Drew Peterson’s Lack of Emotion During Guilty Verdict Typical Sociopath Body Language And Seductive Control Over Women

When we look back at the trial of serial killer  who received the death sentence, Ted Bundy, it was reported that he showed no emotion.

When we look back at the reaction of Scott Peterson who was convicted to death for killing his wife and unborn baby, we all witness that he had a mask like facial expression and showed no emotion.

Now we have seen the same thing with Drew Peterson. As soon as the verdict of Guilty was read for his killing his third wife Kathleen Savio, it was reported that Drew Peterson showed no emotion.

The lack of emotion is very typical of a sociopath’s reaction when found guilty. They detach and tune out as though the situation had nothing to do with them.

They may even joke and make light of their situation. It was overheard that  after hearing the guilt verdict Drew Peterson said  “I guess that ruins my Christmas.”

His “joke” clearly reflects that he feels no remorse for what he did.

Peterson  will be spending the rest of his natural life behind bars where like most sociopaths will insist he did nothing wrong and how it was everyone else’s fault he is in prison.

This sociopath will be where he deserves to be so he can no longer seduce, marry,  and harm women who fall prey to him.

Peterson fancies himself  as being irresistible to women.

Like many sociopaths, his seductive personality  lured them in. The fact that he was a policeman and considered to be on the right side of the law, initially  made many women feel safe and secure  But once he got  them into his clutches, it was a different story.He became controlling and  abusive.

Thank goodness 24 year old Christina Raines father put an end to their engagement a few years ago as her father told the press that Peterson was trying to control his daughter and use her as a doormat to watch his kids.

The young woman’s father was her savior as he came to Peterson’s home with police in tow to collect his daughter as they were escorted  to an from he home by several police cars.

Peterson who was  over twice the young woman’s age blamed her father and the press for the breakup as  in typical sociopath form said, “

“This is what the media always does to me,” “As soon as the story got out on Chrissy, I knew it would be a problem for us.

If you listen close enough to what a sociopath says, they will often reveal themselves as  Peterson did in his Nightline interview years back where  Peterson old the reporter, “I’d be wary of me too” when asked about Christina Raines’ family. He also  admitted  when the romance is gone in his relationships, he tends to have flings and move on.

Thankfully, his comments sparked a fight between the couple and Christina Raines returned the engagement ring and a cell phone.

Lucky Christina Raines was 24.  Unlucky Stacey Peterson who is still missing,  was 17 when he began his affair with her while still married to third wife Kathleen Savio. Kathleen was 10 years his junior when he married her.

Most of the women he married or went after were  very young or very  petite. These were women  Peterson  felt he had some control over.

I had the opportunity to  briefly see Peterson when I was at CNN. Peterson was there to do the Larry King show and was in the makeup room where,  according to the makeup artist, he  hit on her. She reported to me that he stared directly into her eyes and wouldn’t break his gaze as he stared directly into her eyes while she applied makeup.

Perhaps Peterson  wanted to see if he could control or even destroy  this curly haired, glasses, wearing,  pierced, very short statured,  woman with colorful and strange tattoos all  over her arms and chest and neck.

The alleged eye stare was no doubt  his test to see if he could assert any control over  this odd looking woman.

Most likely Peterson has played this staring game with many other women. Those who , blink, turn away or  those whom he senses are intimidated  by his stare are the ones , if circumstances allowed,  he  no doubt took to the next level of seduction.

Even though Peterson will live out his years behind bars, don’t be surprised if you hear that Peterson has landed another relationship.

Unfortunately there are emotionally disturbed women out there who are attracted to men behind bars and who feel empowered by defending them.  They have the illusion  the criminal  would never do any harm to them because they are so special and they have control over the situation.. That is  only true  to an extent that the perpetrator is behind bars.

But little do they realize that  sociopaths like Peterson will still be the ones in control as he plays mind games with them and most likely engaging  in his familiar  manipulation and emotional abuse,  so typical of a sociopath.


14 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s Lack of Emotion During Guilty Verdict Typical Sociopath Body Language And Seductive Control Over Women

  1. Thank God this despicable piece of trash will spend the rest of his life in prison. Thanks for the post Dr. Glass. You have him pegged correctly.


  2. Are there reports of women writing him letters and going to see him at the jail. And do they show the jail visits like they are public record.


  3. OMG you were near this creep?? I watched the Dateline Friday and just like you say they always reveal, he said something like “I CAN be deceiving, but I’m not being deceiving about this.” I’m so in tune to the clues you write about I’ve ditched two so called friends catching them in full on BS. Love you!


  4. He must be menatlly ill if he thinks he is good looking.
    The man looks like a shaved wild boar strait up out of the swamp.
    I watched Casey Anthony , become sexually seductave with the men questioning her and the lawyers on her team. Her mother Cindy was also playing the same card right in Georges face. Cheap and childish behavior !


  5. He gives me the creeps just looking at his photo. So sad for the women he caught in his web and thier families. Hard to imagine someone being attracted to him.
    It makes me sad when you say he will always be in denial and blame someone else that he is locked up. I like it when people learn their lesson when tney are caught. Hes a male version of Casey Anthony. They believe their own lies.
    What makes a person a sociopath? are they born that way? I don’t feel like God would create someone that way.


  6. I don’t get it. I don’t see how them attorneys can defend him and then make a joke of it that Stacey would show up.
    Dr. Glass, I would really love to see you do a blog about the cocky attorneys.
    You know what really makes me sick Dr. G.? Is when the letters came out about the female “pen pal” he had,

    “In letters, obtained by the National Enquirer, he wrote to her: ‘I just think of your smile and holding you in the dark feeling your body against mine…I want to spend a lot of time with my lips on yours.

    She was a kid at the time. What a sick S.O.B. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1374099/Drew-Peterson-Accused-wife-killer-sends-woman-sexually-explicit-letters-jail.html


  7. Please don’t kiss this toad you could get deathly ill .
    This should be a sign hanging outside his condo cell .
    Does anyone know how many years this man got?
    Mrs.Glass , do you know how many years he got ?


  8. Hi Dr Glass! Was wondering if you were going to do analysis of George Zimmerman friend that was on Dr Phil today? From what i can see this man and his wife were lying through their teeth! Would love to see what you have to say on this interview 😀 Thanks in advance


  9. I know a few people who like the mind games , manipulation , and control. They even like the emotional abuse and feel empowered by it. It does not matter who they are. Family , friend , coworker,neighbor or spouse get the restraining order as soon as possible , because they will never change. You will then just be a little mouse in their game until you stand up to them.


  10. Wow! Did you see the interview on Dr Phil with Dina Lohan? This woman could not string together a coherent thought or sentence. She was all over the place! She was beyond fidgety, sweating, slurring her words. She was high on something. I think it was a combo of cocaine and alcohol or cocaine and pills! I notice she was doing alot of self soothing by crossing her arms. It was very painful to watch. I had to change the channel several times. I never liked her or her family but she is in desperate need of help!


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