Romney Sweats And Gains Control As Obama Swallows Hard And Shows Attentiveness

As they entered the stage ,both  candidates looked more friendly towards one another then they have before. They both had  more genuine smiles. They did the power handshake where they grab one another’s arm as they shake hands, just as they di in all three debates.

When we first see  Romney, he  appears nervous as there is sweat on his upper lip  and on his cheeks as he begins the debate. However, he is fluid and  passionate in his tone .

Obama  on the other hand displays his nervousness through his more stacatto  sounding speech pattern as he as he answers the first question. He also uses a thumb gesture   which makes no sense as he enumerates his points.

When Obama speaks for Romney,  Romney gets upset but smiles a tense smile and is fidgets  as he defends himself.  Then when Romeny speaks he shows a powerful presence as he says ” Attacking me is not an agenda. He speaks up for himself and doesn’t allow Obama to interrupt him or to misquote him.

For the first time Romney makes a frowning facial  gesture as Obama speaks which expresses how negatively he feels about what Obama has to say concerning Syria. When Obama responds he sounds defensive. He  still speaks for Romney instead of speaking for himself. Obama stammers  and is very stacatto and goes off on tangents in his response while Romney is more fluid and fluent in his response .  

Also Romney’s posture is more powerful looking with his more squared shoulders as opposed to Obama who’s neck is forward and shoulders more rounded. Obama’s posture  appears to be a more submissive body language posture.

Romney is very passionate and emotional in his tone and delivery. When he gets to the point and mentions  Israel and Poland and how the President was silent during the Iranian uprising

,Obama is very uncomfortable about this and swallows hard as you see his visible swallow. Obama doesn’t address these particular issues but circumvents as he speaks about other issues.

He shows anger by making a fist as he finishes his statement. Romney defends himself well as he enumerates and passionately discuses his five point program. Romney  passionately defends himself well when discussing education.

Obama tries to interrupt and Romney refused to allow him and told Obama that he had his facts wrong when Obama said the program happened before he was in office. Out of character, Obama seems to  follow in Biden’s shoes as he  smiles while Romney discusses the military.

Uncharacteristic the  Romney we have seen in the two previous debates, he now   makes a  second frowning gesture as Obama discusses the military. As Romney rattles off  statistics about the military Obama  swallows hard. He responds by putting Romney down by making a reference to bayonettes as he attempts to portray Romney as being out of date.

Body language wise, as Obama  says Israel is a true friend, but surprisingly slightly shakes his head no.

When Romney discusses  Obama’s “Apology Tour” Obama squirms and there is  obvious tension around his jaw. As he disusses how a President having to show strength Obama shows nervousness and swallows hard.  In his response Obama looks down and stammers. When Romney tells how Obama traveled to the Middle East and how  skipped Israel and how everyone noticed Obama didn’t respond directly. Instead, he circumvented and talked about how he went to the Holocaust museum when he was campaigning.

Romney refuses to answer a hypothetical question which shows his power and control.  Romney is   direct in discussing how Democratic senators wanted Obama to reduce tension with Israel. Obama ignores this and speaks about Bin Laden and uses an emotional story about a little girl who lost her father during 911.

When Romeny speaks Obama appears to be very attentive and genuinely interested in what Romeny has to say. In his final statement,

In his final statement, Obama Looks into camera which is good. The  Pitch of voice goes up lots of extraneous movement showing tension and nervousness. He is more fluid in his speech than he usually is and does not hesitate like he usually does. But he uses too many gestures which are distracting , many which are incongruent with what he is saying. He points at the end which is not good and also he frowns throughout his message.

In Romney’s final statement, he looks directly  into the camera. His expression is positive and encouraging. He doesn’t gesture that much and when he does his gestures maje sense in terms of being congruent with what he is saying. He has a more pleasant expression. He is more passionate in his tone and inflection as well as in his facial expression. His posture was strong and confident  with shoulders squared and head up.


