Obama Copies Romney’s Style From First Debate But Displays Visible Anger as Both CandidatesLook Like Boxers In The Ring

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this Presidential debate was when the two men were on the podium literally circling one another and walking around one another as though they were in a boxing match. It was a tense moment and very uncomfortable to watch, especially for two grown men who were running for President.

Besides this unleashing of physical  tension and obvious anger, there was the bickering where one candidate called the other out and spoke of his policy while the the other defended himself.

Before the debate this was one of the  key rules- that no one will speak on behalf of the other. But that rule was quickly broken.  It was only when  one of the men quoted or misquoted the other, that tentions rose and that resulted in hostility both verbally and nonverbally.

Another rule which was broken, but not by the candidates was that there would be no split screen. I thought this was wrong as the public was entitles to see how the candidates acted when they were in listening mode. In fact I objected to the no split screen policy when I appeared on CNBC earlier in the day.

The broken split screen rule actually gave a few points to Obama as you could see that he was a good student.

He copied everything  Romeny did in the first debate with the exception of showing several signals of anger. It was as though Obama read all of my comments and suggestions in the Associated Press interviews I have been doing  on these debates and took heed.

First  of all, he looked directly at Romeny when Romney spoke even though he did leak out a scarastic laugh or two and purse his lips in anger and lunge forth from his seat on several occasions.

Secondly, at the beginning of the debate he enumerated points-  number one, number two and number three,  just like Romney did throughout his first  debate.

And finally he looked at Romeny with his chin up  with a slight smile and an open eyed look, just as Romeny looked at him during the first debate.

Obama came out on the stage with a swagger and self  confidence in his walk and demeanor as did Romney.

They both gave one another that  standard “Power Hug: where they grabbed one another’s arms as they shook hands. They were both calm as they said hello o=to  the audience and waved .

But as soon as they exhibited this  warm cordiality,  they quickly turned on one another body language wise .

It was interesting to observe the two men as they sat in their chairs in the identical pose with one knee up and the other on the ground as though they were mirror images of one another. But the one telling thing about their pose was that  they both leaned away from one another as though they are repulsed by one another.

Romeny was off to a shakier start  at the beginning as he didn’t look directly  at or  personally address  the  first young man who asked the first  question. Obama on the other hand, was more personable during the interchange with the young man and with other people who asked questions.

But that all changed during the debate  continued, as Romney became more personable and more passionate seemed to speak directly to those asking him questions.While it was more of Obama’s form to walk around and speak directly to the people. Romney became  more at ease with this form  as the debate continued.

In the middle of the debate one could easily see that  both candidates met their stride. They were extremely passionate and both showed inflection and a wide range of emotion when they spoke.

However, Obama showed uncharacteristic  signs of anger throughout the debate. It was as though someone coached him to let it all out for the first time in his career. Prior to this we have see Obama as unflappable-” cool as a cucumber” as he has often been described. But here was  a different  Obama who could be seen unleashing his anger as he tightened his jaw, and pointed his finger and scowled.

He even kept lunging out of his seat on numerous occasions as you can see here, which was uncharacteristic of his behavior  which we have seen in the past.It looked awkward.

Romeny showed anger as well, especially when Candy Crwoley did not allow him to make his points.

Candy Crowley  was by far the worst moderator from a number of points of view. Mainly, she showed consistent  favoritism to the President by not allowing Romney to make his point.  Even her tone of voice was different when she spoke to the President as opposed to speaking to Romney.

This  clearly frustrated Romney on several occasions as he awkwardly stood on the stage like an embarrassed school child in front of the mean school teacher.

At one point it looked like the two candidates were in a boxing ring as opposed to a Presidential  debating stage as they literally danced around one another, the verbal boxing continued soon after this exchange. Obama’s lip pursing verified his intense anger while Romeny could’t even look at him . They resembled two angry alpha lions circling one another before tearing into each other’s flesh.


From a body language point of view, they were both open with their gestures and with their thoughts and words. Their voices didn’t waiver. Their up and down inflection mirrored their passions.But Obama was clearly not used to inflicting his voice and it showed.

