Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Song About TOXIC Bullying Added Verses In This Age of Zero Tolerance Against Bullying

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The other day I was in the car listening to the radio,  when the popular Christmas song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer came on . I began singing along with it and for the first time realized how the words to this catchy tune tell a very sad story.

t starts off fine describing a reindeer with  his red nose  as the lyrics are:

 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer                                                    

Had a very shiny nose

And if you ever saw it,

You would even say it glows

Then it goes on to describe how the reindeer was bullied and ostracized, simply  because he looked different. This verse actually saddened me as I listened to the following verse:

All of the other reindeer

Used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Rudolph

Play in any reindeer games.

Luckily for Rudolph, Santa became  Rudolph’s savior as Santa  came to his rescue by  acknowledging Rudolph’s difference and turning his physical  difference and uniqueness into an advantage and an asset. It was because of Rudolph’s   unique difference which allowed    Santa to  navigate his sleigh through the foggy night.The lyrics are as follows:


Then one foggy Christmas night

Santa came to say

“Rudoph with your nose so bright

Won’t you guide my sleigh night?


Now here is the part that disturbs me. Only because Rudolph was useful and did something heroic based on his  physical difference did the other reindeer finally accept him.  Otherwise , they would never have  accepted him into their group and allow him to play reindeer games with them. Below are the lyrics which disturbed me.


Then all the reindeer loved him

As they shouted out with glee

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

You’ll go down in history.

These superficial  reindeer needed to accept Rudolph red nose and all from the beginning, not because he did something which helped Santa. Obviously these  TOXIC reindeer only liked him because he  now had Santa’s blessing who accepted Rudolph’s uniqueness which allowed him to become a  hero.

I don’t think the song  should end there. To me, it is not is finished.  It’s missing several  verses in my view so I took  my songwriting and skills to task and took the  liberty to  write some very much needed verses that apply in this  his day and age of zero tolerance for bullying.  So here are the additional lyrics I wrote  to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Then Rudolph told all the reindeer

You hurt my feelings when teasing me

Just cuz someone looks different

You don’t have to be a bully 


We come in all shapes and sizes

And  just  to be direct

We all want  love and kindness

And  to be treated with respect.


I hope you learned your lesson

That teasing makes others blue

Everyone has feelings

Just like  me and you .


So in the  Spirit of  Christmas 

Where forgiveness is number one

Never  tease others

Cuz you can  really hurt someone.


While the song written back in 1939  by Robert L. May and  published by Montgomery Ward  and adapted into songs, television specials feature films and has become a figure of Christmas folklore, I believe that these  additional meaningful verses are  now needed  to teach children about the consequences of bullying  and hurt feelings in this age of Zero Tolerance for  Bullying.



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21 thoughts on “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Song About TOXIC Bullying Added Verses In This Age of Zero Tolerance Against Bullying

    1. Deborah Sletten please take your ugly TOXIC hate elsewhere like on those who tease children and ruin their lives. While teasing and bullying has been around since the beginning of time, people didn’t kill fellow students and destroy lives. ALL of the school shooters from the Columbine shooters to the Va. Tech Shooter were victims of bullys and haters. Perhaps you identify with the bullys becuase you yourself may perhaps very well be an ugly and TOXIC bully as you have clearly demonstrated by your TOXIC comment. While I always welcome differences of opinion and ideas I do not welcome HATERS.

      Deborah Slettern you are no longer welcome to read this site or to post on this site. Remember that hate consumes the hater. On this Christmas day you may want to take a very good look at yourself and your hatefulness.


      1. Someone needs to sit and listen to the Michael Jackson , song man in the mirror ! Someone needs to change their anger ways and learn to smell the sweet in life in order to enjoy it. Why would you hate someone who is as wonderful and helpful like Mrs.Glass. You need to look in the mirror and change your ways. Hate is just ugly ! Who want’s to walk around wasting their time looking ugly over the Christmas and New holidays. Maybe someone did not get their yo – yo – for Christmas.