This was by far the best performance by Obama and a continuation of  a great performance by Romney, I would say that both candidates held theit own. Unlike the last debate, it  was more comfortable  to see a non angry Obama who was more poised and in control. It was also good to see a passionate and inflected Romney. They should both be proud of their performances.


Obama Copies Romney’s Style From First Debate But Displays Visible Anger as Both CandidatesLook Like Boxers In The Ring

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this Presidential debate was when the two men were on the podium literally circling one another and walking around one another as though they were in a boxing match. It was a tense moment and very uncomfortable to watch, especially for two grown men who were running for President.

Besides this unleashing of physical  tension and obvious anger, there was the bickering where one candidate called the other out and spoke of his policy while the the other defended himself.

Before the debate this was one of the  key rules- that no one will speak on behalf of the other. But that rule was quickly broken.  It was only when  one of the men quoted or misquoted the other, that tentions rose and that resulted in hostility both verbally and nonverbally.

Another rule which was broken, but not by the candidates was that there would be no split screen. I thought this was wrong as the public was entitles to see how the candidates acted when they were in listening mode. In fact I objected to the no split screen policy when I appeared on CNBC earlier in the day.

The broken split screen rule actually gave a few points to Obama as you could see that he was a good student.

He copied everything  Romeny did in the first debate with the exception of showing several signals of anger. It was as though Obama read all of my comments and suggestions in the Associated Press interviews I have been doing  on these debates and took heed.

First  of all, he looked directly at Romeny when Romney spoke even though he did leak out a scarastic laugh or two and purse his lips in anger and lunge forth from his seat on several occasions.

Secondly, at the beginning of the debate he enumerated points-  number one, number two and number three,  just like Romney did throughout his first  debate.

And finally he looked at Romeny with his chin up  with a slight smile and an open eyed look, just as Romeny looked at him during the first debate.

Obama came out on the stage with a swagger and self  confidence in his walk and demeanor as did Romney.

They both gave one another that  standard “Power Hug: where they grabbed one another’s arms as they shook hands. They were both calm as they said hello o=to  the audience and waved .

But as soon as they exhibited this  warm cordiality,  they quickly turned on one another body language wise .

It was interesting to observe the two men as they sat in their chairs in the identical pose with one knee up and the other on the ground as though they were mirror images of one another. But the one telling thing about their pose was that  they both leaned away from one another as though they are repulsed by one another.

Romeny was off to a shakier start  at the beginning as he didn’t look directly  at or  personally address  the  first young man who asked the first  question. Obama on the other hand, was more personable during the interchange with the young man and with other people who asked questions.

But that all changed during the debate  continued, as Romney became more personable and more passionate seemed to speak directly to those asking him questions.While it was more of Obama’s form to walk around and speak directly to the people. Romney became  more at ease with this form  as the debate continued.

In the middle of the debate one could easily see that  both candidates met their stride. They were extremely passionate and both showed inflection and a wide range of emotion when they spoke.

However, Obama showed uncharacteristic  signs of anger throughout the debate. It was as though someone coached him to let it all out for the first time in his career. Prior to this we have see Obama as unflappable-” cool as a cucumber” as he has often been described. But here was  a different  Obama who could be seen unleashing his anger as he tightened his jaw, and pointed his finger and scowled.

He even kept lunging out of his seat on numerous occasions as you can see here, which was uncharacteristic of his behavior  which we have seen in the past.It looked awkward.

Romeny showed anger as well, especially when Candy Crwoley did not allow him to make his points.

Candy Crowley  was by far the worst moderator from a number of points of view. Mainly, she showed consistent  favoritism to the President by not allowing Romney to make his point.  Even her tone of voice was different when she spoke to the President as opposed to speaking to Romney.

This  clearly frustrated Romney on several occasions as he awkwardly stood on the stage like an embarrassed school child in front of the mean school teacher.

