair.

      Hopefully she’ll get the Death Penalty….she certainly deserves it.


      1. Agreed! That blonde hair detracts from her natural beauty. I don’t know why some people automatically equate blondes as more attractive than brunettes without cause. I’m Swedish and blonde myself, so this is not sour grapes. She is banging with the dark hair.


  5. Personally the part I feel that is being left out and it’s true that Travis most likely did not want to get back with her but was all for the sex. He properly told her it’s over and if you don’t accept it I’ll post all your nude photos online to prove that your a slut and whore as he has stated!


  6. Disagree about the blonde hair being more attractive on Jodi Arias! The blonde hair does not compliment her coloring at all. She is way more attractive as a brunette.


      1. I have to agree with you on that one… The only thing Travis was guilty of (if he’s guilty of anything) was his bad taste in women. She’s not hot, she’s a fugly skank with far too large a noise, soulless black pits for eyes and a mouth that is more like a sewerage drain than the “third hole of wonder”. How could anyone be attracted to such a narcissistic and desperate third world cast off?


  7. It’s all about Cancun. This is the story of an uneducated pathological lying nymph who thought she landed a well off husband. When unfortunately she finally realized she was nothing more than the midnight whore all the very sad feelings of inferiority she had turned to rage beyond anything healthy human beings can imagine. I have no psychology background or education– just an observation, but as I see her behavior a few other things stand out: her very specific diction and word usage is stilted and does not jive with someone of her background–in other words, way too rehearsed to the point of being obvious. Also the level of detail–obsessively specific. If anyone can let me know if they remember a play by play of their life five years ago let me know. Conclusion–fabrications and coaching. Finally, do a little homework on her male lawyer. If you look at what his practice is about and who he defends, they probably threw a few of his recent cases on the table and said okay let’s make a case. Shameful. Mostly, though, he was taking another girl to Cancun.


  8. I hope they bring in what she did to his tires, how she tried to accost the other girls he was seeing, even to the point of threatening them. This is a story of fatal attraction, too bad is was fatal for Travis. He wasn’t wise enough to see her for what she was. She was the pursuer, the aggressor, and the cold blooded killer


  9. She’s a monster and the longer that she is on the stand the more that she proves it. Jodi was angry after working so hard sexually to reel Travis in only to be rejected because wanted to date and marry a nice Mormon girl. She couldn’t let go. She is a scorned woman….plain and simple.


  10. Dr. Glass. — What do you think of the video showing Jodi laying on Travis’ lap, yawning, while Travis was telling a compelling story about a terrifying near-death experience?

    Besides Jodi’s OBNOXIOUSLY rude behavior in the video, I was struck by Travis’ demonstrative actions. Hasn’t Jodi been asserting that Travis never publicly acknowledged their relationship? That Jodi was Travis’ “dirty little secret”? My lord, does that woman ever NOT lie?


    1. I so totally agree with you, this is a very sickening and sad and tragic end for that man, I have no other words, I saw what you saw, if that is a lie what else is a lie? evidence does not lie and neither does the autopsy report. I guess the woman does not lie when her lips are not moving.


    1. She doesn’t express her emotions on the outside. Instead she is cold and robotic but internally there is obviously a lot going on. Since it is finally sinking in that this is life or death for her, her body aknowledges the extreme stress she is under , hence the cold sore. It is interesting how it appeared after Juan Martinez grilled her on the stand.


  11. that there are people who take her ‘story’ at face value, as fact, in any way is beyond me and scary. There is nothing to corroborate her story..just her own lies. And there’s the wealth of evidence to corroborate her stalking behavior.

    And I don’t like how people are always saying nasty things about how a female who has committed a crime looks. It shouldn’t be a factor. she is clearly deformed as a personality and it shows on her face but she is not deformed externally. Her expression can be ugly, her affect can be ugly, but since she is not ugly I think people are doing a disservice by calling her that. After all we don’t want our children trust someone just because they are nice looking. An evil person can appear pleasant/can be physically beautiful and though I think Jodi Arias is ordinary looking, she is not ugly.


  12. I think Jodi Arias was railroaded into a conviction for 1st degree murder.
    Sad as this case is, and I have sympathy for the Alexanders for his death, Travis Alexander was guilty of mental, emotional, psycological, and verbal abuse of Jodi Arias. That’s a fact. Was she physically threatened on June 4, 2008? I don’t know and neither does anyone else. But it is possible. America minimizes these kinds of abuse, wherin they can have a greater impact than physical abuse.


  13. Travis was no Saint. I think Jodi finally realized she had been used and abused, physically and mentally and sexually by this jerk and snapped, plain and simple. Of course murder is wrong, she should of just dumped the loser. Also, she finally figured out that he used her for money ,as he was always borrowing it from her, and he got Jodi to fall for that stupid ppl pyramid scheme. I hate the way the media has made Travis into a hero and Jodi into a devil when before the death of Travis it was the other way around. Travis was a jerk who only used Jodi for her body, and as the text messages and emails prove was very verbally abusive to her as well. I wish she would have had the courage to walk away from the situation.


  14. I’m curious about why JA often flicks her tongue out , when she is talking to someone or when someone else is talking, as she did in trial and during TV interviews. My theory is that it is one of her fear/attack signals. She is frightened about something being discussed over which she has no control which sends her into a passive aggressive attack mode. What do you say?


  15. What seems to be a common misunderstanding here is that male and female sexuality are incomparable. Male and female sexuality are compatible, not parallel, probably the only case in Nature where a square peg fits into a round hole.
    An error is that most women and some men confuse sexual intimacy with closeness. I know this is about four years late but, if I’m right, Travis Alexander may well have been an innocent Mormon boy, but he was in either event not on the same page as Jodi Arias.


    1. He no doubt lived a conflicted life of a Mormon boy as you said and then having sex with Jodi. She was leading her on and degrading her by having sex with her yet wanting to date and marry a nice Mormon girl which made her furious. She snapped and the rest is history.


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