Prince Harry’s Naked Body Language Moves

Before Prince Harry remved his clothing we can see that he has showing very confident body language as he definitely had ” game “with the ladies. His body language shows that he is attracted to a several of them as his feet are pointing directly in front of one of he ladies while he blatantly checks out  another  female- a tall one  donning sunglasses on top of her head.

As this voluptuous blond walks away fromt he group. Harry turns a well develpoped  muscular shoulder in her direction and smiles  and proceedes to leave the group to follow her .

As he follows he, continues to check her out her assets  as he has a  smug cheshire cat knowing smile on his face. His body language is confident  with  his straight shoulders  and confident swagger  as he has  yet to approach the woman.

In contrast Harry is suddently not that confident when he removes his clothing in a game of strip pool and is completely naked.

Suddenly his body language does not reflect all the self confidence and swagger he had earlier. Now he displays embarrassment as he  cups his to hands over his genitals and as he raises his shoulders and hunches over his upper chest. No doubt with a woman’s naked body  pressed against his buttocks he may very well we aroused and his feeling vulnerable in not wanting to reveal all.

Here we see Prince Harry hiding his privates behind the buttocks of  this naked young lady . With his legas spread wide and feet pointing forward it l and the muscle tension in his naked buttock it looks like Prince Harry is highly aroused and  ready for action.

While this type of behavior may be no big deal for a single twenty something male in Los Vegas where” what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it is a big deal for a royal who’s antics obviously did not stay in Vegas but were posted around the world.

There is no doubt that his grandmother, the Queen  who prides herself on what is proper, will not be too thrilled about this, just as she hasn’t been too thrilled with Harry’s  public drunkeness throughout  the years and his donning a Nazi uniform complete with swastika in the past.

But then again, maybe the Queen has come  to expect this type of unroyal behavior when it comes to Harry. After all his mother Diana was  allegedly seen in a very uncompromising position in the bushes with Major James Hewitt with whom she was smitten

and with whom many still believe may be the true biological father of  Harry based on their uncanny physical resemblance

No matter what the case, Harry obviously had  a lot of fun in Vegas where he sowed his wild oats. He obviously doesn’t care too much about Royal protocol as he knows he wil never take the throne in his lifetime. So  in the future we can continue to expect see Harry ‘s name in the headlines  publicly doing what is considered very unroyal behavior and continuing to make his grandmother the Queen cringe.




23 thoughts on “Prince Harry’s Naked Body Language Moves

    1. They don’t have any facial features that are the same. You are seeing only the strawberry red hair. Dianas family including her brother have the same color hair. He has charles shape of eyes ,nose , mouth , chin line. Harry , really should learn a valuable lesson from this. His pictures are worth money period with a story . No more royal balcony with the Quenn in public he is banned. He will have to stand with the other royal family members that haved shamed the Queen including her children .


    2. Mrs. Glass , could this be a PR stunt.
      Everyone is riding the reality train now .
      It’s big money the pictures of Harry.
      You know dirty laundry makes people more famous these days.
      England is hurting for money like everyone else.
      I just find it hard to believe he is that stupid.
      He has been trained from a early age and he is protected by special service at all times. This looks set up to me . Anyway everyone will be happy that Romney will be the new president voted in . Obama , would only be President again if we go to war. I think Harry set this up and there is something behind it.


  1. Brilliant post Dr.

    Btw, Diana would never had had an affair with Hewitt, if Charles had loved her properly, like he promised to do, under God at their wedding. Diana had discovered he reengaged in his relationship with Camilla, and it broke Diana’s heart. She filled the holes in her heart with Hewitt.

    Trace it back, and examine the chronology of how events unfolded, to discern the real truth. What did they know and when did they know it, tell the real story.

    I hope more choose to not humiliate themselves with public debauchery at this level. Sets a very bad example, that so many will copycat. I shudder to think what they’ll do next, to top the shock factor of this one.

    (And, those who’ve been given much, have a greater responsibility to set better examples.)


    1. Just because your husband cheats on you with another women is not a reason to have a affair with another. That’s just cat and mouse games and it leads to more problems. I know several women who done just that and the next thing you know they are sitting down with one of the children having to explain , Daddy is not your real Daddy. You either confront and forgive your partner or move on. Besides when you have a affair to get back at another or feel that void you end up looking like a loose women . I would rather have the respect for myself and leave with a honest conceince and no guilt attatched . Besides they only find the other more exiting when they are sneeking around behind your back. When you leave them you take the sneeking ecxitment away from them and the romance is not so hot after all. And then they just end up cheating on each other if they decide to couple up. Keep your dignity and hold your head high and say your not good enough for me and you don’t deserve me ,so you need to just get on down the road . Or you can forgive your partner it’s your choice and no one else business.


      1. I don’t think it was so much tit for tat as it was that Diana simply was very lonely in her marriage and ran into the arms of another man. It’s not right but it’s to be expected when your husband is never there for you and always with his mistress.


  2. Harry looks a bit like that guy, but he also looks like Diana’s brother with the fair skin and red hair. In any case, do you think the Prince knew someone was taking these photos? I doubt he did, but it means to me that, despite his age and his experience in the military where he must’ve seen and heard quite a lot, he must be one very naive (sp?) young man. I don’t think any guy, royal or not, would like or want these kinds of photos of him to be published, not of him scoping out the girls, that’s nothing, but the naked stuff.