At one point it looked like the two candidates were in a boxing ring as opposed to a Presidential  debating stage as they literally danced around one another, the verbal boxing continued soon after this exchange. Obama’s lip pursing verified his intense anger while Romeny could’t even look at him . They resembled two angry alpha lions circling one another before tearing into each other’s flesh.


From a body language point of view, they were both open with their gestures and with their thoughts and words. Their voices didn’t waiver. Their up and down inflection mirrored their passions.But Obama was clearly not used to inflicting his voice and it showed.

When speaking for Romeny who said repeatedly that he had a Five Point Plan to offer, Obama contentiously accused him of only having a One Point Plan, But as he said this the pitch of his voice went up. It was as though he knew he was marking up the wrong tree and his voice let him know it.. When Obama was angry it was not uncommon to hear the pitch of his voice go up like a school boy.

Whenever the two of them spoke about the other’s policies that is when they  both got into trouble and stimulated animosity and aggression in one another.

Obama was in this for the fight of his political life as he transformed from the wussy debater he appeared to be in the first debate into a scrappy fighter in this second debate.

But  wasn’t pleasant to watch. Whomever coached Obama, coached him wrong. Obama both  looked and sounded awkward as this was not the man whom we have come to know over the past four years. His behavior in last night’s debate was as though he was trying on a different personality and it didn’t work.

From a body language point of view  I believe that both candidates won becuase of their passion and communication delivery .

However, on the same breath I can also say that both candidates  also lost because of their unleashed anger and visible hostility which was uncomfortable to watch. It was undignified and Unpresidential on BOTH of their parts.


It was clear that these two candidates cannot stand one another . This photo speaks volumes. Even though they are supposed to be two adults shaking hands to express respect their body language with Romeny’s tense and phony smile , his turning  away from Obama and his literally giving Obama the cold shoulder says to all.

Feelings are certainly  mutual for Obama as you can see his tense pursed lips as he looks down and clenches his hand in a fist like position.

For  Presidential debate  number three we need to see two dignified gentleman expressing their own policies and  passionately speaking for themselves, not for one another. We do NOT need to see this awful spectacle anymore.

Biden’s Body Language, Facial Mugging, Inappropriate Smiling, Pointing, and Interrupting During VP Debate

Once again my analysis of the vice presidential candidates is not a political assessment. It is merely an analysis of the candidates body language, communication, and speech patterns.

Both candidates did the “Power Greeting” where they both clasped one another’s arms as they shook hands. Both candidates were well spoken, dynamic and passionate in their delivery.

There was no question that Ryan was up against a very formidable opponent and he knew it.  Debating with Biden  often left him dry mouthed as he took seven sips of water throughout  the debate .

There were also  several  occasions where you could see him visibly swallowing which also indicated dry mouth due to anxiety and tension.

You could also see him visibly breathing and oxygentating himself as he listened to Biden. But all in all he did extremely well  against his well spoken sonorous voiced opponent- Vice President Biden.

He clearly held  his own.  With the exception of taking notes at the beginning when  Biden spoke, most of the time Ryan looked directly at Biden when the Vice President spoke.

Ryan  even interjected some humor when Biden said “Bunch of stuff” and  said  about Biden” He’s Irish.” He also added  humor when he said to Biden that we all know that  “the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way” as Biden found this humorous as well.

He was passionate in his delivery, especially at the end of his speech and clearly got points for looking directly into the camera and speaking directly to the public,

unlike Biden, who looked down and peppered his speech with a lot of  “uh’s and um’s.  

While Biden was well spoken he was not very gentlemanly in terms of his debating behavior with constant interruptions,

inappropriate smiles while his opponent was speaking,

laughing,  looking down  and facial mugging. It was distracting and disconcerting and  did not put him in the best light. In fact it made him appear, smug, arrogant, and condescending. What added to the impression of  appearing condescending was when he kept referring to his opponent as “my friend.”

While pointing is a genuine  gesture when expressing a point which you are passionate about when someone is constantly pointing as Biden was, it displayed anger , aggressiveness, and a condescending nature. Biden was vocally aggressive as he spoke louder and often had a staccato cadence.