  1. Thanks for all your posts in 2012 and for all your books. I still practice the drills from Talk To Win. I hope 2013 is your most successful year ever.


    1. Thank you so much for your support. Deborah Sletten has shown us through her Toxic comment that she obviously identifies with the bully. On this Christmas Day we especially need love and support- not hate. Thank you Miss Fabulous for all your love and support.


      1. Ur Welcome Dr. Lil!
        Unlike others, I notice things.
        You run ur blog out of the kindness if ur heart. You don’t have ads here, ur not making money, ur using ur education and experience to educate us.
        Things discussed today would of never been (even) 15 yrs ago. This particular post; ur right! We teach our kids, nieces, nephews, neighbor kids, friends kids about bullying and thank gawd this day and age our nations schools (most of them) is FINALLY starting to take a no tolerance on bullying. When this song was wrote/wriiten/composed, back then, I bet if the writer knew what would go on today, he would of changed his tune. I realize its an innocent X Mas song, but you all are smart enough to know what I mean. 🙂
        You were merely just bringing attn to a song that most of us were already thinking. Matter in fact, in my youngest music class, when they do sing X-Mas songs, Rudolph isn’t one they sing for this reason.
        I am honored to be able to read ur blog, I agree with 99.9% what you say, BUT, when I don’t agree with you or any other person for that matter, to name call isn’t the way to go about it. We are adults, we can debate and discuss things in an adult manner. That makes what it fun to be on forums etc.
        One thing I really respect about you don’t hold back when it comes to women like Kate Gosselin.
        Thankfully I wasn’t around when woman couldnt vote or work. However, there still is sexism in the work place, period. When I see someone like Kate, who gets a platform for purposely having sextuplets ; ( Anyone who disagrees, I can show you a mountain of evidence, I can either post it or forward to Dr. Glass) and does what she does; it angers me!
        The thing I respect you is, ur not turning a blinde eye and not praising K8 just b/c she has 8 kids. You call her on her TOXIC ways.
        Another thing I appricate about you is; you don’t shove ur products down our throats. Because of that, I am going to buy one of ur books. Like this week. I am on a mobile device so sites don’t come up like it does on a computer. I could easily go to Amazon and get a used one, but I learned along time ago that’s a no no if u are really wanting to support the author. I need to find the link where it profits you. Could you post it? Or even if you have kindle links. Of course you do mention your books, but you do it in an eloquent way. Ur not pushy, others can learn from you. Feel free to edit this comment; I mean it. I am purposely putting 3 links into this comment so it will go to moderation.
        Although every reader don’t comment, you have more readers than you think.
        My grandmother has one of ur books. ( I can’t remember the name, its the one where ur hair is short) when she found out that you had a site and could read for free (LOL) she was so excited. That took hours to show her how to subscribe, using book marks etc. Then explaining if you want to comment; you don’t have to use ur real name, etc. LOL She is 86 years old and loves you. She calls you a firecracker, lol.
        I hope these TOXIC ppl don’t ruin it for everyone. You know just as well as we do, TOXIC people are everywhere. You could hand out $100 to the first 500 readers and someone would complain.

        Anyone who thinks I am brown nosing, no I’m not. I am just showing my gratitude to a woman who has the expertise in things I am interested in, who understands and appriciates the fact that Dr. G gets paid for appearances, appriciates the fact she has a blog where EVERYONE is welcome and doesn’t charge a membership. Like I said, she does this on her own time, when I see that she took time on X-Mas day to write for us, a certain comment infuriated me. My original comment didn’t post thankfully. I had hit back on my browser and lost the comment.
        I look forward to 2013, I hope we don’t have no Newton posts ( Meaning Tragedies) Bless them parents and community, I don’t know what I would do if that were me.
        Thanks for all you do Dr. G. You are appriciated and respected!

        P.S. I call my self Miss Fabulous b/c the original name I wanted was taken. I don’t take my self serious, no one should either. Lol.