When speaking for Romeny who said repeatedly that he had a Five Point Plan to offer, Obama contentiously accused him of only having a One Point Plan, But as he said this the pitch of his voice went up. It was as though he knew he was marking up the wrong tree and his voice let him know it.. When Obama was angry it was not uncommon to hear the pitch of his voice go up like a school boy.

Whenever the two of them spoke about the other’s policies that is when they  both got into trouble and stimulated animosity and aggression in one another.

Obama was in this for the fight of his political life as he transformed from the wussy debater he appeared to be in the first debate into a scrappy fighter in this second debate.

But  wasn’t pleasant to watch. Whomever coached Obama, coached him wrong. Obama both  looked and sounded awkward as this was not the man whom we have come to know over the past four years. His behavior in last night’s debate was as though he was trying on a different personality and it didn’t work.

From a body language point of view  I believe that both candidates won becuase of their passion and communication delivery .

However, on the same breath I can also say that both candidates  also lost because of their unleashed anger and visible hostility which was uncomfortable to watch. It was undignified and Unpresidential on BOTH of their parts.


It was clear that these two candidates cannot stand one another . This photo speaks volumes. Even though they are supposed to be two adults shaking hands to express respect their body language with Romeny’s tense and phony smile , his turning  away from Obama and his literally giving Obama the cold shoulder says to all.

Feelings are certainly  mutual for Obama as you can see his tense pursed lips as he looks down and clenches his hand in a fist like position.

For  Presidential debate  number three we need to see two dignified gentleman expressing their own policies and  passionately speaking for themselves, not for one another. We do NOT need to see this awful spectacle anymore.


31 thoughts on “Obama Copies Romney’s Style From First Debate But Displays Visible Anger as Both CandidatesLook Like Boxers In The Ring

  1. Partisan politics have certainly taken a toll on the people of this country. Apparently, the bickering has also taken a toll on our candidates.

    Now they play to the cameras instead of constituents, and the cameras are controlled by corporations with an agenda.


  2. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you for your analysis!

    I just want to point out two things about Mr. Romney, I am not sure you have watched the “nasty ads”, Mr. Obama has released in FL, it is horrible, he calls him dishonest, amongst another things, Mr. Obama never post ads about his policies, he has been really taking Mr. Romney’s words out of context and added to these ads, so I don’t blame Mr. Romney for his anger. Also Mrs. Crowley was favoring Mr. Obama.

    I am under the impression Mr. Obama will do anything to win this election, and it bothers me. His words are empty, he sounds like a lawyer to me, no offense to the good lawyers, he says a lot of nothing.

    I know this is not a political blog, sorry, I just wanted to say the ways it feels. It might be frustrating for Mr. Romney that not he only had to defend his plans but he had a moderator helping his opponent which I disagree, moderators should be biased. Right from the beginning, Mrs. Crowley helped Mr. Obama on the Benghazi attack, so it is just hard to keep your cool. Also the mainstream media is cuddling Mr. Obama. So, Mr. Romney hasn’t had a fair shake overall.

    Oh well.

    I really appreciate how you analyzed this debate! Thank you! You are very good!


    1. Avi, please do a little more research on Romney..because he is the devil..He is a liar and a cheat.If you need links that state some truth ask and I will send them over to you. See his term as a gov and what he DIDN’T do for the state of Mass..left without a second term and approval rating at34%..needed a bail out by Bush of over 2.1 million dollars for the Olympics and was accused of stealing money.Look into Bain capital..the man hires fires and tares apart other businesses and hurt the working class.. I have more.


  3. I agree with the last poster, I dont think Romney wanted to come across as angry but whats he supposed to do? Obama;s whole campaign is making up lies about Romney he hasnt run on his policy’s or agenda because he has no record to run on and he can not admit his real agenda, so he paints Romney as the devil. When the truth is Romney is a liberal guy with a liberal record just hes a decent guy, the liberals should dump obama and love Romney hes their perfect guy, But liberals are hopelessly partisan. I have yet to find a smart person who knows the facts who is voting for obama because theres nothing to vote for hes an empty suit God help us


