Netanyahu DOES NOT Make Nazi Salute During UN Speech As Media Suggests

To even insinuate in the media that  Israel’s Rime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making a Nazi gesture during his UN Speech  and to try to connect his gestures  with a vulgar dictator in a devastating era is both ignorant and irresponsible. It  indicates that

a. it is a slow news day so news is being manufactured or

b) someone is out to stir up hatred.

Both Associated Press and Reuters have published photos of Netanyahu indicating that he made a shocking gesture. They have it completely wrong.

Dr. Lillian Glass Bo…

A Nazi salute and Nazi gesture devised by Aldoph Hitler in the 1930’s is where the the right arm  (not the left arm as seen in Netanyahu’s photo)  is extende to at least to eye level,  the hand is straightened the hand so that it is parallel to the arm and the thumb is tucked in as you can see in the photo of Adolph Hilter.

As you can see Netanyau’ s thumb is open and the gesture is not rigid. It was done to express distance

To even insinuate  associating Netanyau with this gesture is ridiculous, especially considering  the fact that many of his family member’s lives were  destroyed  and many were murdered by  Hitler’s regime during the Holocaust . 


12 thoughts on “Netanyahu DOES NOT Make Nazi Salute During UN Speech As Media Suggests

  1. Thank you Dr. Glass, Not only is our media doing it’s best to make anyone but Islam look bad, they are on the same side with the president who is pro-Muslim, so in effect he snubs our greatest ally Israel, thus they contort the truth about Israel’s leader. It seems to be a common ploy with our media, take what is bad, and make it look good and vise-verse.


    1. and I don’t suppose any of their neighbors hate Israel or want to wipe them off the map? They have a right to defend themselves. You’d throw them the wolves. I’m not Jewish but I sympathize with the Israeli people.


  2. Also the fact that he is not wearing a blazer like Hilter disproves it; the only way to prove it would be if he did it exactly like Hilter (ooh and the fact he is not wearing a hat further substantiates the claim since a hat is necessity).


  3. Oh My Goodness. I actually agree with you on this one. But I don’t think it has much to do with Body Language. Any fool could see what Hitler was up to. And it didn’t take his right arm to tell us. His mouth was quite enough. But I get your point. There is a difference in the use of The Arm. But then I am an Israeli Supporter, which doesn’t actually come easy in my world, so I am likely going to agree with you anyway.
    But is there some point to this? Or are we just supporters, or not, of Israel?
    Is your interpretation of An Arm going to do anything to help The Jews?

    Incidentally, I had a Jewish Stepmother, married to my Gentile Father after my Mother died, who battered me almost senseless on frequent occasions, but I put that down to her own inability to cope with her quite real fear. And Oh My, did she ever have some really interesting Body Language. I could spot a bashing coming on at about ten miles. But even she didn’t put me off wanting to defend Jews in general.
    I just wish that you were a bit more kind.


  4. Israel mirrors the US in partisan politics. One side wants to expand the settlements, pull the US into the ongoing problems with Iran, and further marginalize the Palestinians. The other wants an end to the violence, and less religion in politics. Both parties have to deal with the idea of being blown up any day, and both are dependent on the US.

    They use the media, just like the US political parties do.

    Don’t be fooled that idiotic stories like this one have no purpose. The purpose is to keep the public divided and partisan. A divided and partisan public votes in a bloc and does not apply the critical thinking skills they need to see both sides of an issue, which is exactly what the political campaigns want.


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