  2. Dr. Glass, I agree with you that certain songs (certainly this one) can seem so innocuous, because it is a “standard” …but it is good to parse it as you have here and really use it to educate and inform. I like your new verses. On the same subject, I would love to go back in time to stop some songs from being written, because of their adverse effect. In particular, the song End of the World made me feel more sadness than I needed to after a teenage break-up. I swear, the song made me want to throw myself off a bridge! I personally blame that song for making my circumstances far worse than they needed to be. I’m glad I have since realized that dwelling on things is bad! A really horrible Misogynist song is the seemingly “cheerful” Beatles song “Run for your Life” …check it out! I bet that song influenced a couple stalker/killers ….seriously. I bet it did.


  3. This song IS about bullying. Good point. Sad that bullying is still a problem, both in person and through cyberspace. I appreciate your insights on this and many other things. Thank you.


  4. I have always hated the words to this song! My sons are now 33 and 35, but I remember talking to them when they were little about this song and we discussed the bullying aspect.

    I feel the bullying got worse when the song was adapted as a TV special. In the TV version, Santa actually came to see Rudolph when he was born and upon seeing his glowing nose, Santa told Rudolph’s parents he would not be qualified to pull his sleigh simply because his nose glowed! He even told Donner (Rudolph’s father) how disappointed he was.

    Rudolph’s parents were so scared of this possibility, they actually tried to cover Rudolph’s nose with dirt! When the dirt came off and everyone laughed at him (even Santa), Rudolph ran away. And I can’t say I blame him.

    Only when he needed Rudolph did Santa go to him and ask for his help. And the rest, so they say, is history.

    I think this is a horrible story and the ending did nothing to teach the children a lesson. What if it hadn’t snowed? Would he have continued to be bullied?

    I have always hated this song, And I do like your new lyrics. It’s just what the song needs.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. The TV special as you describe is even sadder. Children have no business seeing this TV special. There is enough real sadness in the world. We don’t have to fictionalize it. Thank you once again for sharing this information.


  5. I had a bully in school Mrs.Glass , she kept pulling my hair and pinching and shoving me and others . One day on the way to lunch she started doing it in line and I beat her up and got sent to the office. The bully was so, embarrassed she stopped ! I went home and cried , because I felt bad that I had done something really wrong and I was a straight A student at the time. This was the fifth grade we tangled in . Bullies can start out really young she was not the last bully I had encountered during school. I handed her a letter the next day and told her I was sorry. She then handed me a letter back and told me she wanted to be my friend. NO anger or hatred after that we became very close during life. She did stop her nasty ways and treated others with respect and kindness. It was a miracle it seemed she did a 360 and bloomed into a beautiful swan. True Story !


    1. They sure do start young. That’s why I’m glad FiNally elementary schools are finally having a no tolerance on bullying.
      Times are different, I would be so mad if my baby girl would come home and cried that she was getting picked on.
      When the Father of the girl who had cerabylpalsy (sp) ( I butchered the spelling, so sorry) and went on the bus and told the bullies off, I was so glad b/c the school or bus driver wasn’t doing anything. Then to hear he got in trouble, I was upset.
      It starts at home most of the time. That’s another subject. I could talk forever on posts Dr. G. Does.


  6. One more thing, I really never noticed what Dr. G pointed out until I found out that Rudolph was a song that my youngest music class wouldn’t sing. To see Dr. G did a post, totally validated it all.
    I left another comment for you Dr. G.
    Thank you so much for all you do.


  7. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone who enjoys this great blog .
    Mrs.Glass , I baked a delicious Red Velvet cake for Chirstmas.
    I hope everyone enjoyed baking something special for their loved ones.
    Have a blessed New Year Mrs.Glass , you deserve it.


  8. i was just thinking the same thing about a week before you posted this. when i saw your entry, i was delighted to see that you and others think in a similar manner…most likely when i have children and they hear this song, we will have discussions about the bullying taking place in the song and how that hurts others.


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