Mitt Romney’s Passionate Body Language at The Republican Convention


Those of you who regularly read my blogs know that  unlike many of my body language colleages, I am not  politically motivated and not herald any party line. I merely report my observations.

At the Republican Convention,  Mitt Romney gave the speech of his life. We have never before seen Mitt Romney this articulate, passionate, enthusiastic, compassionate, emotional or clearer in his message.

It was not a message of hate towards his opponent. In fact he said he wished Obama hadn’t failed. There was no animosity towards Obama in his tones.

Usually Romney speaks in a boring monotone that tends to trail off at the end. But that was not the case as he spoke at the convention. He was the complete opposite with inflected tones where there was an ebb and flow to his voice. He was easy to listen to. He was not boring. In fact he was captivating as his voice went from soft to loud and higher to lower pitch. He paused significantly to make key points.

There was an enthusiasm and a passion  as he discussed what he would do if he was elected President as he outlined his five step program and said he would create 12 million new jobs.

We saw a side of him that we never saw before. On the campaign trail Romney has come across as weak and clinical in his discussions of what American’s want.

But in this speech, he came across as  caring and  compassionate. For the first time really spoke to the people in a genuine and casual manner.

He was also emotional and is eyes welled up and there was a crack in his voice s he spoke of his dad and of his mother. One got the sense  that he really loved and missed his  now deceased parents. One also got the sense of how big an influence his mother was in his life as he sais she would be proud of all the Republican women in politics.

His tone turned to that of cheerleader as he loudly relayed that his wife, even though she was a housewife to his five kids could have done anything in her life.

Romney really let the public in as he told us about himself in a very genuine, folksy, humble way

 The best thing I appreciated throughout his speech was that he was genuine with his emotions and with his body language.


There is nothing that irks me more than to see a politician doing the phony and lame pressing  of their thumb against their index and pointer finger when they speak to an audience and want to point.

In fact Paul Ryan did it the night before Romney spoke and it was annoying.

Back in the Kennedy era, JFK was very conscious of image and public perception so he hired a speech coach to help him prepare for all of his public appearances, many of which were televised.That speech coach came up with that lame gesture which has turned up with every President except Johnson like a bad penny.


George Bush (Sr. and Jr. did it) Clinton did it, and Obama does it.

It is annoying and contrived and is  apassive aggressive gesture. The President  and other politicians want to point to get their emotion across , yet  they waters it down with the lame political gesture.

But in his speech,  Romney did not do the phony gesture. At the end of his speech he pointed. That  was genuine emotion . In fact, he was the only politician I have ever seen who actually pointed to the audience whereby he expressed his true feelings and passion and was refreshing to see.

Romney has  clearly shown  through his performance at the Republican Convention that he is indeed  a formidable candidate that exudes warmth and a leadership presence. Like Obama, he is also likable candidate based on how he came across.At least they are on the same level playing field from a communication standpoint.

Now Romney  needs to continue using that warm and genuine and inflected tone filled with emotion and enthusiasm from now on as he continues his campaign against Obama  which will help him  attract additional voters.


20 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Passionate Body Language at The Republican Convention

  1. this is basically a “vote for Romney” view. I don’t care how much warmth he manages to exude, the fact is if he’s put in power he will be ruling on behalf of himself and all his rich friends- the 1% all the way. They don’t care about the poor AT ALL and even the middle class is just something to be manipulated.


    1. When the “poor” start to care about themselves, their lives will change. There is broke and there is poor and the difference is in their attitudes. Clearly you are poor, which means you have an unhealthy attitude towards money which most get from their parents. YOU can change that by educating yourself about it. Taxes depend on how money was made and it’s the rich who start businesses and give people like you the opportunity to get jobs, not the poor on the dole.


  2. These are two very dishonest running mates.. Hides his money in the Caumen Island, flys the flag from his Ship, will not show his taxes, invites the super rich to his parties.. What and who ate these people? What do they ask for in return? Too many unanswered questions for me too much to hide and not open enough for this American!!!