  4. Dr Glass, again let me state how much I like you..but you are just to pro ROMNEY..to me as a recovering addict now 20 years..I can state clearly that Romney is receiving injects of speed just like they gave Kennedy. Romney was so rude and disrespectful to OUR PRESIDENT. It made me sick to my stomach, Romney acted like a little child..me, me me, it is my turn..whining again and again. The disrespect to the President was just unacceptable. Who does he think is to show such horrible disrespect. Afterwards if you watched his wife’s face, he was in deep shi- and going to get the bitc- wife routine later that night. He was so rude that for the first time I actually saw a miss trust in him on handling Foreign affairs and other needed conversations with other countries..I would be so afraid of this disrespectful entitlement behavior from him that it could harm our country! I say VOTE OBAMA for the poor,elderly, sick, students, middle class..I pray everyday that Romney is shut down..His own state of MASS refused to give him a second term, he left his state in a huge deficit, the worst in history, he needed a bail-out for the Olympics from the Federal Gov. His approval rating when he left Mass was 34%.. They hate him there! He lies every time he opens his mouth about what he does and has done. He and his son Tagg were involved in a PONZI scheme with http://www.politicolnews.com/romney-son-investigated-for-8-billion-ponzi-scheme/..Do you really know much about your choice of a President? Or do you not like Obama because he is black..like Rush Limbaugh!


  5. I thought the debate was great! Obama did well and was Presidential and Romney needs to remember who is the PRESIDENT! He acted like a caffeine injected child!


  6. I agree with some of the posts. Dr. Glass, you have obviously studied body language for quite some time, and I can respect that, however, after watching you on CNBC and reading your post, I get the impression your assessment isn’t scientific as much as it’s political. The fact that you misspelled “Obama” (Ombama) and Romney (Romeny), harms your credibility. All in all, it would be great to see someone with your level of expertise give a purely unbiased read …but I guess, considering our current political climate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find sources that will respond in that manner.


      1. Agree with you, Cozy…saw Lillian on Larry Kudlow and it was so biased..against Obama. No criticism of Romney whatsoever. However if you are a guest on Kudlow you have to be Republican. It is a partisian show.


      2. N Cheryl I was not biased at all and I was not called to do the show because I was a member of any party. I was on the show because of my body language expertise. I spoke objectively of their greeting- The Power greeting and what I Observed during the debate. Obama showed anger and I reported it. He attempted to interrupt Romney and Romney told him he was not through speaking. So before you jump to conclusions and make wrong assumptions I will always tell you how I think, not the other way around where you tell me how I think and what party I do or do not support.


      3. Well, Dr Glass, you DID note that POTUS was inappropriate which seems more of an opinion than a scientific assessment


      4. Dr. Glass,
        I don’t see how “inappropriate” is based in any empirical data. Inappropriate, at least to me, is based on a personal measure of tolerance. You decided it was inappropriate based on your opinion of what is and is not an appropriate way to display anger not on any independent or unbiased definitions of what is or is not appropriate…etc.


      5. I guess all I’m saying is there are a number of Americans that are dying for some impartiality in reporting. Part of me (and only part) questions your appearance on Lawrence Kudlow’s show in the first place. (but I was wiling to give you the benefit of the doubt that his leanings do not affect your approach to your job) He is far from impartial and I watch his show not to understand the “news” but to understand one opinion on one side of the issues. My feeling is that you presented yourself as a scientist, not a pundit. You explained why you believed POTUS was angry in a way that I understood…but then you went a step further by making a value judgement based on your assessment. I’d ask: what does appropriateness have to do with behavioral sciences?


      6. I have no leanings. I had never known abut his show until I was asked to be on the show and I did it. I shared my professional opinions and answered the questions I was asked. I have no political agenda. Body language is BOTh an art and a science. I am a commentator as well and commentators make judgements. I hope that answers your question.