At some points in the debate it may have been seen as verbal bullying. In fact he appeared testy and aggressive with the moderator as well. The  constant interruptions,  facial mugging when his opponent was speaking , inappropriate smiling, laughing,   constant reference to Ryan as “my friend here” and pointing did not make Biden a winner from a body language and communication  point of view.

Sandusky’s Voice on Audiotape On Eve Before Sentencing Shows Extreme Fear and Anger

Convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky  released an audiotape  the evening before his sentencing for 45 counts  of child sexual abuse.

While he shifts he blame on to the victims, the media, and the justice system,  Penn State, psychologists, and attorneys, calling it  “a well orchestrated” conspiracy, there is a shakiness to his voice and an overcompensated volume to his voice  which shows  displaced anger and  extreme fear.

His statement speaks volumes about this vapid man who looks at life as wins and losses calling this “the worst loss of my life.”  He then goes on to say  “They’ve won.  “I’ve wondered what they’ve really won. Attention, financial gain, prestige will all be temporary.”

It is as though he is looking at this as a football game.

In fact , his cadence as he read his statement, sounds like a like a coach giving his players a pep talk. In essence his statement  was clearly  a pep talk to himself.

As he read this speech there was no emotion as it  was read in a monotone with the pitch breaks indicating fear and loudness bursts indicating anger.

He is incomplete denial as he convinces himself that “in his heart” he knows he didn’t do these disgusting acts.” He then goes on to share too much information about his sex life stating his “wife  was his only sexual partner, only after marriage”. This “only after marriage” statement is to  convince himself and others  how  moral and chaste  he considers himself and how  sexually pure he is. But  that is far from the truth. When someone gives away too much information, it is usually a signal of deception.

Sandusky very well knows what will happen to him during the sentencing as he has mentally  prepared himself by stating that he asks “that he has the strength to surrender himself to God regardless of the outcome.”

The outcome will be that he will leave prison in a pine box and spend the rest of his days in solitary confinement for his own protection as a sexual predator. This could be the worst punishment for someone who spent his life in the limelight and has had the adulation of thousands of people If by chance he does encounter other inmates, he will most likely be getting a taste of his own medicine.

Romney’s Body Language, Voice, and Speech Pattern Outshine Obama In First Debate


Before you read this blog know that I am NOT a political commentator nor am I a political person. I am objective and just report only what I see from my viewpoint and expertise as a behavioral analyst and body language and communication expert.

So before you spew out your political views and make personal attacks towards me know that I am ONLY reporting this from a BODY LANGUAGE point of view and that I have NO political agenda.

                                             THE GREETING 

It was very interesting to watch both candidates greet one another as they both used the power gesture which let the other one know that they were the one in control. As they shook hands they mutually grabbed one another’s forearms as they both smiled and looked directly into one another’s eyes. They obviously  let the other know that they were equally powerful and  self confident as you can see int he photo above.

As they began the debate  Obama did not look directly into the camera as Romeny did. When someone looks directly at their audience there is  a greater connection. 

When both candidates made there final statements Obama only looked directly into the camera for a few seconds while Romney looked directly into the camera  on a continuous basis and spoke directly to his audience.

Obama displayed signals of anxiety as he spoke as he pursed his lips and licked his lips which may have indicated he had a bit of dry mouth during the debate. When he spoke for the second time during the first section of the debate he said “uh” or “eh” a total of 15 times which distracted from his fluency in delivering his message. This may also have been a reflection of his anxiety at the beginning of the debate.

Over all throughout the debate Romneny used wider, broader  gestures  that were more away from the body which reflected more of an openness

while Obama used more closed gestures closer to his body which reflected that he was more self contained in what he was saying.

