Body Language of Kristen Stewart on Today Show May Indicate Trouble In Relationship


In the last few moments of Kristen Stewart;s interview on the Today show to promote her new Twighlight movie, she was asked point blank if she and Robert Pattinson were still in a relationship. As you can see above she looked stunned. She immediately looked down and puled away fromt he interviewers. It was as though she  was literally stunned and taken aback by the question.

She then looks down and has an ambivalent crooked smile as her lips tense up and slightly swing to the side. It is as though she is processing the question  and deciding how to answer it. It is a sarcastic smile which seems to say ” They said they wouldn’t ask me about my relationship and now they did it anyway.”

Now here is where the body langues does not lie. Here she leaks out and angry expression with complete furrowed forehead and brow. There is tension along the sides of her lip and jaw muscles as she pulls her jaw to the side in a facial gesture indicating she is upset. she cocks her hed to the side and raises her shoulder as though she is literally giving the interviewers the cold shoulder. She is clearly upset about something-being asked about the relationship and perhaps the relationship itself.

If she she wasn’t upset about it you wouldn’t have seen this facial expresion leak out. Kristen is the same young woman who admitted to the world she cheated on Pattinson which was odd to do for such a private person. So now he body language is speaking volumes about what is really going on with her and Pattinson.

While  they may or may not still be together there is no doubt that a press promotional tour can be grueling and can strain the best of relationships. if one is already fractured, it could be what sends the relationship over the edge. Couple that with all the public scrutiny about their relationship.

Now we see sadness in her facial expression as she tries to regain her composure and looks directly at the interviewer. Ther eis a look of hurt on her face as well as anger towards the interviewer for bringing up the topic in the first place as she swings her tightly pursed lips over and there is a slight protrusion of the lower jaw indicating anger.

She has literally regressed into a fetal position as she is very protective as she covers her chest and neck area with her fist, indicating  vulnerability. Both hands are balled into fists which indicates that she is extremely angry as she has a tense phony smile on her face and says “Keep them guessing.”

Finally she leans back and cocks her head in anger as she vigorously kicks her foot back and forth.  Also note that the ball of her other foot is ont he ground and her heel is up. This indicates that she cannot wait to get out of there as she has had enough. She clasps her hands on her knee as a means of bracing herself and gaining control. Her head pulled to the side and her leaning back shows she is  terribly upset.”

She is upset she may have been ambushed by the question or lied to by her handlers or by the producers that she would not be asked about her relationship or she is upset about the status of her relaitonship with Rob Pattinson.



4 thoughts on “Body Language of Kristen Stewart on Today Show May Indicate Trouble In Relationship

  1. That is exactly the way it looked to me, Dr. Glass, that she was reacting to what she perceived as an attack or an ambush. Maybe she was told that if she did this show promoting her movie nothing would be asked about her relationship… and she is pissed off about being lied to. I think the going into the fetal position may be because she wants to protect the relationship she almost lost, and if people will keep talking about it, it will be harder to get over for her and especially for Robert.


  2. Yes, it will be hard! They are too public a couple. She did cheat; there will always be those photos with Sanders which Robert can reminisce over. Add to this the constant scrutiny and I don’t see how they cannot crumble. She is odd in her expressions and emotionally immature. I think her head is too full of Jack Kerouak, Henry Miller and the exalted moment. He seems too subdued. It is a wonder how they can keep themselves as a couple. Maybe his submissiveness is the glue……..


  3. Mrs. Glass , Joan Rivers talked about her interviews at one time on her reality show. She said she had a written script regarding what questions would be asked. I wonder if they do this with all stars and they are just acting. She seems shy , sad , and uncomfortable about having to lie to please her P.R. agent.


  4. I think she realized she was in the company of snakes just trying to boost their ratings. She is a beautiful lovely talented young women just doing her interviews to keep her agent happy. Little does she know abuse is hidden in the contract as well . Its’ called interviews with the vampires!


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