  3. Mrs. Glass , where did you get these pics. I tried to find them all day and gave up and went to the hair salon to cover up all this wolf grey hair I have. Harry may be getting back at Camilla Parker , about to become future queen. If this don’t make the Royal Family double over with severe stomache trauma nothing will. This is a royal prince air to the thrown . I think these 2 princes have some anger hidden in the sub concience mind and it comes out . The best way to get back at the royal family is embarrassment. Charles , said he wanted to be a tampon in Camilla . That’s sick period! No one has touched that one yet. The future king comparing himself to a tampon . As far as Harrys real father goes ,I think Charles is the biological father of Harry . Dianas brother was a very handsome redhead and Harry has the shape of Charles face and nose if you look real close. Look at Charles wedding picture with Diana and yu will see the face shape , jaw line , nose. He just has Dianas, brother coloring the Spencter . William looks like both his parents . Charles was goodlooking in his younger days . Queen Elizabeth has spoiled William and Harry since their mothers passing and because they are princes. Grandma , will call him over for a cup of tea when he gets home chew him out and give him a new wing in one of her lavish estates overlooking the ocean for punishment .


  4. It’s sad really, it’s as if he’s pressing the self destruct button
    Maybe psychologically he doesn’t feel part of the royal family due to his Mother’s affair with Major Hewitt
    Malcolm Nottingham 22 Aug 2012


    1. They are about to release the movie about Dodi and Dianas death , murder conspiracy . THis is a stunt to overshadow the movie that will be released soon in America banned in England. This was set up ! The pictures are not just a accident .


  5. Mrs. Glass, also pictures of Charles when he was young he gets red blotches on his cheeks when he gets embarrassed during pics or interviews , Harry has the red blotches as well like Charles.


  6. My lord if he can cuff his package in a small hand grip like that he must not have nothing to right home about. It must be true what they say about the English men. I think I’ll visit Scotland when I get the money to travel and have some fun .


  7. Excellent post, Dr Glass. I really enjoyed the narrative and description of the photos….good stuff! I love Harry….that kid’s a hoot! He has repeatedly showed great courage both on the battlefield and off. Yes Harry’s ring~tailed….so what! His behavior in his private life, (at least what’s been photographed and reported) might be rambunctious, but I don’t know of anything that has been vicious or despicable. Too bad his grandmother can’t make the same claim….something BOTH of them should keep in mind when she hauls him in on the royal carpet. As far as Harry’s biological father is concerned…when Harry was younger I thought he looked like Hewitt. Then one day I saw video of Harry and Will with Charles, and I thought he looked like Charles. End result… As long as Will is alive it doesn’t matter. In my humble opinion…. At his young age, he is already a far better man than either candidate responsible for the prince England is, no doubt, proud to call theirs. And BTW…. I wouldn’t bet my last dollar that Camilla will be the next Queen.


    1. In England the press are frightened to publish any photos. However, from what I understand it was a private party and if I was Harry I’d feel betrayed by the person who took the photo. If it was me I’d feel proud for the world to see my dangly bits because I’m hung like a donkey, no, joking apart though I bet he feels a bit sad and let down by the whole situation. On the other hand I bet there are plenty of men who love to be in his privileged position.


      1. He was definitely betrayed, because he put his trust in strangers who turned out to be untrustworthy. I hope he wore a condom, because he’s going to feel even more betrayed if any of those women produce a child in 9 months which shares his DNA.

        The legitimate news story is his further demonstration of chronic poor judgment: Trusting these complete strangers with his physical safety/security, possibly his sexual health/STD exposure, and his reputation. Very poor judgment on his part. – yet again.

        By contrast, if he had been photographed naked by a physician’s assistant during a medical physical, that would NOT be a demonstration of poor judgment on his part. IMO he’s lucky that his country’s enemies haven’t managed to infiltrate his personal security with a pretty, blonde assassin.


  8. I think also the anniversary of Diana’s death ( August 30th ) is very upsetting for Harry too! I believe it will be 15 years the end of this month.


  9. We finally got to see what a royal ass looks like ! And it was free of charge. Thanks to Prince Harry . Maybe Harry is also acting out , because he was not aloud to continue his relationship with the beautiful blonde from Africa . He was wearing her necklace in the picture she gave him. They where a beautiful couple together and very much in love .


  10. I think Dianas body language revealed a great deal about her.
    She was not sweet and inocent like she faked in front of the camera.
    She was a spoiled little daddy’s girl and she could strike like a coiled snake if she needed to. She would flirt and roll her eyes like a crazy person at times with the man doing the interview. Her body language actually showed that she would become loose with a man when she was the center of attention. She had some type of mental illness as well and she would inflate a story at times. She also looked paranoid and depressed at times in interviews. When you suffer from mental illness you can take meds , but the eyes allways give you away even when you have good body language. She had some serious issues , but she was still a loving mother and that showed.


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  12. one can refute the resemblance between harry and james hewitt. what cannot be denied, however is that harry bears no resemblance to any other the windsors, unlike his brother. it is curious also how he looks nothing like his brother.


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