Whenever Obama spoke on behalf of Romney and laid out Romney’s views, he was slammed by Romney, who vigorously defended himself. This was not a very wise  plan on Obama’s part. Each time he was slammed by Romney, Obama looked down and had a sheepish expression on his face complete with tight lips which were  pursed and a non genuine smile of what appeared to be a “smile of embarrassment”.

Most of he time when Romney spoke, Obama did not look at him. Instead he looked down and pursed his lips which indicated tension. Even though his lips were positioned into a smile, it was not a genuine smile but rather a smirk as his lips often swung to the side.

On the other hand, whenever Obama spoke, Romney calmly looked directly at him and did not make any  extraneous negative facial movements.  

Romeny had a lot of passion in his voice and a lot of emotion as he spoke. He used a lot of varied inflection to express his points, whereas Obama did not do so.

When confronted by Romney you can see Obama look down and there is muscle tension at the side of his jaw which on several occasions was seen pulsating. This indicated  suppressed anger on Obama’s part. You can see this lower jaw tension in the photo above.

As Romney spoke, Obama not only did not look at him, he leaked out signals of anger as seen above as he pursed his lips several  times , where there is considerable muscle tension around his obicularis oris muscles around his lips.

While Romney  didn’t follow the rules of the debate and overpowered the moderator by  insisting  he  define and defend  his position when he believed he was allegedly misquoted by Obama,it did display a quality  of leadership, taking charge, and a no nonsense approach.  He also consistently enumerated  his points as #1, #2, #3, etc. which made it easier for the viewer to follow what he was trying to say.

Obama followed suit but only did this one time in the later part of the debate and only enumerated on a point 1 and point 2.

Feet can tell you a great deal about a person’s state of mind. When we look at Obamas’ feet at the podium we see that his toe is on the ground while his heel is off the ground. When a person does this it usually means that the person  wants to get out of there and they don’t want to stay. Obama was most likely subconsciously saying “Let me out of here. ” “I can’t wait until this debate is over. ”

When Romney told Obama that he picks the losers in relation to various companies he mentioned, Obama looks down in embarrassment, yet smiles a genuine smile as the apples of his cheeks are raised, his teeth are showing and his eyes are squinted as you can see above. This is a smile of truth, indicating that he acknowledges that he did indeed pick some losers.

But then his expression morphs into one of  embarrassment as he realizes that he is not happy about this point which was  brought out during this debate.

Then his expression quickly  morphs into anger as he cocks his head and jut his lower jaw and lip foreword.

When Romney confronts Obama and says that he has been in business for 25 years and doesn’t know what Obama is talking about, we see Obama raise his eyebrows  as indicated by the crinkling of his forehead in  an expression of surprise that Romney could actually say this to him. The lip pursing indicates anger at what Romeny has said.

During the last part of the debate a Romeny sets Obama straight with  the fact of what he plans to do ,Obama’s facial expression indicates that the is holding back his anger as you can see  by his severely pursing  his  lips and the  narrowing of his eyes and the  lowering of his eyebrows . He is also seen swallowing hard.

Obama gains control by taking in a  visibly large breath of air  and  abruptly exhaling to immediately  release his anger and  his tension.

But then  when Romney shared how many of those green companies supported Obama in his campaign, once again we see the “smile of embarrassment ” as Obama pulls aways from Romney’s verbal punch by  cocking  his head to the side as he leaks out  a sheepish expression.

Overall, Romeny is much more  fluent , fluid,  inflected and animated  in his speech than Obama  which makes him more appealing as a communicator in this debate as opposed to Obama who is more hesitant and staccato and exhibits more pause time  in his speaking pattern and often repeats words and interjects multiple “uhs” which breaks the flow of his communication.

In making his final statements Obama does not take advantage of speaking directly to his 40 million viewers around the world by looking directly into the camera.  He looks down and to  the side.

Romney on the other hand  made his final appeal to the public by looking right at them through the lens of the camera. He took full advantage of that opportunity.  While Romney appeared to be more relaxed and in control throughout the debate, while making his final statements he did blink excessively at times. While eye blinking is often known as a signal of deception, it can also be a signal of anxiety as well as he made his final points directly to the eye of the camera.He was passionate and dynamic in his delivery. There is also a breathy quality to his vocal pattern which is reminiscent of  Ronald Reagan as he expresses key points.

