Romney Sweats And Gains Control As Obama Swallows Hard And Shows Attentiveness

As they entered the stage ,both  candidates looked more friendly towards one another then they have before. They both had  more genuine smiles. They did the power handshake where they grab one another’s arm as they shake hands, just as they di in all three debates.

When we first see  Romney, he  appears nervous as there is sweat on his upper lip  and on his cheeks as he begins the debate. However, he is fluid and  passionate in his tone .

Obama  on the other hand displays his nervousness through his more stacatto  sounding speech pattern as he as he answers the first question. He also uses a thumb gesture   which makes no sense as he enumerates his points.

When Obama speaks for Romney,  Romney gets upset but smiles a tense smile and is fidgets  as he defends himself.  Then when Romeny speaks he shows a powerful presence as he says ” Attacking me is not an agenda. He speaks up for himself and doesn’t allow Obama to interrupt him or to misquote him.

For the first time Romney makes a frowning facial  gesture as Obama speaks which expresses how negatively he feels about what Obama has to say concerning Syria. When Obama responds he sounds defensive. He  still speaks for Romney instead of speaking for himself. Obama stammers  and is very stacatto and goes off on tangents in his response while Romney is more fluid and fluent in his response .  

Also Romney’s posture is more powerful looking with his more squared shoulders as opposed to Obama who’s neck is forward and shoulders more rounded. Obama’s posture  appears to be a more submissive body language posture.

Romney is very passionate and emotional in his tone and delivery. When he gets to the point and mentions  Israel and Poland and how the President was silent during the Iranian uprising

,Obama is very uncomfortable about this and swallows hard as you see his visible swallow. Obama doesn’t address these particular issues but circumvents as he speaks about other issues.

He shows anger by making a fist as he finishes his statement. Romney defends himself well as he enumerates and passionately discuses his five point program. Romney  passionately defends himself well when discussing education.

Obama tries to interrupt and Romney refused to allow him and told Obama that he had his facts wrong when Obama said the program happened before he was in office. Out of character, Obama seems to  follow in Biden’s shoes as he  smiles while Romney discusses the military.

Uncharacteristic the  Romney we have seen in the two previous debates, he now   makes a  second frowning gesture as Obama discusses the military. As Romney rattles off  statistics about the military Obama  swallows hard. He responds by putting Romney down by making a reference to bayonettes as he attempts to portray Romney as being out of date.

Body language wise, as Obama  says Israel is a true friend, but surprisingly slightly shakes his head no.

When Romney discusses  Obama’s “Apology Tour” Obama squirms and there is  obvious tension around his jaw. As he disusses how a President having to show strength Obama shows nervousness and swallows hard.  In his response Obama looks down and stammers. When Romney tells how Obama traveled to the Middle East and how  skipped Israel and how everyone noticed Obama didn’t respond directly. Instead, he circumvented and talked about how he went to the Holocaust museum when he was campaigning.

Romney refuses to answer a hypothetical question which shows his power and control.  Romney is   direct in discussing how Democratic senators wanted Obama to reduce tension with Israel. Obama ignores this and speaks about Bin Laden and uses an emotional story about a little girl who lost her father during 911.

When Romeny speaks Obama appears to be very attentive and genuinely interested in what Romeny has to say. In his final statement,

In his final statement, Obama Looks into camera which is good. The  Pitch of voice goes up lots of extraneous movement showing tension and nervousness. He is more fluid in his speech than he usually is and does not hesitate like he usually does. But he uses too many gestures which are distracting , many which are incongruent with what he is saying. He points at the end which is not good and also he frowns throughout his message.

In Romney’s final statement, he looks directly  into the camera. His expression is positive and encouraging. He doesn’t gesture that much and when he does his gestures maje sense in terms of being congruent with what he is saying. He has a more pleasant expression. He is more passionate in his tone and inflection as well as in his facial expression. His posture was strong and confident  with shoulders squared and head up.


This was by far the best performance by Obama and a continuation of  a great performance by Romney, I would say that both candidates held theit own. Unlike the last debate, it  was more comfortable  to see a non angry Obama who was more poised and in control. It was also good to see a passionate and inflected Romney. They should both be proud of their performances.


30 thoughts on “Romney Sweats And Gains Control As Obama Swallows Hard And Shows Attentiveness

  1. Promises and promises they are the same.
    Obama, did look like and old dog sucking raw eggs before the show.
    Please, Mrs. Glass , just tell me when it’s all over.
    Politics just gives me a dam headache !