  3. Too much religion.. Too much money.. Has paid almost zero taxes.. Shows me he is a dishonest person..wife lies about her Pre cancer !! And her now disappeared MS!!! All liars! Will take women backwards!! Do not vote for these non American running mates!


  4. I don’t vote for any of them anymore ! Give them each four years and get them out . Let’s see what he can do for the country in a four year term. Obama did prove he could go in and take the terrorist out point blank. He made the decision! Most presidents just want to keep handing the enemy money to build weapons to keep us living in fear. He will make a very handsome president and preach the good book. I don’t think he has the backbone of a strong man to lead the country.I just don’t trust a man who walks in buys a factory and shuts it down on people leaving them unemployed and lines his pockets . That is very cold hearted and self serving person .


    1. plus he ran a marathon in less than four hours. Wait a minute, he just admitted totally lying about that. Yes, he will be a vice-president we can trust.


  5. Where is Dustin Hoffman , dressed up like tootsie with the American Flag behind him. I would vote for Tootsie ! I love that movie ,so much , I can’t part with my vhs in the closet . We need Dustin Hoffman dressed as tootsie running for president and Dudly moore drunk like Arthur charactor for vice president. May Dudley rest in peace, miss him so much.
    It’s just a big circus and people get all worked up about the election. Now that Spain has control of counting the votes for America it’s just something that makes you go hmmmm! Who is really counting people and how can yu really check for the truth.


  6. Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States. It also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 in the United States.


  7. Michell Obama , was simply beautiful tonight with that million dollar smile ,sparkle and magic touch. She outshined all of them including the President himself. I loved the pretty dress and matching shoes .


  8. Michelle Obama was AMAZING!! She is such a class act. Authentic and inspirational! Not a phony bone in her body….. Unlike the Republicans! The Repubs are liars and cannot stand Mitt and Ann. They are as phony as they come. IMO. 4 more years, 4 more years woohoo 🙂


  9. I believe there is good and bad in every person. To point the finger at a Republican or Democrat and call them a liar , because of their lable it’s not for me. That’s divide and conquer creating a weak nation. I would vote for the person not the title ! I thought she was simply beautiful , sweet and sincere. Romneys wife is beautiful to , but she mimics a manikin in a high dollar Park Ave . Store.


  10. I hope Mitt romney wins because today we have reached the 16 Trillion debt and 44% of the American people are on food stamps. Look it up folks it is true. It is time obama took rersponsiblity for his failures instead of blaming Bush. Obama is a liar and a thief. Who cares if Michelle looks pretty she has taken 16 vacations since obama has taken office and the taxpayers have paid for all the vacations and her personal staff of 20. Wake up people.


  11. In the past you have commented on the finger pointing gesture as one that is coached. In fact most politicians seem to use it even more than the thumb forefinger gesture. You also said that they are pretending to respond to someone they know. What happened to change your opinion to it showing genuine emotion, caring and true feelings?


    1. You misinterpreted what I said as everything depends on the circumstance and situation. Sometimes people point to pretend there is someone they know. Sometimes they know them and sometimes pointing is a true genuine anger or upset emotion. I am not a fan of the politician finger pinch as it is phony and does not reflect genuine emotion. .


  12. Hi Dr. Glass thank you for your comment. I enjoy your observations regarding non-verbal communication very much, even if I sometimes disagree with you. Because of them I have at times been able to tell when someone is being phony, repressed anger or not as engaged emotionally. When my daughter posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend sitting on a bench it seemed to me he was trying to get away from her because his head and body were leaning away from her, shoulders hunched, leaning forward, giving her the cold shoulder having one foot lifted up as if getting ready to leave. She was leaned over towards him with her hand on his shoulder that was farthest away from her as if she were trying to keep him from going. A few months later she discovered he had been cheating .


  13. LILLIAN GLASS IS OBVIOUSLY A REPUBLICAN. And what goes hand-in-hand with being a defender of the Right? FOX News. Dr. Glass, if you are buying all the lies told on FOX News — which, let’s face it — anybody who promotes Mitt Romney does, your body-language reading skills are non-existent. .

    Honest to God, Dr. Glass — A blind man could see that Mitt Romney is a LIAR.


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