As far as body language, facial expression,voice quality, and speech pattern are concerned, Romney  clearly won this debate 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Body Language Shows He Had No Remorse For Cheating On Maria

The most interesting thing during The 60 Minutes interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger was when his true body language leaked during the discussion of his cheating on Maria. Veteran reporter Leslie Stahl (who was clearly smitten with Arnold) doing her interviews with him says : You cheated on Maria.” Instead of looking remorseful or sad, he leaks out a smile as you cans see above. It is a genuine smile a the apples of his cheeks are raised and his eyes are squinted. The sides of his mouth go up.This indicates that he is clearly not sad.

Does Arnold have any remorse that he cheated on Maria In my view based on the body language he exhibited the answer is No.  He may have remorse that he got caught and that it was an embarrassment for him but that is it. Otherwise the whole interview was complete PR spin as I see it.

The other bombshell in the interview was that he cheated on Maria while they were dating. Below are some photos when they were dating and even when they were married as you can see they are completely disconnected as they have been throughout their marriage.

In this photo we can see just how disconnected they are. When two people who are supposedly in love look in different directions and are out of synch it does’t look good.

While dating they continue to look in different direction and there does not seem to be the warmness and passion between a couple that should be there during the initial stages of the relationship.

They were still disconnected during their wedding as in all of the photos released that are looking in different direction (not a good sign) and they are not very affectionate with one another.

For Maria marriage to Arnold was making a statement as he was so different from any man a Kennedy would consider for Maria. He was not the blue blood, highly educated,professional man that her family might have envisioned for her. For Maria marriage to Arnold  breaking out of the mold and asserting her independence.  For Arnold the marriage to Maria was a quick ticket  into society and respect. He was obsessed with ambition and he stopped at nothing short to make sure Maria was a vehicle to further help him rise to the top.

So when he said that after he cheated on Maria with Brigette Neilson,while he and Maria were dating  it convinced him that he wanted to marry Maria it was no surprise. of course it did . With Brigette who was the sexy  bombshell of the day, there was no rising to the top. She was just as ambitious as he was and he saw much of himself in her. He wanted someone who was already there in terms of wealth and social standing who could help him get to places much higher than Brigette could help him get to.

The only heights he could reach with Brigette were sexual ones. In his photos with Brigette we see and feel the chemistry between them off the screen as we see above and

on the screen as we clearly  see above. He never showed that mush passion with Maria , at least publicly.

Maria helped him to get  what he wanted – more fame and power as she was the perfect Kennedy vehicle to help get him elected as California’s governor. But as you can see in the photo above they still continued to look in different directions and still continued to look disconnected.

As his stint as governor came to an end you can really see how disconnected the couple was as they appeared in public. You an see the strain on Maria’s face.

Body language wise Arnold does not really feel that his affair with his maid was the stupidest thing he did. Maybe not wearing  condom was the stupidest thing he did but certainly the affair was not stupid to him. When he tales about compartmentalizing the incident especially after a child was born, it show just how cold and calculating Arnold is and how he is able to put all emotion aside for his fame and fortune and power. He thought no one would ever find out so there was no concern to him.

As far as the interview itself was concerned, it was a free pass for Arnold. Leslie Stahl was clearly smitten with him. She fawned over him and was coquettish with him in a very school girl sort of way. It was actually disturbing to watch this veteran reporter get lost in her own obvious crush like  feelings towards Arnold.

The 60 Minutes piece showed that no one rally cares Arnold cheated on Maria except Maria. he still has throngs of vans and is loved around the world. He did a mea culpa and admitted his shortcomings in his book and on the road so now he is free to go on an pursue the next chapter in his life as he makes movies and perhaps finds real love and passion this time around.