  2. Romney digresses to often, e.g. Asked about Afghanistan and he went on about Pakistan. The suit looked a little odd and I wondered if he was wearing a Kevlar vest. Obama was speaking in his usual style. Romney comes across arrogant, not self-confident. Give me Joe Biden anytime. I love him.
    Dorothy L.


  3. thank you for your quick assessment I love reading your analysis and I am learning so much from you. I find myself analyzing body language when I watch TV now and always wonder what you would be thinking

    Please dont stop blogging because some people are mean. I love reading them and appreciate that you take the time to break it down and show photos of what you are analyzing.


  4. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    I appreciate you taking your time to analyze the debate, thank you very much!

    I still think Mr. Obama is an angry man who doesn’t take criticism very well, it is his way or the highway, he uses a lot of the word “me and I”! I don’t like it.

    Mr. Romney sounds more passionate and presidential, more knowledgeable! He is the guy you want to work with, that’s my impression. He seems to be a good man!

    Thank you very much, Dr. Lillian!


    1. Really, Dr. Glass? This absurd analysis is compelling me to stop reading your blog, or watching you online or on t.v. You are clueless if you saw this debate as a Romney victory. I’m surprised you left this post up; it is evidence that you’re not very good at what you do.


      1. This continuing line of discourse and attempts to politicize professional observations has gone past being silly. The subject is no longer germane or timely. We look forward to more posts from you, Lillian. It is always interesting to learn from your insights.


  5. A couple things. I like that you “allow” comments here in the comments section that don’t agree with you. You’re biased for Romney, that has been evident in every post you’ve done about the debates so far, but you are not afraid to hear what we think about what you think. I disagree with several things in your post, but we can chalk it all up to the fact you are a Romney supporter. If you liked Obama for president (like I do) you would have seen and heard what I did, the Commander-in-Chief who was rock solid and Presidential. Romney looked and acted business-like and firm. It’s going to be a close race and we often see what we want to see based on our own confirmation bias.


  6. Non-verbal gestures always tell much more than we realize about ourself and what we think of the world we interact with. Your analysis is very keen and perceptive. It allows me to push away from my political lenses and takes a completely different pov. It also reveals to me the strengths and weaknesses of both these candidates, and what each tries to show as well as hide. Good work, Lilian. BTW, it would behoove politicians, salespeople and anyone interacting with the general public to read you and follow your advice. they may learn something about themself that they do not know.


  7. Dr. Glass is reporting exactly what she OBSERVED; she is NOT biased. If it appeared in favor of one candidate, it was based solely on body language. I appreciate and respect Dr. Glass’s expertise, and the fact that she will not allow anyone to bully her.


  8. Dear Dr. Glass:

    As a devoted and ardent scholar in the field of psychology and a careful observer/assessor of human behavior, one must remain ever vigilant about detecting and segregating our own human biases lest they taint/overpower our ability to remain objective. I must admit, I’ve grown exponentially less confident regarding your own objectivity in formulating your interpretive conclusions with each passing Presidential Debate. Sans concrete knowledge to the contrary, this, your most recent post-debate body language assessment, would have prompted me to question whether the two of us even observed the same Debate.

    As an individual so authoritative in their delivery and utterly confident they’ve “helped” innumerable others with their skills in this field, you, Dr. Glass, are as – if not more so – subject to body language observation/interpretation as anyone else. Held to the same standards as that of the Presidential Candidates last night, your report today is very telling, indeed.

    Clearly, an overwhelming percentage of the American people hold vastly differing views from yours regarding the outcome of the final Debate .This may well be attributable to how often you depart from a “just the facts”, approach, far more frequently citing – and richly infusing your own opinion regarding – what you perceive to be weak/negative/inferior/detrimental body language on the part of one candidate while simultaneously steadfastly neglecting to note and report upon like behaviors on the part of the other. One of numerous examples is your assertion that, “Romney refuses to answer a hypothetical question which shows his power and control.” How can a wholly non-biased observer say this of one Candidate, yet say of the other when he, too, opted not to capitulate to a strategic, intentionally misleading question that he was “squirming” and “circumventing”? A liberal sprinkling of like examples of partiality are found throughout all three of your post-Debate reports. Indeed, you even take sufficient license to share what you find “more comfortable” to see in a given Candidate, with no apparent regard for the fact that a huge majority of co-observers in no way share your sentiments. .

