Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Body Language Shows He Had No Remorse For Cheating On Maria

The most interesting thing during The 60 Minutes interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger was when his true body language leaked during the discussion of his cheating on Maria. Veteran reporter Leslie Stahl (who was clearly smitten with Arnold) doing her interviews with him says : You cheated on Maria.” Instead of looking remorseful or sad, he leaks out a smile as you cans see above. It is a genuine smile a the apples of his cheeks are raised and his eyes are squinted. The sides of his mouth go up.This indicates that he is clearly not sad.

Does Arnold have any remorse that he cheated on Maria In my view based on the body language he exhibited the answer is No.  He may have remorse that he got caught and that it was an embarrassment for him but that is it. Otherwise the whole interview was complete PR spin as I see it.

The other bombshell in the interview was that he cheated on Maria while they were dating. Below are some photos when they were dating and even when they were married as you can see they are completely disconnected as they have been throughout their marriage.

In this photo we can see just how disconnected they are. When two people who are supposedly in love look in different directions and are out of synch it does’t look good.

While dating they continue to look in different direction and there does not seem to be the warmness and passion between a couple that should be there during the initial stages of the relationship.

They were still disconnected during their wedding as in all of the photos released that are looking in different direction (not a good sign) and they are not very affectionate with one another.

For Maria marriage to Arnold was making a statement as he was so different from any man a Kennedy would consider for Maria. He was not the blue blood, highly educated,professional man that her family might have envisioned for her. For Maria marriage to Arnold  breaking out of the mold and asserting her independence.  For Arnold the marriage to Maria was a quick ticket  into society and respect. He was obsessed with ambition and he stopped at nothing short to make sure Maria was a vehicle to further help him rise to the top.

So when he said that after he cheated on Maria with Brigette Neilson,while he and Maria were dating  it convinced him that he wanted to marry Maria it was no surprise. of course it did . With Brigette who was the sexy  bombshell of the day, there was no rising to the top. She was just as ambitious as he was and he saw much of himself in her. He wanted someone who was already there in terms of wealth and social standing who could help him get to places much higher than Brigette could help him get to.

The only heights he could reach with Brigette were sexual ones. In his photos with Brigette we see and feel the chemistry between them off the screen as we see above and

on the screen as we clearly  see above. He never showed that mush passion with Maria , at least publicly.

Maria helped him to get  what he wanted – more fame and power as she was the perfect Kennedy vehicle to help get him elected as California’s governor. But as you can see in the photo above they still continued to look in different directions and still continued to look disconnected.

As his stint as governor came to an end you can really see how disconnected the couple was as they appeared in public. You an see the strain on Maria’s face.

Body language wise Arnold does not really feel that his affair with his maid was the stupidest thing he did. Maybe not wearing  condom was the stupidest thing he did but certainly the affair was not stupid to him. When he tales about compartmentalizing the incident especially after a child was born, it show just how cold and calculating Arnold is and how he is able to put all emotion aside for his fame and fortune and power. He thought no one would ever find out so there was no concern to him.

As far as the interview itself was concerned, it was a free pass for Arnold. Leslie Stahl was clearly smitten with him. She fawned over him and was coquettish with him in a very school girl sort of way. It was actually disturbing to watch this veteran reporter get lost in her own obvious crush like  feelings towards Arnold.

The 60 Minutes piece showed that no one rally cares Arnold cheated on Maria except Maria. he still has throngs of vans and is loved around the world. He did a mea culpa and admitted his shortcomings in his book and on the road so now he is free to go on an pursue the next chapter in his life as he makes movies and perhaps finds real love and passion this time around.


14 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Body Language Shows He Had No Remorse For Cheating On Maria

  1. What has happened to our values that we would not show our disagreement with this type of behavior! I, for one, won’t be watching any more of his movies. It is us, the public, that will decide if he deserves that attention or not. If we feed his new effort we are admitting that what he did is OKAY. Well, to me, IT ISN’T!


  2. Mrs. Glass , he was Mr.Universe and maybe he used steriods and it affected his thought process . I love Arnold and he was truly a Gladiator in Hollywood . I noticed he felt remorseless ,so maybe the steriods if used caused this brain activity to not feel anything. Steriods can cause alot of side affects on a human. I’m sorry about what he did to Maria , but they are a famous couple and maybe this was a open relationship behind doors. People are allways quick to judge and point the finger , but most famous couples have open relationships and where is the faithful partner in that.


  3. Marriage looks arranged from the beginning and maybe Maria is in the closet and needed to produce airs to her family thrown. This is a famous couple and in Hollywood and Posh familys this is normal.


  4. By Arnold concealing his son and affair, reminds me of teenage girls when they get pregnant, they know they are and deny it, they don’t go to the Dr. until last minute. They do that because it’s like they think it’s going to go away.

    I feel bad for the kid in the situation more than anything.


  5. I think the long term steroid use affected his thought process .
    Arnold S. looks like he suffers from depression as well and that’s from steroid damage to body and brain. He never felt he could get caught , because he did not care . He does not feel things normal people feel , because of severe steroid abuse. He will never admit it ,because he would not want to give up his Mr.Universe title.


  6. Oh,Mrs.Glass, the man running for Florida Senator just got busted. His name is on a brothel list with many more state employees. Today it was released that the Mayor of Maitland Florida and Kissimmee State Employee was also on that list as well. With many other promiscuous ,sexual hungry men on that list. I think this A list also has Judges, Lawyers, Law enforcement , Ministers, and local business men on it. This story is huge and I just wonder how many names will be released . There will be alot of divorces due to this dirty laundry the wives need to clean house and pitch them to the curb. This was some federal investigation that blew this whole case wide open from what I was told. Men just can’t stay out of trouble ! The brothel is located in Orange County Florida. I just thought you might like to know about the other Nasty Boys ! A List in Florida.


  7. Arnold is on the bad boy list , but thank God he is not living in Orlando .
    The Orlando news reports State Reprsentative for Florida and Vice Mayor Maitland , Doctors and a Pro Golfer are on the brothel list . I can’t wait to see the name released connected to the pro golfer . Tiger Woods has lost his bad boy title now to another golfer.


  8. Spot on, Dr. Glass.

    Arnold not only has no regret about cheating, he is proud of his ability to get women to sleep with him. He is like a teenaged boy in a locker room, telling everyone about scoring with all the chicks!

    The book tour, the publicity, the proclamations of love for Maria – he sees these as a “coming clean” about being a cad. If he keeps saying he is sorry and dragging all the gory details out in the press, well then Maria will take him back and it will all be forgotten.

    This isn’t reality-based thinking. It’s narcissism.

    I know Maria loves her kids, and I know she wants a family. Buts dear God, I hope she stays away from this toxic man, I think her face tells everything about the hell of living with him.


  9. Mrs.Glass, I know Arnold S. is no saint , but I hope he will be o.k. after all this mess he got himself into. Maria , will be fine she is beautiful and smart. Arnold S. does not look so well in this video he needs a full checkup with body scans . He may end up with a stroke or aneurysm. I know this whole mess makes him look bad ,but he is still one of my most favorite celebrities.


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