Sandusky’s Voice on Audiotape On Eve Before Sentencing Shows Extreme Fear and Anger

Convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky  released an audiotape  the evening before his sentencing for 45 counts  of child sexual abuse.

While he shifts he blame on to the victims, the media, and the justice system,  Penn State, psychologists, and attorneys, calling it  “a well orchestrated” conspiracy, there is a shakiness to his voice and an overcompensated volume to his voice  which shows  displaced anger and  extreme fear.

His statement speaks volumes about this vapid man who looks at life as wins and losses calling this “the worst loss of my life.”  He then goes on to say  “They’ve won.  “I’ve wondered what they’ve really won. Attention, financial gain, prestige will all be temporary.”

It is as though he is looking at this as a football game.

In fact , his cadence as he read his statement, sounds like a like a coach giving his players a pep talk. In essence his statement  was clearly  a pep talk to himself.

As he read this speech there was no emotion as it  was read in a monotone with the pitch breaks indicating fear and loudness bursts indicating anger.

He is incomplete denial as he convinces himself that “in his heart” he knows he didn’t do these disgusting acts.” He then goes on to share too much information about his sex life stating his “wife  was his only sexual partner, only after marriage”. This “only after marriage” statement is to  convince himself and others  how  moral and chaste  he considers himself and how  sexually pure he is. But  that is far from the truth. When someone gives away too much information, it is usually a signal of deception.

Sandusky very well knows what will happen to him during the sentencing as he has mentally  prepared himself by stating that he asks “that he has the strength to surrender himself to God regardless of the outcome.”

The outcome will be that he will leave prison in a pine box and spend the rest of his days in solitary confinement for his own protection as a sexual predator. This could be the worst punishment for someone who spent his life in the limelight and has had the adulation of thousands of people If by chance he does encounter other inmates, he will most likely be getting a taste of his own medicine.

6 thoughts on “Sandusky’s Voice on Audiotape On Eve Before Sentencing Shows Extreme Fear and Anger

  1. Mrs.Glass , the comment they’ve won by this sick man means this.
    He is blaming the sinful acts on his inner demons that control his nasty lustful thought of young boys. Sick people never admit to doing wrong and always find someone to blame . They’ve one , are the ones to blame in his sick mind. They meaning more than one sick personality he lives with daily.


  2. If this man is sexually pure, you can find me working at the local brothel house in Orlando waiting for the next famous golfer that walks threw the door .


  3. What I love about this story now is that no matter what he says, no one is listening. He will be in prison until his dying breath. It doesn’t take the victims’ pain away, but it is all that can be done legally, except take his money…let that phase be next!


  4. Good Job Dr. Glass! Incase any of your readers are wondering, Sandusky was given a tape recorder in his cell to record his statement. He wasn’t granted an interview. Actually, a radio station requested one, Sandusky denied, attorney’s agreed to a recording instead. Sandusky may agree to an interview in the near future.


  5. I was just reading that they are passing the Sandusky’s law in Florida and other states. The law pertaining to anyone that is aware of a child being abused and not reporting it . It will be a felony charge if not reported. It’s about time ,because there are so many desperatate adults wanting to hang onto a relationship and shoving the abuse under the rug. I think they should also give these prisoners charged in cases like this and murder or rape the choice of death by suicide while serving out ther sentence. This will save tax payers money and lord knows they can’t be fixed !


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