    When you put yourself out there, particularly in Blog form, and earn a sizeable salary as an expert in your field, Dr. Glass, you have to expect – and accept – that others every bit as intelligent, skilled, and proficient as you are may very well entirely disagree with you. And when you voice your opinions in the manner you have regarding the Presidential Debates, regardless of the disclaimers with which they are prefaced, don’t be surprised if many individuals perceive them as decidedly biased. That is simply the nature of the beast. To accuse those who feel this way of “personally attacking” you, repeatedly retort with sarcasm-laced, “If you bothered to read the blog …” – type remarks, and passively suppress open discussion by petulantly inviting those who see bias in your endeavors to permanently leave your blog markedly undermines you on a professional level.


    1. You are entitled to your opinion, Kelly, but lest you start offering advice to Lillian about professional standards and personal biases, do yourself a favor and follow your own advice. As she said, this is her area of expertise, this is not a political site, so her goal is not to be “fair”, it is simply to share what she observed.


      1. For Quan –

        There is a massive difference between the definition of “fair” and that of “objective”. In fact, completely objective conclusions in just about any area you can name are by their very nature not going to seem “fair” to all parties concerned.

        Dr. Glass’s repeated assertions that this a non-political Blog have never been, for me, a bone of contention. With the same measure of all due respect I have abidingly accorded Dr. Glass in the past, I am simply stating that she and I will have to agree to disagree with impressions each of us took away from all three of the Presidential Debates. I’m neither asking nor expecting Dr. Glass – or anyone else – to embrace my sentiments; I am simply saying that her observations regarding each of the Debates differ vastly from my own. I do not view what Dr. Glass “feels more comfortable with” and other similar opines in her report as particularly germane to the issue at hand, and feel they unintentionally inject a far more personal, as opposed to Behavioral Science-supported, influence into what Dr. Glass undoubtedly believes to be entirely unbiased assessments. I’m certain that Dr. Glass is “reporting what she saw” with utmost candor and entirely in earnest. However, for the reasons I have previously described, I not only disagree with her findings, but can also understand why many feel those findings are influenced by personal bias. Behavioral Science, like medicine, is as much an art as it is a science. As such, it serves as an excellent source of guidance and food for thought, regardless of how frequently its practitioners may disagree with one another where body language and other behavioral interpretations are concerned.

        I’m certain Dr. Glass will vigorously disagree with my point of view, however, I would never look upon that as any kind of personal “attack”. It is by means of respectful, intelligent discussion of varying points of view that humans most effectively contemplate issues, reach informed conclusions, learn, and grow.


  9. Dr. Glass, If you are going to call yourself a professional, you should try harder to control your bias You do this more often than not, interpret everything to match your agenda… shame on you for using your ‘profession” to push your agenda


  10. I greatly appreciate and in general agree with your insights Dr Glass. But did see valid points in Kelly’s above observations, Although agree you have hit on a multiply supported internal conflict within Obama, some observations did betray (in your psycholinguistics) a value judgement. If you will look back over the quantitative weight of your points above, and qualitative in syntax, tone, as well as comparison of frequency of negatives mentioned to positives, there does appear to be a weight toward Mitt. However, this is the first time I have read your comments on this, and in general I find your insight to be deeper than many.

    Plus, In the interest of perceived fairness, perhaps one could qualify such statements about “posture”, etc, by first stating something like, ” Mitt may just have on more shoulder padding, but it appears”…I too did notice a slumping or roundedness to Obama’s shoulders on several occasion, but it is ethical to rule out other possible causes. This is also just one of many variables to weigh together, and one does choose which variables to highlight and which to exclude, which may also be taken as selection bias.

    I enjoy your sharing Dr Glass. I believe you care passionately about accuracy and the service you are rendering. Thank you.


  11. This is the greatest blog ever !
    I love to read everyones reaction to Mrs.Linda Glass fabulous blog.
    It’s so much fun and very interesting I must say.


  12. Mrs.Glass, if you look at the pictures you posted you will also see , Obama , had a very bad paint job. I busted up laughing his makeup looked cheep. The colors did not match up on the face and forhead. They need to fire the makeup artist that forgot the sealer spray for the paint job on Obamas , face. I think the camera lights where making the makeup melt on his face. He looked like a hundred and eighty year old man from the profile shot ,not to mention his face has fallen and the wrinkles looked like a swag curtain. Obama , is too thin and his skin is sagging really bad. Somebody needs to feed this man ! I think he needs to hire Elvis P, cook she will make him healthy in no time. Fried peanut butter and jelly sanwhiches Mr.President.


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