      7. Dr. Glass: it does. I would just note a few things…1) I understand there is an art to interpreting the science and making a judgment call on what you see and so I couldn’t, in all fairness, criticize you for taking a stance on the body language, inflection on voice, etc. 2) I do not think you should be held accountable for the viepoints of the show you’re on. with that said 3) When you transitioned from informing the audience of your read of body language to your assessment of whether that body language was appropriate you crossed a line unless it was within your purview to assess what is appropriate and what is not in a debate. (ie; speaking loudly may indicate something about my mood…but it very well may be a tactic in a debate. The former seems as though it’s in your realm, the latter does not) In the capabity of a behavioral scientist, I don’t think it was. 4) Taking into account that you are a person with real feelings as well (and have every right to defend yourself), I still might, for future reference, consider some of the comments on your board. I watched another behavioral assessment later that night on another channel and scientist refrained from any judgment outside of “this is what the body language says in my professional experience”. Relaxed, angry, detatched…that was it. THAT is, personally, what I’d like to see more of. I think Americans have become extremely sensitive to being manipulated in the media. While that is not all your responsibility, I think it helps to remain cognizant of that fact as you continue. (shrug)


  7. I agree with the posters about the disrespect Romney shows the President. I have had doubts myself about President Obama (and I am a staunch Democrat)….but I am amazed that Romney feels that he has the right to speak so rudely to the President. Romney is currently a common citizen. I know he wants to win the election and he feels that he must “unleash” his wrath, but throughout history people have been able to do that without resorting to such discourtesy. Obama, like it or not, IS the President of the United States! Somewhere in our Constitution there are rules about how to speak to the President of the United States….Romney acts as if he is above these rules. Your bias toward Romney shows with regularity. Romney did impress me in the first debate against Obama. I’ve swung back because I believe Obama conducted himself in a Presidential way, while Romney acted like an absolute child.


    1. Oh really it says in our constitution how one must talk to the president?! and people like you vote? thats the scary part you have no idea what the constituion is this is insane!


  8. I use to have somewhat of an interest in what Dr. Glass had to say, but over the last year or so, I have noticed she has gotten to thinking her self importance is greater than it actually is. After following over the years, I am completely convinced she is full of hog wash. My gut instincts are more accurate than her psycho babble!


    1. Thats too bad that you feel that way Wallace. It may very well be projection on your part as I have no idea why you would say that I have gotten to thinking my self importance is greater than it actually is. Everyone needs to have self esteem and feel that what they do in the world is important. I son;t use psycho babble. I merely report my observations with regard to what I see in a person’s body language.


    2. That hogwash has helped solve alot of serial murder cases over time and proven to be very reliable . Dishonest people really dislike people who can see through their mask they put on and off daily. I don’t agree a hundred percent on the political matter , but politics are mostly fake anyway on both sides. Mrs. Glass , is a true blessing in disguise and a magnificent human being . You can’t be that successful and highly respected world wide and be full of hog wash!


  9. I will be so glad when this is all over.
    The commercials and advertising is enough to make you go skitzo and sign yourself into a mental facility.
    This looks more like reality t.v. everyday and I think they are trying to beat honey boo boos ratings.
    Instead of two in a half men they look like two in a half clowns up there debating a dead horse.


  10. Thank you for your thorough analysis of the second debate. With your years of experience and education, you “see” a lot of things that we as the common public do not see. I respect your time and thank you for posting this information.


  11. Dr Glass, I appreciate your even-handedness with regards to the players of both sides. I am disapointed in Peter Hyatt (Seamus O’ Riley Statement Analysis site) As I had followed his site for a few years I saw him as fair and even-handed. SA seeks to uncover deception via someone’s spoken words. But now I feel let down by him (though his analysis is always uneffected by any bias he might have personally) in my opinion, he has taken to lying-by omission when it comes to politics. He regularly does analysis on highly place democrats, but NEVER (to my knowledge) on anyone from the right barring those involved in sexual scandals. I acknowledge, Peter has the right to his own preferences & opinions, but by posting analysis ONLY of political figures on the left, he is making an untrue implication by omission on a site which was set up to teach a method, to showcase a method of uncovering deception. I have lost respect for him because of this. Though I am grateful for having learned so much about Statement Analysis. It would have been fine if he had showcased the players from both sides with SA. So I applaud you for how you turn your skills on all players and therby presenting a more complete and honest picture.


  12. 2 Clowns aruing over he will get to light the candles on the U.S.A. celibration cake ! Lieing , laughing , working the stage to get the Americans all pumped up for another 4 years of broken promises .


  13. Mrs.Glass , I’m not a body language master like you,but they both had peanut butter stuck to the roof of their mouthes tonight in the last debate 10/22/2012.


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